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United States
This country has serious issues. A too large and corrupt government, too powerful corporatism, fake politicians, horribly fragile economy, corrupt justice system, crappy education system, clowns in office for the past 25 years, etc. I could literally go on forever about how screwed we the people are. But despite all of that, I still put USA at the top because of where we came from. We had wonderful founding fathers who hate tyranny and love liberty, yet they are demonized today. These great men forged the greatest piece of writing ever created in this country called The Constitution of the United States of America. This is what makes the USA great. This is why we have had such glorious freedom for so long now. This Constitution has outdone every other constitution in existence and its principles can even help us in the mess we are in today. But our leaders are violating it every day without a care and without punishment. But I digress. This country is my pick for number one because it was founded on the God- given right to be free and was a haven for liberty.
There isn't a country on this earth that someone has died for. for you guys using slavery as a means to your argument... read this.. The new world was discovered in 1492, and it wasn't until 1786 where it became its own country. so that means for almost 300 years the US was under British rule. in 1526 the first slaves arrive in the us and in 1865 the slaves in America were free. So, for almost 400 years there were slaves in "the new world".. but only a fraction of that time was while America was its own country. (Just a small known fact: slaves are mentioned all throughout history, even in the bible, America didn't create slavery (we merely ended it)). Now the way I see it, is it wasn't until the US gained its independence in 1786, where things start to really change. after the US's independence states that wanted to join the union were required to end slavery, which eventually led to a civil war about states rights in general. then the war finished... and it had taken the idea of slavery with it... not even 100 years into its new life as a country the US abolished slavery.

Most people put blame on the us for slaver, which is justifiable... I mean we DID participate in it. but in my eyes, the us IS in fact responsible for the end of an era which included slavery.

We didn't create slavery, we ended slavery.
People lets get real, no country is perfect, but then again some are better than others... So my vote goes to U.S., where my home is. Of coarse I would love to visit all the countries around the world and compare but I can't, just like many of us. So that says it: we aren't in the place to judge, maybe brag a little, but certainly not judge because everybody has different experiences around the world both good and bad, but nothing beats home, that's for sure. So my vote goes to the usa. The main reason is because I reside here, also its a multiracial place with so many cultures from all around the world, different places to go (whether it be new york city, los angeles, snowcapped mountains, the beach, the dessert, forest, etc and so many other places around the country). I can't say everyone here is nice, but from where I live majority of the people are really friendly. Also we're not fat piggys (stereotype), even though the food is delish. And well, overall this country is amazing, and hope people from around the world can see past the retards running the country, and see the people in a not so bad perspective. Yay for usa!
The United States is the greatest country in the world because of the endless opportunity. No matter what gender, race, social class, religion, you name it, every person has the same chance to succeed. You can immigrate from any country on earth and be welcomed with open arms. The United States has the most diverse culture of anywhere in the world. You will find people from every country and every background in the USA. You don't need to travel out of the country for vacation, because the US offers it all. There is skiing on the mountains, hiking in dense forests, relaxing on the beach. You will never run out of places to explore in your own country, and unlike in Europe, you can drive for 6 hours in a straight line and never leave your own state. Sure, we have our faults. However, the American people are the most compassionate and giving of anyone on earth. We are not the typical American person other countries see us as, unintelligent, wielding guns, obese and eating a mcdonalds. The USA have produced the greatest minds to ever walk the earth, have made more technological innovations than any other country, produced the most vaccines and cures for diseases than any other country, boasted the greatest army to ever fight in a war, and all of this in the name of freedom. I challenge everyone who thinks of the USA as a bad country to put the stereotypes aside and come visit here. Visit the plains of Iowa, the beaches of California, the mountains of Colorado, the deserts of New Mexico, and the forests of Minnesota. You will not find a more beautiful, hospitable, friendly, and diverse country in the world.
[Newest]I am an American and I think America is a wonderful place to live. We have achieved certain things that have helped the world and we have made our country into the world's best economy. But I can't stand it when some Americans waste food, disrespect culture, and act as if they rule the world.

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I love my country very much because there are different languages, peoples unity so like my country very much
Yes, India is the most pluralistic country in the world whether it is religious or linguistic. India has public holidays for all religious festivals. NO OTHER COUNTRY has holidays for minority religions, period. And the government doesn't control lives of its citizens like many "developed" countries do.
We have many non-India comments here. Let others shout... Scream... Scold... No matter what! India's on the top!
INDIA is the best COUNTRY in the world because it is very beautiful, it is the most powerful country, INDIA have largest armed force, it is the big economical power. Jaiho
I wonder what job I would get if I relocate in India. You sure that I will get protected like in the United States?
[Newest]I also love my country very much... India will be a number one country when their is no any corruption and poverty... And also be a fresh country with no any garbage or any material on roads, houses or in everywhere
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3United Kingdom
I have to say the UK for the most reasons:
1) it is more then ONE nation/nationality as its fall name is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland, britain=Scotland, wale and England with a bit of Ireland by choice and you can pick what nationality you want English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, British, European or UK even a British (name other original country you came form or have roots to E.G. A British Japanese or a 5th generation British Chinese)
2) the overseas Territory E. G Falklands and Gibraltar, they have connections with britain as they are it the political UK self-ruling governments of UK and shears the same queen.
3)its connections to other nations, if you have not noticed the top 5 on this list has similarity with each other included THEY WERE ALL PART OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE E.G. uK was seen as their mother/father country, their country's was founded by citizens of the UK and some even now comment it was/is still the mother land of India, Canada, Australia, United States and New Zealand etc.
4)it has connections around the world, from its ex-colones that are happy to by with the UK in the common wealth union that have one queen that they all shear to the EU (European union)and overseas territory, it also has allies in Asia like japan.
5)you can be both a subject and a citizen as it has a Parliament and a monarchy.
6)it has lots of history being one of the oldest national unions for over 300years+ still going and the nations in it are even older E.G. scotland, wale and England, being the youngest out of the nations. They all have amazing cultures that have been built up over time with the oldest part of the UK being the city of London that is so old no one can find the date it was founded.
7)it is famous, magical and mysterious there are so many sounds, tales and rhymes about Europe and UK including ring around the rosy(black death) jack and jill, London bridge and London's burning etc. With good songs and band like beatable, fashions I mean anything looks good with a brutish/UK flag on it! And movies especially comedy's 2 pins and a packet of crisp.
8)centenary and era, UK has been good at so many things and even started of some when era's E.G. industrial Revolution(that everything else can out of, UK made it possible for technology) Victorian era (when UK was on top of the art world 18-19 century had the best food, best cloths and best entertainment back then) it was a hyper nation (means no equal power to rive it) unlike any other country, rule 1/4 of the would the closest to ruling the whole world then any other and for the longest time still as UK had unbeatable powers for several centenary, era and was copied by other nations like japan (uniform, class system and food it has a story of the British military shearing food with its allies japan and they tried to copy beef stew but mad a different dish)but UK did not complain about it or now as multiculturalism is failing too tolerant I guess. But don't get me wrong! These islands may have their flaws, like any country they are not all perfect and it dose matter what you are looking for in a country that makes it "Best Country in the World" for you but UK has had its ups and downs.
i can say honestly yes britain/UK is no longer a hyper nation and was at one point 18-19 century had the best food in the world no matter what the stereotypes of the wost food came latter after WW2 for any British person out their no matter what nationality remember it is always great to be good at something and losing it then never having it at all, history has not been kind to the UK. You may have lost a lot from your past that your country was good at but it won't stop the UK/British citizen from being Proud of past generations and of what the current generations can do. The British empire fall with nationality, the 'United' Kingdom is slowly falling apart not hanks to SNP. But The clues in the name... GREAT
the UK can use that word when ever it wants, today UK is a non-imperial non-forcing other nations (unless dragged it by allies E.G. america)and mostly peace wanting, no offense people that keep saying sorry! Their is no reason for today's UK citizens to say sorry for being so Great(look above) every country is good but for the UK they can say GREAT if they wish don't have to be humble and please don't anyone put your self down! UK was/is and will always be Great!
First industrialized nation, created the modern world. The world speaks English. Common law, Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights are its wonderful legacy. The only major country in the top ten science Nobel Laureates per capita. With the Dutch, created the western free trade model. The most innovative people on the planet. Time itself is measured from the United Kingdom. Still a military superpower, the country remains uninvaded since 1066, longer than any other nation. Its armed forces are the best-trained in the world. A huge cultural and historical wealth makes it one of the top 5 most-visited countries. London is one of the only two Alpha++ global cities. As a financial centre the UK remains ranked in either first or second place, its geographical location enabling in to trade effectively with the world as a whole. It is one of only two countries to have top-ten placed universities: it is a centre of learning. It has been historically a deeply-Christian country, spreading the gospel across the globe and has provided aid to vast numbers of people in the third world. The UK acts effectively now as a mediator and excels at diplomacy. Of its former colonies, several enjoy the highest living standards on the planet: its legacy is unsurpassed relative to its Continental rivals. It remains a vibrant centre of commerce where an entrepreneurial spirit is rewarded, much more so than some of its near neighbours.
Great culture, sense of humour, slightly barmy but great!
[Newest]Well, they pretty much took over half the world. Can't argue with that.

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This should be #1 because it's peaceful, never has to worry about war, not racist, and the Canadians there are awesome!


Canada is the best country ever I am a Canadian and I feel proud too be in a country like this
Canada may not have the largest population, nor the biggest army, and may not have the biggest economy. But what this Great North strong and free has is good people, good economy, amazing natural areas, and diverse culture. In Canada any man, woman, or child who immigrates may get dual citizenship allowing them to further express themselves in the our Great cultural mosaic. Better to be a vibrant individual of Canada, than be another bit of grey slop in the American melting pot. The Canadians conquered Vimy Ridge when no other could, we fought for the allies in WWII. Also, if American is "so good" then why do they always use Canadian cities to represent American cities in their "good" films? Also the Canadian Political system is superior to the American for the reason that if the Prime Minister says there is something that should be done, it is then done! None of the pointless banter between a congress and a president. Should be leaving the U.S. in the dust, along with it's overt racism, and it's phobia of any form of benefit for the general populous. If the U.S. get a free health care system, they may have a fleeting chance, but honestly, I think they should stop being hypocritical, and try using there own oil for once! Stop going to other countries for work forces, that might beat the unemployment problems there!
I'll vote for Canada because there is no racism ( immigrants are coming from everywhere ) and we are peaceful people. Not like you Americans that think they are the best


"There is no racism", "NOT LIKE YOU Americans THAT THINK THEY ARE THE BEST"... seems like you just made a judgement about an entire group of people based on the fact that they are American. Racism is defined as "The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or abilities"... so because we are American, we think we are the best? That's a racist comment about being racist... the things you see online now-a-days.
[Newest]Canada is number one as it is peaceful and laws and education are same for all.
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Australia would have to be a serious contender for the Best Country in the world - to live. It is the worlds largest Island, has enormous natural wealth (93% of what the world requires to survive can be found in Australia). Has a population of only 22 million in a country the size of main land US (excluding Alaska) surrounded by some of the very best pristine beaches on the planet. One of the only countries in the world that didn't enter into a recession during the GFC. Has a very small national debt which will be in the black with in 2 years. The most diverse melting pot of different nationalities on the planet (more than the US) and it's beautiful from the tropical heat in the North to the icy snow down south, Australia has it all. I've lived in Europe, the US, Hong Kong and Singapore, traveled the world extensively and easily chose Australia to live permanently. 'It was a very easy choice.
Australia is without a doubt the best country in the world. It's so good that people from other countries risk their lives by jumping on leaky boats, travel half way around the world across dangerous seas just to live here. I don't see anyone jumping on boats to go to India or the Phillipines. Millions of people from every country on earth eagerly migrate to Australia making it the most multicultural society on the planet. People wait in queues for years and years on end just to live in Australia. In fact, becoming an Australian is a huge privilege and not a right. Anywhere you go on earth, the fact that you are Australian is enough to make people envious. People will risk their lives just to become a residemt in Australia (as illustrated by asylum seekers and refugees). Not to mention the the millions in Malaysia and Indonesia who spend years waiting just so they can come live here. High wages, low tax, low unemployment, generous welfare, political stability, free healthcare, beautiful and kind people, beautiful weather, beautiful landscapes, low pollution, low population density, wide open spaces, clean, modern cities and infrastructure, very high human development index, stable economy, longest life expectancy, very peaceful, surrounded by oceans, massive natural wealth, low national debt, I could go on forever. Australia is clearly the greatest country that has ever existed - always has been, still is today and always will be!
I'm not Australian, never been there and don't think I'll ever go there as live and work in UK but from my point of view all 1-3 places are Joke - how can India with that level of pollution, poverty and political arrogance be number 1? Answer is 2nd most populated country on this poor planet - many to vote. Australia with its natural resources, politician independence, unmilitarized system and fantastic social support including HEALTH SYSTEM - (USA - shame on You here) - FOR ME definitely NUMBER 1 - leaving all the rest of contenders miles behind. USA? - lived there long enough to taste bitter life especially trough self-admiring citizens which forgot their sins and don't care about most important factors in civilized societies which are EVERYONE HAS FULL RIGHT TO FREE OR CHEAP MEDICAL SYSTEM AND PRESCRIPTIONS and of course EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM - big bo here for USA - my thumbs down all the way - Choosing between having my kids educated in USA and UK - choice was easy - Cheers for OZees! Mike the POLE
[Newest]Australia is great. I want to live there
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the mix of ancient japanese culture and hi-tec modern devices is just marvelous!


Japan is the best!
Japan is a very advanced country, great technology and perfect facilities. Japan is beautiful as a picture. The people here are very friendly, nice, trustful and helpful. I want to live there!
and not to mention the BOYS there. jez kiddin.


[Newest]Cleanest, most technologically advanced and the country with very polite people. No other country in the world can match Japanese superiority in so many aspects. I wish I lived in Japan.
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Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of bio-diversity. Its unique geographical position and latitudinal variation have made Nepal the biggest natural museum in the world. The elevation of the country ranges from 70 metres above sea level to the highest point on earth, Mt. Everest, at 8,848 metres, all within a distance of 150 km with climatic conditions ranging from subtropical to arctic. This wild variation fosters an incredible variety of ecosystem, the greatest mountian range on earth, thick tropical jungles teeming with a wealth of wildlife, thundering rivers, forested hills and frozen valleys.

Within this spectacular geography is also one of the richest cultural landscapes anywhere. The country is a potpourri of ethnic groups and sub-groups who speak over 70 languages and dialects. Nepal offers an astonishing diversity of sightseeing attractions and adventure opportunities found nowhere else on earth. And you can join in the numerous annual festivals that are celebrated throughout the year in traditional style highlighting enduring customs and beliefs.
I love Nepal. Nepalese are very good people. They are very helpful. Now Nepal is one of the peace country. I visited India and Nepal together... Indian are too crazy. My 2 Cameras were stolen from my pillow. But Nepal is lovely country. Very safe for traveler. Thanks Nepalese for offering Kindness...
Himalayan Beautiful Country. People are peace. Very nice temperature. Buddha Born in Nepal and Mount Everest lies in Nepal. I really like Nepal.
[Newest]It is definitely a country worth visiting once in a lifetime.
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I've lived here, I've lived in Italy and I've lived in S Korea. I like them all better than the good old USA. I was born in the US and I don't think I will ever go back. They brag about freedom in the US but I have somthing here in Germany that you can never have in the US. The freedom to walk around at anytime, anywhere and not have to worry about getting robbed or shot. Plus the countryside is just down right gorgeous!
Strongest European country after loosing 2 world wars, respect!
Germany is the best country ever
We can come back from anything including multiple giant wars and large debts
[Newest]I didn't have a very good opinion of Germany until I visited
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Simply beautiful... Italy may have it's bad side, but it's the most beautiful place to live. Especially with places like Florence, Venice, Rome, Naples, and Sicily... Food is awesome, the climate is awesome, the wine is delicious and the people are great!
Fantastic art and design, a beautiful language. Amazing women, and the people are incredibly at home and sociable. It's easy to just be yourself, and as this goes for everyone, people can come across as rude or happy to an unsuspecting yet well traveled visitor, but it beats the false attitudes of the silly rigid social structures in other countries. It feels great to just be, and Italians do this all whilst holding a smooth amount of class.
The food is the best, and it is incredibly diverse. They have serious problems with economy, and my inability to get a job there has prevented me to move there. I can't wait to get a better future.

These are all opinions, and there is no such thing as the best country.
Italia is a beautiful country! Visit Calabria and Sicily, the food is the best!
[Newest]My mom grew up here and I visited here too. I love the country
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10New Zealand
New Zealand has to be the Best. They've done so many wonderful things E. G created the first commercial bungy jump, yikebikes, zorbing (I think) and lots of others. They're not racist, yet want to keep their historical virtue of the maori and European settlers, and not going all china and japan like every other country in the world. They don't want to be like any other country in the world, that's why they're so unique and special. So If you want a happy, livable' free (as in freedom) safe, respectable life then New Zealand has to be the best! Coming from the UK- a a lot of people want to go to Australia and USA (but that's only because they get told false accusations from movies and songs) but they also say stuff like their economy is over 4 times bigger than New Zealand, well New Zealand is 10 times smaller then these countries so don't have huge oil reserves which will eventually run out because they want to keep there natural beauty, minimize population that's destroying our world, decrease over population but still keeping a very stable and prosperous economy, which can provide a wonderful and happy lifestyle for its citizens, trying to keep the peace and loving their country and the world.
NZ is definitely the best country in the world.

Friendly people, awesome scenery, easy access to the outdoors, clean water, the list goes on.

The comment for Australia saying that it has 93% of what the world needs to survive is untrue (you can't eat coal). NZ has one of the worlds largest percentage of arable land.

We are the world champions at Rugby

Great music, food, wine & beer comes from NZ.

We are not arrogant like our noisy neighbor to the west.
Much better than Australia, I mean I actually moved from NZ to Switzerland to learn French and everyone says NZ is the best country in the world they say nothing about India, paskistan, Mexico, Germany, Philippines and Ireland
[Newest]New Zealand smashes almost all above them!
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The Contenders

I love my country, thats why it has my vote. It hasnt been in war since 1809, but I think that CAN in some circumstances be a bad thing. Strong standing army, but I think theres too many immigrants.
Sweden is a life time experience even though I don't live there, I have been there on holiday once and it was amazing also the weed down their is great
Sweden is a great country to live in the crime rate is very low and it's good climate and good food

[Newest]The Swedish way of thinking is very modern. They are some of the most open minded people on the planet.

The food is amazing, and even though there is an attitude of being somewhat lazy, this country is friendly and welcoming, and deserves to be in the top 5. Also, french people have a sense of fashion. The accent, food and attitude of the people, along with the various monuments to visit are all factors which contribute to the fact that France is great, and is a country one must visit in his lifetime. Also, how is India first?


This ranking is clearly influenced by the mere voting of random internet users who happen to look on this website... In terms of political influence all the G8 countries should be in the top 8, excluding perhaps germany for it's mere economic influence and poor international imposition. In terms of culture countries like the USA should be a bit lower. In terms of Human rights india should beone of the last. Clearly such a ranking is practically impossible.
France is the best country in the world, elegant people, clean streets, good shopping, powerful army, good economy, great language
[Newest]Awesome shops to shop at

I have a friend in Russia he told me a lot about Russia and after he told me I tried to find what he had told me on my computer and I couldn't find any of it on my computer. He told me that it's better than America because in Russia you don't have people fighting against your freedom, your independence, your rights and he told me about a man in Russia whose house was broken into the man told his family to hide in the closet of the master bedroom my friend told me that the man was driving home when he gets to the driveway he sees the front door window is broken when he's running to the master bedroom he hears someone trying to break the closet door down he gets to the master bedroom and he sees a man trying to break the closet door down the man my friend told me about pulled his handgun and shot the man that had a axe the man that shot the man who had a axe didn't go to prison because he was protecting his family my friend told me that in Russia you don't go to prison for protecting the people you care about.
Russia is the best country in the world, and Russians are very friendly! I hear about this country a lot. Everyone have a vote for Russia! I come from UK but I love Russia! Russian language is beautiful and easy to lean!
Russia is the greatest nation and we had the richest culture later stolen by miserable smaller nations. Our people is the best in every area! Heroic soldiers and talented artists, hard workers and idealist youth - this is the real Russia!
[Newest]Russians themselves are nice, their government though...
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Switzerland is greater than anything else you can imagine! Although I love 43 countries, Switzerland is the most favorite of all! Check out the most famous customs: you'll always see an alphorn band throughout the day. The swiss cuisine is always clean and tasty. Geneva is a great shopping place. You can shop for watches, clothes, chocolate etc... You must live there! Just visit it in the summer and see the great wonders and destinations. You'll feel happily deeply inside!
Switzerland is better than any country in the world. It's clean, beautiful, and has nice people. It may be small but it should be number one. India is very dirty and should not be number one. You can really enjoy nature in Switzerland. One more thing is if you love shopping, most large Swiss cities have a section in the city dedicated to shops so you can enjoy your favorite stores right in the heart of the cities!
most libertarian country in the world! limited government, great people, beautiful stunning scenery, chocolate, watches and skiing! clean air and great sights.
[Newest]The neutral country of neutralness (bad spelling) anyway, I like that there is no war really

PHILIPPINES! Very hospitable, friendly, welcoming, have sense of humor, religious, Beautiful and handsome, Smart, etc. I LOVE PHILIPPINES SO MUCH!
I'm From USA and I visit in the Philippines last year... all I can say is WOW very nice.. and I like the people there.. very friendly and helpful.. see you again Philippines this year! :))
THE PHILIPPINES is the latin piece of the Pacific because it was colonized by Spaniards more than 3oo years, that's why Filipino people looks mestizos and mestizas, it has a lot of beauty spots to offer to the world, try to visit PHILIPPINE ISLAND, MABUHAY!
[Newest]It is one of the best country in the world not only for its well-known and breath taking sites and tourist destination but also its good people. they show hospitality and smile even in the darkest hours of their lives. Filipinos are full of hope happiness and very religious. they show each and every visitor what Fun really means, that's why it's more in the Philippines
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What! Got great food, great culture, great place. Awesome ECONOMY! THE STUFF FROM OTHER COUNTRIES ARE MADE IN China, DUMMIES! This is gonna be a SUPER DUPER powerful country one day, heck, it already is! And on that day, everyone who didn't vote for China will be sorry!
I love my motherland without reason, and I think the vote should have chinese, most of the chinese even don't know the website. And the countries above are almost English country
China really is a great country, but it has a high low class rate, but other than that it should be in the top 10.
[Newest]A lot of Chinese people don't speak English and may not even know this website.

A wonderful country, a lot of oil, sabotaged a lot of the germans ships, vehicles and equipment during WWII, prevented the germans from getting hydrogen bombs, one of the worlds richest countries in the world, and supporting other countries with aid, but we got a bad prime minister.
I had been there for about a year. I am so fascinated to its beauty. A truly European country. It is so peaceful country having gentle, hardworking and kind-hearted people. Moreover, the best thing of Norway is - it's a well organized and developed country. The people are simply awesome, they do not hinder others but respect co-existence. The dark woods, small hills, lakes and the snow... What does it not have? --- Everything.
Norway IS the best nation in the world, no doubt. It is the best place in the world to live, the second happiest country on the planet, there are basically no class differences and the nature is so beautiful and well preserved there is no competitor. It has more lakes than Finland, aka the land of the lakes. And it is one of the most democratic countries on our planet. The human rights aren't represented better anywhere than in Norway. It is a country that also sits on the top of multiple sports rankings, despite a population of only 5 million. No doubt, there is not a country that is better than Norway on our planet.
[Newest]Its pretty awesome for cruising and just a really good place

England is diverse, with many museums and cultural interests and a stunning coastline and lush green countryside, for the latter you need rain and we do get some of that! We also have a tremendous sense of humour and are not afraid to laugh at ourselves. How boring to wake up knowing the sun is going to shine every day--I think!
Should be number 1, we made it all possible for everyone.
Everyone now speaks our language
England are only this low down because all of it's votes are placed on the United Kingdom which is mostly England.
[Newest]Beautiful place to visit.

Malaysia has it all. And what is important is that it is a peaceful country with genuine smiling people. Over here people are very practical, they accept their differences and tolerate other cultures.
English is widely spoken, you can have ali the world food selection here, infrastructure good and the best shopping place in the world.
Some might say the weather is harsh... Wel I have seen harsher places and sometimes too cold weather is also a nuisance. The weather is fine and you can walk and sweat to be healthy. Of course there are air condition and you have to slow your pace.
Be practical that is what I have to say. Some of the clothing we saw in the movies worn by superstars might not be practical here but there are other nice practical clothes here. Its just that Malaysian just look other people as more superior... That's humility something you might never get in America
Malaysia has something special than other... Because Malaysia peace, beautiful.. And we can got anything from malaysia like food, island, mountain, river cruise, beach, and etc. On the other hand, malaysia has most interesting places such as petronas twin tower, putrajaya, Langkawi, and etc.
c'mon guys, malaysia is the best country in the world. beautiful landscape, nice people, peaceful, ultimate cities, and even high clas economic region. Also known as Pearl of South East Asia n been voted 'WORLD'S MOST VISITED COUNTRY' by UNESCO.. proud to be Malaysian..
[Newest]I love because Malaysia Muslim country
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20South Korea
Having been born to this country considers me to be shame.
The surroundings of the fabricated history, culture, and a town are overflowing with copies.
For a long time, our ancestors who were Chinese tributaries are themselveses, and had not produced a new thing.
And even now, it continues.
KOREA is an amazing place to be. Korea went from one of the poorest countries in the world to one of the most developed and now finally richest. KOREA and CHINA together now have a chance to show JAPAN that as colonized nations of Japan, we can show them who's boss in the future. Lets go KOREA!


South Korea is just a nice country and the people there are really nice the environment the scenery and the food there is beautiful.
[Newest]South Korea is a great place to do Korean dramas. It's a beautiful country as well.

I think Brazil is the best country to visit for tourism. It's huge, wonderful and amazing people! VOTED!
Very Nice weather we have soccer many Beatiful beaches and we are very friendly 45 is not a position for my incredible nice country Brazil
We have everything a nation needs, vast nature, richness, simplicity, perseverance, dynamism, and the best the most beautiful people in the world, either inside and out, come to Brazil.
[Newest]Brazil is where it's at.

I have lived here for 6 years after moving from the United States. This country is awe-inspiring. Where in the world can you walk down a street at two in the morning and the odds of anything happening to you are minimal. Safest place I've ever been.
Ireland is actually one of the safest places you can possibly live, when you think about it! Unless you go to the zoo, it's extremely rare, even impossible that you will encounter a harmful species. Also the crime rate is very low. The majority of Irish are welcoming to people from different countries that come to Ireland and don't discriminate. In addition to this, Irish have the nicest accents ever, of course.
We do our best... But we care about our neighbours... I love my country.
[Newest]Had to vote for my own country!
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Beautiful cities, great infrastructure, fun/healthy/smart people, logical laws (legalization of drugs, when will the rest of the world ever learn? ), high incomes, overachieving at nearly every sport, there are no poor people as everyone is guaranteed a house and minimal income. No corruption whatsoever. Known for Its great festivals and parties. EVERYONE speaks English, and dutch of course. I can go on for another two pages but I think you got the point here.. The most of these reasons are common throughout the western world and the regions that are proven to be the best places in the world are northern Europe, Canada, Switzerland, Australia/New Zealand. Anyone speaking in favor of an African or Asian country is just a troll, plain ignorant or stupid, or all three. Do some serious research come on Its not that hard.
Socially this is the best (liberal) country there is in the world!
Amsterdam and Grooningen are the places to be!
People are freethinkers and are pro-quality of life.
If you think about the inhabitants (16 million) related to the quality of life :: education, sports, wealth and infrastructure in combination with the social freedom this is the top country in the world. They possessed the world and seas in the 17th century (golden age) and they are still today!
There are friendly people, good colleges, many opportunities for all people. It has a beautiful land scape and there isn't much poverty. Also unlike countries such as America there is not as much hatred between political parties.

And on the side of fun stuff, there are many great musicians, there is a lot of watersports and other sports and it is perfect for biking.

And it has super hot girls, much better than in America...
[Newest]People just vote where they live -_- I voted this because I like Amsterdam so much!

Spain is the most diverse and exciting country in the world
A wealth of history, great food, exciting festivals, ancient traditions, diversity of landscapes and climates, ancient architecture.

Simply the best country you can imagine. Its got everything from warm to cold places, beaches and mountains, rich culture and great food, amazing castles and cathedrals, very nice people, etc.
I love this country it is very culturaly rich because its had greek, roman, Muslim, Jewish, celtic, visigothic influence and much more. This country also has so much history that I can't fit it all in this post so you are going to have to look it up. Each part of this great country is so different yet equally beautiful. Spain is also one of the leading countries in sports. It is the second country with the most turism. This place is like no other and should at least be in the top five.
Spain is the best country in the world! They have just about everything that you need to be happy. The sights are breath-taking, the beaches are beautiful, the cuisine is WOW no words for it and the people are warm and friendly. Overall it's perfect, should have been in the top five!
[Newest]Even if I'm not from Spain I think it's a really hot country

The most beautiful country of the whole world! The contribution of Greek culture in the entire western world is undeniable. The Greek culture is the cornerstone of what is called today European civilization. Starting from the ancient Greek history, an intelligent man observes that all grounded in our time science come from those distant years. Due to the internal need of the ancient Greeks for observation and questioning of life and of the world, physical and metaphysical, came the rise of philosophy! People like Socrates and Aristotle are known worldwide for their contribution to the universal intellect.
Plenty of Sciences was created from the ground thousand years ago. The legal science, medical science, engineering science, architecture, biology, pedagogy, psychology, politics and many others... Then first developed ideas such as democracy, liberalism, equality before the law, respect the rights of the weak, solidarity, unity in front enemies from people who had no common territorial interests... Also the offer of the ancient Greek civilization to arts is unsurpassed! The well known to all of us art of theater would not exist without the tragedies and comedies of people like Sophocles, Aeschylus, Euripides, Aristophanes and others.. The art of poetry thrived by Pindar and Sappho! The art of sculpture! Literature was founded by Homer and exquisite metrical works the Iliad and Odyssey! Nations like France based their entire revolutions on Greek ideals! Laws and constitutions states currently considered as the most liberal, exemplified the U.S. based on humanistic ideals that were developed by ancient Greek thinkers! Sport as ideal started from Greece and in particular from the ancient Olympia, in which first created the Olympic festival and developed the idea of noble competition among athletes! Nobody can understand except the Greeks themselves what is this element that makes this nation so great. The spiritual and mental abilities of human resources of this country are such that make founder of the ecumenical development! Rather blame that we are happy people. Rather blame the much sun bathes us every morning when we wake up. Rather blame that we enjoy our sea and our beautiful islands all year round. Rather blame that we don't have the perception that other nations have "people should live for working". We're working to enjoy life. The Greeks know that life is short and should not be wasted meaningless! If you can not rejoice about your family, your friends, your lover, the beauty of your country then the quality of life you have! The Greek eats a lot, drinks a lot, laugh a lot, talk a lot, loves a lot, and generally feels α lot because knows that if not live his life, "a lot" will die and will not have live happy and full! That means be a Greek!
Perfect food ~ Friendly people ~ Fantastic islands ~ Very good nightlife ~ Lovely girls
One of the best places I have ever been in my life!
These people will die for freedom, men, women, old young, they have the guts to stand up to anyone but are still sweet inside.

Greece never stole from anyone, hurt anyone, but Greece gave the world everything with nothing in return. She is humble and helps others even though Greece has been invaded more than any other nation on earth. What a history, and what amazing strength if these people to keep their history alive for thousands of years.

Great museums, white buildings sparking in the sun with the bluest sapphire sea below. Simplicity, tranquility, harmony. Wear sandals and white linen all summer, no need to get dressed up in designer "show off" clothes - in Greece, it's all about the sea, the wine, the sunset, love of life and a life of love. The perfect day is a day waking up looking at the scenery and mountains, knowing that the history of the land where you step is a myth come to life. Joy, war, fantasy, invasion, perseverance, celebration -- it all started right here, where you stand, where the greats like Plato were inspired, where Socrates dared to push the envelope, where democracy was born.

Greece is like no place on earth. See it for yourself and you will fall in love like I did twenty years ago, guaranteed... ,
[Newest]Just because of the islands Greece should be at the top
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Best infrastructure, summer everyday, great architecture, low-cost flights to dream beaches and resorts, cheap and tasty food, very clean, very safe, English speaking country, international/multicultural population, dynamic economy, charming women, low taxes... Which other place can show that many positive aspects?
Singapore should be within top 10 because of it's ecoNomy beauty hospitality etc
Singapore is best because it has best cities best home and other
[Newest]It is the best country because of its economy technology and mainly because of its beauty as well the girls in there

I've been to Mexico more than 8 times. Most of the people from the US goes to Tijuana and the beaches. They're great but Mexico is much more than that. First, it's not as dangerous as the media shows but in the red zones and danger zones so, if you go, stay away from those places. Mexico is the only place in the world (I've been in Canada, US, South Africa which is great too by the way, Germany, Australia, Costa Rica among others) in which I've found everything I could ever want - History, beaches, tranquility, music, food, the warmest and greatest people I've ever met, sports, shows, etc. I would like mexican government to do something about their poor people and the vast corruption in mexican institutions.
Love Mexico is a magic country! It has many great cities and an amazing food! The music, the environment, the beaches, the people, its like no other place in the world! It has it all!
Simply it's Mexico. Period. Don't believe everything you hear on the news, Mexico by FAR is the most beautiful country in the world. Therefore Best country... Second to none.
[Newest]Why is Mexico #28 on this list? It should be on top of this list, not all the way down here. Mexico has music, great food, history, sports, beautiful beaches, museums, friendly people, celebrities etc. No one seems to like Mexico either because A) the things the media is showing about Mexico, making people hate Mexicans and treating them like dirty rats or B) just jealous of what they have.

Snowy peaks of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to one of the world's largest Desserts in Sindh, Best Fertile lands of Punjab to Mineral enriched lands of Balochistan. That's Pakistan, the land of variety. You can find almost everything on this significantly smaller area on this planet.

All fruits grow here, all four seasons are here, you can find modern lifestyle as well as village culture. When it comes to history, we have so many archeological and historical sights that even people of Pakistan can't say that they have seen all. When it comes to art, we have great Mughal art, classical music... Our own sports like Kabaddi. When it comes to food, there is nothing tastier than our own Pakistani cuisines like Sindhi Biryani, Balochi Sajji, Chapli Kabab of Peshawar and Mithaiyaan of Punjab...

World's 2nd highest peak K2,
Largest salt mine in Khewra,
Archeological site like taxila, mooenjo daro, harappa,
Historical places like Fort Lahore, Rohtas Fort, Badshahi Mosque and hundreds of others,
Atomic power,
5 rivers,
One of the best Army,
Higher moral standards,
Drinking and Gambling are not allowed throughout the country,
One of the best cricket team,
Fine Musicians like Nusrat Fateh Ali,
Organic vegetation,
And many many more...

This is why America, Israel and India are after us, they want to destroy our country because they are afraid of our potential...
Bro India is not trying to destroy Pakistan but Pakistan is trying to spread terror all over the world especially in India. 🙏
Country holds;
7th largest armed forces of the world with 2nd best performance.
As well as a a largest volunteer to UNO's relief operations.
Men & Women of Pakistan armed forces have served in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Somalia, Sudan etc

Hub to more than half of the world trade as it provides crossroads to the Khyber Pass (Gateway to Central Asia), Bolan Pass (Gateway to Persia), Gwadar (Asia's 3rd Free & Deep Sea Port), Karakorum Pass & Famous Silk Route.
Country is directly connected to Europe via Railway Line.

University of Taxila is one of the oldest known universities of the world dating back to 5th century because.

Institute of Business Administration is the first business school of Old World.

Thar is the only fertile desert in the world.

River Indus is the 2nd largest river of the world and can be seen from moon.

Recognized as one of the Next Eleven economies of 21st century.

PIA was the first airline in Asia to enter a jet age.

Pakistan's nuclear arsenal, fighter aircraft, tanks & missiles are better in performance and cost effective than any other first world country.


World best country... Because
1. Pakistan enjoys all four seasons Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring
2. Pakistan is blessed with minerals
3. Pakistan has all kinds of land forms, Plains, Desert, Mountain, Hills, Forests, areas with glaciers, and area of extreme hot temperature.
4. Pakistan enjoys its border with arabian sea, the sea of warm waters.
5. Pakistan has a rich culture and tradition.
6. Pakistan produces best rice, mangoes, oranges, and dry fruit
7. Paksitani people are very intelligent and sincere, they are always willing to help their brothers provided they are given a right direction. They are extremely helpful.
8. Pakistani people are beautiful at heart, beautiful in looks and they enjoy a balanced complexion and balances cuts. (specially in the north west)
9. Pakistan enjoys five rivers, they fertile the rich lands of Pakistan.
I feel pride in being a Pakistani... Geo Pakistan/Long live Pakistan
[Newest]There is no any culture on the face of earth which can beat Pakistani culture including ceremonies, Art, Fashion, Music, Languages, Places, Food and many more.
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Denmark really is one of the best countries in the world. Denmark is one of the freest and happiest countries. Number two in the most democratic countries. Almost no corruption. Universal healthcare and education. In fact, when you are over 18 you receive money from the state, for going to school and getting an education. Denmark, along with Norway and Sweden are the countries that spend the most money in terms of GDP on helping poor countries. Denmark is very peaceful. There is almost no crime. And it is the best at creating clean energy and helping the environment.
Couldn't agree more with him.
- All of this is true. All people, who is under an education is Denmark is also State education granted, so if you're from the States and you're under an education you can search for education grant, and will most likely get it.

I could go on for hours, Denmark is an amazing country!
I come from Denmark but Denmark hasn't been in war in a long time and they have wonderful stories and they love going on a bike ride and Denmark has an beautiful capital city, they also made Lego and Denmark has a good government, Denmark is not to hot and not to cold every single Dane has good education, Denmark also help people come to Denmark if their country is in war, Denmark is very clean no bad air.

We don't ride camels or something else. And we don't use Arabic alphabets you stupid morons.

Don't comment without visiting. ,

The best country ever... Number 1.
Just try to name another country still in existence to be found "against" the wishes of nearly all greater powers of the world. There always is something more to this country in its unique history more than meets the eye. I suggest to read about her independence struggles, unique revolution, war-avoiding diplomatic foundations and diversity of the people living in while enjoying your smoothie in one of her unforgettable sights.
Well even though I'm not from turkey I'm from kosovo I visited turkey and I like it very much lot's of great places to visit and very beautiful girls up there good bless them.
[Newest]Turkey is great country, great people, great culture and an interesting history ''''''
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ICELAND IS AWESOME 100 % clean water from tap beautiful landscape and HOT women small and it makes it simple it should be in the top ten
According to the UN Iceland is the best place to live.
Everything is good in Iceland, if we didn't have USA and China, they would have surviving glaciers 200 years later. Climate is mild by the way, not cold as everybody thinks. NOT FROM Iceland
[Newest]Cozy climate, cozy people and amazing musicians

Unity in Diversity. We are One Nation. We don't care about our diversity.
So many beautiful places that should be visited.
Indonesia despite the country who don't have many high buildings, but the Indonesian state's most clean and cool.
Obama has ever lived in Indonesia when he was little boy.
Indonesia is a vast country and rich.
Indonesia people are really nice, I live in Indonesia :), in some place Indonesia got lot of beautiful beaches :) and rich with culture
[Newest]Yes.. this is the best country
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Schools in Finland are so great that people from other countries come here to study.
The lesser known nordic country, usually in the shadows of the Sweden, despite Finland not being any worse. Most people are humble enough to admit that liking one country only because you live in it is selfish (few exceptions, as always), and will criticise things happening both in and out of the country. Most likely won't be the "best" or second "best" country in the world and will probably be unknown and low on this list because of the low population.

I think there is no contest! ;D so up yours! Poland is the best and always will be. Fine people, beautiful women and great food!
Breakers of the Enigma code!

Survivors of 170 years of Russian, German, Austrians, Nazi Germans and Soviet occupation.
Poland was a nation far ahead of its time. Poland gave freedom of religion to its citizens before Great Britain introduced the Enlightenment principles. Frederic Chopin was also born in Poland, and it is doing well after being invaded/occupied multiple times.
[Newest]Beautiful history, proud country, nice people and more

Thailand is the best country for me. The people are very friendly and they always welcome foreigner. Thai foods are delicious, hot and spicy. Bangkok is the best shopping place and Chiangmai is also beautiful city and in the south of Thailand has many beautiful beaches and islands.
Thailand is best at welcoming foreigner with their smiles. Even though Thais do not know English well, but with their kindness I was able to understand what they are trying to say. Hands language and a few words are enough for us to live in Thailand.

I considered Thai language as the World's hardest language to learn. Because there aren't many spacing like in English and some words are really difficult to pronounce.

Cost of living:
Street food, this might not be very clean for some people but it is very delicious. Some of them are even better than a cuisine, steakhouse, etc. You will be able to survive with less than $8 a day if you take street food.

Tuk Tuk, signature 3 wheels taxi with no air-conditioner. It is a must try!
Very nice country in the world, I prefer about it. Bangkok is the best capital city.
[Newest]They sucks man surgery into woman

Argentina is as big as India, has the most diverse landscapes in the world (the best waterfalls at Iguazu, the Glaciers, the 11 highest mountains of the Americas surrounded by beautiful lakes, the southermost city in the world: Ushuaia, the Patagonia region, the rich and fertile pampas, the widest river in the world, Buenos Aires city has the widest avenue in the world)... No doubt Argentina deserves being in the top ten.
Argentina, light of the future, pax
Argentina is the best country in the world.. Let's go messi
[Newest]And besides is beautiful, is an organized country and something else very important for me: It's clean!

Why 31 Scotland is an amazing country I'm English and I'm proud of it but Scotland should be number 1 it has stunning mountains and lakes it it home of one of the most mythological creatures eg the Loch Ness monster and one of the greatest and brave men to ever be alive and that is the one man sir William Wallace he fought against the English and died with honor and bravery he got Scotland their freedom. Scotland is home of the biggest castles and pure gold history so vote for the scots
stunning mountains, views, lochs, history got best motorcycling roads, if we had better weather and thinner girls we would be at the top easily!
Scotland is a great country it is beautiful everyone is generally nice to each other that is why it got most friendly country of the year award this year. It is known for its great tasty foods and should be at the top of the table.
[Newest]A very mountainous and historic region

Beautiful, Holly and happy. It's a very young and small nation with enemies and haters all around. BUT even all of that, Israel can keep herself safe, Strong, Friendly and advanced in every domain. It's a country that never had dictators, Slavery, Revelations, Civil wars, Racism and more. TRUE state of always justice and honor. Anyone who hate Israel, Should come visit the country, Enjoy the lovely atmosphere and learn the history. there were so many wars to return the homeland of the Jewish people, And today we very proud of such outstanding and educated country. Israel MUCH REACH THE TOP OF THE LIST! Because people Struggled a lot, For such a great little nation, That everybody should learn of it.
Became a country against all odds. Always liberal, Always democratic, Always Multi-colored

It's the only country in the Middle East where you can see people from all religions live their lives without being persecuted, it's the only country in the Middle East where women and minorities have the exact same civilian and political rights as any other citizen.

It's a 66 year old country, with a history of over 3000 years, always managed to stay alive and rebuild itself. It's a country who was able to survive any barbaric attack (at 1948, at 1967, at 1973) by the arabs - and yet they still made brave decisons like the peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan, in order to make the area a bit more peacefull.

You can either be brainwashed by the Palestinian lies, or you can come to Israel, read about its history - and see why it is the most inspiring country in the world.
Israel is a very outstanding country, it build on colorful lands of unique flowers, peaceful Mediterranean beaches, tall & green mountains, white trees, romantic sunrise in Negev desert and more. And there is also a huge focus on animals, hot Israeli girls and the best Mediterranean food.
[Newest]Israel is a beautiful country with many exiting attractions

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The world's best country, the cradle of civilization, the mother of the world, the friendliest and funniest people on the planet not to mention that every centimeter in Egypt has thousands of years of history. Long live Egypt and its great people.
Amazing country. Friendly people. Beautiful sights. Great history. What more do you want?
The wondrous pyramids and the amazing Sphinx are just some of the best things in this country!


[Newest]Egypt is an ancient civilisation, dating back from thousands of years, and it has a population which is known to have invented many things in the past, some of which are still used today. it has resisted against many invasions, although failed in defense a few times. Although much of it is rather overpopulated (due to a large 96% of land being a desert), it offers amazing views and experiences in hotels and beaches, in both the Red Sea and Mediterranean. Of course, the ancient Egyptian parts are equally beautiful. Egyptians are the friendliest people you can meet, but they ask in return that you respect and greet them upon seeing them. Egypt is slowly rising back to its former state, just give it its time.

Very similar to Switzerland in some ways. Small, mountainous, mostly clean, unspoilt and unbelievably beautiful. Wales has plenty to offer, first of all it boasts its own language which is still spoken by a sixth of the 3 million that live there. It has its own range of cuisines and its fantastic landscape scenery, enormous history and heritage has created many attractions that attract millions of tourists each year, such as Snowdon Mountain Railway in North Wales for instance. Fantastic coastlines, many railways and castles, beautiful little towns, bridges and breathtaking views from its mountains makes Wales one of the most beautiful and attractive countries in the World and without doubt, Great Britain. What more could you ask for. Wales should definitely be in the top 10.
Wales boasts a magnificent history and is truly a fascinating country, the Welsh are also said to be the true British people. The Welsh people are one of the politest in the world. Awesome flag, many mountains (Snowdonia for instance), lakes, beautiful castles, railways, forests and towns dot the country. Only downside is that it can get cold in the winter and it can rain a lot. One country many must visit, especially the scenery, many consider it as the UK's best region for views.
They have so beautiful mountains and so many lovely castles I live here and it is so beautiful. I'm staying here forever!
[Newest]They should definitely be in the top ten!

Taiwan is the most democratic Asian society. Although many conflicts regarding with islands with neighbouring countries but still, Taiwanese people are just, are friendly, are loving, are caring and are extremely thoughtful of others. The economy although is not the best in Asia but still competitive and there are a lot of innovative and powerful people who are willing to contribute and provide to the society. The food is the most prominent part of Taiwanese culture and the delicacy of the food tells us the hard work and effort demonstrated by the Taiwanese, producing delicious food for living people to taste! Taiwan's nature is also breath-taking with 1/25 of the whole world's insects and 1/10 of all the marine fishes are all found in Taiwan and the land area of Taiwan is only 36,000 km squared. As Taiwan's economy and industrialization boost up like a rocket, the flora and fauna are facing extinction but the loving Taiwanese people have been striving to protect the diverse species and live harmoniously with nature. There are volcanoes, high mountains to hike on, gorges, diving and surfing sites and dense and undisturbed forests. Taiwan might not be the "prosperous" country people are familiar with, such as fancy fashion, modern buildings and high income, but the people are rich, rich in character, rich in humanity and rich in happiness and love. Along with many countries, it should be a place to consider and to know about and as many tourist say, going to Taiwan is like on drugs! If there is a first time, there is always a second time! Moreover it is really a nice place to live in and living in Taiwan is extremely safe and relaxing and is as if everyday is a vacation.
The day I got my Taiwanese residence permit was one of the proudest days of my life. The early European explorers didn't call this "The Beautiful Island" for nothing. Everything about this country- the people, the food, the nature, the warm climate- is beautiful. Only Japan is in the same league! 中華民國萬歲萬歲萬萬歲!
I'm Japanese. Taiwan IS THE BEST!

1) PLACE: I went to Taipei for vacation and I just had a wonderful time. Many shaded boulevards, very convenient covered sidewalks, reliable MRT subway, attractive Taipei 101 and its shopping mall, best night markets in the universe, delicious Xiaolongbao and Jiaozi, chilled bubble milk tea, most charming staircase in Jiufen, most expansive museum in Shilin, beautiful Long Shan temple, etc.

2) PEOPLE: Most friendly and polite locals. Unlike in Mainland China, everybody announced when they were going to get off a crowded train; the people on the platform boarded the train once the entrance was complete clear. Workers at the night market were extremely friendly even if I didn't buy their products, and they tried their best to communicate with me using Chinese characters (used in both Taiwan and Japan). Some student tried to help me buy a token for the MRT subway.

3) CULTURE: They adhere to their traditions, and many pray at the temple everyday. The country still uses the old traditional Chinese characters.

There was an incident in Japan where the whole nation paused. It was when the Chinese Taipei baseball team bowed to the entire stadium after losing to Japan in a WBC game in Tokyo.

Taiwan is the best - Japan warmly welcomes you all! Japan loves Taiwan. 我�"�台灣!
[Newest]Taiwan is the best. Except for some people Kazakhstan Korea let me unhappy

42Czech Republic
Big city of Czech is Prague, mythological museum and big animal garden from Troja, small city is big menhir and giant Tree teritorium.
Many historical architecture building. Very nice tracks and marks for hiking - propably the best in the world. Nice woods and mountains. It is safe country, but the goverment is corrupted.

Jamaica the home to usain bolt the greatest athlete ever.
The sprint capital of the world,
Home to the great bob marley, the king of reggae,
Where you recieve the best rum in the world,
The country with the tropical difference, the greatest location spot you will ever find is jamaica, the parties and the beach the most churches per square mile... The home to rastafari. The sexiest women on the planet, country world know to dancehall.
Jamaica is a bad man country and if you ever have Caribbean food you would know its to die for the rice and peas with curry goat the jerk chicken the patties it does get no better than Jamaica.
I'm from jamaica and its the best place in the world
[Newest]I vote for it cause am Jamaican

For me Portugal is the best Country to Live because it is peaceful, the weather is nice, people are friendly and not racists,...
Portugal is the country that discovered the world! You can say that we have a bankrupt but we have a strong heart!
Portugal made lhe first globalization. Has weather conditions that few countries in lhe world have. We have a Great gastronomy, an unique language. We are peaceful, there has never been a terrorist attack in Portugal, and the only revolution we ever made was peaceful.

We are a small country that used to control the world, the only problem this country has is political corruption, and when I say the only problem it really Is the only one.
The politicians are seriously corrupt, but I gotta say everyone is nice, the weather and beaches are good, there's a lot of green spaces, and it's a very liberal country. You have all the freedom to smoke weed, (all) drug posession (small amounts) is decriminilized and as someone has previously said no racists (with inevitable exceptions) due to the cultural diversity
[Newest]Good military, good food, good culture, good nation!

45Sri Lanka
Culturally, historically, nature and also specially humanity Sri Lanka is the best country in the world.there natural beauty is wonderful. There is no huge space this is the small seemly island. People have very good is marvelous they can treat to other people as priceless.
Who cares Muslim, Christian, Burgers or Buddhism. This is it. One Nation. One Country. Better than the best.
Most beautiful country in the nature
[Newest]One of great country in the world with culturally, historical, natural and humanity people.

Beautiful country, love the cities with these old buildings
Just amazing and I believe it is a country with better father
Definitely one of the best quality social life in the world as the community is so much closer...
Nice and humble people with the sense of humor!
As well has nice montains, the black Sea and nice medieval cities.

Romania is a very nice country. It has all it needs from mountaines to sea side and nice cities with great history and landscapes. It's biggest city is Bucharest wich has about 2 mil. People. It is the most important city in Romania because it is the the financial and political hub of the country. It is one of the safest country in Europe to visit and the place were you will always feel at home. It has a very divers good food.
You can do everything you want in Romania: you can have a blast in Bucharest night clubs and casino, you can go to the mountaines and do sports, you go to the sea side and relax and have fun, you can relax in the unspoield nature of the country.
And lets not forget about the Romanian girls wich are one of the most beautiful in the world.
I love my country and I couldn't imagine living in a different place in the world. ( even if I traveled a lot in my life time )
[Newest]Beautiful country, awesome places ^^

What I vote once and it gets to 14th place from 107th. This list is balls. Nice country by the way
Vietnam where I born was a beautiful country. With a nice weather, you should visit my country before you die because it is AMAZING.
I have been to Vietnam and I can tell you that I never saw a sad person there. Everybody is cheerful.

What why isn't this up on the list higher? It has great food, great weather, BEAUTIFUL scenery! My and my husband traveled here for our honeymoon and everyone here was so nice! They all love Americans and are so warm and welcoming! My husband loves Iraq, and every time I even say the Countries name he gets a chubby! It is just so wonderful. Definitely has my vote :D
Iraq is horrible it has lots of terrorists. it isn't even the holiest place on the world because there are lots of different religions
It has awesome and huge houses there you guys should live there and it has an awesome building

Very nice breeze weather and fresh air, the nature is tremendous, montains, rivers, greenlands, desert, snow all are wonderful in morocco
Peaceful people, very welcoming. Nice weather, nice desert, forests, mountains, beaches... When I'll go on retirement I'll live there for sure.
The safest country in Africa and Asia. The people are kind. The food is so damn delicious. Nature is just perfect. Dying to go back to Morocco and discover more about it.
[Newest]Amazing.. Great weather.. Nice people

A very small country packed with richness of History and Art and Culture. A place in the centre of Europe shared by many immigrants today. A close trip to other counties. A beautiful country with many variety of landscape from a very flat land in the Flanders to a varied green field and forest in the Ardennes. And the food... Chocolate, biers, cheese, breads and cakes... And the list ids long...

The best country is where your heart is, where your roots are, where your best memories are. Where the people speak the same language as you, laugh at the same jokes, connect by the similarity of lifestyle and customs.
Belgium is great! Full of culture, history, nature and very good food. The best moments of my life happened in Belgium. A truly welcoming country!

51United Arab Emirates
A young country that has grown into an international, well-known country. It's embracing new ideas, technology and people from around the globe. In only ten years it has jumped from empty desert plains to grand towers, skyscrapers and tourism. Guided by culture and religion, it deserves its' place amongst the great and recognized.
UAE should be among the best because of its hospitality, love and welcoming spirit to all nations. I have been to some places but this is a distinct country. May the lord bless it the more.
The United Arab Emirates is simply indescribably perfect, if heaven exists it exists here on earth, and of course Dubai is the pinnacle of it all. There is no where on earth like it, it has SMASHED world records and put the world to shame, it has created the most beautiful constructions only dreamt of for hundreds of years and PUT THEM TO LIFE. It has it alll - the sleepy old Dubai bastikaya quaters to the north, with winding Middle Eastern streets and limestone stacked walls, old lanterns and collections of exotic spices and herbs, to outrageous Jewellery and dazzling cars of gold, set amongst a backdrop of dreamy skyscrapers rising out of the harsh desert - a testament to mans achievements concentrated within the perimeters of the most incredible city on earth. At night, this oasis of the desert springs beyond any 21st century city - its attractive dense and carefully planned skyline glitters with intensity and stands proud, architectural breakthroughs have shaped Dubai beyond anything the world has ever seen, no beauty ever so prominent and proud to be seen, and admired. The UAE is unlike anywhere on earth, guided by Islam it has become a land of kindness, acceptance and beauty. They say every country has its faults - and I beg to differ, I would give anything and everything to live here, and it has inspired me since a child of its remarkable history, brought to live with outrageous money, parties and highrises, you have not lived in this world until you have seen Dubai, and even Abu Dhabi is spectacularly incredible, there is no way to justify a place of such beauty, and I will forever thank its founders and dream makers who have shaped the course of history, and changed the way I, and many others view the world, cruel - it might be, but the UAE demands more - the UAE demands that life by experienced properly - with awe and without regret. Thank you the UAE for keeping my dreams alive, by far the most OUTSTANDING country in existence, and will forever more be the undisputed capital of the world. I would die for this country so eagerly, it makes me sad to be so far, there is no other contender here but the UAE for the best country, I swear by everything on this earth that the UAE is by far the GREATEST HUMAN ACHIEVEMENT. Thank you UAE
[Newest]One if the best countries I have visited. It has an amazing arab culture.

Monaco is the most dense country and the world and is home to the Monte Carlo Casino. Maybe density is a bad thing but it sure is rich. And yeah I know you probably need to be rich to live there because every thing is expensive so your wallet will be blown the first day but I still love Monaco. It may be small to your likings but I love small rich countries that are on the coast of the Mediterranean.

Malta is a gorgeous most beautiful country ever! It has the most gorgeous beaches and communication isn't a problem as most of them speak English! They are very religious people and they love Jesus and God very much! Google Malta and it's beaches views and villages are breathtaking!
Friendly wee country with perfect climate. Excellent food with crystal blue seas for water sports.
Malta is an AMAZING country and the people there are the friendliest and kindest people you will ever meet. Apart from its breath taking beaches, incredible blue seas and nightlife... Malta also has amazing citiez to visit which all have a beautiful history and they have many places to visit. The maltese people all speak english so communication isn't a problem at ALL! Believe me, just google malta you'll ba AMAZED! I'm serious -. - bhahaa

54South Africa
I have travelled extensively, and live in Australia, but I have to vote for South Africa. Nowhere else have I seen a a population so warm, inviting and always smiling. With their natural beauty on par with places like Aussie and Canada, and their infrastructure fast improving, South Africa is a contender for this title. Sure, they have their problems. Their politics is volatile, and corruption is rife, but their democracy is still in its infancy and is bound to have its problems, and the people take it in their stride, are ready and allowed to voice their opinion (with one of the best Constitutions in the world). I will never forget relaxing at a restaurant one night and amongst many professional artists a gardener went up on stage, borrowed a guitar and started singing. I was almost in tears as I looked around and saw that no one else was as amazed by this. Then I realised that to South Africans, this talent and promise for a better future is so commonplace to them. They deal with problems in their education system and poverty by actively involving themselves in initiatives to helping those less privileged. All in all instead of always complaning South Africans immediately try to remedy the situation, and let everything make their lives more interesting instead of more problem filled.
I was born in South Africa, moved to Australia young, and have gone back plenty of times. Each trip back has been magical for me, there are many reasons for me to put this ahead of many other countries, but it's safe to say that it's people are the Jewel of the country. I've traveled extensively and only here, in my home country, have the people been so welcoming, so friendly and so inviting. I would move back in a heartbeat if it was not for the crime, it's a shame because every time I return I fall a little bit more in love with South Africa. Deserves to be in the top 3 for it's gorgeous scenery, history, unparalleled wildlife, amazing people, and unique feel.


Well south Africa should be somewhere in the top ten why well simply just look at the events we have hosted such as FIFA world cup and so on have you seen the beautiful scenery you have to live in south Africa for a year and I am sure you will love it south Africa is a international country we have Indians living here saying south Africa is the best we have English people. Our history with Mandela is incredible the cultures we have Zulu, North Sotho ands so one. I mean we as south Africans and Mandela have fought against racism this is why I think south Africa deserves a spot at the top :-()
[Newest]South Africa is not that cool. The chics there not so hot but I love the climate. But never mess with a South African... Dudes can go HAM on you. Trust me

55Vatican City
Smallest but the most beautiful country I have seen..
Vatican is the catholics head quaters; and the pope lives there. And I'm proud 2b a christian and a catholic.

Come visit Brunei and you will know what a beautiful country you have missed. Brunei is always best & blessed. A ruler who is always loved by its people, the people are friendly, the city is very clean, no dirty politics, foods are great, great place to work and raise family, crimes are taken seriously and that's what makes it safest place you could ever find. Peace.
Brunei should be in the top 10. Free education, health and tax free. One of the safest place on earth.

Have any of you guys ever been in Colombia? When I went, people were so friendly and nice, the image of the country is bad because of drugs, but that's in the past, now Colombia is a beautiful and amazing country
People are so friendly and welcoming! I love this country.It not only holds the happiest and nicest people in the world but it has the most beautiful landscapes ever, from rain-forests to deserts, to snow peaks, to beaches, to great big cities! Lovee
One of the Most diverse countries in the world. If you want snow top mt come here, if you want to experience the caribbean come here. If you want to know about pre colonial cultures, come here. If you want to experience the amazons, come here. If you want to dance, party and have a good time Colombia has it all! Colombia is a much safer place now and you wont find epople as nice and firendly as the people of Colombia
[Newest]Smoking all the dope you want with a great view oh just dope

Nice and friendly people, good food, fine wines, beautiful scenery, roman ruins, medieval castles, turkish baths, baroque palaces, classical mansions and modern buildings.
Budapest is the Paris of the East is a very romantic and beautiful city.
The Hungarians are very rich and mysterious history.
The language is unique and wonderful.
Most beautiful girls in the world... I think it doesn't need more words.
The best wine I've ever drunk komes from Hungary. I've been there twice and I love everything I've found out about the country and people


[Newest]I'm hungry! Feed me

Its a nice county with highest average income in the can you forget that..!
Calm country and good people, beautiful natural
The second richest country in the world(has lots of ice cream :D), but is too crowded, if you ask me.

The best country in the world. I wish you all enjoy visiting Qatar. Qatary people are kind friendly and nice.

The best beaches of the mediterranean here.. Oh, and the last divided capital in the world...
I was living 12 years there. friendly people beautiful country and its very safe. Only the government is I lil bad

Austria is simply beautiful. It may not be a big country and it may not be perfect - yet as far as the quality of living is concerned it surely is one of the best countries in the world (health, education, safety... and FOOD! ;] ). And don't forget about the remarkable landscapes - there is everything from beautiful waterscapes to breathtaking mountain ranges. I'm well aware that this sounds like some cheap ad' - but take a look for yourself and you will see what I'm talking about.
Austria is rich, peaceful, has a fair government and the capital of austria, vienna has the best life quality world wide (Mercer-Quality of living survey). The people are open minded and very modern, but also traditional (sauerkraut, dirndl. Also Austria has the alps, much snow in the winter and it's very hot in summer. Austria is situated in the heart of europe. There are no hurricanes, big storms, earth quakes or other natural disaster. So you can say Austria is the best country in the world!
Well, I lived in <<Salzburg>> for many years, the landscape is amazing!
Don't forget the food, it is so tasty.
The people in Austria are very polite.
The average income of each person in Austria is very high. It's a very rich country.
For me is Austria 100000 times better than Germany.
It is worth to visit!
[Newest]I can not believe that Austria is only on 38th place. I am wondering why people come to us for vacation. But I don't mind the bad ranking. I just have my opinion about the originators of this list.

That's a country with loads of wildlife, it's awesome! It is also tactical towards.. I have no idea what ism saying, I just wanna vote Kenya because I feel like! Oh and Masai Mara is there it is pretty awesome. Though it's terrible 2 live in!
Kenya should be on 10-20

Has a promising future due to global warming, and has the coolest flag in the world. Once ice melts off the island it will be open to a lot of oil, and immigration. It is simply a strait up mix between Canada and Norway.
Greenland may not be green, but its still awesome bro
Greenland has it's own beauty in ice.

I live Maldives an it's beautiful country of the world. There beaches, islands have natural beauty so ones you come here you can't leave the maldives. And we have different cultural activities ones you see that activities you could say that is world beautiful and superb activities. So I advise my friends please come and see our beautiful country
Maldives is beautiful..the beaches..spellbinding!
I live in Maldives and you will know about the beauty of this country when you visit
I hope you all will visit Maldives
I am Naaim Rasheed

THIS IS SAD PEOPLE! I can't believe this beautiful Baltic Country isn't even in the Top 100. I think Lithuania is very forgotten. This amazing country is 2nd in the most successful former Soviet countries just behind Estonia, (another forgotten one). Lithuania was greatly affected by the Holocaust with about 140,000 Jews killed which was 83% of their Jewish Population. This booming Baltic state continues to get back up on their feet after a devastating past because of their rule by Russia. I think Lithuania has the potential to be great.
The most beautiful nature. All 4 seasons of the year( -30 in winter 30 in summer) The most calm weather( no tsunami etc). Our girls is on the most popular magazine's covers. Our second religion is basketball, so many NBA teams invite tall Lithuanian guys to play for them. Hot guys, amazing food, cheap drinks. You have to see it to understand it!
Lithuania! A beautiful Baltic country that has had a devastating past with Soviet rule for most of their past and an awful toll from the Holocaust. Lithuania has a bright future ahead.

Algeria has the most beautiful desert in the world! Many cultures, many climates, kind people, Great revolution, the greatest revolution in the modern world, delecious food, kind wives,...
Yes it is; because Algerian people are very kind and generous

The weather is very nice, so you can enjoy there. And
I live there and its wonderful sometimes I don't even believe that those gorgeous landscapes are here in my own country its just needs advertising that's all
[Newest]Maybe not the best right now the largest country in Africa and the best soccer team with amazing culture

This country is very peaceful due to there is low crime rate and people's natural and nice behaviour in Mongolia.
Joyce, my babysitter's relatives, come from Mongolia.
I love Mongolia
I love Mongolia because my all family came from there
[Newest]I love my country

69Costa Rica
It is a beautiful country with so many different natural habitats-tropical rain forests, cloud forests, dry forests, mountains, deserts. It the Aribata (sea turtles laying their eggs on the beach in massive numbers) and three times as many bird species as North America. What makes this natural beauty better is that the people and their government PROTECT it. The people are so nice (and their women are gorgeous) they take in so many refugees from other Central American countries, their health care system is great, and they ABOLISHED THEIR ARMY! Costa Rica ROCKS! PURA VIDA!
Costa rica is the best country without army! 100% natural :), I'm proud of my country :)

A place no one would care to aim a nuclear weapon.

A place no one would find you (because no one knows where is it).

A green desert. Beautiful landscapes and few people.

Time doesn't goes by there...
Weed is legal, gay marriage is legal. There's no extreme weather, no earthquakes or volcanoes. It's peaceful and beautiful.
It is a free country.

71Saudi Arabia
The holy land... A peaceful place with a great implementation of a unified law... The royal family is probably one of the obstacles to the greatness of this land... This is in fact the place that was first for humans since the beginning of time...
how can you go better than saudi man!
i went there three times and each time it was better than any other country! do vote saudi


Ooh no this should be number 1 baby! It is amazing and many people visit the country nearly every day! There are cool beaches and many awesome hotels with 3-D TVs man!

It's a cool language to learn!
[Newest]In love with this country

It's the best country worldwide the amazing nature and actually the climates that can difference each province, Peru has the 80 % of the climates in the world, you can find there sierra, coast, forest, mountain, lakes, deserts, rivers, canyon, volcanos and more. About the people is really friendly and easygoing, good food think Peru have the best food in the world the result are 500 years of Asian, African and Spanish inmigration it become the peruvian food in South American Gastronomic destiny.
It's a nice place

The best country in the world. I love Armenia, Yerevan.
Armenia is very nice place, very beautiful, very happy peoples, and very good life, not like European idiots. Armenian peoples are very friendly.
So everybody go to Armenia, Yerevan.
I'm proud to be Armenian people are very nice and beautiful. Very nice and beautiful place to visit. So many old and precious things around like churches and a lot of mountains,
One of the most free nations that anyone can find in the middle east.


People are nice and the nature is beautiful. Also has fine architecture on the buildings
Bulgarian food is the most delicious all over the world.
The best of the best!
[Newest]Bulgaria is very beautiful

Wonderful country with a great mix of new and old world charm. The girls here are always very well dressed!
I love Ukraine next to India and as I have lived there for many years and I feel it as my second home)).. I have great friends there.. I just love everything thr... Great LOVE you.
Great country with nice people, great cities, strong vodka, and beautiful women.
[Newest]Beautiful history language and people, the people are so warm and kind!

Best country ever! I was there. Slovakia is really beutiful, beautiful mountains castles and everything
They have been under the rule of Hungary for almost 1000 years and still survived as a nation despite violent hungarization. Beautiful women, nature, mountains, castles (Slovakia is the number one country in castles per square meter, at least in Europe), fertile land, gold, etc. The history before before Kingdom of Hungary - Constantine and Methodius, Great Moravia, Samo's Empire, etc. Marcus Aurelius wrote his Meditations on the banks of rivers of Slovakia.
They also have lost of water, you can drink out of toilet there and it is better than tap water in England.
And everybody knows Czech beer but Slovak beer is also very good. The quality is very similar to Czech beer and it is really cheap out there

Amazing country amazing president, the wildlife :)The galapagos islands are truly orgasmic, the food, the language the sexy ladies the joy and music, what more do you want?
I was a foreign exchange student here (I'm from the US) and it's my favorite country. The people are so warm and friendly, the cities are beautiful, and it's amazingly diverse for only being the size of Colorado.
Beautiful country. Extremely diverse land. Polite people, lots of culture and landscapes. Many of Ecuador's cities are known to be patrimony of the world, Including Quito, Cuenca, Galapagos. Guayaquil is called the pearl of the pacific becuase it is modern and upbeat.

Full of natural resource, and the people are so welcoming as no where in the universe! Wow, the people of Ethiopia are so charming, and pretty much everyone has fear of God, so they won't hurt you purposely!... Amazingly, the Ark of the Covenant is kept in Ethiopia for more than 2000 years now, not only that, Ethiopian has the full books in BIBLE (81)... There was books that were missing from the bible since not all of them were written by one person nor was putted altogether, and fortunately, it all was found in Ethiopia, that's why Ethiopian and others countries have (81 books) in their bible... Ironically, Ethiopia is the first country to become a Christian country (Act 8:26) even before neither Israel's governor nor Paul accepted Jesus Christ...!
Ethiopia is the best country in Africa in my opinion, reasons are, for example climate, very welcoming and god fearing people, beautiful women etc. And Ethiopia is the only African country which was not colonized by Europe by defeating Italy at the battle of Adwa, therefore Ethiopia is the greatest country to live in or visit in Africa. The only thing that's holding Ethiopia was poverty due to different political and natural disasters, but over the past few years Ethiopia's economy is dramatically changing and it is thought that Ethiopia will be one of the middle income countries like Brazil by the year 2025 European calendar, now that not so far is it!
The climate of Ethiopia is best in the world, no need of AC, Fan and heating system it means it has a moderate climate. The Western Drug Mafia is spreading rumors through media. There is no Yellow Fever, AIDS and HIV. Poverty is the only reason for their weak immunity, their are no sign of such diseases. There is need for people to not to misunderstand The Ethiopian Community but to understand them.
[Newest]Ethiopian people are so beautiful, they have a cute faces men and women and they are very polite.

I like Fiji because its like the best place I have ever gone. it is so clean not like any other island. Fiji has the best scenery place I have ever visited. I just love Fiji. and I should suggest something as well that the people who will read this must ones go to Fiji and then tell me if I was wrong. LOVE you Fiji
Worst pathetic country I ever lived. Thank God I moved on from here to USA. The reason why there is free education to secondary level is because it's a really dumb society to live. Rape cases are really high even recently a tourist got raped here. Road conditions sucks. Fijians look really ugly like gorillas, and also so many thief's in this country there were so many times I got robbed at night in the city. Its like you can't carry anything rather then just wearing your clothes. So I wouldn't recommend anyone to visit Fiji. Its also really underdeveloped country with really low wages.
Its also one of the Talented countries in the World, Fijians are excellent at sharing
1) They are so nice and calm people.
2) They are the only country that has Free education till college level.
3) The are ranked very low in Racism
4) They love their nation and can die fir it (very very Proud country)
5) Country with the most Beautiful smiles
6) Has tonnes of freedom
7) Lends their powerful military to the U. K for peace keeping
8) Are amazing in Helping "you'll never feel alone or neglected in Fiji "(True (personal experience))
9) The Most diverse and multicultural country I have been to.
10) One of the most beautiful countries the world

I love Kazakhstan. But we have a lot to do towards real democracy reforms in the country...
Kazakhstan is independent country only 23 years. But he achieved a lot. And EXPO will be in 2017 in Kazakhstan. I love this country!
Kazakhstan number one exporter of potassium. Other countries have inferior potassium.

Easy living. Beautiful coast very friendly people. Nice looking women, low crime.
Croatia is the most beautiful country in the world with the best beaches, food, and monuments also it has the nicest people in the world
The food is great and it's an awesome country
[Newest]Well it is still recovering after the war on its and Bosnia and Herzegovina territory, but it is beautiful.

82Cape Verde
Is is an ice cream?

Paraguay is growing, it has changes a lot in the last decades. Though it may seem poor sometimes, people here are very good and they are extremly humble. People say that Paraguay has the happiest people on earth. We have very interesting and cool traditions. Also it is a beautifull countrie...

Because I've been there and it my favorite country
It is the most beutifull country because of its industry and finance government. We win the oil before you do
A great country with peace

Small but beautiful with nice beaches and food. Easily the best caribbean island

Yemen was a nice country all people live in mans they don't scared from anything Yemen the best country!

People do not get killed by lions in Tanzania! Tanzania is a great place. The great migration is one of the most beautiful things I have Ever seen. Amazing wildlife such as, Lions Hippos Giraffes Leopards etc. Tanzania is also democratic with very few disease problems. People are very friendly.
It's really beautiful. And tons of wildlife.
Once a week someone in Tanzania gets killed by a lion
The people are nice, the food is good, you can see just about any African animal you want and the great migration is one of the most spectacular things in the world

Its the people that I like in this country, wherever I went I never met people like in Serbia. Also lots of nice monuments and orthodox churches.
And real heaven for good food lovers!
The best food ever! Nice people and wonderful history. Great night life as well. It is still not run down by tourists so that makes it even better
The spirit of this country is something no other country no matter how rich and powerful it is will never have.
[Newest]Best country in world!

Wonderful island, full of natural resources but alse full of bad politicians

Tunisia is full of surprises, delights and the most amazing contrasts, a country Where a turquoise sea meets an azure sky.
Tunisia is the empire of the great Carthage and the homeland of the great leader Hannibal - a treasure trove of ancient empires)
Tunisia has the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean sea, its is the unique country which has the miracle of snow in the north west, beautiful seas in the coast and sahara in the south, a unique beauty, and an open minded people with about 7000 years of civilization
I am learning about it in school it should be number 2
Tunisia is a mixture of two beatiful colours:blue and white. If you really like this country you will know that these two colours represent happiness and joy which is another quality of the country. Finally it maybe not be a paridisal island but the sea is great. I LOVE MY COUNTRY

Lowest crime rate in the world, no snakes, crocodile and dangerous spiders or insect,
Beautiful beaches always a sunny day, caring people

92Papua New Guinea
Still intact with natural beauty and has the largest rain forest in the world outside South America is breathtaking. In fact, 95 per cent of it is virgin rainforest. Research, have proved that, most plant and animal species in this fascinating country is not yet recorded. If that is not enough, the rugged mountain and terrains in this country is the worlds natural wonder. Quiet spectacular and definitely takes your breath away.
Rapidly developing and is one of the worlds most diversed culture nation.

Angola the best nice music food, dance, celebrating party's at midnight you can even if your young its fun more than any country
Angola is a culture of happy people willing to help you if you visit very welcome place love it



95Dominican Republic
The only island with a desert

The oldest European city in the Americas

Merengue music

Only flag in the world with bible image

Best baseball players in the world

No abortion is legal

Won miss world competition

Has 4 independence dates
This country (as it's being promoted in commercials) really has it all!

Most happy and friendliest people you coulc ever meet!, hospitable to the core, great food, very awesome weather, nice beaches, diverse landscapes, and many many things to do!
Best food in the world can be found in Dominican Republic, and the best Baseball in the whole world.

We have very helpful people. We have 'Lets Do It'Day and maybe Estonia is the cleanest country in the world.
It is one of the beautiful country. It also known as peace.
Estonia is a very nice country. It is clean, the people are nice and helpful and the average wage is on a good level. I am glad that I live in Estonia!

I am very proud to be Jordanian our country has cool sites, delicious food, friendly people, nice weather and it is very peaceful. We are a strong country with a wonderful king. We have a lot of passion for our sports teams and athletes who carry the flag of Jordan in international competitions. We have a strong army who keeps us safe. Our people are very proud and love there country more than anything in the world. I love my country! Long live Jordan!
The most beautiful country and people on earth. Home to one of the 7 wonders of the world, PETRA! Look it up!

Best food, best music, best dance, best culture!
Jordan is a very peaceful beautiful and safe country, and I'm proud to be Jordanian, despite of the Scarcity of resources, and the conflict around, Jordan is awesome.
[Newest]Home of one of the 7 wonder of the world, very peace full.

Best Country in the world you know death and vain is the bomb babsdaylfhaoghanwowhane... oh I just shot the guy writing this comment Belarus WILL RULE ALL

99Northern Ireland
I like northern Ireland but not as much as the republic of Ireland

Extremely beautiful country, beautiful architecture having the Angkor what being the most largest religious temple in the world. Not to mention the extremely kind and nice people.
No major natural disaster.
Gorgeous scenery! Extremly friendly people, and great tasting cuisines as well. make sure to visit the monumental temple of Angkor, to make beautiful prayers.

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