Best Drama TV Series of All Time

July 28, 2015 - The list says it all. The best T.V. Drama series (Sopranos, Homeland, etc) of all time. Cast your vote! Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Breaking Bad
The most brilliant, creative, and original story ever been produced for Television. A masterpiece
It's a thrilling ride right from the start till the final episode
Hands down best ever. Great characters!

2Better Call Saul


4Game of Thrones

5The Walking Dead

6House of Cards

7Hell on Wheels

8The Wire
The most real T.V. show ever with no bad acting, the cast seemed to have lived their roles.

9The Sopranos


The Contenders

11Sons of Anarchy



14TURN: Washington's Spies

15Boardwalk Empire


17Mad Men



20Prison Break
This has to be higher on the list! Great plot and the perfect cast I wish it was still going. Definitely the best show I have ever seen and I've seen most of these!

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