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She deserve for the first position

Great inspiration for all the music lovers..

Her voice is such devotional...she deserves for the first place

I love you r voice

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22Shalmali Kholgade

She has the best of best voice I ever heard. lat lag gayee and balam pichkari are my favourites. she is much better than shreya ghosal

She got to rocking sexy and also very beautiful voice I've ever heard much better than shreya ghosal of course... Shreya ghosal shouldn't be in first position

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23Pinky Paras

She is an Awesome singer.. Beautiful voice and my favourite singer

The song is superb and the singer is very nice. Her voice and style rocks. She deserves to be in Top 10 for her extra-ordinary talent. Best wishes! - ankitsingh7

Only her first album and she is doing a marvelous job! Great voice!

Eagerly waiting to your new songs

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24Alisha Chinai

She is mothr of pop, all credit goes to alisha for bringing pop in india... Thr is many singrs who won nationl awar but no one won bilbord fredie murcury award like her! Her album made in india made history which is unbroken till today, and alisha is good actress also she acted with salman khan in close up add in 80s.. Alisha is great.. No 1can touch you evn alisha!


One of the best female singer in the Indian cenema and allso sung with Tamil all song super I like madhu

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26Geeta Madhuri

She sings very well.She are great singer.I like your voice.You are my favourite singer.She is all rounder.She receives many awards

She is a versatile Singer. I could spend all my life listening to her. Love you Geeta Madhuri

Great singer she can sing all kinds of song

Super singer

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27Shilpa Rao

Not event a single female singer in india has so much power and depth in voice. Really she has raw qualities in her voice. Very devotional voice.---
Shilpa Maam You are the best for me. No one is even near to you. May God bless you with unbreakable and unchangeable stardom that you deserve.
Even in Male singer no one can compete you. You are best.

She is better than Neha Bhasin.
Should have remained in the 12th position.

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28Kavitha Subramaniam

Is one of the most famous Indian film playback singers.
She is classically trained and has sung a wide range of classical-based songs. In her career, she has worked with a variety of music composers
including R.D. burman and A.R. rahman.
She is also the recipient of four Filmfare Best Female Playback Awards, including 3 consecutive awards in the period 1994-1996 and the prestigious Padmashri which she received in 2006

29Palak Muchhal

Palak and Shreya should both be at number 1 as they have nearly exactly the same voice. Its not fair for Palak as shes young and has such an incredible voice.

Palak Muchhal Deserves to be on #1. She Is my favourite. I think she faces the problem of lack of popularity but if U don't know her...You should surel Listen her songs...Different From what others say...I would like to say that her voice is much better than shreya..I love shreya's voice equally though...

She is a great singer and her voice has a magic. rather than being a good singer she is also a good human and I love her

Nice song palak

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30Monali Thakur

She is not only good singer but beautiful too.

She has the sexiest voice - reminds us of Late Geeta Dutt

She has a rare combo of beautiful voice and face..

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31Asha Bhosle
32P Susheela

She has a very good voice. She was the one who ruled south Indian films from 1950s with Ghantasala, PB Srinivas and TM Soundararajan. But I heard she had some issues with music directors, I think that was the reason she was not getting more opportunities after 1990s. Otherwise she would have sung more than 50,000 songs by now.

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33Anwesha Dutta

Anwesha is going to be the best singer in future as she has already proven her talent in every competition.

I think no one can sing like her, as she has a very unique voice quality

She has all those skills that make a great singer. She is the future of Indian playback singing.

She is deserves to be in top 10..

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34Anjana Sowmya

She sings well and is beautiful as well.

She is a fantastic singer and has a beautiful and sweetest voice

Mesmerising singer..I like all her songs

I always listen her music to overcome all headache...I feel in her voice

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35Sunitha Upadrashta

Your E Velalo is still the Best One. A singer that can be compared with Shania Twain. Both in Beauty and Singing.

She sings very well... Expressions will be very cute in her songs

Melody Queen... The best singer so far after S Janaki, P Susheela, K S Chitra...
Charming voice quality

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36Shweta Mohan

She is my nightingale. I think only she can break all her mom's records. She is very talented and may she stand at the top of her industry for several years.

She is very excellent playback singer I love her I like to become like her I love so much

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37L. R. Eswari

She is very talented Women. She is "Queen for amman songs" specially mareyaman. She Know to speak more than four language. In 1970s, she is a special singers for Youth. In age 72 she sang Super (kalasala kalasala) Song. She also one Great Singer in Tamil.

38Swetha Pandit

The vocals and songs she sings always touches my heart with a feel.she must deserve the 1st place

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Very dedicated singer...if u want to know her dedication please watch super singer 7 in YouTube

She is very talented
Unfortunately she is not getting many oppurtunities like geetha Madhuri

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40Harshdeep Kaur

None other than Harshdeep Kaur sings from the bottom of the heart with excellent voice and mesmerizes listeners make them to feel the essence of heavens.

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