Best Female Singers of All Time


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Whitney Houston
By far Whitney has the most voice control ever, she has set the standards for singing that has not been matched, she is also the most influential singer in the world.
Love you whitney you just the best singer I ever heard and the most awarded. Maybe your voice isn't there anymore but I will always love you for the joy and the emotions you give me when I hear your songs.
Who on earth can compare to Whitney Houston when she is on the stage? Thank God to bestow the greatest singer of all time that we all can enjoy her beautiful voice. Even though she cannot sing like she used to be in the late 1990s, her incomparable voice and all beautiful melodies will always impress in my mind.
[Newest]What people seem to not realize is that Whitney had somethings that no one else had. Stage Presence: She commanded every performance making your eyes keep glued to her. Resonance:She might not have a 5 octave vocal range, but her perfect resonation made normal notes on the fifth octave reach an amplified sound that could fill an arena. Moderation: Whitney knew exactly when to go for a mind-blowing high note or keep it simple with a smooth sound. Devotion: Whitney gave so much expressiveness in her voice that it made you feel what she sang, often making us cry, laugh, enrage, or rejoice. In the end, Whitney's voice was smooth and velvety, yet capable of blowing away an incoming storm. Remember: it's not how big your vocal range is and how you demonstrate it, or how long you can sustain a note; it's how you deal with what the Lord has given you and how you carry a message through your voice, implying self-control and knowing how to achieve a better understanding of that message, either by caressing a note or reaching higher when it's the right time. That was Whitney Houston.
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2Mariah Carey
Put simply, there is just NO other singer in the world that can make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, to the same degree as Mariah Carey. It's her range; her tonal sound; her accuracy of pitch; her 'trills' (vocal runs); and her upper power when hitting high notes that made her one of the all time greats. Sure, there are many great singers and she's perhaps not as good as what she was in the 90's, but that's more been her change in musical direction rather than a decline in ability - she's well and truly proved that with her 2010 Christmas Concert in recorded in Washington last year. PLUS, she writes all her own songs, when too many of the big names these days, unfortunately don't!
Mariah's voice is just incomparable, there's nothing else I can say about it, its beautifully pure, angelic and very very unique. Just an all round perfect voice with the ability of going really being like a big bonus. Just listen to Never Too Far to get a sense of what shes capable of and then listen to Bliss which shows off her higher range (whistle notes)
I LOVE HER she is very consistent with his work, although when I she was not famous anymore as it once was, but around the world who does not know the voice capability is pretty amazing. Class singer Beyonce was even I do not think it can match its octave voice is very high.
[Newest]You rock that song Hero. That song me's to me that I can be a Hero
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3Celine Dion
Definitely deserves #1. I have never heard a singer who gives me chills up and down the spine as she does. Just listen to her rendition of "Oh Holy Night". Her range is beyond incredible.
Celine deserves the number 1 spot. Come on, she has recorded songs with some of the worlds greatest singers and sings very well in five different languages. She sings like an angel and has such charm about her. Stop talking about beyonces look here because we are talking about voices and by far celine is number one, mariah is number two, whitney is number three and of them all, celine has been the most consistent with her records and has passed mariah to become the worlds best selling female vocalist of all time.
Celine is the most versatile singer in the world and here is why :
Listen to "that's just the woman in me" and you will understand, knowing her as a crystal clear voice... And than a totally new sound, new texture in the most powerful notes of this song... It blew me away... I couldn't believe what I just listen to. And now ask MC or WH or CA or anybody out there to ( try ) to do this: they will cry and will acknowledge that only Celine can do this. She can imitate a electric garage door, a piano, a flute, trumpet. Etc... She is a chameleon with her voice, flawless, perfect control, most power voice in the high notes with stamina ( All by myself ) and the list goes on and on and on... Truly the best.
[Newest]I Love Celine Dion..

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4Christina Aguilera
She has one of the highest vocal ranges in music history, a superb 4 octave range! She is definitely one of the best and one of the highest selling artists!
Christina is clearly an extremely talented singer that puts her all into her music. Her vocal ability is absolutely outstanding. She sings because it's what she loves to do. Christina Aguilera is a very inspiring singer that will never lose her amazing voice. She is the best singer of the generation, and absolutely one of the best singers of all time. She sings to express herself, and she doesn't care if that means less album sales, or less popularity. Christina, never stop singing.
Christina aguilera seriously how is she not top 5 or even first she is beautiful brilliant singer always has a standing ovation and you never cease to be amazed and amazing vocal range

[Newest]Christina Aguilera is truly the greatest female singer of our time, with the ability to command total attention on stage and manipulate the emotions of listeners with her powerful and touching voice, Christina's vocal range and unique tonality of her voice easily lift her to the position of the greatest female singer of today. Move over mariah, simply trilling and belting with no feeling isn't enough to win my vote. You may have an amazing voice but Christina's expression and emotional style beats you hands down. Whitney is also a beautiful artist!
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5Sarah Brightman
She has an astonishing ability to adapt her voice to sing (brilliantly) in any musical style or genre - pop, rock, opera, etc. For sheer multi-dimensional singing talent and versatility, "Sexy Sarah" undoubtedly outshines the other female vocalists on this list - even the other great ones! She continually moves with the times and keeps coming up with new and inspired ideas - buy any (or all) of her albums "Fly", "Dive", Eden", "La Luna", "Harem", "Timeless", "Live In Vienna" and you won't be disappointed. Bear in mind however that they're all different! (And I've only recently 'discovered' her! )
Her music and performances have moved me like no other.
I love her recordings, but her live performances are an experience like no other.
She is out of this world, I've never felt such emotion wash over me, all the while every hair on my body standing on end. She's a modern day Muse or Siren.
I really am not an avid opera fan, but she puts a spin on what we call "average opera". She has modernised opera like no other artist. Also her vocal range is much greater than all the other artists. Even though she is not a big name in the United States, she is highly respected in the music industry. She does not use annoying amounts of auto tune. Not only that but she is an inspiring artist to youngsters like Jackie Evancho. Her live performances is truly a once in a life time expiranc. She has talent that cannot compare to anyone on this list. Most importantly her humble and kind nature seperates her from everyone on this list.
[Newest]Perfection. Inspiration. Pure beauty is what her voice is made of.
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6Beyonce Knowles
This woman is amazing. Her voice is just out of this world, and completely flawless!
Just watch her perform. She puts all of her soul in her singing.

By the way, being a devoted fan, I decided to watch The Beyoncé Experience Live. Some minutes later, I noticed I was crying like a baby. That's how Queen Bee leaves me with one of her greatest performances of all time. You guys have to check it out.
Beyonce is the singer at all the time she has lots of talents than any other female singer. Beyonce she is sexy and beautiful than any other women. Beyonce is better than rihanna and lady gaga even better than any other female singer. THEIR IS ONLY ONE BEYONCE IN THE WORLD...
Beyonce is my ultimate idol. She is so talented! She can sing, dance, and act! I also love her song irreplaceable for me she is the best!
She has actually talent and uses her actual voice unlike other celebrity's who use voice corrector sir auto tone☝️👏👌🙌
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Are you freaking kidding me?!
Adele is below Kesha, Lady Gaga, and Hillary Duff...?
Adele is definitely top 3 material.
You moronic people voting for Disney channel kids and pop blunders need to get a grip on what TALENT is...
This woman is unbelievable. Sure, whitney, beyonce etc are impressive singers, but only listening to adeles pure voice gives me the chills
Adele has amazing talent! She is one of the greatest singers of all times! Why is she on 127th place? I don't get it.. Adele is an incredible person and singer-songwriter! Vote for her!
[Newest]Adele is amazing! She has tons of songs and keeps on doing what she loves. Vote Adele!
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8Aretha Franklin
Are you kidding me? Arethra Franklin widely is widely accepted as the greatest singer of all time, not just the greatest female singer. And she's been placed below Miley Cyrus here... Really? Please just listen to her sing respect and THEN vote. Aretha Franklin is BY FAR one of the greatest singers of all time
Rolling stone rated her #1 for the greatest singers of all time. She was even higher than a bunch of guys she should be #1 on this list


Nothing needs to be said just amazing singer, great vocals a lot of talent really worked with some amazing artists as well.
[Newest]New doesn't always mean good. Beyonce is hot and talented. Christina Aguilera truly has a great voice and range. Whitney's got a pedigree from a great family of vocal talent. However, this product shows why music critics and historians vote on the prestigious "best of" lists and not little girls. Greatness cannot be tied to current trends and record sales. This list should be called "Opinions of People Who Have a lot of TIme on Their Hands".
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9Amy Lee
the best!
love her beautiful voice!
she amazing!
Amy and Evanescence forever!
She must be first!
Sincerely, Amy Lee deserves the first place, her voice is the most amazing I have ever heard, so beautiful that I run to my dad every time I hear her and tell him, judge her, he just says, wow.. I ran out of words, all I gotta say is that my dream is to sing like her, almost impossible.. But she has an Angel Voice.
Why is she so low on this list, her vocals are amazing and her songs are enchanting
[Newest]Beautiful voice with real emotion behind it. ♥ Amy Lee ♥
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10Charice Pempengco
Yes! I think she's one of the best in singing because of her powerful voice at her young age.
CHARICE is the only celebrity/singer/artist that I'm very fascinated and addicted by monitoring anything related to her everyday... Spending an average of about 4hrs a day in my computer at home or in the office just to read news/articles/blogs/etc, watch old and new online videos - not including listening to her music from my mobile/notebook and watching from time to time some saved favorite performances... Only a fellow chaster will understand my CHAddiction! For me, she's not only the best singer of all time but also a very good inspiration for all who dare to dream and take action to make it happen.
I was hooked the first time I heard Charice on Oprah, in May 2008.

Charice's video performances are so consistently perfect that she has been repeatedly (and falsely) accused of lip-synching. As incredible as her video performances are, though, her concert performances are absolutely unbelievable. Simply put, Charice consistently delivers a pitch-perfect combination of technical skill, emotion, and pure raw power year that leaves David Foster shaking his head in disbelief. She gives her audiences chills and goosebumps & reduces grown men to tears. (A fact to which I can personally attest. ) I have NEVER seen Charice give a bad performance; in fact, I have never seen her give less than 110%. Despite her increasing fame, Charice is unpretentious and truly grateful to all who have helped her. And all of this is in a petite package less than 5 feet tall.

I can't get enough of this super-talented young lady. I've seen her perform live four times (from stage side, and the 2nd & 6th rows) and met her. I've downloaded well over 100 of her videos & gotten her signature on three photos (including one of us).

I have NEVER been more addicted to a performer (or performers). And this is from someone who saw the Beatles perform live! ) later, I flew to Las Vegas to see her perform with David Foster & attended her 17th b-day the next day. I met her that November, after my 2nd DF concert. I next saw her perform in San Francisco in May 2009, just before the release of her 1st album; I saw her for the fourth time last July 16 in Napa. I have 100 videos of her performances & 3 signed photos (incl one of er video performances are so perfect that she has repeatedly been accused (falsely) of lip-synching. Us).
[Newest]I've always watched singing contests in the Philippines since then, so when I watched the Little Big Star where Charice won as a runner-up I was like "that's not right. " I believe she deserve to win to be the grand champion. I knew then that she's going to be big one day. I've followed her appearances and always excited to hear her sing. Her powerful voice and her interpretations of a song are truly amazing that I cannot really see from the other competitors. I don't want to out her opponents, but my point is that she has that quality of a singer and as a performer. She has the passion and vision which you cannot find in this generation especially for young adults who may seem to just take advantage of their fame (starting to act as you know) rather than becoming a good influence on youth. But Charice is one of a kind, a genuine person, who never forgets to look back and knows how to keep her feet on the ground. There's so much to say about Charice, I am a fan and have always been. It's just undeniably true that such a person like Charice can inspire many of us in so many ways - her being natural and her gift are tremendously changing many lives. My support goes with her and I hope that more people would be able to recognize her and her worth. More power to you Charice and good luck to all your projects. We love you!
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The Contenders

Are you kidding, she's in 15?... She suppose to top 3, she's all the time singer, and successfully an "icon".
- Strong voice character
- Breath is technique it self, and she's ana expert breath technique (when she breath for next lyric line, its sounds like smooth sigh which bold the lyric itself).
- And surely, have most great Songclip video
- Sexy, in all way
She is not Celine Dion.. But The way she sings it's so unique and original! Love you Queen
Madonna should be number one she is the best of the music industry and no other female singers have broken her records she has set top selling female artist and her mdna tour was the best tour of 2012 The MDNA Tour created immense success at the box office and many venues were instantly sold out. It was dubbed as the highest-grossing tour of 2012 by Billboard. The tour grossed $305.2 million from 88 sold-out shows, becoming the tenth highest-grossing tour of all time and surpassing Celine Dion's Taking Chances Tour as the second highest-grossing tour among female artists, behind Madonna's own Sticky & Sweet Tour. Madonna broke the record for occupying the top two highest-grossing female tours of all time and no one has ever done what madonna has done she is the queen of music and all the other female singer don't have talent like madonna
[Newest]Madonna is amazing she was singing in the 80s and she is still singing today.
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12Taylor Swift
Taylor swift is beautiful and she sings very well. she really is 1 best singer for me. I love her voice and her songs are the best songs ever.
she is so pretty and sings very, very good.! I love her.. she is my favourite singer ever! love her so much!
she is the best! i love all the songs of her!
Taylor you're the best! No one can defeat you! Especially miley cyrus, she should be at 50
[Newest]Taylor Swift has not only a beautiful voice which has sold millions of albums, made her several world records and won her hundreds of awards, including seven grammys, she is also a beautiful soul who does so much to try and show her gratitude to her fans. She visits and gifts to those who are gravely ill like people with cancer and always tries her best to leave no fan disappointed, spending 13 hours to sign autographs on June 13th and being the only celebrity to pay attention to the audience at the BRIT Awards.
She sings really well and has actually saved my life with songs she wrote for others. She's an excellent role-model, a class act, never seen drunk, or on drugs, or getting in some random guy's car. The myths of her being with multiple men are false, with only 6 exes and if that's the only thing she gets criticized for, it shows how clean she is.
Her songs come from the heart and can always help someone else. She is so talented in so many ways and I love her with all my heart.

Forever & Always a Swiftie! <13
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13Katy Perry
Seriously? 103?
Shes much better than most of the others above
Dude, at least shes well known!
I love her!
She should be higher on this list, she's young and has a really bright future ahead of her. Love her!
Katy Perry is the best singer! I was sure that she would be at least 2nd after Gaga... But she is 87! That's more than incredible! I am not music addict and know inconsiderable number of singers! But I have never heard about Sarah Brin... Who is she? Why is she the first if people who are not fans of music do not know her whereas they know those who are 87?
[Newest]Katy is kind funny and she interacts with her fans on a daily basis. She doesn't think herself above them, she thinks of them as equals too! Her songs can be powerful, funky, sad, happy and just all around CrAzY😜😃😃😍😍😘😘😘
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14Lady Gaga
She is amazing! She loves her little monsters and she's not afraid to show who she real is! SHE has the best tracks of 2009, 2010, 2011 like ¨Bad Romance¨, ¨Paparazzi¨ and the SUPER HIT ¨Poker Face¨! GO GAGA... GO MOTHER MONSTER!
Lady gaga is awesome she is comfortable warring any thing rock on girl
Lady Gaga is an Avant-Garde. She is bringing music into a new heights! She is talented and full of brandishing ideas and inner vocality.
[Newest]Lady Gaga doesn't care what other people think we should all be like her.
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15Demi Lovato
Demi is such an inspiring person, she is a role model to a lot of people from different places around the world and she'll always be my role model and hero.
Demi is an amazing singer!
She has got a powerful voice and she can sign really high notes.
Demi lovato is one of the best singers of this generation. She got a great voice and incredible vocals. Seriously, she performs live better than any other singer of this generation.
When I first heard skyscraper I thought she was amazing but doubted if she could sing live exactly like the original song. But when I saw her performing skyscraper with high vocals and very high pitch in live, I felt she got the real talent in singing unlike selena gomez who can't sing live without he support of chorus.
Vote for the great voiced DEMI LOVATO..
Are you pepole kidding how you can leve demi in this list she is one of the best singer
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Miley above Rihanna laugh out loud... She has one of the most soulful voices ever... She is surely one of the greatest vocalists of all time considering how she brings out emotions in some of her hits... Still can't believe.. She is out of top 10 at the least..
She's got the best voice out of all female singers... Maybe even better than Beyonce in my opinion. She is also really hot, which of course, makes me wonder why Chris Brown even hit her in the first place.
Why should rihanna be the 50th. She should be in at least the top ten. Have you ever heard of her. Or are you people just death? She has such an amazing voice. Id vote number one. She should be the top singer because she actually has a voice. And guess what? Rihanna can actually sing. Much better than those other cheesy singers. VOTE FOR RIHANNA! YEAH
[Newest]She is the best!
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If this is a competition in vocal perfection, then we would need both Maria Callas, Anna Netrebko and Randy Crawford at the top of this list. But in the pop rock business, Pink is indeed recognized among her colleagues as one of the most naturally gifted and original vocal performers both alive and well today.

Her voice is definitely one of the most recognizable and powerful female vocals I've heard apart from Janis Joplin and maybe Diamanda Gals.

Look up her blues rocker "Free" or her cover of "Me and Bobby McGee" on YouTube, if you don't know what I'm on about.
. Come on. Shania Twain, Avril LaVigne, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Britney Spears have NO BUSINESS being anywhere near the vicinity of P!NK's category. Not even Carrie Underwood or Lady Gaga has anything on P!NK. Please people, who the hell put this together? It's bull. Miley Cyrus right smack in the middle of P!NK and Janis Joplin? No way. I don't dislike Miley, but NO, un-uh. Rihanna and Kelly Clarkson are way better than all of those, but still fall under P!NK. I agree Whitney Houston belongs on top, but so does Janis Joplin. Madonna belongs very high on the list. But then comes P!NK with or above the rest of the well-knowns. Many of the names I didn't know. Just want to say that I just took my daughter to P!NK's concert in Louisville for her 1st concert experience and she blew us away, hands down best concert I've ever been too. Her singing ability, her music, her stage presence/performance, her style, and her amazing talent as an aerialist (which sets her apart from everyone else) is nothing but TRUE TALENT. She's amazing. She is now my all-time favorite female artist, along with Janis.
You've got to be kidding me. the amazing Alecia Moore is worse than Britney spears? Come on people Think P!NK!
P! Nk is so 1. Place should be 1. Full stop
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18Avril Lavigne
AVRIL, you are the best female pop rock singer!
keep on rockin' us girl!
As she once said, "I'm the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen" )
she is the best pop rock singer yet and writes all of her own songs that's called talent
[Newest]Avril is the most under-rated singer of our time. She has great range, though there are singers who have more range, but her voice is so powerful and projects such emotion and is so pure. If you listen to all of her music it becomes obvious that she uses her voice in the same way a master plays an instrument, and she does it effortlessly. She is a goddess among mortals in the world of music.
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19Kelly Clarkson
Common... She's amazing! She can sing all types of song! She has amazing voice!
A real woman who had lived a while before she became famous. Class act Peggy L CLASS ACT!
Kelly has the ability to sing high. She still my idol forever. She is the best among all singer don't give up kelly we are here to support you. We are your supporters kelly. We love you...
This list is more about popularity than actual singing abilities. Taylor Swift has nice songs, but she shouldn't even be mentioned, as well as britney spears, and katy perry. The Adele, Beyonce, Kelly Clarkon, Christina Aguilera are contemprary singers with real technical abilities and should be placed high on this list. Legends should be in a different list as their style is so much different from today's singers. Aretha Franklin for example is one of the best singers of all time, but that is not to say she has the biggest "range" or is "versatile." All disney singers should not be on this list, period.
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20Agnetha Faltskog
Most angelic voice in the world! Imagine if ABBA hadn't broken up! What other great songs would we have had then? Love the band too by the way
Been listening to her since the 70's and don't plan to stop anytime soon. She has a voice that you never get tired of hearing. Can't say that about many of today's singers.
This lady has the ability to cry with her voice! One of the purest most spine tingling voices iv ever heard gives me goosebumps! And stunningly beautiful too great combination my number 1.
[Newest]Greatest female singer of all time.
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21Britney Spears
She is the most amazing singer of all time. And is also the best performer ever! x I think that she will continue to produce incredible songs for years to come!
britney is a singer with 7 albums in 13 years, (incuding femme fatale thats out today! ) she is a very famous singer, and she's the most best teenager ever. she's as big as madonna and she has what it take takes!
Britney Spears is the best female artist of all time. she is great singer, even better than Madonna
Best singer n performer of all time... LEGEND <3 :3
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22Sarah Geronimo
DEFINITELY NO. 1 in the HEARTS of the FILIPINOS all over the world.
Sarah Geronimo gives a different emotion on every song she sings. She can dance like a pro while singing live. She can belt and with control. She's a role model of humility and passion. She's very down to earth. However, every time she stand on stage she becomes someone else, very energetic. She can RAP, BELT, DANCE, SIGN LIKE AN ANGEL, dance like a POP DIVA and her SMILE is very contagious.

She started out belting powerful songs and now she has found her voice, and she is amazing to the point that you will want to see her more each day.
she is very popular in the philippines... she can sing and dance well... an ultimate performer. effective endorser at the same time... sold out tickets in their major concerts... successful blockbuster movies..
Started as a young girl belting out incredible songs, Sarah have proven a lot that she was right to be called an ultimate performer.
No need to say anything as the name "Sarah Geronimo" would say that she is the best singer
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23Carrie Underwood
Carrie is a great singer! She sings from her heart and soul. She is beautiful and her voice matches. It was wonderful she won Idol she deserved to be a singing sensation. You ROCK Carrie - keep writing great songs.
Carrie Underwood stood on stage with one of the greatest rock singers of all time, Ann Wilson, and held her own. When Dreamboat Annie thinks that highly of Miss Underwood, her future is to be a star.
I love her songs they are AMAZING
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24Shania Twain
I like her songs they always lift up my spirits. She is a legend and she is my guilty pleasure. I she shows that the vocals and beauty make good music. I love her music. Thank you Shania Twain a legend and nothing I mean nothing compares to you. B)
Shania Twain is a very wonderful singer her voice is touching and very very very sweet, all her songs rock, and I love every single one of them, she is my idol, role model, and motivator, when every I listen to her songs I get this I can do do this feeling (singing shania twain rock on girl your the best rock on
Shania twain is the best singer in the world, her voice is so pure and not at all forced. She is in no way fake like a lot of the singers today who lip sync or use auto tone, she has a gift and she uses it for the benefit of others, such as me who is overcoming depression and when I'm in a dark place the only thing that gets me out of it is listening to that beautiful womans voice! She is the definition of amazing and although she may not have the vocal range of some other singers, she has a more beautiful voice in itself, not just how high the notes she can belt out are but the actually voice. She is also the most beautiful woman in the world and she writes all her own songs aswell so they actually mean something unlike all the popstars today who just sing what their record label tells them to. She is perfect, I love you Shania
I love her voice... Especially inn the song you're still the one... She is simply very impressive with her voice... She deserves a place in top 10...
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25Janis Joplin
Janis by far is more talented than any of the singers before her on this list. She is the complete definition of what it truly means to be a star, granted there are pristine voices ahead in the list that are true to the note. But janis brings no B. S in anything she does and it doesn't have to be picture perfect and sculptured to an immaculate perfection to be accepted and yet it is just that. Perfection. Not to mention she is a master of communication having almost all air in her natal chart she looks as though shes lifted in air in pictures of her singing. She was groundbreaking! A national phenomenon. A star before her first hit album, or album for that matter and a legend before her death. She was also a capricorn meaning a cardinal sign. Cardinals are people who start things a pioneer persay. I am not gonna get mad at the list cause of the fact that my girl Janis is still misunderstood. Its just proving that society is going down the drain and the majority of our culture lacks an awakening of Higher Knowledge thus pushing one out of Ignorance. It would never be enough time to simply listen once to someone like Janis to understand her. God knows she had very little time on this earth but history shows it a fact like a tornado she whipped across the globe and lived more than some ever get to live even at 100 years old. Janis I understand you completely. I know you. Not the tip of the iceberg either. I've studied you exaustingly since I was 13 years old. I am now 26 yrs old, and to this day I discover new details on what was going on in your life, those around you, what your worth is, your meaning, purpose, and flame of change. This list is too petty to host you. It doesn't even minutely grasp the reality of the greatest female singer, even in its failed attempts, it is failed ten times over the failed limit. If ever you are lucky enough in this life to be given the chance by fate to dip within the Archive of this Genius and witness her truth, meaning, and importance to music and witness her greatness - To not just rock music which at the time was dance music - categorizing it so from this point forward. You'll find a talent that surpasses everyone ahead in this list. She seems a sacrifice to ones that don't give respects properly and to who deserves it ultimately. All the while she was such a genius she knew what it meant to be looked upon historically and have people make you out to be only who they want you to be and not to be known for your truth. Mainstream music and the Society of those that withhold its existence is jaded and without question missing one of history's most prolific, charismatic, stunning, mesmerizing, groundbreaking, monumentally deserving, yet misunderstood with a love of life, owning innately a happiness towards life - that sadly for her sake and those who loved and love her and want nothing short than the best for her legacy like myself - a happiness that would not mesh with her emotions of self worth. Granted she knew she wore the heels of a living phenomenon quintessential to her time. Our complex janis never got the chance to overcome the demons of her adolescence. She will Forever be alive as long as she wails in my heart and I stand clear to that!
Unique talent. As far from mainstream as you can get. Amazing soul and power in her voice. She truly becomes one with her songs. She's always "in the moment" as Randy Jackson use to say. Her voice is raw, rough, soft, tender and powerful, all within one song alone. Just an amazing woman. Look for "Summertime" Stockholm 1969 on Youtube. Goosebumps! Or Cry Baby Toronto 1970, my eyes tears! So emotional it almost makes an old man like me cry.
I am flabbergasted by her absence in this list, where she should definitely be number 1.
Best female singer all the times
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26Amy Winehouse
she might have a life that is not what I like to call something I appreciate but I have to admit great songs and the most amazing voice I have ever heard she is way better than a lot of singers on the list who were ranked higher like britney spears or madonna.
Amy was the greatest voice of this time. Her time on this planet should be appreciated more. Her vocals were the most unique and she inspired many upcoming artists and many amazing artists we have today such as Adele, Duffy, and even dare I say Lady Gaga. She should be remembered for her voice and her music and her genius. She knew how to play guitar, drums, and piano. She wrote all of her songs and sang the most amazing acoustic sets. She was down to earth, sweet, funny, and a lyrical and musical genius. She may not have known it herself, but anybody with ears would be able to tell that. I love you Amy. RIP.
She must be the first, because she's the BEST. Her voice is marvelous, her charisma is fantastic, she is simply AMAZING and she'll be always alive for me and many other people.
BEST SINGER OF ALL TIME! So much soul. No auto tune/publicists!
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27Ann Wilson
Here is what you young people need to do before you vote. Go to youtube, put in (HEART Crazy on You 1970's) and see what a real rock singer looks like. Annie never had to use her T&A to sell records because she wrote great songs. Barracuda, Magic Man, and Crazy On You, just to name a few. Key word being (wrote). Ann Wilson is a lady unlike some of the girls on this list.Ann is the voice of rock music and has masterd 7 different insturments.She also has a 4 octive range. And for all you woman out there, Don't forget people, Ann is the first woman to be the leader of a super group, HEART. And in the 70's no one was as cute as Dreamboat Annie. Nada a one.
Please stop with the Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera stuff! Most of the new generation don't know good music from bad. Ann Wilson proves how horrible most of today's artists really are. Almost all female singers use Autotune and don't actually have to sing the right notes. It's an embarrassment to music. Put a REAL singer on top!
Nobody can sing like Ann Wilson. what a voice, your mind will be blown away. her voice is totally unique, so powerful, passionate and sexy. she should easily be number 1. she would blow everyone else on this list of the stage, none of them could live with her. Ann could cover any song by any other singer on this list and make it her own, BUT NO ONE CAN SING HER SONGS and come even close to matching them. Watched Celine Dion on You tube singing "ALONE", it was OK but it didn't give me any goose bumps. I get shivers and goose bumps all over every time when Dreamboat Annie belts it out. In a nutshell ANN WILSON IS ASTOUNDING, MAGNIFICENT, INCREDIBLE. And she sounds just as good now, if not better, as she did 40 years ago. Check out HEART "WITHOUT YOU" Live 1978 on You tube, it trounces Mariah Carey's version. No singer on the planet past or present could ever dream of covering "STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN" and do it justice. Ann has even taken the most iconic Rock song ever AND MADE IT HER OWN (Check out HEART "STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN" KENNEDY CENTER HONORS LED ZEPPELIN). ANN WILSON "THE GODDESS OF ROCK & ROLL" END OF STORY!
Go to YouTube. This woman can still hit all the notes and she is now in her 60s. She can out sing Gaga, blah blah blah. Brittany Spears - Really? That is such a joke.
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28Tarja Turunen
HER VOICE IS AN ANGEL SINGING. I know everyone calls their favorite vocalists singing angelic, but Tarja 100% truly sounds like one. I feel sorry for those who have never heard her magnificent voice before and assume all these contemporary rock and pop artists have "beautiful" vocals. Only Tarja's voice can take me to another world, whether her music be metal or opera. Her voice is hauntingly beautiful in the lower ranges and extremely gorgeous - and sometimes downright creepy! - in the upper ranges. Her voice makes you imagine being alone on a winter night surrounded by an untouched dark and beautiful landscape. It may sound extremely cheesy, but it's true. At times her lead vocals can sound like an angel and her background vocals can sound like a creepy horror movie soundtrack. She doesn't even need an orchestra to add to the effect, but she uses them anyway. Unlike other singers who simply try to make a catchy song, she makes sure her music has an ATMOSPHERE. It's sad most music artists don't even attempt to do what she's already perfected. Her live singing is the best part. There are "singers" who aren't even worth seeing live because they're so terrible or they're not even up to par with their studio material. Not Tarja. Her opera training is much more noticeable live than in studio albums, so if you think she's good on the albums, then you'll be blown away by her live performances. Aside from professional opera singers, I have never heard any singer mess up so few times. I've noticed Floor Jansen make more mistakes than she has, and that's saying something! The best part about it (okay, ANOTHER best part about it) is that her voice is not immature, childish or weak. Her voice is so strong it can be heard over the heaviest guitars - and she doesn't even belt! Because she uses classical technique her voice is very "round" and mature, and despite being a soprano it's deeper sounding. On top of that, she has her looks going for her, too. Not only is she extremely beautiful (seriously, look her up on Google Images), she has a "darker" look that goes perfectly with her music and voice. Dark hair, long dresses, and  black nails... It's not over-the-top like Younger! Amy Lee or Emilie Autumn; it's subtle, dignified and classy. She's an amazing piano player, too, and what a cute Finnish accent... (Okay, now I'm being biased). Some songs to really show off what I mean would be Oasis, In for a Kill (especially the orchestral version instead of the rock/metal one), Rivers of Lust, Ciarán's Well, Crimson Deep, Damned and Divine, Montañas de Silencio (oh yeah, she speaks 5 different languages and can sing in more); old Nightwish songs: The Siren, Passion and the Opera, Planet Hell, 10th Man Down, Sleeping Sun, Dead Boy's Poem, FantasMic, Slaying the Dreamer, End of All Hope, Nemo, Away... And, of course, her classical covers! I recommend any live version of Song to the Moon especially.  

There are many other contenders in the same genre such as Akane Liv, Floor Jansen, Lori Lewis, Heidi Parviainen, Sarah Jezebal Deva (sp? ), Vibeke Stene, and Helena Iren Michaelsen, and even non-operatic vocalists like Simone Simons and Sharon den Adel, but Tarja is truly the QUEEN of Symphonic Metal. Trust me when I say that Amy Lee, Lacey Mosley and other vocalists like them USED to be my favorite singers until I discovered this genre. It never ceases to amaze me when a bunch of people give them so much attention and I have to think "seriously... Don't you get out more? " How Tarja is not in the top 5 is beyond me. Tarja forever!
The most powerful voice, as I have ever heard. I was on Tarja's Kiev concert in 2010))) It was one of the most emotional moment of my life. Thank's a lot to Tarja
the magic of voice passes through my heart... no one can touch me so deep as she does it through her singing
She sings for real, not like many others from above this list
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Shakira is not only an amazing singer (who can sing as well as speak in numerous languages with great expression and intensity) but she is also a lyricist and composer, musician (playing the guitar and harmonica as well as drums) and record producer. She can also bring in influences from her Latin and Arabic backgrounds into the mainstream of rock and pop. As well as this, she dances like no other performer I have ever seen and her live performances are out of this world! Her heart and soul goes into every concert and her live vocals and dancing is amazing. I don't think many people can do what she can do whilst performing. In fact, I think she is the only one...
She can sing in 3 languages, spanish, english, and french, and she has such passion and intensity in her music. She definitely in the best EVER!
Hey, look shakira is on 38. This is really not fair because she deserves to be on the top. Love you shakira.
I would say she is unique from all and she actually has a beautiful and natural voice unlike some singers that computerizes their voice haha
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30Karen Carpenter
Technically perfect. Perfect pitch, vibrato, phrasing, tone, control at low and high end of her range. Then there is the artistic perfection. Her voice is moving and pure listening enjoyment. Without a close second, my pick for the absolute best female voice of modern time. Tragic loss as such a young age.
She had absolutely pure vocal tones. I could listen to her all day. Very few singers can match her for the quality of her sound, for instance Barbra Streisand, Shania Twain and Agnetha Faltskog. (Kudos to whoever put Ann Wilson on this list; she too has that quality. ) This is in contrast to such as Christina Aguilera and the late Whitney Houston, who overdo vocal flourishes. In Houston's case, the flourishes spoiled the purity of her voice; in fact, I refer to excessive use of vocal flourishes as "Whitney Houston's Disease".

Karen Carpenter was about to shine even brighter than before when she died. Check out her solo album, which is even better than her work with her brother.

The only Carpenters song in their entire catalog that I do not like is "Home for the Holidays," and that only because I hate that song regardless of the performer... only one short verse, and it's repetitive even within that!

Too many current pop singers are rated too highly on this list. Britney Spears? She needs vocal lessons. Avril Lavigne? No. Katy Perry? She still hasn't overcome her tendency to sing like (ugh) Alanis Morissette. Miley Cyrus? Meh. Madonna? Great vocalist, but sometimes lazy ("Vogue") and often too nasal, like Cyndi Lauper (who was born this way, pun intended). Lady Gaga lacks something, can't say exactly what. Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, all the rest of that Disney lot... good singers, but not that inspiring. Once Taylor Swift gets her head screwed on right, she might deserve a good ranking. Country singers often can't break out of the genre, like Carrie Underwood (as witnessed by her performance in The Sound of Music) or Reba McEntire.

At least Aretha Franklin has been rated highly. Too many of the great jazz jazz, soul, blues and Broadway singers have been overlooked on this list. Ditto Janis Joplin. I liked the Shirley Bassey mention, and Adele is similar to her (and worthy of a high rating). Also in need of a shout-out: Marni Nixon; listen to her singing in the movie version of "My Fair Lady", where she did the vocals instead of Audrey Hepburn, and you will understand. And where, in Heaven's name, is Judy Garland?! Or Patti LuPone?

Other good mentions: Maria Callas, Enya, Annie Lennox and Cher. (The assorted Motown stars, like Gladys Knight, speak for themselves. ) A top ten is way too small as it is to have so many pop stars on it. And I haven't even gotten into opera singers, who are completely under the radar of pop music fans.
My favorite vocalist, by far, is Karen Carpenter. Her voice has an inherent melancholy quality which makes it perfect for the Carpenters' many melancholy and sad songs. She has such a vulnerability in her voice that it makes me want to give her a comforting hug.

Nowhere will you find a voice as smooth and silky as hers. Some people say Barbra Streisand's voice is "like butter. " I believe that distinction belongs to Karen.

But Karen's voice possesses so many qualities and facets that I love. It is mellow and comforting, loving, gentle, and sweet. And sometimes when she hits those super-low notes, it sends a chill up my spine to this day.

And at other times when she is singing tenderly, her voice crackles, and again, you hear that vulnerability.

Some other adjectives I can use to describe her voice are warm, sincere, touching, caring, and soothing. It wraps around you like a fluffy blanket on a cold day. The emotion in her voice is inherent. She doesn't need to yell to make you understand what she is feeling. All she has to do is sing sweetly and gently and you know.

I will forever treasure that voice and mourn the loss of Richard Carpenter's little sister.


[Newest]After Karen Carpenter, everything else is vanity. I can't comprehend how the kids today can listen to all of the recent bull crap. Karen is Goddess.
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31Leona Lewis
She is better than all this bunch of people that they put ahead of her. Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Hailey Williams come on please do me a favor. Leona is a much much better singer than all these bunch of auto tune girls.
Bleeding Love! Was the song that makes me so into her music.
And the rest goes well as I've expected including Run, Happy and so much more.. Go Leona Lewis..
You know, I like leona because of this - she is 43rd on the chart, she's not as famous as others, but still has a remarkable voice. She did quite a good job with her "collide", but I still like "old" Leona... She's the best, and it's even better if she is more at the back - more Leona for us
One of the best singers of the world for my in the top 5,
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32Selena Gomez
I LOVE SELENA GOMEZ yes maybe she is not the most popular singer in the world and you listen to KISS 108 but listen the unpopular singers are so much better than the ones the are because there great VOTE FOR SELENA GOMEZ VOTE FOR SELENA GOMEZ!
VOTE FOR SELENA GOMEZ LET HER at least GET INTO THE TOP 100s. She is amazing and her videos are total PRIME she can be heard on Disney Channel becaouse she always have some song to listen to
1. Shes very pretty
2. Shes an amazing singer
3. Great videos
4. Watch her on Disney Channel and the radio 5. VOTE FOR SELENA GOMEZ PLEASE I BEG YOU
Selena Gomez in 168th place? This is really disgusting. Her songs are very much better than many others like vanessa hudgens etc. She should be at least in top 100.
0.8 points isn't that much...
Keep it like that
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33Tina Turner
Tina Turner is without question the best rock singer of all time.
I'm not a huge fan of her music but her voice is unbelievably good and I couldn't think of a better singer male or female in rock music
The best rock voice in the business, it's a shock she isn't in your top 20.
I have never believed that it can exist a TOP where singers like Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin or Ella Fitzgerald are not in the first ten position. How can someone like charice pempengco who was a No Name until 3 years occupy the second position? Such a thing is not possible! This top does not really exist for me!
She's amazing. She should be at least in top 5. Without her, everyone on this list wouldn't be anything.


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34Anni-Frid Lyngstad
In 1976 I heard a voice asking me if I could hear the drums. I thought she was an angel. Her voice became the soundtrack of my life, and continues to be so. No other singer comes close. Whether it be pop, rock, jazz, spiritual, opera, funk, dance, reggae -- she can do it all, and sings circles around anyone else. I want the very last thing I ever hear to be the sound of Frida singing "Like An Angel Passing Through My Room," from ABBA's final album, or the song Jon Lord wrote for her: "The Sun Will Shine Again". As long as I hear her voice pure and strong. She will be with me 'til the end of time.
Frida brings LOVE to this world and that's it. She is not only a great singer, she is an example of how a human being should be - open, warm, affectionate, loving (esp. To her fans), friendly, sincere, passionate, frank, kind-hearted, intelligent, funny, active, determinate, courageous, stylish and classy. Frida, you've always been, is and will be our true Princess!


She is just the bees knees. Hands down. Her voice appeals to all kinds of people around the world, of all ages. She is a beautiful person inside and out. Long live the princess!
I only can say: thank you for the voice with the music. The magic voice.
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35Barbra Streisand
Nobody living has her credentials. She is 70 today. She is considered the "standard" for all female vocalist to achieve and they have all failed so far.

She is the most commercially and critically successful female entertainers in modern entertainment history, with more than 140 million albums sold worldwide. She is the best-selling female artist on the Recording Industry Association of America's (RIAA) Top Selling Artists list, the only female recording artist in the top ten, and the only artist outside of the rock and roll genre. Her last album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and registered her biggest weekly sales since 1997, making Streisand the only artist in history to achieve No. 1 albums in five different decades.

Although Streisand's range has changed with time and her voice has deepened over the years, her vocal prowess has remained remarkably secure for a singer whose career has endured for nearly half a century. Streisand is a contralto or possibly a mezzo-soprano who has a range consisting of well over two octaves from "low E to a high G and probably a bit more that in either direction.

According to the RIAA, Streisand holds the record for the most top-ten albums of any female recording artist " a total of 32 since 1963. Streisand has the widest span (49 years) between first and latest top-ten albums of any female recording artist. With her 2009 album, Love Is the Answer, she became one of the rare artists to achieve number-one albums in five consecutive decades. According to the RIAA, she has released 51 Gold albums, 30 Platinum albums, and 13 Multi-Platinum albums in the United States.

Her tours: Tickets to the tour were sold out in under one hour. Ranging $50 - $2,500 per ticket making Streisand the highest-paid concert performer in history. Her first concert in 25 years was filmed by HBO the highest-rated concert special in HBO's 30-year history. On New Year's Eve 1999, Streisand returned to the concert stage, with the highest-grossing single concert in Las Vegas history. At the age of 64, well past the prime of most performers, she grossed $92,457,062 and set house gross records in 14 of the 16 arenas played on the tour. Making her the #2 highest grossing tour that year. Unheard of for a 64 year old solo performer.

She has won two Academy Awards, eight Grammy Awards, five Emmy Awards including one Daytime Emmy, a Special Tony Award, an American Film Institute award, a Peabody Award, and is one of the few entertainers who have won an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Award.
Best female vocalist of all time, in terms of voice quality. Hard to compete with Barbra, Celine or Mariah
Simply put the best singer by far. Has shown great diversity through out singing career unlike the other female singers listed here. Is easily the most successful in terms of money and awards. Barbra Streisand should be ranked at #1 if not then #2. If the survey had been conducted during the early eighties she would have easily been placed higher on the list.
She is awesome! She is one in million! Everybody knows that. I watched Funny Girl when I was 10 and I was so impressed with her talent.
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36Regine Velasquez
One can say so much about a singer... Honestly most of the singers nominated for this list is not new to me.. Its true that this lady (incredible singer) is not known to the most people who are not from asia and surely not from philippines but I can totally bet you with my soul that this woman can definitely sing, yes true she don't have the fame like mariah carey, celine dion, whitney houston in hollywood but boy oh boy! Her stature in the philippines is almost and even greater than them.. Surely for you to believe, try to listen when she sings... It totally amazing... I heard mariah, celine and whitney sing live in a concert but this woman can definitely sing better... I'm not a die hard fan but I can definitely say a this woman from the philippines, this regine velasquez is one excellent singer...
REGINE really sings from her heart every time she sings is simply just like SUPERB! When I first hear her song "kaylangan koy ikaw" I was really blown away. She is really unbelievable... Shes really my idol
Regine Velasquez nicknamed Asia's undoubtedly the most successful Filipino singer of all time. Velasquez's belting voice is noted for its vocal range, power, and technical ability. She received critical acclaim and commercial success for her singing and acting endeavors. Following her success in the Asia Pacific Song Festival, a series of records released in the region consolidated her position as one of Asia's top-selling performers, yielding several multi-platinum certifications. Initially marketed as a pop music singer, she later distanced herself from the genre, developing a more sultry and sophisticated image.

She's one of the bests
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37Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys SHOULD be Number 1! In REAL SHE IS! She doesn't sing about things that has no purpose, her songs always means something, and she is not only the BEST she is also a good person, she has a good soul. She helps people, earth, animals and much more... She cares besides her Voice is... Amazing!... Just wonderful


Used to have range and soulful riffs and runs when she started out, but matured into a deeper, more intense tone. Her voice peaked during her Diary era, where she found the right balance between soulful, straightforward, grit, depth. However, still always sings from the heart, with a tone that is silky, passionate and irresistable
She has a dynamic voice that you won't get bored listening to her songs over times. Her album was professionally acclaimed as pure R&B masterpiece. Piano really does her good.


She is such a great singer and sings with a lot of power and her song Girl on Fire is AMAZING.


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38Etta James
Etta Jame blends the sweetness & purity of Ella Fitzgerald, the emotion & phrasing of Billie Holliday with the raw power & angst of Big Mamma Thornton with perhaps just a dash of Karen Carpenters pure honey, into the most complete vocal package that God has ever gifted a woman with... End of story!
People, it's not about favourites, it's About who's the better singer. Diana Ross doesn't deserve to be high on this list.
Etta James really needs to be in the top ten. Eventhough she really went unrecognized for most of her music career, she did receive her recognition and so why can't she be in the top ten. Her pure voices are way better than Houston's over-exaggeration. Is it so typical that people don't appreciate the simplicity and the sheer awesomeness over the range of emotions she can emit with one note unlike Houston's flourishes.
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39Ella Fitzgerald
She is one of a kind, and I mean only ONE of a kind! You can hear loads of power in her exotic, talented voice!
Lady Ella Fitzgerald Changed the world of Jazz and Pop for ever. The lady pretty much invented Scat singing and gave everything back to the community in which she grew up in. She did almost a pennyless old lady after giving all her money to the slum in which she grew up in. Now that is what a truly great artist does. She will be forever rememberd as one of the the greates femal vocal artists of all time.
Ella at #50? You gotta be kidding. Hey, Kids, go listen to some of grandma's old 331/3 and 78's records. Treasure trove of truly great music before and including the 1950's. Don't get me wrong, I grew up with and like the Beatles, Stones, Led Zeppelin, Sweet Baby James, Dion Warwick Carole King, Carly Simon, etc. But at age 64, I realize you got to go back, way back, to really hear the greats. Anybody hear of Billy Holiday?
My favorite artist of all time. A classic voice. shes got a beautiful natural voice with no needed effects or enhancements! What women should sound like!
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40Ariana Grande
Ariana is the next big star waiting to shine bright. Little may know her, but she is a amazing singer which will yet to be found with her amazing voice.
The most amazing singer ever!
She supposed to be on the top ten list but why 56? People she got a very powerful and beautiful voice and I just can say she's like the young of Mariah Carey. She looks stunning anytime. Try to hear to all of her songs and you won't regret it. Vote for her people!
[Newest]It's like she doesn't even use auto tune her songs are great it's a bummer that people don't recognize her talent opinion is she is better than everyone I mean Mariah Carey is good BUT and this is a big but when she was young she was great but her voice wasn't as strong as it is now but Ariana Grande her voice is strong and she is only 21 and even when she was 17 she had a strong voice.
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Finally, I found her. I CANNOT fathom such a list where Cher, a true musical legend, is numbered 104. It is for this reason, I do not place credence in your list. All these one-hit wonders appearing a the top of the list is just beyond comprehension.

To quote Wikipedia:
"Cher is an American recording artist, Emmy Award"winning television personality, award-winning actress, director, record producer and philanthropist. Referred to as the Goddess of Pop, she has won an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, three Golden Globes and a Cannes Film Festival Award among others for her work in film, music and television. She is the only person in history to have received all of these awards. "

She is actually Ranked number 5 in the world... according to sales
Absolutely no way.. Need to check actual record sales...
1. Celine Dion 200 Million Records sold
2. Barbra Streisand 180 Million Record Sold
3. Mariah Carey 150 Million Records sold
4. Madonna 140 Million Records sold
5. Cher 130 Million Records sold
6. Dolly Parton 125 Million Records sold
7. Faith Hill - was Whitney until she stopped recording 126 Million Records sold
8. Shania Twain 122 Million Records sold
9. Whitney Houston 120 Million Records sold
10. Gloria Estefan 110 Million Records sold
99? Really? Are You Homophobics?
To quote Wikipedia:
"Cher is an American recording artist, Emmy Awardâ€"winning television personality, award-winning actress, director, record producer and philanthropist. Referred to as the Goddess of Pop, she has won an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, three Golden Globes and a Cannes Film Festival Award among others for her work in film, music and television. She is the only person in history to have received all of these awards. "

Really a great singer.
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42Agnes Monica
she is a wonderful artist
she has a wonderful voice and dancing skill
she can sing with very high tone and she the best artist in indonesia
her song, dance, voice more better, and harder than Britney, if she can to breaking international music. I believe she can to be your idol. 'PARALYZED' is new song, for start to go international
She is the representation of combination of talent, obsession, dream and more than the power of dream. Her song is very commercial, her voice is very cool. She is a real entertain in the world. Love AGNES MONICA
I love her voice and her dance so much!
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43Stevie Nicks
This list is a joke. Aretha, Janis and Stevie are names that belong in the top ten--to have NONE of them make it anywhere NEAR your top ten is ridiculous. I vomit on your shoes and walk away in disgust.
STEVIE SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE! I cannot believe this! It is insane! But, I guess everybody has their own opinions. I just cannot get my head around the fact that Stevie is forty five! What in the world!
Yep definitely had to vote to get Stevie up the ladder! To put people like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus above her is just plane insulting. These females would not have made it in Stevies day because they are not real talent they are manufactured talent (even calling them manufactured TALENT is a compliment). Put Stevie up on stage with no music and she would still be amazing, put any of the other girls up on stage without music and it would most likely be tragic.
All time best female vocalist and still had the voice at 66. So much emotion and power in het voice!
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44Shirley Bassey
If more people were aware of this lady, then Dame Shirley Bassey (Wales, United Kingdom) would be right at the top of the list. Back in 1976 Shirley received Britain's prestigious 'Best Female Vocalist Of The Last 50 Years of Recorded Sound'; this award is not given out very often! And, after 55 years in Show Business her voice is more powerful than ever! Bassey is a mezzo pitch (Mid-Range) artist. Her vocal range in 'Belting Voice' (No Falsetto) is spectacular, along with her tremendous vocal projection. In the USA Bassey is know for her three James Bond Theme songs, Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever, and Moonraker, but you can't sale between 100-150 Million records with just three songs. Over the years, Bassey has recorded over 600 songs, both studio and LIVE!


There is no question about it, Dame Shirley Veronica Bassey, is the greatest vocalist in the history of spoken language. The woman's pipes never age, she sounds just as good if not better today in 2014, as she did in 1953, when she was 16 and just entered the music industry. If you think about it, she was the first black woman to sing the theme song for a major soundtrack. She is the best vocalist in the history of British music, and nobody can dispute that, although Sarah Brightman does come close. Astonishing and iconic voice, if you see her sing once, you will understand why she deserves #1 more than any of these other people. She occupies a stage like you've never seen before, and it's all her voice, no fancy show, just a woman at the microphone, belting out crystal clear notes in such a passionate and dramatic delivery, the likes of which no other singer could ever do.

Should be #1! She, not only has the greatest voice, she also has the greatest stage presence! Shirley is dramatic, funny, friendly and sexy. I have been lucky enough to see her in concert TEN times in NYC and they didn't call the famous Carnegie Hall her second home for no reason. Don't judge her talent by her Bond songs because they can't be compared to so many of her greater songs. In the USA, Shirley Bassey may be famous for those songs, but her fans will tell you that if you go on You Tube see videos of Dame Bassey performing "This Is My Life" and/or "Excuses", you'll really see and hear the greatest singer since Ella Fitzgerald.
Britain has produced SUCH unforgettable ladies! Shirley, along with Dusty, Petula, Sandie Shaw, Dorothy Squires, Lulu, Cilla Black, Adele, Helen Shapiro... Divas all of them.
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45Patti LaBelle
The ultimate entertainer and performer!
Patti is a blessing


This amazing woman is way too low on the the list if you don't believe me listen and watch any of her videos on youtube... All are timeless classics... I love you patti your my number one
Patti is a universal entertainer, no one can move a crowd like Patti her vocals are a gift from GOD. some say she screams but other say it's a voice from heaven. loved by millions for her cooking. her love for people. Patti has managed to stay currant with the times ever changing has her own line of wig products, hot sauce, bedding, if you ever meet her in person she is the same as on stage
Called the Godmother of Soul, Queen of Rock n Soul and the Queen of Good Vibrations! A true dramatic soprano and vocal giant! Her range is large and power unparalleled!
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46Diana Ross
Diana Ross was and still is biggest icon in American music history. Yes, Ms Ross is known as the "DIVA" but this woman worked hard for 50 Years and deserves the respect that is long overdue. Even Patti Labelle respect Diana Ross's ambition and spunky attitude in the 1960s but just couldn't understand it then. Patti really loves Ms Ross as she just recently stated.
Diana Ross "rocks"! at 67.
Diana is by far the BOSS. She reigns SUPREME. She is by far the best female artist who has crossed and has been successful in more music genres than any female. She crossed the charts and hit it big in POP, R&B, Jazz, Club and Dance, and Adult Comp. She is a global icon and is by far the largest American female singer who has had even bigger success outside the US. She is a trailblazer that has the best charisma than any female singer in history. She is a great entertainer that captures her audience and keep them engaged from start to finish. She brings flawless enouciation to her lyrics and brings great sensual appeal to the stage like no other.
She's the original diva. Everyone else has come after her. She set the standard for all the marvelous female singers that have reached the pinnacle since the 1960s and she deserves credit for being the first Afro-American megastar for she broke the colour barrier by crossing through various genres to be accepted by not only the fickle music industry, but by the general public inside and outside the US. She has set the standard for all others that have come after. She's truly The Boss.
[Newest]Maybe not the best pure singer but she has a one of a kind beautiful voice, no contest as who is the number 1 entertainer and it is Miss Ross!
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47Hayley Williams
HAYLEY WILLIAMS, she should definitely be in the top ten she has the best vocals! She should at least tie with amy lee!
Hayley Williams is the greatest singer of all time. After listening to her work any of her songs she just leaves you wanting more and more. Her pitch is perfect every time, she has amazing control over her voice and she just touches your very being with her voice. And she is absolutely beautiful, just twenty some odd years and such an amazingly talented, accomplished, and beautiful woman.
0.6%?! Is this the only percent of votes Hayley Williams deserves? People out there don't know what Hayley Williams is worth. I show a lot of respect to those at the top of the charts, like Charice Pempengco (especially because I'm a Filipino! ). But, really? Hayley Williams at #31? Show some respect to this singer who can hit the highest notes of the high in the songs of her band, Paramore.

If you still don't believe me, it's either you haven't heard her sing or you're just not living life yet.
You have to admit, Hayley Williams has a very strong voice which defines her from any other singer. Hayley has a voice that is suited for almost every genre. This is the definition of best singer- the voice that can adapt to almost everything you throw at it.
Hayley also conveys feeling in her voice- you can feel what she is trying to convey, this is why she should be at least in the top ten.
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48Donna Summer
Donna Summer is waaay too low on this list. She's even a better vocalist than Whitney Houston, but, then again, this list is all opinion and not fact, right? Donna Summer has a powerhouse voice and her ability to act out a song is amazing. Even to the point of being unrecognizable on a song. The lady can sing just about any genre of music. #88 is evidence that she is an underrated vocalist. She may not be as popular as she once was in her hey day, but compare her to Whitney Houston today. Enough said there! Longevity rules and so does Donna Summer.


I am aware that this is all a matter of personal opinion. So, I'm going ot add mine Donna Summer is the kind of vocalist that takes care of her gift. Have you heard her nowadays? She sounds just as good as she did when she first came onto the music scene. Her actress approach to her songs is unmatched. And her range is a wonderment to your ears. From one song to the next, you might not know it's her and that's because of her actress approach to her lyrics. Donna Summer is very underrated. Might be because of her association with a genre of music that a lot of people don't consider to be musi Disco. However, one of the great things about Donna is that she does what she wants and it's not just limited to disco/dance music. She's dance, pop, rock, country, ballads, world, reggae, adult contemporary, etc.
Lots of folks venting their uneducated opinions as to who is the best here, so I'll add mine, Donna belongs in the top 5, hands down. I won;t take anything away from those above her, as others have done, but it's obvious many here are younger and don't clearly remember the clarity and power in her voice. Even up to a note below the sixth octave the voice remained crisp, piercing, effortless and with a noticeable fullness to it. Not many on this list could manage that. Another thing, up until her untimely death, her voice maintained the strength it had in her youth, in spite of the passing of time. She may not have been in the charts as much, but that is simply because older pop singers no longer appeal to the music buying public due to their median age. RIP Donna.
Donna Summer was one of the most important singers of all time. She deservs a better place in this list, really.
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49Laura Pausini
She has such a sweet, pleasant voice. I think her singing is totally feminine and beautiful.
The best singer ever! She sings better than celine dion, mariah carey, and many other singers.
She is the one that has it all: amazing voice, amazing personality, down to earth, normal, great stage presence and awesome charisma. She just captures you
She is just everyone of us. She could be your friend or sister. She tells our stories. Powerful voice, genuine beauty, massive talent: she's a true shining star.
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50Jessie J
I can't believe jessie's 167..! Shes the best singer ever, shes so talented and should be first especially with all her number 1 hits in the charts! I'm so shocked!
That's a joke right?! Have you ever heard her singing mamma knows best live? She should be in the top 10! I understand people saying vanessa, selena or Miley are are there idols, cause those are your idols when you're young, but seriously there voices are weak. They might have a nice tone but no strengh and control! The only disney star I agree beeing on top of the list is demi cause she's really got a good voice. But lindsey better than jessie? What the heck is wrong with you guys?
How is Rihanna above Jessie, she is a vocal acrobat while Rihanna is an average singer who just uses auto tune and is successful by dancing around naked in her videos and singing about s&m so she can get publicity while there are much better singers like Jessie J who aren't as successful despite being much more talented
She is the best singer ever, she should be at least in first or in second. But 51? C'om people? Where are you from? Mars?
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51Miley Cyrus
To my opinion, Miley Cyrus is a great singer. Her songs are meaningful, pure and very passionate. I can't say why she can't be in one of the top ten, but I can tell her keep up the good work. So good luck, Miley.
she is the greatest teen singer. She's just only 18. But she is in the top 35 beating lady gaga, shakira and so on. I love her and she is the best.
This is ridiculous. Everybody knows miley should be at number 1. Shes got every thing what a singer needs. She's got beauty, voice, confidence, attitude and style. She's a born star. She is the real performer. She can sing live and perform live. She just don't sit on a chair and sings, she performs. She is the best and has all the qualities of a singer. I just love her style. You just look her and go. For me shes the most perfect.
Actually she's not a 'born star', she's an ugly 'porn star', with one good song.


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52Florence Welch
I am convinced that most people who have voted in this poll have never heard Florence Welch sing... If she were as famous as some of the people placed above her, she would easily make the Top 5. I consider her the most talented female singer of my generation by far. Her voice is so unique and emotional that she could most likely make every song ever written her own and tell her very own story with it. She has the ability to act with her voice, going from an angellike sound that is as clear as a bell to a cold and almost robotic one. I have not yet found a genre she can't sing... Her epic alternative sound might fit perfectly but I've heard her sing soul, jazz, punk, pop and classic rock and in each genre her voice has its own quality. not to mention she has more than three octaves to play with which she uses masterfully and never sounds forced. As if this wasn't enough, she also happens to be one of the most carismatic live performers out there. Compared to other singers these days she only needs her presence to command a stadium. She mostly connects with an audience in seconds. She basically exudes emotions while performing and I don't think I have ever seen someone who is THAT happy on stage. Since the discussion here is about the best singers her song writing qualities theoretically don't count but it surely isn't to her disadvantage that she has written some of the best songs I've ever heard.
First I have to say this list is completely messed up laugh out loud Second... Florence Welch is one of those few talents who can sing any song you throw at them brilliantly. Her voice is unique (not one of these typical souly voices everybody considered a great singer seems to have), yet very powerful and emotional. Furthermore she's one of the best live performers I've ever seen. Not to mention her songwriting qualities... In fact I've never been this impressed by a female singer from my generation.
Florence Welch should be somewhere around top 5, but probably won't make it there just due to her not being as popular as the other artists. Amazing power at the mezzo-soprano range, beautiful usage of vibrato. Take the best opera mezzo-soprano singer and put her in rock... What you get Florence Welch. You can tell her voice is something special, when people are told to avoid doing covers because her songs are so difficult to pull off. There's a reason she performed at the Nobel peace prize ceremony and that reason is that her voice is second to none.
Florence welch is a good singet
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53Anastacia Newkirk
The Little Lady with the Big Voice! She has been such an ispiration to me for the past 11 years! I love everything about her.. her attitude to life, her voice, her writing skills, her modesty. Better than any of the recent rubbish around now like Rhianna and Ke$ha! Anastacia FTW! ONE DAY IN YOUR LIFE!
She isn't as good as she would be. Anastacia! Please! Make a new album or only some new track! I'm starving...
Anastacia is the best...What a wonderful person and singer, right freak fans... she's amazing and fantastic, oh if I was describe Anastacia I wouldn't get out of here...yeah ANASTACIA...She's rocks... and she deserves win because she's the best female singer of all time.
Oh my god... This lady has the most powerful voice ever, how can she be in 52nd of this list. More than half the performers listed here before here don't even have a chance with her if they were to sing a duet with her, she would totally out sing them. Also very strong, bold and funny lady... Love her to bits...
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54Sharon den Adel
I love Sharon's voice she is amazing one of the Netherland's best singers along with Tarja Simone Floor Cristina Liv.
She's the best! I love you Sharon! You're our angel. Her voice is amazing and she should win.
Sharon sings very well and has a very clear voice, so my vote for that so pretty and amazing woman in rock music! )
Probably she is the on of the best, not just for her strong voice but for her lyrics, which not all can understand, hope some day all of us can understand this things
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55Mylene Farmer
One of the most talented singes ever.
Due to her language, she is not so popular around the world like different Brightmans or Houstons, but she is definitely unique person.
Simply try to listen to her angelic voice and you just fall in love for ever.
She is the best, one of the only one who can be entertaining and also transmit emotions through her songs. Her live shows are theatrical and always surprising. Love her!
Mylene is not just a vocalist, she is an artist! Her lyrics and universe are easy to get completely lost in, provided you understand French. If you like singers who write their own lyrics and have unique/alternative perspectives, try Mylene! Also a very kind, discrete person as far as I can tell.
Listen to her sing Bleu Noir on YouTube. Very touching.
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56Martina McBride
Among the very best, top 1-4. My favorite. Great voice and singer. "A Broken Wing" "Where Would You Be" "Concrete Angel" "Over the Rainbow" Great!


Martina is one of the world's top vocalists, whether it be power ballads like "Where Would You Be" and "A Broken Wing" or the soft yet very powerful "Concrete Angel". Martina is the BEST singer out there and should be up in the Top 3!
I Just love this lady and her voice, I love the way she sings with her heart and you can feel her passion behind the songs. I have grown up listening to Martina, I believe she should be up with the top 5 best of all time. Independence day, concrete angel, gods will and whatever you say... Are just a small show of some of my favorite's from he. XX
Martina has the best voice in all genres of music. I cannot believe she is way down here below some of these artist who I'm sorry cannot compare with the vocals of Martina and her passion. She has a class at a college to study her performances, she needs to be much much higher on this list. Who made this up.
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57Sheryn Regis
sheREIGNS;is what best describes Ms. Sheryn regis(& as what fanatics often dubbed her). Her alluring aura and oozing stage presence makes you sit tight and do nothing but to appreciate her. Sheryn overwhelmed the whole Philippines when she joined a singing contest in 2003 because of her unique, crisp, powerful and crystal clear voice which attracted many of the televiewers that made the show got a consistent high rating. She is the powerbelter,the shining diva and the crystal voice of asia!!What she does best is to belt those high notes effortlessly with just a sweet smile. She always overflows with emotions when she sings. Small but terrible, sheryn can stand among others.
she has a very powerful voice that really expresses great emotions to her songs.. she is a very good performer, has good stage presence and rapport to the audience, and she can belt songs with a smile on her face.. amazingly talented! and she is beautiful, sweet, and such a real person on and off cam.. truly a sought after diva!
The best among the rest... Shes the number one... Together with whitney and mariah... Shes can hit the song of celine dion without trying to much with a smile on the face as if nothings happen... Try to search all by my self and I surrender... Mariah? He can hit almost of her song and give it a new taste.. Try to listen here oh holy night and never to far.
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58Gladys Knight
No one can sing more powerful than Gladys. Her voice trembles our body and pierces our soul.
Number one morons, who came up wit this false list
Yall I would say Gladys Knight is one of the best of our time. she is unbeatabaell when it comes to singing. if you lisen to here sing you will know what I mean. I can't beleve yall did not put her on here. I just love the sound in her voice when she sings. there will never be another like her. and we will allways rebmber her even after she is gone.
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59Floor Jansen
This is just too true. I love most of these other woman, but they all fail in comparison to Floor Jansen. Just her tone for starters is beautiful. Then her range is just magnificent and unheard of.
She goes from quiet to about 3-5 times as powerful as the average singer.
Scales from deep tones up to the highest soprano key which almost nobody in this entire list can do.
She is phenomenal in opera.
And if all that wasn't enough throw in a metal growl.
It's insane who else is a soprano and can metal growl!?
Floor Jansen - woman, having a strong and beautiful voice, unique style of performance, a very wide vocal range and amazing charisma. The girl, who began his career in 16 years with the band After Forever and earned status as one of the best vocalists in metal. The girl can be named Queen of Metal!
You people are for the asylum! Tarja, Sharon, Amy Lee are all superb vocals but there is no one, I repeat NO ONE comparable to Floor Jansen. And I know that as an expert being an opera singer myself!
This chick can kick anyone's ass here. She can imitate and surpass technicality and beauty in vocals on anyone here, except, of course, for the greats: the opera singers. But even then, she comes close.

Throw any genre at her and she will astound you.
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60Minnie Ripperton
Minnie is the number one singer ever nobody can be like her she is in the world record for hiting the highest note and holding the longest note in history
I don't think that anyone can reach such a high note as she did she was the best.
There is no match for the style or the voice.
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61Dolores O'Riordan
She is the original and most credible female rock artist of all time. She is Irish which is a plus and she is always true to her own style and beliefs.
Distinctive voice! Gorgeous accent! She has the ability to bring the fragility and anger at the very same time. She just turned 40 and has the 8 studio albums behind her. Her performances are stunning. She has to be in Top 20 at least!

She has the the best voice in the world by far, so angelic
She is a perfect person, mom and wife
All the songs touch my heart with her voice also her lyrics are amazing
The cranberries is a dream band, the best in the world
Shortly she is the best
And I'm such a fool for her

Suddenly something has happened to me, as I was having my cup of tea... Yes, that thing is Dolores, everyday and night...
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62Marie Fredriksson
The best voice in the world ever! She can sing like an angel and at the same time, she can rock! She is very talented. A great singer, songwriter, live performer and piano player. Nobody can compare to her. You can feel she has the music in her blood. The best one!
Marie Fredriksson is a unique singer. Not only is she a technically great singer she is someone who brings incredible heart ^^ emotion to what she is delivering ^^ thus can transform even the most ordinary song ^^ turn it into something very special. She isn't a one trick pony too her voice is equally great whether she is singing a rock song, a ballad, a dance tune or even jazz! Whatever it is she can make it seem like she's a total natural at it! While she doesn't sing as high as she once did ^^ suffered a life threatening illness in the past 10 years there is a rawness to her voice these days, a vulnerability that is incredibly intoxicating (just listen to 'Perfect Day' from the 2011 live shows)! A great singer is not someone who has a huge range but someone who can make you feel, who can tell a story with their voice that captures you ^^ doesn't let you go that is easily Marie Fredriksson!
Strong woman, ever stronger voice. Just listen to her live, and you'll quickly notice she doesn't need lots of record fixing to make her sound excellent.
Simply Marie. Simply the best.
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She is amazing, innovative, original, full of talent. She can have a very diverse, powerful, screaming voice. And for the guy that said that there are others that can hold notes longer, you should see one of the all is full of love performances live on youtube. She holds a perfect note for almost 20 seconds. She is genius and I just can't describe how amazing she is. She puts all her emotion on her singing. Her songs are beautiful, even her bsides like Atlantic or her covers Travessia, Gloomy Sunday. Since the day she started making music, from Tappi tikarass, KUKL, The Elgar Sisters, The Sugarcubes, her collaborations to her Solo work. A true artist Björk ♫
All of those Female Artists up over #63 only has the looks.

Bjork on the other hand can make one of the greatest albums of all time!
Look at Homogenic, Post, and Debut, they were the greatest electronic albums ever created. And why she's in #63. Maybe because all of you people are judging artist of their looks not their talent of making music.

So don't underestimate the genius mind of Bjork, you judgmental idiots.


One of the greatest voices of our time. Her unique sound blurs the lines between rock, pop, synth and folk. A genius that is not afraid to do something different. Even if you don't appreciate her style, to see her so far down on the list is a travesty after all she's accomplished.
The time will make justice with Bjork. She will be remembered, unlike the others on the top
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64Maria Callas
The best singer to ever exist on the planet. She has mastered vocal techniques that todays vocalists cannot master or dream of mastering. Some examples are the bel canto and multi register trill. She is the greatest singer and her voice sold itself. She was the genius in the female voice.
I simply can't believe how ignorant the people voting on this poll are to have both Maria Callas and Edith Piaf not in the top 5... Makes me despair!
Obviously she should be in the top-3 (if those voting for this least weren't deaf that is). Do I need to explain why? Everyone owning a pair of decent-functioning ears knows why. But this list shouldn't be named "the best female singer" list but the "best piece of ass" or "best pair of boobs" list...
This is obviously a poll of pop-type singers. A professional will know in two seconds that Callas is the greatest soprano of all time, and was certified as such by the BBC in 2007. These other ladies are fantastic singers also, but Callas was in a world of her own, when you are talking professional, world-class opera.
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65Annie Lennox
WHY ON EARTH IS THIS LADY NOT IN THE TOP TEN. I am shock and stunned. Annie has one of the best voices in the world, apart from Whitney & Aretha. What is wrong with this world. Annie Lennox is better than, Mariah, Christina, HANNAH MONTANA (come on! ) JLO, Ashlee Simpson, and almost all of the above. Get a grip people! Think before you vote!
I have to agree... I think she is fab... And yeah hannah montana jeez... Stark raving mad teenage girls came out in droves... That's it... I'm sitting my lil girl down this week and making her listen to into the west repeatedly until she gets it ;)
Could any of the above reach the notes in 'There must be Angel' the way Annie does. I DON'T THINK SO!! This is the vote for the best female VOCALIST, not the best female who can get her picture in the magazines without even singing a note!!!
Annie should be in the top 5.
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66Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson should be in the top 20 not 68 come on research her name and go to the videos that she sings in because her notes are powerful but if you don't believe me then research "Dream Girls " she was famous and won an Golden Globe award and came to prominence in American Idol season 3 2004 come on she is definitely better than beyonce and rihanna but her career is still on its way her voice is srong can be noticed by everyone she's more of a Aretha Franklin with runs like Christina Aguilera her voice is magnificent and one day I hope Jennifer Hudson becomes top 20 in this stupid article like seriously think wise...
January 21st 2013 and why isn't Jessica Sanchez in it?
she sings so powerfully.. better than beyonce i reckon..
If the measure is the quality of the voice, for a pop-power singer, Jennifer Hudson falls only below the incomparable Barbara, Whitney and Celine, which any honest and knowledgeable person would have to admit. While she may not be the hardest working self-promoting narcissist among the current crop of pop stars, Jennifer's voice is the voice of a generation.
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67Simone Simons
I love her voice... it's wonderful! she's an amazing singer, and Epica is an amazing band. I like the duet Roy Khan-Simone Simons! They're two great singers!
Brilliant voice -- turns an otherwise okay band (Epica) into one of my all-time favorites, and her guest appearances are the highlights of Kamelot. Simone just barely beats Sharon Den Adel and Tarja Turunen, and loses only to Benjamin Burnley on my all-time favorite singers list.
Simone is quite simply out of this world a highly talented singer and a live performer whose awesome vocals are second to none, coupled with her outstanding physical beauty, this sweet, caring woman should top any of these type of lists if she were more exposed to the general public, sadly most people listen to crap and the true artists go over the heads of the tone deaf so called music lovers of today and so simone lies buried in the depths of this list unknown and undiscovered by all but us, simones true fans people who appreciate the talent and beauty of the goddess of music-SIMONE SIMONS.
I agree with your list for the most part, but it seems you're ranking newer younger vocalists higher. Many of them use electronic enhancement. The truly talented singers are the ones with natural voices, like Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha, Babs, Tarja, Karen Carpenter, and Ann Wilson. I'm not knocking the younger ones, but some of them are really just dancers who talk their way through songs. Simone has range, dynamic, and control.
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68Lana Del Rey
Yeah! I wanted to talk a lot, but lana has this ability to sing with as many voices
As she wants. Try to listen to her song "bel air" and her song "damn you" and her sing "summertime sadness". She performs each song with a unique nice voice than the others. She deserves to be on the top of this list
YES Lana Del Rey's songs are songs that I never get board of listening to, and she has such an amazing voice and I I don't get why so many people have a hate for her, and in all honesty I think that those people are either, jealous of how talented she is, or they just don't know what great music is!
84? Seriously? No one makes music as unique as Lana. You just can't find anyone who sings like her. Her music is so enchanting that it makes it feel like you're being hypnotised while listening to her. She makes all sorts of songs, doesn't stick to just one genre. You can literally feel her emotions while she's singing, she's perfect. If anyone deserves to be number 1, it's Lana Del Rey.
68! Seriously people she deserves at least a top 20...
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69Jennifer Lopez
Madonna, watch out! J Lo is coming fast, better hold on to your seat...!
If it was up to me, I'd give J Lo the titles... BEST PERFORMER, DANCER, SINGER, ACTRESS AND FEMALE CELEBRITY!

Great woman, love her.
Great on stage even better looking!
She is very beautiful, sexy, talented woman
My favorite female performer artist. Love Jennifer Lopez.
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70Jackie Evancho
This amazing singer is just beginning her career and perhaps not too many people have heard of her. Jackie Evancho has the sweetest sound ever. Once you hear this beautiful young lady sing you will buy her records and play them all the time. She has a mesmerizing voice like no other. She's that good.
Jackie will be a legend in her time. She has accomplished so much
In such a short time. During her concerts grown men and women have
Been known to weep in joy when they hear her voice. It is the
Belief of her vast number of fans that she will go down in history
As one of, if not, the best singer in the world. This young lady
Has "It" the X factor everyone wants in a singer.
Jackie was the youngest opera-crossover singer ever, and one of the youngest singers to go platinum. She has both the sweet voice and the sweet manner of an angel from above, her song choices are consistently inspiring, and she often causes people to shed tears of joy and hope on hearing her.
[Newest]Jackie Evancho below Ariana Grande, a joke, right? Ariana can't sing opera like Miss Evancho
More comments about Jackie Evancho

71Rachelle Ann Go
She is certified "THE ULTIMATE CHAMPION" & one the famous singer in the Philippines & other country!

She is super talented singer! She can sing, dance, host, act, play other instrument like drums & guitar, she can do a whistle like Mariah Carey... Her 1st & 2nd album got already a PLATINUM AWARD & soon her 3rd album [INTERNATIONAL] entitled OBSESSION will launch on January 21 in ASAP'07.. She's definitely HITMAKER! She already got a lot of awards like ARTIST OF THE YEAR, BEST MUSIC VIDEO, HITMAKER OF THE YEAR & many more..

If you base in Physical aspect she's absolute sexy & fabulous in wearing any kind of dress..

Anne Sy

I am very much proud of this generation because of the Ultimate champion was being born to be idolized and to rock and inspires people by being talented because rachelle ann go is not only a best singer she can also do dancing, hosting, acting and also a joker with her friends...

No one can ever put her down because.. "she already found her voice", "she care--from the start", "love of my life"...
Has won 2 international contest!!! has lots of awards in singing career, the most wanted! international performer...complete packaged singer, the best, unique, wicked, High voice, can outstand long notes, can do angelic falsetto, whistle, one cannot do without, belter, ultimate champion, sexy and beautiful...for more info. pls visit her site at
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72Gwen Stefani
every singer in this list has her own aport to the history, I feel identificated with a lot of songs of no doubt, and the way she sing that songs is so captivating... so that's why a thing she should be higher, I'm sure that I'm not the only one xD
She is my favorite girl singer!


Really? 76? She is better that a lot of these people. she has an amazing voice. I mean who the hell put this list together?!
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73Linda Ronstadt
The true test of fame is time. Ronstadt is the highest grossing female singer of all time and still has albums selling on a gold or silver record pace.

Since the 70's she has been one of, if not the, most influential female singers of all time. Ronstadt has more platinum, gold and silver albums than any on this list. Her back up band included Don Henely and Glenn Frey. She and her manager were directly responsible for putting together the Eagles and the Eagles constantly tell that story.

She has performed duets or been a backup singer on over 95 albums other than her own. On some she is not even named. She appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone, Time and Country Hits. She was co-lead in the light opera, "Pirates of Penzance. " Every genre in which she sang, she became a star.

She was America's rock Sweetheart and, along with Anne Wilson, proved that a girl singer could be feminine and still play with the boys. She was ground breaking in crossover hits and covers of previous hits. She put her spin on songs without ticking off the original performers. A major feat in the ego filled industry.

The only black mark, and it is not her fault, is that as of 2013, she is still not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. One must wonder which of the good old boys is preventing her inclusion.

Thank you Linda for your decades of good music.


Orchestral Standards, classics, pop, folk, creole, spanish (from Mambo and Salsa to Mariachi), and lots of country - and she masters them all! She is the standard, the measuring stick against which ALL other female singers are measured. On this list, only Karen Carpenter and Sarah Brightman could carry Linda's shoes. If she ever uses Auto-Tunes, the world will literally end, it's in the Bible... Somewhere. And if she ever sings that running weakness like Aguilar, Beyonce and Carey, I'll have to jump off a bridge. And why is J-Lo on here?
I don't know anything about a singers technique or any of that stuff I can say that linda ronstadt has turned me on far far more than anyone else on this list
[Newest]Class singer, made it look so easy - a song writers delight! Better live then recorded - how many singers can say that?!
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74Lara Fabian
Absolutely number 1, what beautiful songs she writes in so many languages. Her live performance deliveries are STUNNING! The stage presence, passion she exudes with a voice range and belts surpassed by none!
Incredible performer! Polyglot, she sings beautifully in English, French, Italian and Spanish. She is truly a wonderful voice.
She is the best. Because she makes a lot of things, and are better and bet
Ter each day. She look for the perfection. And her voice and talent are superior than others...
His voice, his acting skill and technique are superior to any other voice ever heard
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75Billie Holiday
Any list without Lady Day has to be incomplete
She hasn't got much power but her phrasing puts most of these tramps to shame (what is Britney doing on this list? )
Any list of the greatest singers of all time that has Etta James at 38, Ella Fitzgerald at 39 and Billie Holiday at 74 and Dusty Springfield at 93 has no credibility. Most of the others are the stuff that this quartet would wipe off their shoes.
More comments about Billie Holiday

76Nina Simone
Nina Simone was one of the greatest vocalists of all time. She is up there with Johnny Cash and Miles Davis in the coolest on Earth category
she blows all 100 of your women out of the water hands down. it's disgraceful she's not on the list
She's not among us anymore, but had such a soulfull way of singing. Listen to "Feelin' good"
92! JESUS CHRIST! I may have just lost all hope in humanity... Taylor F*****g Swift at 13 and the high priestess of soul at a measly 92. I'm actually disgusted. She deserves to at least be in the top ten. Everyone from the smallest child to the oldest miser has heard "Feeling God" and they all get the rhythm and the sheer superiority of her voice. I hope this is rectified soon - I feel sorry for youngsters looking for the all time greats of female singers and going away with the idea that Taylor Swift is worth more than Nina Simone and the many other greats that have been pushed to the bottom of the list. WOW
More comments about Nina Simone

77Tori Amos
Her voice is magic. She breaths emotion into every song that she sings. Her imagination is limitless. She can play two pianos at once, and connects with people. She's helped me with abuse and love with her music. No one should miss out on her talent. Her lyrics are poetry of her life, pieced together into a masterpiece. Her emotion shakes me like no other artist that I've listened to, and has been the same way since. I highly recommend you jump to youtube and check out her live songs, such as "Precious Things", "Winter" "Raspberry Swirl" "Cooling" "Silent all these Years" and more. Some of my favorite songs by her is "Gold Dust" and "Jackie's Strength", and so much more. My favorite albums by her are "Little Earthquakes" and "Scarlet's Walk". Check her out.
I have never heard a female artist put such emotion and heart into her music since listening to Tori Amos. Plus she's a fantastic pianist and song writer. One on the greatest musicians of our time.
She has raw emotion just ozzing out of her. She's a muse, a butterfly. I can never figure her out, and has helped me throughout life.
More comments about Tori Amos

78Cyndi Lauper
Number 83?! I'm furious! Not only does Cyndi have a remarkable 4-octave vocal range, but she has the coolest personality and best heart of all singers. She was the idol of most of today's female artits, and paved the way for so many people of different kinds because she truly cares. She's so underrated. Watch a video of her or listen to her sing, and you will fall in love with her. All these years, and she is still great. Keep rocking, Cyndi!
She is so amazing. I love the way she handle her vocals and voice. Keep it up good work cyndi

correction: CYNDI LAUPER...with her 4 octave vocal range and melodic voice, she should have been in the Top 10 list
More comments about Cyndi Lauper

Enya is the greatesr singer ever to grace this earth plane. Long after most of these other singers are long forgotten, Enya will reign supreme, even a thousand years from now. She would be considered in the top ten of galactic singers as well as being No. 1 on Gaia [Shan or Earth]. Having sold 40 million or so cassettes and CDs worldwide, shes already surpasses perhaps 90 percent or more of the singers on your list! For shame to leave her off!


This gorgeous lady is by far one of the best female singers of the young generation. She is defenetly under rated. Great voice. Keep up the good work.
Enya has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. It takes you to a happy place and is really powerful. She is my top 5 favorite artist. Caribbean Blue is one of my faves! Should be rated WAY higher in my opinion
More comments about Enya

80Lacey Sturm
Just the fact that she is so low on this list makes me want to burst into tears. Lacey's voice is extraordinarily emotional and beautiful. Singing is about communicating ideas straight to the heart that are difficult to say, and getting the message across through whatever barriers (linguistic or emotional or anything else that might stand in an idea's way, communication-wise) there might be. Lacey does exactly that, and she does it way better than some of the people who are higher on this list, like Selena Gomez and Katy Perry for example. She is simply incredible.
Her voice is so powerful and I can't help but listen! She is so adorable at 4'11 but can scream and rock an audience harder than any other band/singer I know! She is amazing and her songs are even better because they are so original, have a meaning behind them, and everyone can get into and love the music! She is my #1!
Lacey is awesome! Not only has an amazing voice, but is an inspirational person too. I love Flyleaf's music! Their lyrics are full of hope, and their songs always help me during hard times
More comments about Lacey Sturm

81Siti Nurhaliza
She is amazing singer, beautifully and nicely woman in asia and in the world... I like her so much.. She is a great everything about her, hope she winning it.
a very good voice range. superb stage presents, angelic voice.

should be able to stand up front with all the talented singers in the world.

a very good and angelic dancer too. should she in youtube for her performances in 'Ku Mahu' - Latin Touch (Red Dress), 'Di Taman Teman' - Arabic Touch (Blueish Green), Ku milikumu (Tap Dance), Falling In Love (New Single for Full Album releasing somewhere 25th Sept 2011...

Love it... very talented with creative and mind blowing albums so far...

Wishing her success at all the time...
She amazing.. She got a beautiful face with an angelic voice.. Watch her concert in royal albert hall, london..
Much much better than the otherss
More comments about Siti Nurhaliza

82Sarah McLachlan
I agree with this one. All mentioned singers are great but sarah mclachlan has such a beautiful voice and she is an amazing songwriter. She is world class and in a league of her own. You get lost in her songs. Love her
She has the best vocal range I have ever heard in my life. There are very, very few singers out there who can even feel a grasp of Sarah's powerful voice. It's a major shame to see her under the top 100. At least Anastacia Newkirk, another vocal powerhouse, is ranked quite high. There's nobody out there with a voice like Sarah McLachlan, however.
Sarah is an amazing singer/songwriter/lyricist/live singer - great talent, very creative. She deserves to be in top 10.
Just listen to songs like "Possession" from her 1995 album or "When she loved me" from Toy Story 2. What a vocal range.
I too cannot believe Sarah is not in the top 10. Yes she is such a fantastic singer just watch her if you have a chance to see her live. I saw her perform live, no background singers no voice overlays, all Sarah and it was fabulous. I have never heard a better singer/songwriter.
More comments about Sarah McLachlan

83Edith Piaf
such an amazing vocal talent! she is one of the very best by far, why is she down here at 143? she must be at the top 10 at least! her songs are so recognizable and unique at the same time, her voice is powerful and has so much emotion!
The Little Sparrow. Vote for the singer who stole my heart with her incredibly heartfelt singing.
Her songs are beautiful and she had the most powerful voice. She is a queen of song in her own right.
What? Piaf is lower than Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Katy Perri, Demi Lovato, Jecki Evancho, Jennifer Lopez,... Yeah, guys the world is really being destroyed!


More comments about Edith Piaf

84Eva Cassidy
Ever Cassidy is low on this list only because most people have never heard her sing or even heard of her name. However, once people take the time to listen to such masterpieces as "Songbird", "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", "Fields of Gold", "What a Wonderful Worlds", "People Get Ready", etc. , etc. , they will instantly fall in love with her perfect voice. Her converts are convinced that she was blessed with the most magical and beautiful voice they have ever heard. The number of converts continue to grow each year. I am convinced that 20 years from now there will no longer be a need to create such lists. They will all begin and end with ever. If you haven't experienced ever, do yourself a favor and join the devoted. It is only a matter of time.
The only pass I will offer up for the nimrods on this site is the fact that Ms. Cassidy didn't churn out top 10 pop trash. Comparing this one of a kind songbird with the likes of Mariah Carey is not only an insult but appropriate to the soulless times in which we live. Like Sinatra, ever was a master at making a song her own. If taking maybe the greatest song from the greatest song book and turning into your signature tune, then greatness us due the likes of Rihanna (a talentless and tuneless hack). Somewhere over the Rainbow indeed, celebrating real talent and soul will be the norm and not the find of the week.
Ever Cassidy is one of the most talented singer known to man. She deserves more then 0.1% of the votes. What is the world coming to? Have no of these simple minded voters heard of talent? Fields of Gold, a very inspiring song; a song that so many can relate to. Most of the singers on this list don't have a grasp on anything as real, they sing to sell records and make money. Not because they love what they do. And where are the likes of Tracy Chapman on the list?!
I do not understand how this beautiful voice can be ranked at this level. I guess it a matter of taste and current popularity
More comments about Eva Cassidy

85Mary J. Blige
Mary J. Blige has one of the best voices in Music, when she sing you feel her pain and hear her cry and when she perform on stage you really feel the pain she is going through in her life and the look she have on her face whe/ she sing No More Drama Live on stage it is a look of pain and Cry and suffering and anybody that can have such a look like that on stage can sing great, and Mary J. Blige also gives us club up tempo songs as well with songs like Family Affair, and she has a Baritone 4 Octave Vocal Range as well she is The Queen Of Hip Hop Soul and where ever she Goes for now on that crown will follow her forever, and she isn't the best singer of All Time, but she is (ONE) of the best singers of All Time and really know how to hit those soulful High Notes and really knows how to work with what she got as far as her Vocal Cords Love Mary J. Blige
Mary J. is one of my favorites. Mainly becuase not only can she sing, with power and conviction, but she seeps emotion. When she sang "No more Drama" at the Grammy awards a few years back, even Celine Dion was standing up, clapping, shaking her head like, "this woman is amazin!" that is great. I love Mary J Blige style, and strength as a woman, and what she sings about in her lyrics. I will be buying her next album too.
Why aren't you on the president s top ten songs sung to him :( ;) maybe enough votes could help
More comments about Mary J. Blige

86Christina Perri
This girl has the best voice in the whole world, you have to love christina perry, if you don't you are crazy, but if you do you are totally awesome, and I will be your friend for ever! This girl is awesome, am I right, look up christina perry penguin, arms, distance, jar of hearts, etc. You got to love christina perry people
185! No... Honestly! You rate one of the greatest female singers 185. Her voice is one of the most beautiful sounds on this planet. My female faves are hailey williams and christina perri. This list is honestly sick
Love her song a thousand years for breaking dawn part 1 & 2 and love the song jars of heart and P. S I think she is so pretty I think she could go a lot more higher
How can she be only in 86? She's a perfect singer & there's only one real singer Perri & she's Christina Perri, not another one (I'm not even mentioning that "another's" name).


More comments about Christina Perri

87Alanis Morrisette
It's interesting to note the wide diversity of female singers we are comparing here. Some like britney are just froth and bubble, some are vocal gymnasts such as Whitney and Celine, some are out and out pop like Madonna. The fact is if you are really after the whole dynamic range that includes sensitivity, ballads and power rock, then there is only one beautiful star: Alanis. If you doubt here 'octave range' try to hear ''one' live. It will make your hair stand on end.
The most beautiful and original voice. With so variable songs and many greatest hits. She is the best when you add up all these things.
I think she is the BEST. Super beautiful/original/clear voice. Not only sings all her songs but also writes all her own songs/unlike so many of the other vocalists out there. ANd.. Her songs are absolutely Genius. She Plays the Guitar and piano! She's Absolutely Gorgeous (inside and out) Love her hair. She's just AMAZING. Definitely should be number 1
[Newest]People tend to judge her as an angry screaming woman (since her JLP-album explosion sales that made her an instant legend), but Alanis is a one of a kind/unique singer/songwriter with a very impressive/suprising and powerful vocal range! Her voice is her main instrument but the only possible way to acknowledge that is by... Seeing her perform Live because, No, she doesn't push it to its full capacity on her albums... But man, it's a different story when she decides to let it all out on stage!
More comments about Alanis Morrisette

88Janet Jackson
Janet is one the most influential female singers. She has more longevity then most singers on the list. Also she the most beautiful female singer.
The true artist... The legend with more than 30 single became the number one...
She should be the first or at least in top 10
More comments about Janet Jackson

89Victoria Justice
I listen to her music 247 and watch her show 247! Bye the way bella throne and zendaya can't sing, act or dance. Victoria Justice has all those talents and she pretty. She's totally my favorite! I even met her once. I go to all her concerts too! We went to the same middle school! She was my bff in elementary school. Shes the best female singer and the best singer of all time! I love you Victoria, text me! Please
Victoria Dawn Justice[1] (born February 19, 1993) is an American actress, singer-songwriter, and dancer. She appeared in several films and television series including the Nickelodeon series Zoey 101 and Victorious

90Zendaya Coleman
She is a rising star and the greatest 17 year old singer ever.
She can act, sing, and dance. She is an amazing singer. Why is she so far down on the list D:?
She should so be in the top 50.


More comments about Zendaya Coleman

91Hayley Westenra
Why hayley is not on this list defeats me. Stunning range, immaculate control and no little power, plus perfect pitch. A pure clear spiritual voice a bit like a boy soprano, but with feminine warmth as well. And still only 20 years old! Amazing
Hayley has one the most beautiful pristine voices all all time. She should definitely be amongst the top ten.
Once you hear her angelic perfect-pitch voice, you understand why people like George Martin (& his son) got involved with her career. She has to be heard to be believed.
More comments about Hayley Westenra

92Joni Mitchell
You're joking, right? Joni Mitchell is one of the most influential singers and song writers of all time. She's one of the giants. To not have her near the top of the list is a grave injustice.
An extraordinary and unique talent. She changed the way a song can be approached. She mixes Folk, Jazz, and Soul with Poetic and subtle lyrics that will have you thinking for years.
Joni is the definition of talent, and inspiration. A song writer that could weave words to music like no other. A voice that had the same effect as the pied piper.
BEST of THE BEST divine voice
More comments about Joni Mitchell

93Joss Stone
She has such a soulful and strong voice. Plus she is not even 20 yet, so much to look forward to.
Maybe not one of the singers ever, but certainly one of the best now.
I love her music and she's got my vote !


Wonderful voice, she is now the best English soul and R^^B singer-songwriter.
More comments about Joss Stone

94Dusty Springfield
It was once said that "Dusty Springfield had too much voice for one person to own. " How right the author of this quote was. She was perfection in the 1960s and 70s, and their was no other singer who could come close to what she was achieving then. The same can be said today. Dusty got on stage and sang, there was no taking clothes off, no parading up and down the stage in exhibitionist fashion, a style exemplified and overdone by many of today's so called "singers. " There would be no room for them on a stage comandeered by the Late Dusty Springfield, whose talent, was immesureable. The owner of a voice so rare, who is sincerely missed by all those who know what it takes to sing with a voice so sensual, and spine-tingling that it makes you want to smile and cry all at the same time.
The thought of the greatest female vocalist ever being placed down here at #91 is incredulous. Is this poll really a reflection of how people judge great singers. I think not. Dusty is a one off. A British Original, with no peer. She did it all with style and class a diva an icon and all the other titles that depict the universes best voice. She did things with her voice that others can only dream of, and many on this list would not dare attempt to do. She was born too early and was far ahead of her time, never taking credit for much of her production in the studio. She brought Motown to Britain and introduced to Blue Eyed Soul. RIP Dusty.
Dusty Springfield at number 96, who could even take this list seriously, it's a joke! This is supposed to be a list of the greatest female singers of all time, not just the last few years. Dusty Springfield was known as a singer's singer. Most famous singers know who she is and admire her and wish they could sing as good as she did. To see some of the best singers in history below Avril Lavigne, oh my god, I busted out laughing at this list several times. It's obvious the majority of people voting here must be musically illiterate. Spend some time seeking out great singers from all eras and genres, not just the top forty from the past few years, you'll enrich your life greatly.
I can only imagine that most of the voters of this poll have not had the pleasure of hearing Dusty. For those who haven't listened to her, just one song, anything on YouTube, will seal the deal.
More comments about Dusty Springfield

95Sarah Vaughan
The Divine One should be right up the top. She is definitely the greatest singer in the world.
Sarah Vaughan for technical perfection, Janis Joplin for pure emotion.

But how many of the internet generation have even heard of these divas?
One of the all time great singers
More comments about Sarah Vaughan

96Jonalyn Viray
Looking for hight notes?
Check this unbeatable diva...
She is the Best Singer in the Philippines and I wish to become a Asia's Soul Diva :)... God Bless
More comments about Jonalyn Viray

97Selena Quintanilla-Pérez
selena was an amazing singer, she had the whole package, looks, voice, energy, dancing and def the personality, she cared more about her family, friends and fans, more than anything in the world, she truly love everything and everyone, she was really down to earth and she was the most nicest person alive, if she were alive today, she would have been bigger than any celebrity thats out there today, she didnt care about fame or fortune, she cared about people and their love, she cared about everything, R.I.P selena, i miss u soo much and i love u sooo much, u will forever be remembered by ur music, in the hearts of ur family, friends and fans forever, u will forever live on, selena vive!!
To this day, even in death, she continues to break barriers. Selena is one of those rare people which come once in a life-time. The voice, the dance moves, and the heart, make it clear why Selena will forever be remembered. What she accomplished in 23 years, take some people an entire life-time; She was the whole package
Tremendous talent and probably the warmest friendliest and best role model one one could ever ask for. An incredible human being - an incredible loss to the world.
R.I. P, Selena. I love you. Your movie was the first movie that I cried at in Spanish class. I only learned about you from that movie. You were beautiful and your songs were absolutely perfect. YOLANDA SALDIVAR DESERVES TO DIE!
More comments about Selena Quintanilla-Pérez

98Judy Garland
Amen and amen! There are so many great singers, but only ONE Judy Garland. Its not just the voice that makes a great singer....its the spirit, the soul. Judy Garland gave it all.
Can't believe she is so far down on the list and below singers who could only dream of having her talent. It's not just about the voice but the feeling and personality that comes with it. Without a doubt the greatest singer of her time and one of the top six of all time along with Barbra, Ella, Peggy Lee, Dinah Washington and Linda Ronstadt.
Judy Garlands voice is incredible and no one ever comes close to hers.
I love the way she sings.
More comments about Judy Garland

99Chaka Khan
People don't know of her music just like I didn't until recently. I think because she never went the popular route she's been lost in discussion which baffles me. Whitney or no one else could touch Chaka. If you ask any singer who they think was the best, they'd say CHAKA! In any style of music she sounded like what she wanted to, and she wasn't one of these singers that jump around in genres, yet still sounded like their original voice; CHAKA changed her voice and style to fit each song naturally!
Her dynamic and textured voice colors the rainbow. Very few singers have mastered funk, jazz, r&b, rock and pop...Chaka's at the top of the heap. Her stylistic range and power cannot be compared to anyone, with exception of Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, or maybe Natalie Cole. Too, Chaka is the sexiest mature singer on the market, hands down!
Great choice. Rufas thought so.
More comments about Chaka Khan

100Reba McEntire
I cant believe how low she ranked she is the best singer ever. The person before me that "complimented" well she is a very good actress thank you very much. She has a really strong and beautiful voice. I am her #1 fan not Meagan or anyone else so I am standing up for her and I will also vote for her until she cracks the top 30 or less because Reba is... I cant say cause she rocks so much! GO REBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reba's forgotten more about singing than more than 1/2 on this list will EVER know!
Reba has won 2 grammys, has 9 academy of country music awards, 6 American music awards, 14 American music awards, 8 peoples choice awards she should be reigning on this list
Simply the best there is in Country Music. Her music videos can make you smile or cry. She has sold over 80 Million albums for a reason. Because she is REBA! R to the E to the B to the A. REBA! She is an ICON and deserves to be ranked higher on this list!
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