Aretha Franklin


Firstly I think the parameters for Best Female singer of "ALL TIME" should be better defined and be broken down by genre Jazz/soul/R&B/Pop/Country etc. There is a big difference between a singer and an entertainer/Performer. I.E. christina Aguilera is a fabulous vocalist - perfect pitch, range and projection. Brittany Spears is an entertainer/performer. They are both successful Pop artists but I would not consider Brittany Spears for this list. She's an okay singer, she's much more of an entertainer.

"Of all time" - most of the artists listed here are all contemporary and mostly Pop. So perhaps it should be best Pop singers of all time?

With that said, Aretha Franklin is the Queen of soul and a true singer, none of this autotune BS. If you need a computer to make you sound better, back up singers and dancers to entertain your audience you're a performer/Entertainer not a singer.

New doesn't always mean good. Beyonce is hot and talented. Christina Aguilera truly has a great voice and range. Whitney's got a pedigree from a great family of vocal talent. However, this product shows why music critics and historians vote on the prestigious "best of" lists and not little girls. Greatness cannot be tied to current trends and record sales. This list should be called "Opinions of People Who Have a lot of TIme on Their Hands".

Aretha Franklin has one of the best voices popular culture has ever heard. It is unfortunate that she is so low on this list, seems to how she influenced many of those voted above her. She is such a versatile artist. Her power alone can bring a person to tears. In her prime, I do not believe I have ever heard of her hitting a note that was not "nailed," and anyone that knows anything about Aretha knows that some of her notes are extremely difficult notes for even great singers.

Rated below rubbish, fake, 2-year lasting pop whores like Avril lavigne, madonna and BRITNEY? Miley Cyrus above Aretha? You indeed are brainwashed fangirls with an IQ reaching zero. People, she is just a jumpy happy schoolgirl with an average voice-which, plus, is average thanks to those magicians ediding her voice for the listeners not to become suicidal... Just get someone fix your ears! NOW! - TheNextGreatestRockStar

Just to see her and hear that amazing voice of hers was then and is still a gift to everyone who ever listened to this "one of a Kind" Great Lady. I was very young when I first started listening to her. I am now 72 and I love and appreciate her even more. She has my love and my heart for all her hard work just to make her fans happy. Never Forget her!

She swept all the grammys for almost all awards she was nominated for. Her collaboration with Lauryn Hill in "A Rose Is Still A Rose" is my favourite - hayreanmarjon

Really? I think the top 4 should be Aretha, Celine, Whitney and Mariah, maybe not in that order but those 4 female singers voices and album sales really do prove it all. Aretha and Mariah should probably share #1 with Whitney at #2 and Celine at #3 but seriously, Aretha underneath Christina and Beyonce? What the hell are you?

How on earth can Aretha Franklin be at no.46! Voting aside, popularity aside she is clearly top 10, top 5, top 3 for pure vocals and singing to an audience. Whether an original or cover she has the versatility and style to reach inside your soul and make you understand the meaning of music.

The Queen is the Queen by all standards... From soul, r&b, pop, gospel, classical, folk, rock, country, whatever... She set and still sets the bar of excellence for all to come... Aretha is the Queen and all the others are princesses or ladies-in-waiting! - errikka

Why isn't she number 1 in this list?! The top ten may be good, but she is the BEST! Even Rolling Stone magazine rated her as the number 1 singer OF ALL TIME! She deserves to be number 1 in this list too! Easily the most amazing singer to have existed!

Miley Cyrus's songs are meaningful? Laugh out loud! Aretha Franklin should be in the top5 at least. She had attitude, emotion, and powerful lungs. Not only technically one of the greatest but probably emotionally as well

This is possibly the worse list I have ever seen. Aretha is not only the best female singer, but the best singer of all time. This was before autotune, she can even still belt it out today better than all of these girls.

Aretha is known as the Queen for a reason. Nobody else can touch her voice, her soul, her phrasing, her musicianship or her talent. Anyone who puts anyone else #1 needs to listen to some Aretha and then reconsider. She is simply the best.

The queen of soul deserves a higher spot than 8. There isn't a way to describe her style, you just need to hear it. And not only that, but there isn't anything else to say about her that hasn't already been said. - ProfessorMercury

I just can't understand why she's not #1 in this list. (Of course, Dusty Springfield should be somewhere up there too! ) Her singing is the type that you just CAN'T stop listening to.

Anyone who votes for Streisand or Miley Cirus should be ashamed of thereself.Especially if you voted for Miley who cant sing at all.Top 30 famous singer easily. - Chris-1

Hands down the best female singer. Every either singer on this list strives to sing like her. She s a goddess of singing, an undisputed master. She has the power of Whitney Houston but the tenderness of Dolly Parton.

Aretha is simply the BEST SINGER OF ALL TIME. There will never be anyone like her. She knew how to express her entire soul and feelings with her awesome vocals, even if there are singers with higher registers.

A true legend that will be listened to for decades and she is ranked below pop, flash-in-the pan singers? Really, how many Grammy legend and Kennedy Honors will they win?

No one like her, Aretha Franklin is the best singer from God's graces that we have in this world, she is the reason why many women want to sing, nobody like Aretha. Amazing grace!

This list should be called "The favorite singers of people who clearly know very little about music, " I'm sorry but this list is not based upon talent...

She maybe forgotten in today's cult but she has the greatest most powerful voice ever, man or woman. I am not even a fan of her music but nobody can sing like her. - lethaldose

Wow, I can not believe that Aretha is voted so low, I love thrash/metal, and even I know Aretha is one of the best voices who effortlessly and I mean effortlessly punches out those vocals

aretha franklin is far and away the best female vocalist of all time, she deserves to be #1 and ahead of all these soon to pass into oblivion, pseudo pop stars

The fact that Aretha is not ranked #1 is indisputable evidence that this list is not valid. If you're ranking "all time," voters should KNOW something about "all time," not just "at this time."