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181Heidi Parviainen
182Rozonda Thomas

Why the hell is Rozonda at 171? She has a great and unique voice. She needs to be in the top 50 at least - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

183Meghan Trainor

Meghan trainor is very pretty and better than other singers. Please vote for meghan.

She I find to be original in her mixing of era's via music an videos and her voice has great potential to go further...

I really don't think she's that bad of singer. Although she really didn't need to dye her hair red. She was perfect the way she already was

What she is the best singer there is how she here these dumb list Nicki minaj is good too by the way

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184Kelsea BalleriniV2 Comments
185Siti Nurhaliza

a very good voice range. superb stage presents, angelic voice.

should be able to stand up front with all the talented singers in the world.

a very good and angelic dancer too. should she in youtube for her performances in 'Ku Mahu' - Latin Touch (Red Dress), 'Di Taman Teman' - Arabic Touch (Blueish Green), Ku milikumu (Tap Dance), Falling In Love (New Single for Full Album releasing somewhere 25th Sept 2011...

Love it... very talented with creative and mind blowing albums so far...

Wishing her success at all the time...

She is amazing singer, beautifully and nicely woman in Asia and in the world... I like her so much.. She is a great everything about her, hope she winning it.

She amazing.. She got a beautiful face with an angelic voice.. Watch her concert in royal albert hall, London..

Siti still the best

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186Teena Marie

Never got her due. This woman was one of the greatest artist of all time. Her lyrics alone went over most peoples heads. The industry, however never forgave her for bring down Goliath.

Never got enough publicity - has the most beautiful voice - Listen to "If I were a Bell" or the duet with Rick James, "Fire & Desire"-no comparison!

Tenna may be gone. (but her talents will always live on). she was a very "Talent" singer and dancer. if anyone could cheer you. up she was the one. with someone. Singing with her or not. you had a good show.

187Hayley Westenra

Why hayley is not on this list defeats me. Stunning range, immaculate control and no little power, plus perfect pitch. A pure clear spiritual voice a bit like a boy soprano, but with feminine warmth as well. And still only 20 years old! Amazing

Hayley has one the most beautiful pristine voices all all time. She should definitely be amongst the top ten.

Hayley is A Voice that resonates the sounds of Heaven. Her work is full of variety, Class, and fun. She has already established herself as a voice that touches the human soul in many area's. I look forward to the amazing works in her future that have yet to astound us all!

I was surprised to find her name like this. She is so much more better than the other new singers. Of course Whitney is the best for me. But Hayley deserves a better rank than this.

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188Monica Arnold

Everyone knows she should be in the top 25.......she have great voice...

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189Bessie Smith

The first and the greatest - her voice, her life, everything - if you don't know her, check her out - awesome

Since we are talking about OF ALL TIME, I was shocked to find Bessie Smith way down at number 188!

WAY too many young people voting for "of all time" whose memories don't go back very far...

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190Lea Salonga

Amazing singer from Miss Saigon and Les Miserables. Also sang in Aladdin. - danajs24

If you heard her in Les Miserables, you'd understand why she should be near the top of the list!

Do yourself a favor and Google for "Lea Salonga Miss Saigon Audition". One of the most stunningly perfect things ever filmed.

Finally! A Broadway person on this list!

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191Kate Rusby
192Sandy Denny

I suppose the singer that you choose can only come from the genres of music that you like and that you are old enough or experimental enough to have come across. Most of the above are recent, sexy popular singers. On that basis a folk-rock-ballad singer who died so terribly young in 1978 won't get many votes. Funny, because I grew up thinking that everyone knew that Sandy Denny had one of the most respected voices in music. She guested with Led Zep on "Battle of Ever More", which is excellent but I should try searching for "She moves through the fair" or "Milk and Honey' on youtube for Sandy at her best.

Sandy was one of the very best, #736 is an insult but I guess that today it is only people of a certain age who knew of her work. Up to us oldies to spread the word

Sorry folks, but this voice, expression and meaning is of course Number One of this whole (wrong and strange) list...

193China Anne McClainChina Anne McClain was born on August 25, 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia . She is of African-American descent . China Anne McClain is a singer for her band, McClain, which she is in along with her sisters, Lauryn and Sierra . China Anne McClain is known for her starring roles in Disney's Ant Farm, and Tyler more.

What! First, her profile isn't showing, next she's 191th place! Her voice is really unique! I know she stopped singing or something but she deserves to be higher! She's probably above Sabrina Carpenter.

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194KelisV1 Comment
195Karen Clark Sheard

A 4 Time Grammy Gospel GIANT singer, musician, and songwriter.
She is a member of the Grammy-Award winning, gospel legendary female group, The Clark Sisters.

She is the Soprano of the group, The Clark Sisters. Clark Sheard is known for her high vocal ranging abilities, going into Whistle Register.
She is the Greatness of all!

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196Coco Jones

What why is she even on the list of BEST voices. Ugh

197Karine Polwart
198Dannii MinogueDanielle Jane "Dannii" Minogue is an Australian singer-songwriter, talent competition judge, actress, television and radio personality, and fashion designer.

Good singer but no where good or famous as her sister.

199K. S. Chithra

superb playback singer in india,...
those rare individuals that capture your heart and senses before you even realize it. Her range is incredible and her personality cancels everyone else out!
proud that she is in the list

Chithra is the best female singer that I have ever heard. She manages to put all the technical things into singing yet draw so much emotion out of a song. Many female artists are great in the sense that they have a huge vocal range and are able to sing everything in tune, but a truly great singer is someone who is able to make the audience feel what the song is about, at the same time - clinten

K. S. Chithra should be in No. 1
She rocks
She sings
she wins

She is the number 1 complete singer in the world

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200Allison Krauss

Melancholic, romantic, authentic, brilliant and recovers the value of folk music. She does not need technological traps to make real music.

Alison Krauss is, no doubt in my mind, the best vocal singer of all time. Just listen to her singing, then you would know what I'm talking about. You'll be addictive to her voice.

Who has the best voice or who has the best studio? Listen to Allison live and you will know the answer to the first part.

Definitely top 10

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