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361 Nancy Ajram Nancy Ajram Nancy Ajram is a Lebanese singer, world music awards winner for 3 times in 2008, 2011 and 2014 as best selling middle eastern artist, and multi-platinum recording artist.

You are amazing Nancy you should be on this list too I would like to see more arabic singers on this list too X

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362 Alexandra Stan

I am pretty sure that more people know about her then we really think this girl has some real talent al you need is to have a breakthrough song and then all her other songs should and wil be number 1 hits all over the world I love alexandra stan!

WOW took me long enough to fing her anyway people have you ever heard of mr saxobeat yeah it was a record breaking song in Europe plus it was so good it even charted in Canada ane usa now that is amazing plus other songs by her lemonade... Get back... One million... Lollipop

She makes very good music that can be boarder braking like mr saxobeat if that is not talent well then wake up!

She deserves to be in top 10!

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363 Jacqui McShee
364 Rita Ora Rita Ora Rita Sahat├žiu Ora is a British singer and actress. Her debut studio album, Ora, released in 2012, debuted at number one in the United Kingdom.

Not only is she super beautiful she has had 3 hits and a bubbly personality and has worked with great artists like Drake
Tine tempah
and other great artists
not to mention her style which I must say is so fresh!

She's got her own modern fashion that's why she's mainly famous and her voice is good.

I love Rita Ora she is SO amazing she is underatted but why she should win grammy's

Rita Ora is amazing listen to I will never let you down,poison,r.i.p,body on me,how we do

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365 Iggy Azalea Iggy Azalea Amethyst Amelia Kelly, known professionally as Iggy Azalea, is an Australian rapper, singer, songwriter, and model.

She is a good rapper and a good singer and that she is awesome and she she singed with ariana grande and the song was called problem and one of her song was called fancy and she sang with britney spears and that song was called pretty girls and that she is a good singer...

Ivy should not be number 227 she should be in the top 100 she is amazing definitely beautiful I mean duh she is perfect who wouldn't wanna be her she is beautiful

What? are you kidding me? She sucks. Even Nicki Minaj is better than her. And she sucks too

Wait, what, she's an amazing rapper. Wonderful!

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366 Christina Booth
367 Margaret Ayre
368 Rachael Yamagata
369 Saindhavi
370 Priyanka Chopra Priyanka Chopra Priyanka Chopra is an Indian actress, singer, film producer, philanthropist, and the winner of the Miss World 2000 pageant.

She's really good... don't be racist.
Not saying you should love her, just don't hate.

371 Anastasia Lee

Anastasia Lee is Young but Best Female Singer of All Time!

Superb Singer and Wonderful Performer on stage. Fresh Breath of Air in Classical. A+

Incredible Personality and Talent

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372 Gal Costa

One great singer of the Brazil

373 Allison Brustofski
374 Steffany Frizzell-Gretzinger
375 Carly Rose Sonenclar

When Carly Rose Sonenclar appeared on the second season of The X Factor in 2012, judges and viewers were in awe of her singing ability. We all wondered how a 13-year-old could possess such a powerful voice, and it seemed from the very beginning that Sonenclar would be the frontrunner to win the competition.

376 Ella Henderson

Just 17 and her voice is the strongest ever, she blows them all out of the water. Listen to her, Hold On, We're Going Home / Love Me Again.

Best singer ever got 6th in Britain's x factor when she was 16.
Wow. Best voice ever quite happily trade.

377 Amber Riley
378 Kathryn Perry
379 Danielle Haim
380 Ethel Waters
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