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421Nancy Wilson

She should be on the best guitar list but because she's a woman no one will vote for her. Great singer, yes but a fantastic guitar player.

Very much underrated. A star, whatever she sings."

The premium voice behind These Dreams, Stranded (Nancy) & Alone. Who doesn�t love them!

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422Elizabeth Fraser

This is clearly based on popularity and not true artistic merit, because if it was, dear Liz would definitely be much much higher up, and people such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Ashley Tisdale, etc. Would not be here. Elizabeth Fraser is, as many have famously said, the voice of God (if you think that sounds excessive, just listen). She does mostly away with conventional lyrics so as to communicate direct, overwhelming emotion. She is completely unlike anyone that came before or has come since.

The colossal talent of the Cocteau Twins. Dreamy voice, her creative use of the language is inspired!

This woman has the most versatile voice, phrasing and ability of all time. There's nothing like it.

Elizabeth Fraser has the voice of god. I think that should warrant a higher spot.

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423Vanessa Carlton

She had a beautiful voice and was amazing and talented and its a shame she quit her singer career but she was a very gifted girl and the radeo is going to miss her and her music.

I like vanessa carlton because she can ballet, sings, and play piano like me. Right now she is my new idol. So Good luck VAnessa CAlton!

By: ZGSortes


please listen her songs her voice is beautiful her vocal range is amazing I think that she's the best italian pop singer yet. I don't know how to describe her talent... liza minnelli said that she never listen a kind of female voice like that. now mina she's 71 years old but she sings as if she had 30! Thanks to everyone

67 millions of records sold by singing just in Italian, language not particularly popular in pop music. Listen to her voice and you will know.

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425Judy Collins

Judy Collins is the pure]ist voice. Always faithful to pitch, expression and style. Hard to believe it took so long to add her t the list. The talent of her time always labeled her as number ONE.

She really at least deserves to be on the top 100.

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426Minette Linderoth

She sang beautifully in the Swedish song contest!

427Malin Svensson

Jojo is a brilliant singer and role model for the younger generation, she should be in the top 20 for her amazing talent!!

Maybe not as popular as she was a decade ago she still has some amazing vocal control and frequently made top charts in her day. Still sends chills down my spine with the way she can belt out those notes.

JoJo's Song make me warm without hundreds of blankets. She should be in the top 10. I love her, I die for her.

You're having a laugh 316 she should be way higher. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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429Taylor Dayne

This woman sings like a rock goddess, check out her vocals in original sin

Love her sing, can listen to her for hours and hours, over and over

Taylor should be among the top ten best singers of all time.
She has the voice and has gotten better over time.

430Lisa Gerrard

Fell in love with her haunting voice on the soundtrack for the movie "Gladiator" - Now We Are Free!

Really underrated. Her voice is often called otherworldly and angelic. Sounds deep and bright at the same tile.

It's a real shame to see a singer like Lisa Gerrard this low on the list..She is the one and only people.
Listen to "The host of the seraphim" by her and you will get yourselves acquainted to what otherworldly music sounds like.

From Dead can dance, the epitome of talent.

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431Annisette Hansen

The greatest voice in Danish music for almost five decades

432Ofra Haza

I don't care what anyone says, hands down the BEST singer the world has ever known. Her voice was versatile, strong, so beautiful it could make you weep, and haunting. It could send shivers down your spine when she belted and held a note. To say that she was "folk" or "pop" or "world beat fusion" is to say nothing substantial about Ofra. She was lightyears ahead in a class of her own, and the roots of her people went deep in her songs. She was an angel. I can't even imagine a more beautiful voice in heaven, and I hope someday I shall hear it again.

She passed away in 2000. She had a heaven sent voice. check her out on She sang in multiple languages such as English, French, Hebrew, Arabaic...
She was simply a goddess. She is well known in Europe. Maria Carey may have had more hits by an american standard, but I don't see how anyone could say she is a better singer then ofra

Only one word to describe Ofra Haza...she had the voice of an female singer can ever sing like ofra haza...i keep listening to her voice daily and it definitely brings tears in my eyes...and pain because she left us soon...

She is the best female singer the world has ever known...her voice was divine..

Ofra Haza was the best!

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433Colbie Caillat

Well she is not popular like whitney, taylor etc but she is a talented and good singer and songwriter she don't need auto tune she can sing live listen to the songs like bubbly, you got me, brighter than the sun, feelings show, I do etc she should be in top 15

Her songs are all pleasant and girly... They are always fresh and lifts up your mood... Lovely lyrics too like the song bubbly...

there is always new singers coming up and this new singer is excellently talented and unique and simple. - rajsjon

434Valary DiBenedettoV1 Comment
435Annette Olzon

Anette Olzon, has been singing her whole life and worked hard for the career she made. She is currently the lead singer for Nightwish, and when they first told her no, she kept strong and knew not to give up. Look where she is now! Touring all over the world and selling millions, if not billions, of albums.

Not only does she have an amazing voice- look at "The Poet and The Pendulum", "Cadence of Her Last Breath", "Eva", "Sahara", "7 Days to The Wolves", and "Meadows of Heaven"- she also has a beautiful personality. - NWFan357

She has a amazing voice as the new lead singer of Nightwish. She should be no less than number 10.

Amazing & emotive voice. Tarja's voice is strong but her heart wasn't in it. Anettes is and you can tell, just listen to The Poet & The Pendulum

436Niki Evans

She is one of the very few singers in the world who can really sing with true emotion. - Gerimo

amazingly outstanding woman, with the one and only amazing voice

437Ayumi Hamasaki

She is a gentle and charming. The songs are great. research the biography and her songs! you will see how much she is amazing! I nominate the songs "Microphone, " "Rainbow, " "Mirrorcle world" and "Love Song"

She is the bestselling Japanese female artist of all time. Not to mention the richest entertainer in that country. Check out her bio and discography at wikipedia.

the best bluesy voice of all times. and the best pop songs. - Clo

bluesy voice. one of the few best pop singers of all time. - Clo

438Natalie Merchant

Natalie Merchant has unique, pleasant, and soulful voice. She is very gifted. Her voice is easily recognized from thousands singers. I think she is not promoted much otherwise she would be in the top of the chart.


This girl has such a beautiful, powerful voice and in my opinion she has the most natural voice for heavy metal.

Band: Onmyouza

440Holly Sherwood

Anyone remember 1984 movie "Streets of Fire" and great songs "Tonight is what it means to be young" and "Nowhere fast"? She's the best rock singer ever.

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