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Rachelle Ann Go


one of a kind singer today.. simply the best..
Has won 2 international contest!!! has lots of awards in singing career, the most wanted! international performer...complete packaged singer, the best, unique, wicked, High voice, can outstand long notes, can do angelic falsetto, whistle, one cannot do without, belter, ultimate champion, sexy and beautiful...for more info. pls visit her site at
She wasn't called the Ultimate Diva/Champion for nothing. She has it all to be called the best and most versatile singer in the whole world because of her ability to dog-whistle perfectly, sing while hanging upside down, sing while playing the drums, sing various types of songs like Classical, Broadway, Pop, R&B, Dance, Reggae, Acoustic, Rock, among others.
Her voice is one of the kind.. Every time she perform She always amazed the audience, and Really give her Best as if it was her last performance.. She has a powerful Angelic voice that Philippines should be proud of. Unbeatable. That's why they called her the ULTIMATE CHAMPION!
she's really one of the best among our new singers no questions about that! what else can we ask for her talent she's the best singer, good dancer and good actress... very versatile and most especially with a good heart...!... simply the best among the rest...!
will definitely the best... she is very good and has a powerful voice. she is even a good dancer, host, acterss and idol... it's just that she's not that popular as sarah geronimo... I hope she could have a guesting on ellen or oprah to show how talented she is..
she is a great singer.. her voice possesses a charismatic charm.. and with her good personality,. her song are somewhat heartfelt and emotional.. and the best thing about her is that she can adjust with any song genre.. she is the best
You are my fav singer ever and always will be. Such power in your voice, I would love to sing like you. You made my entire body go completely numb with´╗┐ Ur voice shin! Keep it up.. Wer always her to support you
SHE SINGS EMOTIONALLY.. that's why I like here very much..
for example when she sang "Honestly "original by harem scarem...
beautiful and talented artist... for me she's underrated
award winning artist, recipient of many awards from different award giving bodies in the philippines,such as BEST FEMALE ARTIST,BEST SONG and many more.
she has the voice.. very talented... shes very beautiful and sexy... nasa kanya na lahat.. khit saan pwedi xa.. singing, dancing, acting... we love you ate... more2 blessings to come po! 1
many people admired her because of her high,powerful and beautiful voice plus her talent in music instruments and also to her pretty and sexy body.
overall definetly has the best voice of all time, her range and control are like no other. Any kind of song is exacly for her!Her voice like noone else is able to capture youre emotion.
ultimate Filipina performer! has her own style when singing and a very unique,high and beautiful voice, very talented can play many musical instruments.
i like her playing drums while singing, she is a fantastic singer.. beatiful voice + pretty face&sexy body + the talent+ultimate performances=Rachelle aNN
I like her bec. she's very talented.. beautiful, sexy, humble and very down to earth... shes d best! go go ate shin... more more projects! god bless po! 1
super amazing talent, voice! you deserve a big break in showbiz and music industry! more albums, projects to come like teleserye and endorserments also! and of course CONCERTS!
She's really one of the great singers in the Philippines.. She can belt all the way and having a whistle register... More power Rachelle!
Truly an amazing singer with a world class talent. She deserves an international recognition.
she's my idol ever since! for me no one can beat her.. she always sings from her heart.. simply amazing!.. she really is!
Truly inspired by her. I look forward to watching her live at The Little Mermaid. She's the best signer today!
powerful voice in a petite frame.. can sing all genre, which is uncommon and made her unique among the rest..
no once can do it like the ultimate champion way GO RACHELLE ANN GO! a total performer lahat nagagawa...
i like her new album "OBSESSION", very pretty and sexy photos inside. very beatiful songs!

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