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New Divide

New Divide
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So awesome.. The best I ever heard, This is my favorite LP song, the instrumental and the vocals are at Linkin Park's best, this is the best song of all time. If I had to pick a best of all times song I'd pick this one, It just can't be better. I FELL IN LOVE WITH NEW DIVIDE! Chester had a very beautiful voice, the effects and the instrumental is blowing, LP You're the best! Absolutely amazing song. The lyrics, the instrumentals, the feel of the song combines to produce an amazing texture. Even from the start of the song I was hooked. What a song it rocks love new divide
Cool instruments
Excellent singing
Best music
I just don't have words
I hear it every single day
It makes your life wonderful
It's out of the best limit awesome song I love it cause first this song is made for my favorite film transformers and second the lyrics f the song and the music are superb no one can beat linkin park. Lp rocks...!
Absolutely amazing song. The lyrics, the instrumentals, the feel of the song combines to produce an amazing texture. Even from the start of the song I was hooked. Well done for this gem Linkin Park, and please don't produce something as bad as 'A Thousand Suns' again! Keep up songs like 'New Divide', 'Papercut' And 'Numb'. (My 3 favourite )
This is an amazing song. I can listen to it over and over without getting bored. This song is the best one I have ever heard, and also the on that brought me into the world of rock music. There is no other song with better lyrics or music. LINKIN PARK is THE GREATEST band on the world, and I wish they make more and more songs as beautiful and awesome as NEW DIVIDE!
I LOVE THIS SONG! whenever it comes, I can't stop shaking my head or dancing to the music! its SO AWESOME! but I disagree with other options of this list... I mean, I know this is the best. This should be the first. Numb... eh... but HANDS HELD HIGH. IT SHOULD NOT BE IN THE 40s! Its way better than a lot of LP songs! But either way, I LOVE LINKIN PARK! AND NOTHING WILL STOP THAT=D
Awesome, the best song ever, this is the best song of Linkin Park.
This should be the best song.
It should be on the top 10 this list. People are crazy choosing the other songs.
New divide is the best or the greatest song in the world
Transformers have taken the song as their theme song.
New divid showed how much transformers 2 was really about and chester did a great job on this song and it was a fun song in that movie I mean the movie was really great in this song bought transformers 2 too live an so many ways that is way I really like this movie and other reason
This song is really good. It has lots of emotion and good feeling to hit. Linkin Park is really good at performing this song live also. While a lot of their other songs are really good, this one just barely wins. I don't know how numb is in first place with this only in 3rd though.
This song is supperb just listen to it
this is better than numb. Great special effects by mr. Hahn and chester at his best. In this song he goes to the highest pitch possible... The guitar part is very good... The robotic tabs after the second chorus sounds awesome.
I like the song so much that I do hear it near-about 50 times a day... This is one of my all time favourite songs... Love this song, love this band... The music is very empowering. Its has been so many years since this song came out, never got bored with it.
What a song it rocks love new divide
cool instruments
excellent singing
best music
i just don't have words
i hear it every single day
it makes your life wonderful
it's out of the best limit
this song shoulbe the number 1 of linkin park
So give me reason to prove me wrong, to wash this memory clean
Let the floods cross the distance in your eyes
Give me reason to fill this hole, connect the space between
Let it be enough to reach the truth that lies across this new divide
The Transformers:The Revenge of the Fallen. Well, they are so lucky that they had Linkin Park singing this so very awesome as the theme song for their movie. This is great!
I haven't listened to all of their songs so some might be as good as this one. I like "In the End" becuase of the rap, but it just doesn't bring out the feeling and emotion the way that "New Divide" does.
Awesome song with fantastic lyrics... In my opinion to put this at #3 is under rating. "What Ive Done" is cool too, and 2nd only to 'New Divide'. Please people listen to this song before you vote for any other.
Favorite song of all time! Words do not describe how amazing it is! This song was also in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen! How can you beat that! The only song that could come close to how awesome this one is is What I've Done.
its the best
the most awesome song I have ever heard of linkin park
the beats are something new. linkin parks the bes. I love it
linkin park rules
east or west linkin park is the best
linkin park = rock
I can't choose between the top ten.. All of them are my favourite... But New Divide is a song I can't just stop listening to and never will... Just too good... The part after the second stanza.. Gives me goosebumps... LP 4 Life..
its the perfect measure of rock. when I first heard it I couldn't stop listening to it. I had it on repeat. even today it is still what I listen to often. trust me. try it. one of their best songs for sure!
Chester Bennington is the best singer ever. So give me reason why is this song on number 3 when it should be number 1. This is undoubtedly Linkin Parks best song. This is Linkin Park at its very best.
Brilliant track, perfect blend of lyrics, instruments and video editing. Plus its inclusion in transformers 2 makes it all the better, captures the mood of the Movie. Linkin Park you Rock!

Just an awesome song... This is a complete song which absolutely gives pleasure to your ears and mind. Really a mind blowing song. Hear this and I bet you will Love this song. This song is better than numb.
I love the guitars, the drum, and Chester's voice made it the awesomest LP song for me. The lyrics are the best ever I heard in rock songs. VIVA LA CHESTER! VIVA LA SHINODA! VIVA LA LINKIN PARK!
The first, and the best linkin's park song. It's soundtrack of Transformer 2. That movie makes this song more beautiful! So, you better listen it and watch Transformer 2 at least once.
This song is more better than old numb I think that this song must come to top. This song is even much better than in the end. If you guys listen to this song then you will realize the truth!
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