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61A Light That Never Comes

Its rocking! Shinoda's rap, chester's vocal & steve aoki 's music is chilling and you will be enjoying it...

If you don't like this song. You must have no taste in music. Honestly listen 2 This it's their best song since (insert your soon to be other favorite Linkin' Park song's release year here) HONESTLY!

The best of 2013 by Linkin Park! This song with Steve Aoki is really awesome! A must listen song for all LP fans!

Should be at least in top 20

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62What We Don't Know

A song from their underground album and very beautiful and epic one. Hardly some one knows it. Unrated but very cool.

.1%? If you scrolled down this far to read my comment you might as well look up this amazing meaningful song, you won't be disappointed.

Too bad that many hardly know this great song, its one of the best songs to sing along.

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63Skin to Bone

Linkin Park have all the songs awesome even though this change in music felt very good... Skin to bone is really a very nice song and a music which can make a listener addict of it... Castle of glass and in my remains should also go up in this list

Thanks Linkin Park for making this Masterpiece...!
The song make me feel relief just like Leave out all the rest & Burning in the skies..

Seriously? Definitely a top 30 song

It should be in top 20 -_-

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641stp Klosr

You will love this song. Just like Krwlng, the lyrics are all separated in to like, 6 minutes worth of music. You will love it, and garenteed, you won't regret listening to it

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65In Between

This song is so awesome can't believe its not at least in the top 30 it shows the more calm side of Linkin Park it shows its one of their more deep songs.

I actually don't care that it's like "not cool", but it's really not! This is like one of the most beautiful song by Linkin Park. It shouldn't be on the first place, but IT SHOULD BE AT LEAST ON the 40th place! - kirillyanukovich

No no no noo! Very bad list! How can this so special song be here?

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66Pts. of. Athrty

Number 4 in my list, better than most songs in the top 10.

This song is highly energetic! It definitely does not deserve to be at this position.. Lp has given everything in this song.. The lyrics is awesome!

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No, this is better than most songs that are higher on this list!

Definitely one of the best in Reanimation. Why so low? 73rd? No one likes old Linkin apark anymore...

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68The Untitled

The Rap is full of rage, if you mix the rap (4rm The Untitled) with the Reff of 'In The End', YOU WILL GET THE BEST FROM IN THE END

69Across the Line

This song is so underrated. It always reminds me of the good days of breaking the habit, its like the replica of breaking the habit but more aggressive

What the! Such a good song and here at 64!
Just listen to it once, people and you'll realise that this song is just so awesome, the lyrics are just so... Let it be, you need to listen to it at least once.

... 69th place?

This song is so good...
In this desert
In darkness
Lying with the gun across his chest
He's heartless
As the fire flashes in the sky
He was fragile
And frozen
When the bullet took away his friend
And now he's somehow
More broken"
Epic lyrics, epic music...
Explain. Now.

So underrated, this song is so good!

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70Enth E Nd

Wonderful song, remix of in the end - hyuganejix

Very good remix of the original "in the end" song

Bottom of the list?
It certainly equals the original in the end
Though not better than the original

' it certainly equals 'in the end', though not better'? You crazy!

Lyrically Enth E Nd is not as good as the original, but in means of catchiness and the groove ya get, Enth E Nd prevails!

71Robot Boy

This is an epic song.. Chester's voice as always pours out the magical lyrics of the song.. Awesome lyrics... Great music... Simply the best

One of those songs which you don't really actively seek out, but when you listen to it you realize how awesome it is.

Miracles vice with number one epic in the world I every lesson this at morning song this robot boy it like rise think by other in you, it take high
and high so please my request is robot boy take in top ten list

Excellent piano piece

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72And OneV2 Comments
73All for Nothing

Awesome song ever heard with catchup lyrics. It makes me wow with hip hop dance. The song amazes up with lot of meanings. The lyrics are awesome. If you could just hear you will never regret

Its not the best of the Hunting Party, but hey can anyone deny that this song sounds like Hybrid Theory? This song is awesome!

Did you listen to mike's rapping in there! Also page Hamilton fits in perfectly

Page Hamilton makes this song a lot better! - NikBrusk

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75Keys to the Kingdom

I am really glad I didn't give up on Linkin Park, even if I wanted to. I hated A Thousand Suns and Living Things but The Hunting Party was just what I wanted it to be. And Keys to the Kingdom was Linkin Park's way to tell their fans: "We're back! ". Hopefully they will do more albums like that one because it was total dope, especially Keys.

The Hunting Party is amazing, Chester your screams are insane, I love every song on the album

Just like faint! I mean its just rocking when you reach the climax of the song! JUST love IT!

Imagine the mosh pit if they would play this song live, it would be a nightmare! - NikBrusk

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76We Made It

I seriously don't know what this song is doing way down here. If its that bad, it should be in at least Top 20. Listen to the Remix. Awesome music at least Top 20. Listen to the Remix. Awesome

The only reason for this song being here... So down... Low... Is that people hardly know about this song.. Trust me its awesome

We Made It is my favorite LP song it's only low because it's not technically a Linkin Park song, but it was released by Busta Rhymes


It's an interesting song, the music itself is catchy. The lyrics though, they address an important issue. Especially for those in the music industry who, save the urban lower class and police, encounter that issue the most.

The above comment is a generalization which does not always apply, I know, blah blah blah political correctness insert here.

WHY IS THIS SO LOW IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! I liked it from the first time I heard it! The lyrics give me chills, but they're so so amazing, the choruses are great too, this song is one of my favorites!

WHAT. This song is the only one that makes me cry! It's scary because it's about running away from yourself! What's not to like? It's so realistic!

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78No Roads Left

This is one of the most underrated songs... Sang by Mike, this song blows every Minutes to Midnight songs away... This is awesome, Listen to this... They should have made this a single.. So, listen to this, now.

This song contains the best song lyrics and message. It reflects the life of each and every non perfect person. Each of us have fears and flaws and we admit it or not we run away from it. Then silence spits us open until we found no roads left to run. But one road opens for us. THAT'S THE ROAD FOR COMING BACK TO GOD. Thank you Linkin Park for realizing it to me.

Why the HELL is this song @ no. 48!?
What happened to all the Linkin Park fans?
This is an insult to this song.
Vote for this please.
People, get voting.
I want to see this song at no. 1 the next time I check

Mike's voice is way better than I thought it would be! This song is underrated in my opinion.

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79SessionV1 Comment
80Issho Ni
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