Top 10 Male Indian Singers


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The Top Ten

Sonu Nigam
Son should be at number 1
I feels that I have goten all types of happiness when I listen the songs of sonu nigam. He is my idol and sometimes I think that he is second rafi
Die-heart fan... He's the best!
Love you Sonu, your an idol.
[Newest]The most popular singer in India. Sonu ji mera god hai

2Mohamed Rafi
Rafi the greatest singer in the whole wide world without doubt. People in the west have seen many T.V. adverts with M. Rafi songs and that is incediable and mind blowing.
He is the greatest singer ever born in the world. He had a unique voice quality, If God once again tries to create voice like Rafi he wont be able to recreate it because God creates unique things only once and that is Rafi sahab's voice.
Rafi is the best, legend of legends can sing any type of song with east, he can surf from high to low with ease. Equally melodious voice, well balanced with right base and high range. His diction is fantastic, you may feel every word. Incomparable.
[Newest]He is the singer that other singers praise!
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3Atif Aslam
I love his voice. He sings freely, really his voice is magical and he is very handsome. The best singer
His voice is good but attitude is not very rude singer.
I love his voice he is not in 16 no but in 1 no. I love him...
My dream is to sing with atif I love him a lot...
[Newest]Atif Aslam is only singer who sing with his full emotions... So I love your voice

4Kumar Sanu
He holds a Guinness World Record for recording 28 songs in a single day Awards *. 2009: Padma Shri : India 's 4th highest civilian honor given by Government of India. *. IIFA : Artist of the decade. *. The government of Denton in America observe Kumar Sanu Day on 31 March He won the first of his record five consecutive Filmfare awards as Best Male Playback Singer. His next Filmfare Awards came for songs in the movies Saajan (1991), Deewana (1992), Baazigar (1993), and 1942: A Love Story (1994).
After rafi saab and kishore the, kumar sanu gave us some great and beautiful songs to Indian film industry. He was singing emperor during 90s. Even today one can feel this if s/he hears his romantic songs sung during 90s.
[Newest]He is the very singer in all time

5Kishore Kumar
I think there is something mysterious in his voice that increase his voice quality and prefer him as the talented Indian male-singer ever
Upon reflecting on the movie industry between the 70's until the 80's it will come to light that many heroes benefited in terms of attaining popularity with their cinematic fans attributed to the playback voice of Kishore Kumar. This sentiment is seldom acknowledged by these actors. He was a star worthy of infinite praise. In my opinion he ought to feature as number one on your list.
Most casual/flexible/apt/realistic/singer ever born in indian soil
[Newest]Ageless, versatile, effortless, Kishore Kumar is the number 1 singer of all time

6KJ Yesudas
Yesudas, 50 Years completed in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam Film Industry as Playback Singer. Yesduas bagged more than govt awards from National and various state level. Yesudas has won the National Award (Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam) for the Best Male Playback Singer seven times, the most by any Indian singer.
Yesudas is the best in the world - not only respected in our country - but the entire music world - I would say when God desired to sing, He created Yesudas and sent him to our Universe. He handles both light music and classical music in the same ease and comfort. There is so much to learn from each and every song of his. It is sung with that much perfection which nobody else can repeat or try.
The celestial singer YESUDAS is the best male singer of India. YESUDAS is only the god of music or Voice of god. Living Legend.
[Newest]Ever best singer in the world
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7Udit Narayan
Udit narayan has an amazing voice. He is the best singer!
He has the best voice and the songs he sings in other languages in kannada tamil with expressions that is really awesome
Very natural and clear voice and great personality singer. He is the legend of Bollywood playback singer. His duets with Alka yagnik & Lata mangeshwor and 2009: Padma Shri : India 's 4th highest civilian honor given by Government of India. Many Filmfare Awards came for songs in the movies. He has given many super hits songs to India, Nepal, Tamil etc. Really god gifted singer.
[Newest]I love his song

8Arijit Singh
Oh guys! Vote, vote VOTE! HE deserves to be in the top5! :) FOr the lame ones, he sang tum hi ho... Now come on!
I'm from Mauritius. Always loved his voice and singing but after listening to "phir le aaya dil" at 'Pritam's iifa awards 2013'i can't listen to any other singer. He was at his best...
Has a voice which touches your heart
[Newest]My best singer is arijit singer

I love his voice. It was so sweat
He is one of the best singer on india n I wannaa give him rank 1...
Please vote him n make him most popular n the best singer of the century..
I just love his voice
[Newest]Voice quality is really good

10SP Balasubramaniam
SPB is the greatest ever singer in India.
Unfortunately he was recognized as a south Indian singer inspite of his best efforts he had done.
The biggest fun is here whenever anyone asks him who is the best singer?
He answers there are many great singer than me in the past and present.
He is an uncomparable singer.
The greatness of SPB, as I have seen, is in giving life to compositions of even lesser known composers. -music director
I think India may or may not produce such a genius singer in upcoming century.
He is the singer of the century. - Koti.
I don't whether the two greats KJY or SPB are comparable. But SPB can sing any type of song and that too he can make audience think that the actor himself sung that song so well.
He should be first on the list his music is the best
[Newest]He must be in the top of the list

The Contenders

11Kunnath Krishnakumar
Why isn't K.K. on the top? Listen to any K.K. song, and you will be mesmerized and feel intoxicated with the melody of his music and voice. Gosh he is so much better than singers like Atif Aslam, Kumar Sanu, and Shaan. He should at least on the top 5 along with the likes of Sonu Nigam and Udit.
K. K is worlds best singer... Great great great great voice & very down to earth personality, real artist who loves only and only music.. No show off...
No other Singer as Best as K. K in the Bollywood...
[Newest]He deserve in top 5

12Mohit Chauhan
Mohit chauhan is the best singer of the world. His voice is so different that it touches the heart. He is the best... I have no words
He should be at 1st position.. He is the best..!
Every song he sings by heart. And it touches as well
He is the best and always be special for me. He sings very well.
[Newest]Mohit is one of the best singers in Bollywood... Please guys vote for him...

13Honey Singh
He is best is Asia. He has like 60 or 70 awards. He has also charged Rs.7 million for a song in an upcoming film titled Mastaan starring Naseeruddin Shah. It is the biggest amount paid to a song artist in Bollywood to date, making Honey Singh the highest-paid musical artist in Bollywood.
He is the highest paid, and his songs are always loved especially by the young generation.
He is best in world in world specially in brown rang
[Newest]He was very great rapper singer an his attitude very powerful an he is very best singer..

14Baabul Supriyo
A perfect voice to listen when in romantic mood, he is very traditional
I like your voice
Voice is perfect romantic song

Ghantasala was a gifted singer and extremely talented in bringing precise emotions in voice. Very gentle and kind person. Telugu people are very fortunate he did not move to other areas like Hindi, then they would have lost him. He respected and mentored many young singers. Never he would have talked negative about any other singer. Rafi was another great singer. Drawing comparisons and ridiculing great singers by their fans is unfortunate.
Bhagavthgeetha says why ghantasala is on 1st.
He is truly Honored and versatile Singer. His private rendition "Bhagavad Gita" is daily played in the Tirupathi Temple.

Introduced the technique of changing the voice pitch and diction to suit the onscreen actor's performance. Singer of the southern film music in 50's and 60's. Was a carnatic musician, versatile playback singer & music composer. The only playback singer whose numerous statues have been installed across Andhra Pradesh, India.
Command on Telugu language and culture, strong base of classical music, divine voice quality and extraordinary ability to express the meaning of the lyrics - be it romance, devotional, pathos, anger, etc. He is a boon granted to the Telugu music lovers.
[Newest]Ghantasala should not be rated in this list... He is above all this.

16Abhijeet Bhattacharya
One of the finest playback singer with a youthful mesmerizing soothing voice
One of the best male voice
Abhijeet ji is my best favourite singer in india

Please put the name of this greatest singer in top position. Only people who have not heard his songs or do not have any knowledge regarding rating a singer can do such injustice to all time great singer like our beloved Mukesh saab. Please do not vote without knowledge. This is my humble request all those who vote
His voice is just amazing. And what's more is his style. He sang every song with full effort. He entertained us for more than 3 decades. Wonder, why he isn't included in the top three.
He has not learnt but his voice is extremely melodious

18Mohammad Aziz
No other singer has such a meleodous voice as mohd aziz.
Muhammad Aziz after (Late) Muhammad Rafi is a King of play back singing in India. Mohammad Aziz can sing every type of singing like Melody, Tragedy, Sufi and National Songs, right now in India no body can sing likh Muhammad Aziz and I also Disagree with this voting its not fact based Muhammad Rafi should be at top singers in India no one compete him.
Mohd Aziz is a True legend and deserves to be amongst top 10
[Newest]Mohd aziz is the greatest singer.

19Shankar Mahadevan
One and only! No one can live without breath. But he is breathless.
In my opinion he is the most versatile singer we ever had. Highly gifted.
This doesn't need to breath at all.
[Newest]He is a Rockstar.

20Manna Dey
One of the greatest living classical singers of all times
He is better than other classical singers
He is singers singer He can sing all type of song from Aao Twist kore to Jhanak jhanak Baje payelia

21Javed Ali
I think he is the best young singer. He is very talented. His voice is wonderful and he is very handsome..
Javed's Voice is really heart touching guys! Please. Please. please. Vote for javed
Yes. Javed Ali is best singer of that word in romantic singer and he. S voice so melody.F.
[Newest]I love his voice and um super jealous of his range

22Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Rahat is best of all... His sang a song very very good and touch to heart
He is simply very talented and he does not have many songs in bollywood but if he did he would be even more popular!
Gretest singer of pakistan we proud 4 you
[Newest]He deserves a better position in the list

23Zubeen Garg
He is really one of the best singers
My very best singer of zubeen garg
I want to BECOME more than Zubeen Garg.
[Newest]He is the Best Singer in the Whole World

He his the best... All time favorite singer. His voice is simply amazing!
He is a versatile singer. He deserves to be the best singer in the world.
He is one of the Top Ten Singer After SPB in Tamil Film Industry.
[Newest]Amazing singer in multi languages

25Sukwinder Singh
He sang the theme song for the movie inside man a great voice,
He has got natural talented voice, the pitch at which he sings songs is very high and at that pitch its very difficult to sing. just listen his song "jai hoo" and feel the difference.

26Babbu Maan
Babbu maan has a huge fan power in india
First singer who has huge fan following.. In punjab or foregn... He is a god of his fans... Number 1 in the world

27A. R. Rahman
Awesome singing just love it!
What! I am surprised to see him down here... He should be in the top ten.. HE WON OSCAR!
Don't compare this great singer with any one else
[Newest]No words for him

28Mahendra Kapoor
He has a vibrant voice. His Soulful singing can make you smile n cry at the same time. He deserves to be a lot higher, next to Rafi ji.
Ye Hindustan ke mahaan singer hai

29Kailash Kher
A vocal range which extends from a very deep base voice to a very high pitched voice... Not all high pitched singers can do it...
I like the rough edges in his voice...
He is a very good singer. The magic of his voice in all over India

30Anirudh Ravichander
Super music and singer he is best in the world
Rocking hero, such a lovable person
Best rock music in world

31Kunal Ganjawala
I like his voice... Quite amazing different from all...

32Suresh Wadkar
Suresh Ji Classical Base And Attractive Voice Qualitye Singer,
He is super singer. He sang Meri Qismat Mein Tu Nahi Shaya...

33P. Jayachandran
He should be with in 10
He is one of the best singer with a unique voice
One of the best singer in India

34Bappi Lahiri
I like just and just your songs I want to become like you sir. I love your songs. Me.habib ghiyaz khan durani from afghanistan. Dil main ho tum ankhon may tum bappi lahri " we love you DADA.

35Naresh Iyer
Awesome voice... He can manage all types of songs as very soft... Romantic voice...

36Yuvan Shankar Raja
I am addicted 2 u1 voice

37Lucky Ali
.. lucky ali 34 in the list shocking :-/... people should listen to his songs it will surely touch your heart I can bet on that
Ali. Ali and ali
... Always natural
[Newest]Should be at number 1 not here

38Amitabh Bachchan
Amazing voice and actor

Really iam shocked to see karthik in 26th position you should not compare him with other singers he is different.some singers are known for melody& some known for fast beat. But karthik can sing any variety and can impress anybody if you don't agree with me just listen to his songs and you will change your view he is unbelievable
Best superb singer in the world more than Ghantasala and KJ Yesudas
Superb voice.. Addicted to it..
[Newest]Should be # 2 next to sonu nigam

40Ali Zafar
He is fabulous... He is a versatile singer... And I love d way he sings a song..
I like Ali Zafar very much. He is a really nice singer.
He is better in acting than singing.

41Hemanta Kumar
God gifted voice quality and a great personality

42Roop Kumar Rathod
He should definitely feature in top 10 list... I can never pass a day without listening to his songs

43Manapragada Narasimha Murthy

44Rahul Kumar

45Ankit Tiwari
Very magical voice. The long hours he spent in practice sessions during his childhood are proving to be fruitful.

Both the songs, galliyan and the other one from aashiqui 2 are mesmerizing. His music direction too is notable
I love you magical voice ankit sir
Ankit's voice is to good in galliyan and sun raha hai.

46P.B. Sreenivas
One of greatest in music world.

47T. M. Soundararajan
He is the dictionary to all south Indian singers just like Rafi in the north
Simply versatile; no one can reach his high pitch flawlessly, ---- Mano
To me he is number 1

Though I would not like to compare him with any other legendary singers, I like his voice and songs. He really sings very well. His singing talent is no less than any of legendary singers but the problem is he sang only kannada songs so he may not get more votes
Dr. Rajkumar is the greatest singing actor off all times. Real superstar and supersinger

I love this singer. He is such an amazing singer I have ever seen. Wish him all success in life.
Great voice... Dude keep it up.
Die hard fan of papon. He has a soulful voice

50Shafqat Amanat Ali
A perfect blend of chest and head registers... Full with emotion... And totally different voice that cannot be described using words...
A divine voice that touches hearts...
He is the best, magical voice:) my music teacher!

51Ash King
He has an angelic voice.. Sang songs like Te Amo, I love You, Aunty ji
His voice is so soulful!
He is the best... His voice is so melidious...!

52Vinod Rathod
Very unique voice. the one and only real competitor to kumar sanu during the 90's.

Songs like 'chupana bhi' from baazigar, would never suit anyone other than Vinod Rathod.

53Gajendra Varma
He is the best singer I have seen.

I like his attitude and style.

I have heard all the songs of gv and hope to come soon in 1 rank in rankings
Why on earth are his songs going unnoticed

54Unni Krishnan


56Unni Menon

57Rajesh Krishnan
Extremely melodious and versatile. nearly matches SPB's voice in base and pitch.
Though the pitch is not that high, he achieves it with finesse. One of the most prominent singers in Kannada film industry since 20 years.

Very addictive voice too.
His voice is very melodius

58Vinit Singh

59Falak Shabir
He is a best singer I ever have seen...
He is probably the best singer! His voice is mesmerizing. Mera mann, saajna stands out the lot simply awesome. His song ijazat is awestruck just wow truly poetry in motion. He definitely deserves to be number 1

60M. G. Sreekumar
He is also a versatile singer. He also must be in the list.

61Malaysia Vasudevan

62Arpit Shukla

63Bilal Saeed
Bilal saeed I love your songs

This guys is amazing at singing, check out his videos!
Check out his videos... They are really AWESOME
India is lucky to have a singer like him
[Newest]He should be in the top 3 easily

65Benny Dayal
Hey why he is on 81 position he should be on top 25
Benny is awesome. can't believe this!
His voice is a god's gift

66Mohammad Irfan
He is a best upcoming singing sensation for Bollywood
One of my favourite

67Imran Khan
He's only the best


69Neeraj Shridhar

70Freddie Mercury
How is he almost at the bottom (no pun intended)? He was the greatest, 'enough said.


71M. Balamuralikrishna
He is so good that many ranked in this above him refer to him as a legend, as one they can only dream of surpassing. This list makes no sense right now with Dr. BMK at 70!

72Ayushmann Khurrana
You are my best singer
Rejected from Indian Idol to Filmfare, Might not be the best singers, but his Paani the stands out, he deserves a like

73Farhan Saeed
I think 'naam-e-wafa' is the his debut song in the movie creature 3D. In this movie starring one of the stylish actor in the world. He is a Pakistani. Bipasha Basu is the actress.

74Altamash Faridi

75Sanam Puri
He Is The Most Talented Young Singer In The B'Wood Industry.

76Abid Hameed Khan

77Saranya 'lahul' Ghosh
Super young talent. Very soulful and versatile singer. Love you lahul
Dekh Bawari great song and music

Mohd rafi is the best singer in the world
Rafi sahab is the best singer in the wirld..


80Yash Lunia

81Shabbir Kumar
He is the greatest singer all the time in Bollywood a after our dear late Md rafi saahab...

82Jubin Nautiyal
He only sung 2 songs.. Both are top rated songs

83Sreerama Chandra

84Jaydeep Swadia
Best singer with sweet voice and emotions

I think he is the best in the world

86Harshit Saxena

87Mustafa Zahid
Why he is on 98th position..

88Anuj Gurwara

89G.V Prakash
G. V Prakash is the very best super light music singer no one beat him
Such a good person
I love his voice and feels, dedication and...
He is unbeatable!

90Ritesh Sah


92Jabar Abbas

93K. L. Saigal
How could people forget him?

One of good play back singer

95Rajesh Swami Nokha

96Saim Bhat

97Dikshu Sarma
He is the best...

98Mallappally Srinivas

99Vishal Dadlani
Best for all types songs...
He is a good composer and good sing also
Vishal you are best

100Adnan Sami

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