Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - Rust in Peace


1. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
2. Symphony of Destruction
3. Hangar 18
4. Peace Sells
5. Rust In Peace... Polaris
6. Take No Prisoners
7. Washington Is Next
8. Good Mourning / Black Friday
9. Dawn Patrol
10. United Abomination
The reason for my top ten list is: holy wars is a really the best thrash metal song in the world, it has the coolest guitar riff and Nick Menza's most famous drum beat, no other thrash metal song can beat it, Metallica is overall better than Megadeth (what I think), but Metallica hasn't got a single song that can match Holy Wars, and this song is the one that made megadeth really famous! Symphony Of Destruction is also great, because Dave Mustaine's amazing vocal, and how the riff and drum beat fit the song. Hangar 18 has better riff and guitar solo than holy wars (maybe), the polly rhythm drum beat is also good.
Peace Sells: this song gave me Goosebumps, every time I listen to it, I felt like I just watched a horror movie. And once again the bass solo is amazing. Rust in Peace Polaris has a really cool drum intro. Take No Prisoners feature Dave Mustaine's most famous spider riff, and the engineering for this song is awesome too. Washington is next is the song I first heard few days ago, apparently it's from their recently album, it's good I guess. Good Mourning Black Friday matches Fade to black they both start off with acoustic guitar riff then add the overdriven solos. Dawn Patrol is a short song with awesome bass riff. I wish Nick Menza would come to Megadeth.

Everything about this song is perfect thrash metal. It starts off fast with an instantly recognizable opening riff, and it goes through a bunch of different riffs before getting to the slow paced breakdown. After that, it comes back with a new heavy and fast riff and a blistering guitar solo. The guitar work is unbelievable and the drumming and lyrics add to this incredible thrash metal staple. - Racing_with_the_devil

This is the best Megadeth song ever written, and it's not even much of a contest. The fact that Dave Mustaine has a solo that's as intense as it is towards the end of the song, AND he's the lead vocalist for the band, makes me think he's one of the greatest guitar players metal will ever see. Everything you love about Megadeth is wrapped into this song

This song is a all-time great and one of the hardest songs to play. - Badger

YES. This is the best song out of the lot and was the first ever megadeth song I heard and I think its awesome. However I think that some of the other songs like good mourning black friday and a lot of the peace sells album should be on top. Because we all know that peace sells album is the best album.

My all time favorite Megadeth song. The lyrics are great, the guitar work is AMAZING. The transition from Holy Wars, into The Punishment Due, with the acoustic solo was a great idea. The guitar solo's are epic, as well as the riff they play right before Mustaine's solo.

Nobody can make a better heavy metal song than this, even Dave Mustaine himself. Who else could have thought about the lyrics that can fit every country's problems and religion crap. Not even talking about the damn good solo and guitar tabs. Thank you Megadeth.

Strong lyrics, amazing guitar work, an extreme solo and an intro that is too awesome not to enjoy! This is Megadeth at their finest and deserves to be as high as it is. The lyrics are heavy yet serious, which is matched perfectly with the guitar and bass work. The solo is suprising and is completely amazing. All in all, a testament to how good a composer Dave is and just what metal can be!

Megadeth is the ONLY band that can do this song perfectly, every single time. No other band would be able to do even the intro. This song I defiantly think this is their best song without question.

An excellent example of what a peaking genre is all about! Megadeth pulled out all the stops on Rust in Peace and this track is a masterpiece that stands out head and shoulders above the rest. In a word - Epic!

Greatest Megadeth song ever! It has a fast pace and it just builds you up. I listen to it when I need to get pumped up for certain sports. You can't go wrong picking this great song as number 1

It's the # 1 song Megadeth song and for good reason. It's an all around great thrasher that gets you pumped up and set to listen to the rest of one of the best heavy metal albums of all time as well!

One of Hardest to play, Hardest to perform, Bestest metal ever...

I'll be needing 4 heads for doing head-banging for thins song. - rupamforever

This song ruins my school for listening it for too long. It has the richest solo and vocal, from both Dave and Marty. It also has exceptional lyrics for Holy Wars and The Punishment Due.

this song is the best thrash metal song I have ever heard!
the starting, the vocals, the solo everything is perfect
i can listen to this any number of times
wonderful soong!

Just the riff grabs your attention the guitar playing is awesome not as good as hanger 18 but still my favorite by the way Nick menza is one of the most underrated drummers of all time

This whole album is classic starting off with this great song. Intro, mid song tempo change solo all great. Rust is up there with one of the greatest metal albums in my opinion

This song has got the toughest guitar riffs more than any Metallica song... so I think dave did the right thing to quit Metallica and form megadeth...

My life's best song ever! And it's so hard to cover! But I will try my best to cover holy wars... It's my dream to cover the full song!

Insane lyrics! Insane bass! Insane Drums! Insane guitar with the best damn solo I've ever heard! This song deserves to be #1!

If someone asked me THE metal song to listen to to get an idea of what it sounds like, I would tell them to listen to listen to Holy Wars... The Punishment Due.

Every time I hear the slow riff in the middle part of the song, I get the shivers. so good mustaine really hit this one on the head

It's an awesome song. Love it!

One of the greatest thrash metal songs of all time. Legendary riffs and solos backed by a phenomenal drum and bass section. Everything sounds tight

This song introduced me to Megadeth.. When I first heard it, I thought it was okay.. But when I heard it carefully again and again, my mind just blew away! - hanaan143