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1United States of America
Having spent 26 years in the Air Force and still working for the Air Force as a civilian, I can tell you that the United States is the world leader in logistics. Most wars are lost due to poor logistics. If you can't maintain a long supply line and get your troops where they need to be, your war effort will lose steam and you'll eventually lose. This happened to Napoleon, Santa Ana, Hitler and even Japan. The Romans even had to avoid over extending themselves. During the second Gulf War the US military had to halt it's move into Iraq to allow the supply line to catch up. Army's with poor logistics have to win wars quickly, or they risk losing. The United States knows this and fights long, extended wars to wear out the opponent. Unless, of course, we hit with a knock out punch during a police action. The point is, if your have poor logistics, everything else is academic.
Of course the United States has the strongest military don't listen to Russian or to India. The us has a top notch military.
Right off, after my twenty-one years of being alive here, having had a brother in the air force for three years, I am indeed a American who knows what he's talking about. The United States of America was founded in the past, like many other countries of today, due to one idea: Freedom. During this day and age, I do believe that the leaders/ways of the USA have somewhat struggled, tripped along with forgotten what exactly that word means. Nowadays, even in the USA's past, America has become a bit questionable. Is it truly a liberator like formerly thought... or is it more of a bully as thought now? I, personally, do not blame my fellow citizens here in the US for our failing image towards the rest of the world. And, truly, what country is perfect in image? Honestly, be you Russian, American, Chinese, Indian or whatnot, we're all human and we can't be that different. When it comes down to it, our leaders are responsible for our image and, hmf, when did that suddenly not matter? When did gaining the most weapons and being at the top of everything become so very important?

Anyway, I may be hating on my own country but I'm still a patriot and wouldn't want to live anywhere else then between the Canadians and Mexicans here. The United States of America may be a bit tipsy these days but it's still unquestionably one of the greatest powers in the world; economically, militarily, spiritually and so on. We Americans just have to quit all of this bull crap of running around, sticking our noses in everyone's business and having our resources scattered across the world. If we're really the supposed liberators of the world, if we really are leaders, then we need to set a better example, cease all actions, deflate our egos, pull back to recover our image and wait to pull off another few victories like we did in WWI + WWII. Because, honestly, when we do that... America will once again become the indomitable powerhouse it was mere decades back. Of course, it's a powerhouse now. Just imagine it though with its head straight on its shoulders for a change. Scary, right?
Funny how your history can start in the late 1940s and America is responsible for every event in the world! This nation had what size of a military in 1940?

As for the top comment for the USA concerning logistics, absolutely correct! Always said the great genius of the American military and it's greatest contribution to winning both world wars can be laid at the feet of our supply system! Without it, Germany wins! Even more amazing is the global reach it had and still was able to supply it's so called allies at the same time! Sure the commie Russians died in the multiple millions and bore the greatest personal hardships but they would have had a much worse time of it without the huge contribution our nation made. Not saying they were not important but saying all gad a part! The reverse can be said about Japan! Without the Russian attacks in Asia, I think history has shown the Japanese would have continued the fight even with our few nukes! The prospect of facing absolute destruction from all directions was the deciding factor! Now if Hitler was not such an idiot and had he not made numerous huge mistakes on so many levels, Germany May have won the war before we ever got started and then it would have been Us alone against them, at this point, it would have been difficult to say the least!

Today, I feel that with our new ever increasing progressive liberal controlled economy and our changing reliance away from community and family to the state and a military governed more by career bureaucracies and individuals creating more every day, that this great American advantage is being lost fast!
[Newest]The United States of America is too damn strong! Drones, everything! ; but it's most powerful due to the intel it has gathered on all the countries and everything!
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The fact that India never attacks anyone and it has successfully defended all its enemies takes India to the top
US has the tech but is too scared to actually use it and they have unnecessary, meaningless, pointless and completely wasteful wars. They think they are the liberators but they aren't.

India on the other hand is in the UN's list of militaries to help out at crisis. America is selling us the military tech too so it is pointless arguing.


US are not scared to use their technology. Not at all. In fact they use it even too much
Gabriel Franklin

Its Like The Country Says

"who We Are Is Not Important"
"What We Are Is Important"
[Newest]Proudly I say that India powerful country I hope one day will make number 1 and I proud on Indian army they alway fight to terrorism and enemies
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3Russian Federation
Napoleon and Hitler each tried to hurt Russia, and the Russians were outnumbered both times, but Russia always won. Part of the Russian anthem is:"Our loyalty to the Fatherland gives us strength. ". All Russians are brothers, they will do anything to protect each other and Mother Russia.
Alexander the Great tried to invade India, but he failed. Just so you now, Alex was way stronger than Napoleon, although Russia has good army too and I will admit that.


Are you kidding me 5th! They have have enough nuclear power to make the world other than Russia a nuclear waste land. They have the toughest and the best training in the world. Also they have the spetznaz. The most powerful elite forces in the world. Russian soldiers are taught to be immune to pain. They are the best army in the world!
Plus they are plain awesome.
What is all of this crap about putting down the USA during WWII, Russia? Listen, I'm willing to admit that Russia was indeed a world power during that desperate day and age but seriously... while American soldiers were battering down the walls of Germany and Italy, while they were helping all of allied Europe get back on its feet, Russia was getting smashed to pieces. Then, after having destroyed so much of the Russian forces who were still riding horses against tanks at times, Germany had to withdraw from the north due to both the cold of winter as well as advancing allied forces reinforced by America.

Seriously, I hold no hard feelings towards the people of the world. I in fact respect how there are so many growing super powers out there today. You guys are indeed strong and awesome. When the Reapers from Mass Effect come to earth, they're going to find that you're indeed stronger than strong in body, mind, soul. Still, don't put down America's decisions of WWII. Not when you guys lost the most men, had to continually retreat further north and were only saved by winter's wrath at that time and the USA almost single handedly got allied Europe back into the fight.
[Newest]No matter what the Americans says... If we release it takes only 2 minutes or less to shut their mouth forever...
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They are vy strict and focus a lot on military power. That's is what makes a powerful country or military!
They are more advance in technologies
Don't forget, Chinese were the ones who made gunpowder in the first place. Other nations should be thankful that China let others have the military they have now. Every soldier should have a gun, and China INVENTED GUNS.

Before you think "China is weak" of other BS, think about if China never exported it's gunpowder. Only China's army would have guns then. Everyone else would have bows and arrows and swords, while we would be shooting the crap out of you.

China does NOT have a paper army and their weapons do NOT fall apart. Those who claim they do are ignorant a-holes. China is the greatest Asian power, and will become a global military superpower among Russia and USA. They are way ahead of Japan economically now, and on the brink of surpassing USA as the economic superpower.
[Newest]China is the main source of imported and exported goods mostly, China should be first
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5United Kingdom
The United Kingdom is still Technically the strongest country in the world. It is the biggest investor in each of the top five economically performing countries in the world (even more so than China), thus making it the second richest country in the world behind the US, is home to the world's financial trading center (London) of which it trades trillions in sterling world wide every day on the London Stock Exchange, and has the best regarded political relations world wide. The UK is also home to BAE Systems; The most advanced global company engaged in the development, delivery, and support of defense, security, and aerospace (Air, Sea, and Land) world wide.
The UK may not match other militaries in terms of size, but it can't anyway. Britain cannot support a military the same size as Russias or Chinas. What Britain can do is build the most technologically advanced fleet or warships in the world (Type 45 destroyer and Astute-Class submarine) and do what Britain has always done best, do what it can with what it has got, that's what has always given Britain the advantage.
Incredibly advanced, great military discipline. Probably the best navy in the world, at least second.


[Newest]Small army, but very good.
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Germany has the third largest economy in the world, they have created some of the greatest weapons in history and of the modern world, like the StG44, which was copied by the Russians to make the AK47, and is the basis by which all assault rifles are created. Check the facts Germany almost always had the latest and greatest weapons of the time, After WW1 Germany was a third world country with only 100,000 soldiers, with in 18 years Germany was a global superpower with the largest military in the world, Germany has the potential to become modern superpower... And they have tanks that can run on cooking oil and biodiesel
I think the German army is understimated. They don't own the highest amount of troops, neither do they have nuclear power. But as I heard they are able to create nuclear weapons within minutes. I mean, they are the country which led to the invention of the atomic bomb. And even if they are selling thir high developed tanks and so on to other states, doesn't mean they have already achieved new weapons, none of their allies knows about. I think the German perfectionism makes them one of most feared enemy you could have. Remember WWII, if the war would have lasted longer without the US signing a war declaration, with it's nearly infinite amount of resources in relativity to Germany, the country could have fought all enemies off, just by more advanced techniques.
Not first place but still to mention.
They have a great moral and they are important for the NATO.
[Newest]The German army is very powerful
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Israel is the 4th powerful country in the world many people don't know that.
Israel may not have the largest army. However, the quality of personnel their military has is of the highest caliber. Their officers and commandos are the most effective in the world. In addition, they train the United State's police officers and military personnel.
I would say that they may not have had as much experience with full scale wars as the U.S. (because they only fight wars they have to) but they have pulled off far greater victories than any other army in modern history. And their special forces have more experience than any other army today.
[Newest]Israel is not the 4th strongest country in the world Israel is probably the 10th strongest country in the world.
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Until today, France is the first world superpower in Africa. The USA believes on France to protect Africa against the terrorism, Africa believes on France to train them, Europe believes on France to protect Europe conjointly with UK. They are also one of the most present on the world with a large number of bases in oceans and Africa.
Incredibly underrated they have a great navy and air force.


France has 300 nuclear weapons and the French Foreign Legion, arguably the most elite force on earth. They are also one of the few nations with an aircraft carrier.
[Newest]You are mixing French Republic with France.

They are the same.

The results of both must be merged in one.


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Japan.. Must lead.. Or maybe not cause Japan is peaceful already I'm not saying that they are tired already but they have lowest crime in the world and also I believe that they have strong military in the world than Korea.. Korea not not strong look they have been proven that Japan defeated Korea and China many times so Korea. You lose so shut your low brains their
Is this a joke? I think Japan is better than Germany because Japan has more powerful navy and air power and technologies
It very powerful country.
[Newest]Japan has like usa on its side and India IS NOT NUMBER 2
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10South Korea
South Korea is strong but still needs many more military areas for improvement. And it has managed to defeat some countries, but still relies on some help. I do agree that North Korea is strong but North Korea is very aggressive, I'm surprised it's in the UN. I think that Korea should improve but still is a respectably strong country. Nobody can ignore that. South Korea should keep growing!
Its much more successful then North Korea
It has many high tech weapons.
[Newest]South Korea is way stronger then Japan
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Islamic Republic of Pakistan - very good military training and professionalism, the largest Muslim military power in the world with over 600,000 active troops and the 6th/7th largest in the world, very large and powerful army and air force decent navy, a very experienced army with it's wars with neighbouring India, the only Muslim nuclear power, strong alliances with Turkey and the rest of Middle East and the Muslim world especially with the Arab states, China, France and some NATO/EU/Europe, and US, largest contributor to UN peacekeeping missions with over 10,000 soldiers, second largest Muslim country and one of the largest in the world in population with 180 million people, etc.
Pakistan army is the best army in the world and have best missile system in the world. Army is professional strong and having up to date weapons and equipped with nuclear weapon.
Pakistani army is the most powerful army of the world with restricted resources and unbalance political scenario. The corps are well trained and professional
[Newest]Pakistan is the more power full country then India
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Well with over 1 million military personnel available at any moment this is a large army not the largest but if you have a million soldiers against a nation with 2 million what if they are not all brave and loyal fighters numbers do not always make a difference. Well planned tactics always overall numbers this has been proven in many historic battles. However like only a few nations army service is compulsory in Turkey so once you hit 17/ 18 and not studying your in. if you study then you have to go back and do the service so imagine what numbers could be each year go by. Turkish economy us self sustained. They don't like too much help from other nations. With all the Middle East problems why nobody done anything to Turkey even though Turkey supplied aid in all the wars around it ( no military support). Turkey is placed in the best location for a Middle East war and all western and European nations will and have required Turkish and Cypriot resources to assist with there campaigns. Turkey do the best kebabs, people and soldiers need food after all we might suck at football but we ended up 3rd in a world cup in the past decade if you look at the list in the past 10 years what great nations don't make it that far. ( but they are pretty bad now didn't think about the future of football when they was up) Overall every nation has capabilities weakness and advantages. If how far they will go to use it and the relationships between nations. NATO overalls and that's is probably close to a billion military personnel should it need it. Who wants to go war with that.
Turkey has one of the most powerful army in the world and they're continued of Ottoman Empire. As you know, Ottoman Empire was the owner of the world formerly. Because of it, Turkey's soldiers are so experienced and well trained. Also they have special team called Marron Berets. They're best special team (you can Google it) in the world. Also Turkey so well advanced and civilize country. They've own weapons and planes etc.
Turkey is actually the 6th most powerful country in the world, the listing on other websites says so
[Newest]2nd powerful country in NATO after US with a military history
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Did you know that "This" beat US and France and China in the past. With their will to do anything to protect their country and their unmeasured patriotic, bold. What kind of army can stand against those during "day and night"?. And their creative traps/weapons. The history have lighted it all
Hey I love Vietnam.
Why 21? Vietnamese had defeated powerful empires of Mongols, French, and Japanese. Also Vietnam defeated the US and huge dynasties of China
[Newest]Vietnamese really hate war.
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14North Korea
North Korea may not be the strongest current military but I think that if North Korea were to enter a war, they could have no problem drafting every single able bodied citizen into the military. The North Koreans are so brainwashed that they would do ANYTHING for their country, literally. North Korea already abuses human rights to the max, so they wouldn't have any problem forcing all of their people into the military. If they were to draft all of their able bodied people (which is very well possible), it would create a North Korean military of 20,000,000+
The only reason the North Koreans have such a large army is because the government gives the families of all military personnel free food, resulting in a fight or starve system. Most of them are malnourished and untrained at any form of combat. They have a tiny Air Force, no navy worth mentioning and less nuclear missiles than the USA has on one of it's submarines. So, no, they have one of the worst armies in the world. I doubt that without China helping them they wouldn't be able to take over Delaware.
They had war to US in 50s. They have armistice in war to US first. They have neutron bomb and Cobalt bomb, hydrogen bomb. And they have soldiers much than Russia.
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Iran is on 2nd powerful military in the world
It is a powerful state that even the us is scared to pick on
Iran a Muslim country with largest, powerful, strongest army and have up to date guns, weapons, nuclear bombs and the powerful military country in Middle East and the army is so bravest and strong that it fights with with so bravery. PAK Iran ZINDABAD
[Newest]It is higher than Israel.
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Canadians train Americans in there combat skill, our forces may be small, but the skill in a true Canadian could just be any countries ticket to hell. We never give up, never surrender, and will NEVER let anyone take our beautiful homeland!
Us Canadians train the Americans in their combat skill
Canada's infantry is trained the same way as the navy seal and I'm fairly sure they are "Elite". So if American "Elite" soldier are trained like our regular soldiers. How good are the Canadian Elite soldiers then?
[Newest]Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh!
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Australia may be underrated but it is powerful. It has high quite high tech weapons and vehicles. I personally believe it has pretty well trained personnel (Even though that is what everybody says) and has the minerals and wealth to whip up powerful weapons in no time. (One of the largest exporters or gold, uranium, coal and iron)
Even though Indonesia has a huge population compared to Australia, it doesn't Mean Australia wouldn't stand a chance, it's not all about better weapons or more troops, it's also about tactics, Australia stays below the radar of most countries and has ended up with only one major attack. If the world went to war, they would stand a chance because firstly they are quite remote, secondly they have good allies in helpful places and thirdly Australia doesn't just run into battle if something doesn't look right.
Australia's light horse division even took Beersheba from Turkey and Germany in World War 1 and they were the only nation to successfully do it, They also fought at Gallipoli alongside New Zealand. Australian soldiers defended their home land in World War 2 when the Japanese bombed Darwin and other towns, and how The soldiers also fought at Kokoda track. Australia might not have nuclear weapons or the biggest army, but we have one of the Bravest armies out their. Australia is also very loyal to their allies because we have fought alongside of them in many wars. Overall if you mess with Australia it will fight back and win!
[Newest]Of course it's small, but, it's power for it's size is very big
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Just shut your mouth the English maybe powerful but they have destroyed the countries they have ruled. England sucks!
All powerful and all quiet, very English...
England is way higher than twenty!
The Egyptian Army is the strongest Arab Army.
Egypt is the strongest Air Force in the Middle East along with Israel.
Strongest country in Africa. I'd say it would deserve around 13-15th place.
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Russia is always #1. This ratings are not accurate.
I am Not Russian But Russia is 2nd if not the first.
Why is it no.20 on this stupid list
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