Most Powerful Countries In the World


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United States of America
America May be one of the strongest now but it's declining rapidly with its capitalist mentality and people attempting to live an American dream that wasn't born to begin with. Very soon the economy will fall and another country will take it's place. Nothing lasts forever. Sorry America. Bye bye
No doubt America is powerful are military budget is 48% of the world that's more than Europe or China and Russia combined, this comes with are high economic power too, most powerful city in the world is located here, 315 million people live here
Declining rapidly? Please do not listen to that man. WE have the largest economy, double the size of China, in second place. Our military budget tops everyone, and we provide the most foreign aid out of any country. Please don't criticize us, when you don't realize that you couldn't be anything without us.
[Newest]Let's be honest here.

India is very popular in world because India have a big army, big rules and laws, most popular leaders, good culture, many languages, good players in cricket
This a country where all religion and all caste people live here
India has a large population with a very large army and large economy. India has nuclear weapons and has huge advances in science and engineering
[Newest]India is one of the best countries which never hide its truth unlike other countries

Russia have a high rank in army and defense. New Technics in defense also a speciality of Russia. Also they are top in Introducing new inventions. They are top in IT. The first man to space is from Russia.
Russia should be #2. Russia has the second most powerful military and only about 300 nukes away from having more than US.
Russia has one of top armies in the world. It also has world biggest amount of natural resources. And of course the most nukes.
[Newest]Please, this says "Most POWERFUL". America and Russia should be battling for the Number 1 and 2 spot, with the European Union and China trailing behind.

China is the innovative leader of the future, with a large workforce, a booming economy and cutting-edge technology. China will revolutionise the world!
India and Russia above China? Really? China is the second world superpower and will dominate the 21st century.
China is currently leaping ahead of usa or Europe on terms of economy, with average GDP growth of about 7% yearly, combined with an ever increasing military. Chinese military advancements can be clearly seen by the j-20, it's many technologically advanced missiles, such as the df-21d, ICBM's, or their latest satellite-killers.

China is also hard at work making trade alliances, as well as military alliances, with other countries such as Russia, Iran, Pakistan, Venezuela and Argentina.

Thos country will soon be not only the top exporter of the world, but will be the top economy, military and technology hub of the world.
[Newest]China is slowing down though.

I wonder how they became powerful. Even after the 2 Atom Bombs.
Japan is today's future~~~
This country is extremely powerful, is one of the richest and has the best navy

[Newest]Not best navy but good navy

It's the most inventive of any nation in the world, and the only thing they haven't invented is God, but that could be debatable.
England is in Great Britain so how can Great Britain be 9th and England 8th? I think England (Great Britain) should be 5th.
[Newest]Great. This list has England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom. What the heck?

The only country in the EU that isn't struggling. enough said.


One day Germany will rise again...
It has the strongest economy in whole Europe.

France is in the top five due to its Nukes and force de frappe which can hit anywhere in the world in a short span of time... The shame is that the socialists are ruining the economy...

9United Kingdom

Very very very very very very good

The Contenders


12United Kingdom
Because there army is strong
It was a superpower and its army survive ww1 and ww2 it's the most powerful nation in Europe

13Republic of the Philippines
Philippines is not boasting its all military weaponry. That's why other country thinks that this country is weak but in reality there are many secret military technology hidden in underground fortresses.
It's more fun in the Philippines!
More Fun in there I love Philippines

Large army, defeated in 3 times out of 4 wars even though India had at least 5-10 times larger army. It's the only Muslim country with declared nukes, defeated the superpower Russia with its proxy war in Afghanistan fought by the afghan mujahideen. America cannot do anything about the Pakistanis double crossing them when it comes to Afghanistan. What we need to realise is Pakistan is not going to fully support us with our war in Afghanistan as Afghanistan is a; Muslim country, neighbour (with a large border), similar cultures, food and dress, and there are tribes that live on both sides of the border. I hope Pakistan remove the terrorists from their land as USA is not capable to fight Muslim guerillas
Pakistan is powerful county then India and USA because now a days Pakistan handle some dangerous cases this case are not handle India, USA and other countries
Pakistan is the great and powerful county the Pakistanis' are always to ready sacrifice when other countries attack Pakistan army are all countries army are zero in front of Pakistan army some example of Pak army one of India war
[Newest]We live in the desert go Pakistan!

It's powerful, but not a big army. I'm NOT HATING. I LOVE Canada! It's so peaceful there

Iranian are very smart people
They are one of the most powerful country in the Middle East
Iran is a great country! I visited there


Brazil has been going up economically and in power, it is the first Southern American county to host the Summer Olympics. It is the most powerful, and biggest nation in South America, and has had steady economic growth.

It has a small army but it has powerful allies which are Chaina and the members of the 5 power defense agreements wich are the UK, Singapore, Australia and New Zeland which in turn these 5 alliances have powerful allies such as Russia, the EU, Canada and even the US this because Malaysia is such a peaceful nation, it is one of the most advance nation in biotechnology but Malaysia is the most advance in palm oil technology so their allies will have good products from the nation

The dark horse in terms of seeing it as a nation that has nothing to lose. It will rise in power once again and it will ever just keep getting better.

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