Axl Rose

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Had a great and singular voice. Plenty of better singers up there, but I thought this was the most unique voice catagory?

This is a list for the most unique voice I don't think people really are getting that they're just putting their favorite singers if a song came on with axl rose singing I would know it was him straight away

Axl can singer higher, lower, longer, louder, quieter, raspier, and cleaner then anyone els, not to mention he has the most unique voice ever, and if that wasn't enough he can change his voice to technically he has 3 unique voices.

Simply the most unique, grungy yet lyrical voice I've ever heard. How can a voice be badass and beautiful at the same time? Well, whatever the answer to that question is, Axl Rose can sure do it. - HonestKeil17

Oh Come on, I can name people that do well in imitating voices, but I have never head anyone imitate Axl Roses voice, Why is he at 34 when Amy Lee and Britney spears are in the top 20

The most unique voice on the map and its living in the 30's on this list... I thought it was a most unique voice list.

AXL ROSE has the most unique voice ever and sounds great.
Half the people above may have decent voices but their boring and UNIQUE!

In terms of unique voice, axl has it. He is crazy on stage along with other members of guns. Until now, he is still the craziest frontman and vocalist to me. - ronluna

If someone has a unique voice and singing style that will have to be Axl Rose. He has defined a new dimension of Rock songs, and style. He should be at the top of the list...

Voices do not come much more unique than that of Axl Rose. Amazing variation between the deep low tone to the big high pitched screech. Best voice ever,

I think some people misunderstood this list this isn't the best singers list, this is most unique singers list and AXL should be in first five at least

Love him or hate him, you'll always know it's Axl Rose singing. I'm not sure if he deserves top 10, but he definitely is in the running for it.

If this is most unique voice... How is the most recognizable voice of Rock not even in the top 10? What?

AGREED - what a joke - give us some singers that we KNOW - not these foreign people... How about popular people with RASPY VOICES!

God I love this guys voice! Axl has such a distinctive voice and his vocal range is mind blowing!

I haven't listen much, but not many people can sing that voice like him, and I really like it. - therest

The best singer of all time? Close, but no. The most unique? Definitely! No one else has or ever will have such a voice!

He should be way higher up, his voice is so distinct I can instantly recognize it

Hello, who are these people, Axl Rose has a influential unique voice!

Agreed, this list is a Joke. Axl's voice is most unique

Axl has a very unique voice.. - jwileson

No one else sounds anything remotely like axl rose.

He is my favorite singer and always will be

Best singer alive... The man who made me into singing

When it comes to a unique voice, this guy has it. Instantly recognisable, and really the only one that sings like this. Cobain got close sometimes, but... - Toraqi