Robert Plant


If you actually listened to his works, ranging from Led Zeppelin to his collaboration with Alison Krauss, you can actually see (or hear, really) that he has the screechy, emotional, and loud voice, essential to hard rock, and actually has this gentle, soothing, and well-toned voice, much of "conventional" singing voice. His vocal range is amazing and he is definitely not given enough credit for his versatile vocal ability.

You might notice the scarcity of Zeppelin cover bands - jbar62

Robert Plant easily belongs in the top three in this category. Remember, back in 1969 nobody had ever heard the high pitched primeval wail. Probably the most influential rock singer ever. God, how many painfully inferior imitators did Plant inspire. It's a long list. Extraordinary power and range, Plant is a giant among rock singers, and a true icon. - bobby

I thought this is the top ten most UNIQUE singing voice ever? If that's the case, Robert Plant should definitely be there. No one sings like him. Back in the seventies he was the number one singer in the world. And he could reach higher notes than most women can. Pure legend.

Cannot believe this... He should be in the 1st place, I mean, he has an incredible and unique voice, he's really awesome and his lyrics are really great. No one will ever beat him. NEVER.

It was a close one between Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury, but Robert's voice is very distinguishable. There is nobody else that sounds like Robert Plant. Mercury a close second.

This list is an absolute joke. The singer of the best rock band in the history of man. His vocals tried to be imitated but couldn't be replicated.

An unique, powerful and awesome voice for the singer of the best band ever!
Why he is not higher in this list, he is just a legend...

LED ZEPPELIN for ever!

Robert Plant's voice is a musical instrument that only he can play, and boy does he play it! He belongs much higher up on this list.

Everyone knows his voice.
Even if they're not familiar with LZ, they're like "Oh, I know this guy! I recognize led zeppelin. " - Mowglijungle14

Amazing! Just listen to Immigrant Song or Black Dog and you'll realize how unique his singing voice is.

When Robert Plant comes on the radio, whether with the yardbirds, or post Zeppelin you know it's him.

This has to go to Robert Plant people can pull of Freddy just a bit but Robert Plant is just crazy.

Jon Anderson, Robert Plant, Geddy Lee have very unique singing voices - SammySpore

Most unique tone of voice ever. And best rock singer ever. This guy was simply amazing.

No one in the world can sing like Robert plant. Or even come close.

A top singer, soft or strong voice, full of passion. unique

His falsetto distinguishes his voice from the rest

Why Golden God is so low?!
His voice is the best quality, antique and unique in rock!

The most unique voice is Plant's one for sure..not the most popular but the most recognizeable