YeSung's voice is truly magnificent. It touches my heart and echos through my whole body sending shivers through me. YeSung's voice is intoxicating, you get addicted to it and once you hear no matter what song he is in, you can quickly pick up his voice. Whether its in the background or up front, YeSung's voice stands out and is truly amazing. The emotion and passion he puts into his singing is sure to touch you, whether you have listened to him before or whether its your first time hearing his voice, when you listen, you will be touched and sometimes brought to tears.

The best voice in Super Junior.. He sing with his soul so that's the reason why all songs he sang sounds so beautiful. A handsome young man with wonderful voice who can melt our heart when we listening his song. He can sing in low tone with his husky voice but also can reach high note so easily. And his really And I think none of korean male singers can beat him in Ballad. His voice also can be easy to recognize because he has such a unique voice and beautiful all I can say. Fighting Yesung!

This is a way to introduce Yesung to the non-KPop fans.

This man's voice is so unique, you could tell it's him even among 15 voices (Yes, that's how many they are in their group, Super Junior).

In fact even if there were 20 husky voices almost identical to his, with the passion with which he sings, you could still tell it apart!

I fell in love with his voice the moment I first heard it. It melts my heart every single time.

There's a reason why his solo song "It Has to Be You" became a big hit despite just being a background OST to a (well to be fair, a hit) drama.

I can name so many great singers but I can only name few who has very unique voice. Yesung is both. He's one of the greatest singers I've ever listened to. And he's got the most unique singing voice. I can easily tell it's him, when he's singing or when his song is playing. As what the decription of this voting poll says, Yesung should definitely be included in the top. Listen to him and you will get what I'm saying.

Whenever I listen his song, I'll know for sure that it's his song.. He has the best voice that I've ever heard, If you've never heard his voice before, you've to.. He always sing with his heart, and that makes the song even more beautiful.. He always can describe the meaning of his song without tell it on an essay, he just have to sing it, and we'll know what the meaning of his song.. Even if you didn't understand the language.. You can always cry if you listen to his ballad song.. He just so amazing.. I can't describe how amazing he is.. Saranghaeyo yesung oppa

His voice is unique and he takes singing as his life! When he singing sad songs, you feel sad too. When he singing happy songs, the feel is so good! If you hear his songs carefully you will find the time pass very quickly~You won't forget his voice since you heard it for the first time! His hardworking, his attractive voice will always in my mind. The voice which I love most is so sexy and powerful.

It's a very husky type of voice and that type of tone is hard to find elsewhere since he was born with this type of voice. He also put a lot of emotion into his singing so there are certain quality to his performances that make it sound more unique compared to other voices. Like the meaning of his stage name, his voice is definitely a unique type of art.

I don't understand the words he's singing, but I understand pretty well the emotions in his heart when he sings. That's why he's different, unique to me. Husky, soft, strong and powerful voice at the same time. His voice is the kind that you can't forget.

You don't find another voice like Yesung oppa. As soon as he sings, you know it'd him! His husky sultry voice can easily intoxicate you (i know it has to me laugh out loud). He also puts so much passion to the songs he sings. He amazing to listen to in a live showing. Yesung daebak! FIGHTING!

LOVE LOVE LOVE HIS VOICE. Husky yet able to reach high notes! I love his timbre and the way he builds up the emotions in the songs he sings. Every time I listen to super junior songs, even though I can't understand the words, I could really tell the meaning because of him.

Really unbelievable how his voice can be so unique and extraordinary compared to most of the other Asian groups or even singers;)
Some other members in super junior are also excellent singers as well. More people should listen to them and you would know how amazing their songs and their voices can be;P

His husky voice is what makes it (his voice~) so unique. You can't find that same type anywhere else. He sings with this amazing passion and it really is recognizable. From ballads to upbeat songs, one listen and you can tell it's his, despite being part of a (large) boyband. I agree that it's very heart-melting

His voice is unlike any other! You can never mistake it for someone elses. It's beautiful, charming, and emotional! His voice can provoke tears and blushes and smiles and whatever he intends to have the listeners feel! He is the King of OSR! Yesung Oppa! Fighting :) And Yesung's turtles too

One of the main singers of the Korean all-male group Super Junior who gathered fans not just in Asia but around the world. Yesung oppa is the singer who always blew me away every time I listen to his songs, upon listening to his songs you can also feel the emotions down there, SWEAR! ^^

Even if he doesn't make it up much higher than this spot right here, I recommend that anyone and everyone should listen to this man sing. He has such a beautiful voice and the equal talent to utilize it to its full extent. He is truly one of a kind. ^-^

His voice can melt my heart, make me smile, and make me cry, all at the same time. Just look up 'Love Really Hurts' or 'It Has to Be You' or... Really, any song of his. I can recognize his raw, husky, emotional voice anywhere. I love you Yesung Oppa~~

I never expected such raw emotion to be put into a song to the point that it could make me cry unexpectedly. When I heard "The More I Love You, " I didn't know what it meant but I had tears in my eyes because he sounded pained.

The Art of Voice, one of main vocal in Super Junior. His voice is too artistic. ELF and Clouds must agree me ^^ and you must see when he sang "The More I Love" in Immortal Song 2 on 18 June 2011. BEST PERFORMANCE EVER! SA-RANG-HAE-YO KIM-JONG-WOON!

He has an awesome voice. Which is makes us calm when we listen it. For killed the time you can listen his songs especially OST. Cinderella Step Sister-It has to be you. I can't describe it anymore, his voice is such perfect.

Apart from him being a singer who definitely knows the technicalities (his ad libs are simply amazingly well done), he is one of the very few singers who can make me laugh and cry at the same time with his singing. When he sings, emotions flow from every note, and I just want to keep listening to his incredibly warm and yet obnoxious voice forever and slowly fall into a sweet madness.

A voice with a soulful, husky and sweet color that is so addictive. He can hit low and high notes and make them sound so mesmerizing. And he tops off his glorious voice with raw and strong emotions transmitted through his voice and expressions that make his voice truly one of a kind.

He is one of the best singers in the group super junior. With a husky voice that can bring emotions out of you.

He's great vocal leader from SUper Junior!

His voice is just simply amazing. It's kind of deep and husky, so it gives you goosebumps. The mot incredible thing is that he can totally make you feel all the emotions when he's singing. After hearing his voice and the song ends you surely want to listen to his voice again, it's kind of magic.

His voice could really deliver his emotion to listener especially sad emotional song.