Top 10 Most Well Trained Special Forces On Earth

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British SAS
Fact - Nearly ALL the worlds Special Forces base their military model on the British SAS. In fact, the USA's Delta Force was set up after the founder spent time attached to the SAS. The Delta Forces even uses an SAS organisational structure using troops and squadrons. It's often remarked that the sand beret is also worn by US Rangers but this was a recent development and in any case the Rangers are NOT the same kind of unit. It can be said with confidence that the world's most professional special forces is that belonging to Britain.
The Special Air Service is the number one fighting force in the world it is trained to perform equally well in all the fields listed for the SEALs, but is also trained by MI-5 and MI-6 for in-depth counter-espionage, more so than the SEALs. Physical competency must be of equal stature to the SEALs, to the degree that both special forces work closely together when necessary (Iraq and Afghanistan) and have good camaraderie.
The original special forces, all others are based off them. Should definitely be above the SEAL's.
[Newest]How bout the Australian sas
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2Navy SEALs
The Navy SEaLs are the best the United States has to offer. They life is revolves around training. They are one of the best in physical capabilities after the Spetsnaz. They are a breed of super solider with the SAS, spetsnaz.
We have the history and experience to back it up. Plus the best training in every weather and geography and access to advanced technology man has to offer. Also we are constantly in hostile situations and are combat ready and are active to this day. can't say the same for some of these other spec-ops forces. Most other nations are limited to small defense budgets and lack of diverse terrain in training situations and conditioning. Also where are the experience of actual combat or credentials gained? Actions speak louder than words...
Yes actions speak louder than words... That's why SAS wins... Original... Still the best
The SEALS are the best in the world today. Arguing physical, mental, and emotional training is moot because all special ops units are elite in those categories. However, the SEALS have advantages over others with the unparalleled US military budget, which provides them with training in every geographical & climate scenario. The US has been active in wars around the globe since the Cold War, providing the SEALS with actual battlefield experience and proven results; whereas most other units have belong to nations who have not been at war for many years. At the end of the day, the SEALS blow past the competition because of their incredibly advanced technology and endless firepower. Upon completion of duty, former SEALS are the most hired consultants by other nations to oversee training for their respective units than any other special ops organization.
[Newest]Most highly trained, assessed and selected group of warriors the world has ever known. Capable of effectively operating in all the world's environments, and proven by battle time and time again.

3Indian MARCOS
Indian MARCOS are one of the best forces present in the world, HALO and HAHO trained, Equipped with best Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles and real-time war Equipments required. These guys are emotionally very trained and highly motivated when it comes to defending their own country. The rejection rate during the selection is as high as 98%, that's why India has only 2000 marine commandos. Sooner or Later this special group will be on TOP and very soon the death of Pakistan (A terrorist promoting country) will be delivered by the hands of MARCOS.
Liars if you have guts so attack on Pakistan then we will tell you. We the brave army of Allah. Remember 1965 war.
See, Indian special forces/MARCOS- they are the one who are prepared keeping in view the worst ever situation. So they are the best.
Secondly, unfortunately we as India have no. Of bad experieneces as terrorism, warfronts, hill terrain warfare, sea front war etc... But the good is that we are more familiar with the things, so we know better than any one how to face the situations, thus they are trained keeping in view all the things.
Thirdly India is a land of different terrain ( almost all sorts are available here), so they are trained in different terrains.
Last but not least, you can come out with a strategy for a mind driven person, some powerful enemy but for an emotionally driven with the fire of enthusiasm & love for the country. You can't stop them.
The Indian MARCOS is one of the most powerful special forces on the planet. They defeat the Navy Seals in terms of physical and mental traing. In fact the only edge the Seals have over MARCOS is technology. But, by 2020 when India becomes a superpower, the MARCOS will be the most powerful special force in the world.
[Newest]They can handle the any situations.. Just the operations are classified information because of this we just can not comment more but this guys are superior in quality than any others
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4Russian Spetsnaz
Spetsnaz training would be illegal in the US or other Western nations. They are constantly out fighting and are practically invincible to any kind of punishment. Not to mention the fact that they have some of the best weapons on earth, like the AK-74m.
Survive the most brutal training, some of the training that they have to go through is not even allowed in the US. And it is SPETSNAZ not spetnaz
Spetsnaz are the most trained soliders in the world. There almost impossible to crack in interrogation and are taught not ignore pain but to enjoy it.
[Newest]They are the best commandos on earth. Their training is the best as well as the deadliest. They are soldiers for extreme situations.

5Pakistan Special Service Group (SSG)
Very brave and Courageous. A Russian president once said that if he had Pakistan's army and Russian weapons he could conquer all the world because they are very brave.
Actually, it was hitter that said "if I had German strategy, American weapons and Egyptian soldiers, I would have conquered the world" you dumb fool lol
The ssg had only 100 me in the battle of the hill in afganistan in which they posed as mujahideen and attacked the Russian regiments of spetsnaz there. They won the battle although the enemy had the elevation o there posts and superior numbers to there side. In another case only 100 ssgs cleared 3 towns in swat district from 2000 taliban in a matter of 2 days!
It is not the weapon they hold, it's the men behind it that matters. No matter how the west view them, simply because word MUSLIM attached to their identity. I wonder if they know, that exact word is their strength. It is impossible to separate the two.
[Newest]SSG IS Muslim force.

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6The Delta Force
I think most of these lists are heavily influenced by Hollywood on other media. When looking at a true all-around soldier, look no further than Delta Force. There may be other selections that are tougher but that doesn't make you the most effective warrior. You won't find any better shooters than these guys other than maybe US Secret Service.
Best and one of the most secretive forces in the US. Modeled after the British 22 Special Air Service Regiment, or SAS. The founder/co-founder of SFOD-D was a former SAS operative who thought the US needed an elite force like the SAS.
Its Delta Force period. Delta Force pulls members from all branches of the U.S. military. Delta Force combat diver training is as hard as seal team 6 training. The vast majority of their missions you will just never hear of.
[Newest]Delta force technically doesn't exist, which goes to show how secretive and prestigious they are. Options expressed here are definitely based on Hollywood and media. Britain has been showboating their precious little SAS ever since they started the thing as well as Obama with the SEALs. Delta force operators are by far the most well trained and most deadly force of them all.
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7U.S Green Berets
The Green Berets are the most supierer special forces in the us army. I think a spot between 5-1 would be best. They have one of the best and hardest training. They are trained to survive at any cost. They follow right behind the seals in my opinion. Also there history is very interesting. The Green Berets fight in airborne squads that takes balls. Most Rangers eventually become A Green Beret. "De Oppresso Liber" Translated to English is to liberate the oppressed is said for a reason
You have to go through ranger school and airborne school to be a green beret so research a subject before you declare something that is inaccurate and puts other forces in the same branch of the same country's military down
Green Beret train longer than Rangers
[Newest]Delta Force operatives come from here and the 75th Rangers Regiment

8Shayetet 13
Shayetet 13 is among the best special forces around. Highly active in recent years, high quality people.
Shayetet 13 is more similar to the seals than delta force after they are "the Israeli navy seals", I think they deserve a spot in the top 5 for sure... Some of the units here were trained by men that came from the Israeli special forces like the Indians and the polish GROM for example
The #1 special force in Israel and in Asia, similar to The Delta Force, and supremely well trained
[Newest]#1 special forces in Asia and have proven their strength in small numbers in past operations

9Polish GROM
Polish GROM is in the same league as British SAS, US Navy Seals and Delta Force. It has been created and trained based on the same principles and standards as them. In my opinion, GROM should be within the world's top 4 special units. Just ask the British and the Americans who carried out quite a few special operations with GROM, they will tell you what GROM is worth.
GROM should be placed on 4-6th place. For sure ask British or U.S. soldiers.
Actually grom worked with seals many times and even seals learned some training methods from them, they're either equal or better than seals, the only special forces that are better is in my opinion sas
[Newest]It is a powerful group which never turns away from their tasks and is always bet determined. I'd rank this the 4th most powerful. It is active not only in Poland but around Europe and you don't want to mess with the grom.

10U.S Rangers
In what way are the green berets better then the rangers? There mission is unconventional warfare, the rangers mission is direct action (seek and destroy). And as far as training is concerned for rangers it's about maintaining those high standards that are expected of them, you earn your scroll every day. And oh by the way 75 percent of delta force operators come from the 75th ranger regiment. RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!
As an airborne Ranger myself, I commend all operators at this level. I have strong preference for U.S. special forces. I have two brothers, one is force recon, the other is a Seal. We all look with a special reverence to our uncle who is SAS. So that being said, with the exception of Spetsnaz all others pale in comparison!
The ranger are the baddest other than delta force
[Newest]Rangers Lead the wah

The Contenders

11Special Boat Service (SBS)
The SBS is the most highly trained and quietest of all British special forces. They complete the same selection and training as SAS but are not 'badged' until they have completed more extensive and rigorous SBS training.

Contrary to some opinion here, they are not 'part of the SAS'. They are part of the Royal Marines.

Americans seem to believe the Seals are the best having pulled off one good mission. The SBS have been doing it for years but without telling anyone.
Special Boat Service the equivalent to the Navy Seals but because they are the sister regiment to the SAS with the same sort of training apart from being marine based is BETTER than the Navy Seals Just like the SAS.
Sbs are less known than sas and they specialise in different things but are just as good as the sas they should also be number one!
[Newest]They are more elite than the SAS

12German GSG 9
They belong to the top 5
I agree top 5, these guys are bad ass and get the job done. Should definitely be rated higher than Rangers and or Green Berets.

13French Naval Commandos
According to historians (UK historians actually) France has the best ratio in terms of winning major conflicts. People should remember that we're talking about a major nuclear, diplomatic power consistently for 300 years. That counts for something.
France actually WON more wars than any other nation in the history... this is what make the British and their cousins so angry and despising about it.
A very discreet but very effective SF unit. Training is among the hardests in the world, if not the hardest. Humility, determination and toughness is our way of life.
[Newest]Said to have the toughest training in the world. Their training is like the Navy Seals hell week, except its more like hell year.

14Unit 777
They have the hardest training plans in the world and they are the most well trained units in the world
Egypt First all the time
Egyptian soldiers are peaceful and do not attack anyone, yet, they train everyday of their lives. Hearts of steel and true men! People can vote for all they want but the most commercialised military unit will be voted the best because of its popularity.. However, when it comes to single manpower, CQC, CQB, self defense, fitness, marksmanship, land, air and sea trained.. Also, survival experts of the dessert... Do your research because there is a more superior force in the Egyptian military which rank higher than unit 777 but I shall not reveal the identity. On Wikipedia, there is 3 lines written about the unit and that's all they got so I shall respect the classification and let you guys enjoy unit 777 as they are superior enough to be recognised as one of the elite!
[Newest]The Egyptian special forces is the first on this earth

15Joint Task Force-2 (JTF2)
These guys train with the best around the world, Seals, Israeli commandos and more. My father was career military, he said there was only four infantry units he would never want to face: SAS, Gurkha, Israeli commandos, and JTF2. I'm not saying that the seals and delta force are not good, they are, but they are trained by the Israeli and SAS. JTF2 works with all of these groups and Are comparable to the SAS in my opinion.
If they weren't the beat...the US would not have chosen them to carry out sensitive crucial operations over their own SEALs and operation Anaconda where Canadians made a hole for advancing US ground forces in Afghanistan...There is no argument that they are top 5 in the world, period...simply do your homework..they're the only foreign unit on the US Tier 1 Spec Ops...
Defiantly deserves number 2 since Canada's JTF-2 is Tier one and a very secretive group, and train in all conditions, counter terrorism, special ops, etc and they have much more, strict and better training than American's no offense guys down south.
[Newest]Who are these guys? There is a reason you don't know... And hope you never do.


17United States Air Force Pararescue
They have to be able to rescue any soldier on the planet regardless of the situation, and they have premiere medical training that others on this list lack. I notice Navy SEAL's are number one. PJ's have to go through more training and be able to save a SEAL anywhere on Earth, whether it be a mountain, Ocean, or 200 miles behind enemy lines.
Because even the S.A. S Seals and army rangers need to call 911.
Highest attrition rate in the world.
[Newest]Without these guys we would lose more soldiers then needed

The United States Marine Corp has the toughest basic training in the world can you imagine how intense their special forces training is? By far the best of the best
United States Marine Corps MARSOC! The elite of the elite!
The most elite fighting force in the world
[Newest]They are apart of SOCOM but pulls members from ONLY the Marine Corps.

19British Royal Marine Commandos
You think your fit until you Join Recruit Training for the Royal Marines, my god is training pure hell on earth, During my training I saw some of the fittest people I have ever met break down, cry, and leave, fitness alone won't get you through Commando training, you need the mental capacity to overcome adversity and then some more, with twice as much more added to that, true thinking mans Commando
111 Trp.. Tough boys and brotherhood/teamwork that fits all situations. Green berets are not easy to get.. However, SAS are another league but no one recognises SBS as they are undercover and even most Brits have not heard of them as after the seige in London where the SAS was exposed, the SBS now use the SAS title as they do not want publicity but just to complete mission fact is that Royal Marines are top 10, SAS top 5 but SBS top 2.. Seeing this table, it is just wrong. However, you guys should check out unit 777 and the Turks.. Jesus are they tough. Out the 2 I would say unit 777 would wipe them out.. They can even potentially join SBS in battle for top 2. Dangerous bunch.
I've done SAS and Royal Marines and the RM was definitely the toughest. After basic training the SAS are in a different league!
[Newest]The royal marines should easily be on the top 10

20Israeli Sayeret Matkal
I am in the Israeli army and I have tried out for both Sayeret Matkal and Shayetet 13, from what I have done in their training and what I know about the units, I would say Sayeret Matkal is better trained than Shayetet 13, and are extremely secretive with their identities, they train side-by-side with the British SAS, and are known to complete missions of extreme danger, and complexity. They are by far one of the best units this world has to offer, anyone terrorist having Sayeret Matkal looking for them, has an almost inevitable death. Israeli's train years for the chance to just get the tryout for this elite special force. I am currently in the Sayeret Egoz unit of the Golani brigade in the IDF, I dropped to that special force, after completing, but not making the cut of the Sayaret Matkal brigade.
I totally agree as an Indian I feel the Israeli spec ops unit should have been there in the list. Traditionally Israel is a commando nation and their doctrine is accepted by both seals and our spec ops units. They live in an environment where they get to hone their skills on battle. Without an iota of doubt both Sayeret Matkal and SHAYETET 13 are amongst the most elite units. The naval commandos are dominated by SBS, SHAYETET 13, SEALS and Marcos. Rest all units have derived their curriculum from these units. Sayeret Matkal needs no comparison Mossad selects these operatives period
This list is simply not accurate since Sayeret Matkal is missing from the top 10 list

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