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Knights of Cydonia
Unbelievably I never heard of Muse until I they played Uprising at the Grammys where they won best Rock album. Their performance was profound! So I started looking them up on You Tube and the second song I heard them play was this one Live at Wembley. Blew me away...
Epic Intro with an even more awesome story and even awesomer conclusion, in my opinion this is the best song from Muse because of its great chorus and overall performance.
This amazing song has so many great parts!
The brilliant theme, galloping rhythm, brilliant solo and classic muse effects,


Yes, this is a greater song but it's too high up for my taste, I would pick SUPREMACY as No. 1
[Newest]One of my favorite riffs
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I love the bass riff! There's nothing like it, and I think there is the perfect balance between new and old Muse in this song.
AMAZING SONG... should be followed really closely by New Born, Knights of Cydonia then Time is Running Out then Uprising
So many of their songs are pure power and intensity, and this displays it like no other, makes me want to got nuts
[Newest]Good. Should be number one.

3Time Is Running Out
Plain awesome. From the very beginning you cannot hate but love this song. Chorus is epic, vocals are extraordinary and the lyrics are very well-crafted. The suspense in this song leads to such a powerful chorus. I am a huge Muse fan and I have many favourites but this song is so clever and brilliant I had to choose it!
I just love it. it's my favourite muse song ever! I can listen to it over and over again, it never gets old!
Such a great rock song. It has such a brilliant vibe


[Newest]This song is very special for me.I love it!
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I still do not understand how this is not top of the list! It's easily their most powerful song with excellent guitar riffs and amazing lyrics! VOTE!
its the first song I heard by them and every time I hear it I'm like "ahh! " It's just a great track :)The words are awesome and added on with the sound track this song just becomes EPIC. I enjoy Muse
This is the best of their songs for me, especially that kick ass music video!
[Newest]It speaks to our time and all time!
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5Plug In Baby
Amazing riff, peaking in the top 50 riff's in the world
I like most songs by muse, but this one is amazing. You can sense the passion and talent of the band through it.
This song is beyond amazing. Just the beginning of the song drives ME wild. Without hearing the powerful lyrics and vocals. I think it has got to be one of the best song Muse has done.
[Newest]Should be #1 best guitar riff ever created I never get tired of this song with its brilliant lyrics and powerful chorus.

Muse best band ever!

Such an awesome tune, fantastic to listen to. Then again Muse has so many good songs. Wonderful
Excllent beat, I just love it! Matt is really hitting the tones perfectly! True magic. No more to say
brilliant drums, vocals and guitar. Lyrics are amazing as well. Fantastic song!
[Newest]This is an amazing song! I absolutely love it
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7New Born
Every time this song is played live, you always wait for the amazing solo and see how it has evolved over the years. Look at the performance @ Glastonbury in 2004 to see just how this song gets the crowd wild!
God, this song has been in my head, since it came out, its absolutely amazing, 5STARS (If possible)
This song is amazing - first time I heard this song live it was one of the best musical experiences I ever heard.

I highly recommend that any new Muse fans who haven't gotten their hands on Origin of Symmetry take a listen - it's an absolutely phenomenal album released before they became superstars (after Absolution).
[Newest]The best of Muse
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8Stockholm Syndrome
An emotionally charged song with an absolutely brilliant riff. The type of song that will end with you hitting the replay button. If you have not yet heard this you are missing out.
I like the shouting at the end.


Amazing song, amazing guitar and bass piece. AMAZING all together!
The lyrics are also wonderful!
[Newest]I think it's the best. Some of the greatest guitar work done by Bellamy on this track. Drumming and bass are on point as well. Lyrics are fantastic too. This is muse at their peak!

9Citizen Erased
Should be number one in my opinion. This songs is a masterpiece of three songs perfectly pieced together to create that dark scene that Origin... carries throughout.
It's just an amazing song, I mean there are few songs that combine matthew bellamy's amazing voice with, to me the best guitar track ever
Easily top 3. It was the older, more hardcore Muse that we all love. At a time when mainstream would never be associated with Muse.
[Newest]The best Muse song, along with Knights of Cydonia
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10Map of the Problematique
I love the flanging in this song, it gives it a heavy techno metal sound, lyrics are amazing too
Unbelievably beautiful; this song has so many freakin' layers that reward multiple listenings. Even if it does borrow a little bit from Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence", it's about the same way that Rush borrowed from Morse code for "YYZ" (which is to say, they took something good and made it amazing).
Great instrumental work and great lyrics. The song is great live. And just a sidenote. it is incredible fun to play on drums.
[Newest]Impossible not to nod your head to the beat
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The Contenders

11Supermassive Black Hole
One of the craziest introductory riffs in rock history. Period.
I heard this song just yesterday and am probably plying it for the 1000th time!
My favorite Muse track, with a drive that takes you riding a wave of euphoria. Thumping bass and strong vocals, just a wonderful track.
[Newest]I am not saying that this is the best muse song but it should easily be in the top 5!

This list is a mess. I can guarantee that most of the votes here are from "new" Muse fans who have no idea that Origin Of Symmetry was BY FAR the best album. This, New Born and Citizen Erased should be MUCH higher! How are Starlight, Supermassive Black Hole etc better than this!? Listen to this and vote!
Just totally, utterly, fantastically BRILLIANT~!
Bliss is A-MAZING, The video expresses a lot its, and its sick~! :D *Wishing to perform that song now* :3
[Newest]This should be in the top ten

Great song, it's a pity it was in twilight! Ruins the whole illusion!
Sorta futuristic groovy sound, with a nice backing guitar
This song is has a complex melodic structure, all the while sounding epic (and I do not use that word lightly).
[Newest]13th? Really, this needs to be in top 5

14Undisclosed Desires
Everything about this song is amazing; the vocals are sound, the lyrics are cleverly written and the beat is immaculately composed. There isn't a single fault with this song. You really live for the chorus in this one, you anticipate it with a sense of excitement and then an exemplification of relief occurs when it begins. You don't get that often.
Don't sound much like muse but a really cool song.


I really like this one don't know why and how to explain but it is one of the best songs ever
[Newest]Amazing drums, catchy chorus, easy listening and very addictive. But I understand why this isn't well loved. It sounds different compared to the other songs but I like this best somehow

Easily the best muse song, if you haven't listened to it, go listen to it now! It has great vocals, matts great singing it live, great build up for the end, great high hitting notes. Muse show their raw talent in this song. Brilliant guitar playing and solos, deep lyrics, meaning to lyrics, really good percussion, Dom's drumming is extraordinary and Chris' bass a
Is amazing as always! I think this deserves to be number 1 as it pure Muse, from their first album and the title song. It deserves it so much. I'm disappointed this song doesn't get as much recognition it deserves. It's got a brilliant build up. Brilliant song. Definitely deserves to be in the at least top 5.
This is one of Muse's darker songs, but from starting out with a heavy intro to Matt hitting a G Sharp in conclusion, hands down the most inspiring and beautiful pieces ever performed.
Come on guys... how could this one sunk like this? I mean,47th? Seriously? The lyric were as epic as it sounds...
[Newest]The best track of the first album, no doubt about it! Lyrics and music are awesome. A totally underrated song. Should be inside the top 5, maybe the best song from Muse.

Absolutely fantastic. The music really gets into your head, something that you can come back to over and over again. The Grand Bosses Edit takes the already amazing song and turns it into something approaching musical perfection.
This song is really powerful and unique in a way. Much better than the likes of Starlight!
Absolutly great song, the guitaring is awesome. If it wasn't for guitar hero I would never have heard this song or appreciated muse in the way I do!
[Newest]Cool song... and best drums ever!

Damn this song is great! And the ending is just beautiful!
I don't care what they say, the new album is going to be fantastic.
MuseĀ's ability create great songs in many different styles is just awesome. Matt is one of the greatest song writers ever in my opinion.
Vote up people..
Don't you think its an amazing song?
I'm addicted..
I'm addicted also haha this has to being of their greatest songs
[Newest]Wow this should to be in the top 5 on of my favorite songs from muse with a BADASS guitar solo and awesome ending just a total masterpiece of a song
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Awesome Piano and Bass Riffs
altogether the best Muse song in existence


Love this one, the piano is just amazing, gives me chills
She burns like the sun I can't look away
She'll burn our horizons, make no mistake

This is the best song ever of Muse, why does it have only 1 per cent vote


[Newest]Incredible breakdown. Gives me chills still every time I listen to it

19Butterflies and Hurricanes
The Piano chorus was amazing along with everything else, this should really be up in the top 5 of their songs at least.
This song should be at least on the top 5, I love the piano play and the voice of Matthew Bellamy create a perfect mix! Its very catchy and pure, one of the best muse songs ever! You should listen to it, I'm sure you gonna love it!
Great song with amazing build up to a biblical climax should be number 1


[Newest]Are you people serious #18 as if

Why is this so low? An awesome song with strong, powerful lyrics. A great guitar riff, with nice vocals from Matt once again, and just all in all a really catchy song.
Yea cool riff and a meaning here about the PBB Project Blue Beam Google It Dudes
This song should definitely be in the top ten! Awesome lyrics and vocals as well as a great riff!
[Newest]Cool song for the first time listening
Really should be the best..
Time Is Running out is good, and Starlight..
But This should really be higher

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