Best Muse Songs


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The Top Ten

Knights of Cydonia
Unbelievably I never heard of Muse until I they played Uprising at the Grammys where they won best Rock album. Their performance was profound! So I started looking them up on You Tube and the second song I heard them play was this one Live at Wembley. Blew me away...
Epic Intro with an even more awesome story and even awesomer conclusion, in my opinion this is the best song from Muse because of its great chorus and overall performance.
This amazing song has so many great parts!
The brilliant theme, galloping rhythm, brilliant solo and classic muse effects,


Yes, this is a greater song but it's too high up for my taste, I would pick SUPREMACY as No. 1
[Newest]Hell yeah this song rocks!
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2Time Is Running Out
Plain awesome. From the very beginning you cannot hate but love this song. Chorus is epic, vocals are extraordinary and the lyrics are very well-crafted. The suspense in this song leads to such a powerful chorus. I am a huge Muse fan and I have many favourites but this song is so clever and brilliant I had to choose it!
I just love it. it's my favourite muse song ever! I can listen to it over and over again, it never gets old!
Such a great rock song. It has such a brilliant vibe


[Newest]Lyrically, this song is right there with Bliss for the best. Although not as good as Bliss or Plug In Baby. Can't you tell I love "Origin of Symmetry" yet?
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I love the bass riff! There's nothing like it, and I think there is the perfect balance between new and old Muse in this song.
AMAZING SONG... should be followed really closely by New Born, Knights of Cydonia then Time is Running Out then Uprising
So many of their songs are pure power and intensity, and this displays it like no other, makes me want to got nuts
[Newest]Should be second after knights of cydonia

I still do not understand how this is not top of the list! It's easily their most powerful song with excellent guitar riffs and amazing lyrics! VOTE!
its the first song I heard by them and every time I hear it I'm like "ahh! " It's just a great track :)The words are awesome and added on with the sound track this song just becomes EPIC. I enjoy Muse
This is the best of their songs for me, especially that kick ass music video!
[Newest]Well let me put it this way... Uprising makes you feel victorious even when your down... It's what makes it a classic...
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5New Born
Every time this song is played live, you always wait for the amazing solo and see how it has evolved over the years. Look at the performance @ Glastonbury in 2004 to see just how this song gets the crowd wild!
God, this song has been in my head, since it came out, its absolutely amazing, 5STARS (If possible)
This song is amazing - first time I heard this song live it was one of the best musical experiences I ever heard.

I highly recommend that any new Muse fans who haven't gotten their hands on Origin of Symmetry take a listen - it's an absolutely phenomenal album released before they became superstars (after Absolution).
[Newest]My favorite song of the entire world. It's simply magical
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6Plug In Baby
Amazing riff, peaking in the top 50 riff's in the world
I like most songs by muse, but this one is amazing. You can sense the passion and talent of the band through it.
This song is beyond amazing. Just the beginning of the song drives ME wild. Without hearing the powerful lyrics and vocals. I think it has got to be one of the best song Muse has done.
[Newest]It's like the best song to play live.

Such an awesome tune, fantastic to listen to. Then again Muse has so many good songs. Wonderful
Excllent beat, I just love it! Matt is really hitting the tones perfectly! True magic. No more to say
brilliant drums, vocals and guitar. Lyrics are amazing as well. Fantastic song!
[Newest]Has an amazing beat and its sound is amazing
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8Stockholm Syndrome
An emotionally charged song with an absolutely brilliant riff. The type of song that will end with you hitting the replay button. If you have not yet heard this you are missing out.
I like the shouting at the end.


Amazing song, amazing guitar and bass piece. AMAZING all together!
The lyrics are also wonderful!
[Newest]Muse's soul. period. how else I explain?

9Supermassive Black Hole
One of the craziest introductory riffs in rock history. Period.
I heard this song just yesterday and am probably plying it for the 1000th time!
My favorite Muse track, with a drive that takes you riding a wave of euphoria. Thumping bass and strong vocals, just a wonderful track.
[Newest]The guitar riff is super awesome. I love this song so much. It deserves much more than number 9

10Citizen Erased
Should be number one in my opinion. This songs is a masterpiece of three songs perfectly pieced together to create that dark scene that Origin... carries throughout.
It's just an amazing song, I mean there are few songs that combine matthew bellamy's amazing voice with, to me the best guitar track ever
Easily top 3. It was the older, more hardcore Muse that we all love. At a time when mainstream would never be associated with Muse.
[Newest]Should be number one!
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The Contenders

11Map of the Problematique
I love the flanging in this song, it gives it a heavy techno metal sound, lyrics are amazing too
Unbelievably beautiful; this song has so many freakin' layers that reward multiple listenings. Even if it does borrow a little bit from Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence", it's about the same way that Rush borrowed from Morse code for "YYZ" (which is to say, they took something good and made it amazing).
Great instrumental work and great lyrics. The song is great live. And just a sidenote. it is incredible fun to play on drums.
[Newest]At 10 out of 10, its eleven
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This list is a mess. I can guarantee that most of the votes here are from "new" Muse fans who have no idea that Origin Of Symmetry was BY FAR the best album. This, New Born and Citizen Erased should be MUCH higher! How are Starlight, Supermassive Black Hole etc better than this!? Listen to this and vote!
Just totally, utterly, fantastically BRILLIANT~!
Bliss is A-MAZING, The video expresses a lot its, and its sick~! :D *Wishing to perform that song now* :3
[Newest]Amazing song. This is the song that got me to listen to muse in the first place.

Sorta futuristic groovy sound, with a nice backing guitar
Great song, it's a pity it was in twilight! Ruins the whole illusion!
This song is has a complex melodic structure, all the while sounding epic (and I do not use that word lightly).
[Newest]13th? Really, this needs to be in top 5

14Undisclosed Desires
Everything about this song is amazing; the vocals are sound, the lyrics are cleverly written and the beat is immaculately composed. There isn't a single fault with this song. You really live for the chorus in this one, you anticipate it with a sense of excitement and then an exemplification of relief occurs when it begins. You don't get that often.
Don't sound much like muse but a really cool song.


I really like this one don't know why and how to explain but it is one of the best songs ever
[Newest]I absolutely love this song!

15Butterflies and Hurricanes
The Piano chorus was amazing along with everything else, this should really be up in the top 5 of their songs at least.
This song should be at least on the top 5, I love the piano play and the voice of Matthew Bellamy create a perfect mix! Its very catchy and pure, one of the best muse songs ever! You should listen to it, I'm sure you gonna love it!
Great song with amazing build up to a biblical climax should be number 1


[Newest]Great song, not the best their song, but definitely worth more than place 16

Easily the best muse song, if you haven't listened to it, go listen to it now! It has great vocals, matts great singing it live, great build up for the end, great high hitting notes. Muse show their raw talent in this song. Brilliant guitar playing and solos, deep lyrics, meaning to lyrics, really good percussion, Dom's drumming is extraordinary and Chris' bass a
Is amazing as always! I think this deserves to be number 1 as it pure Muse, from their first album and the title song. It deserves it so much. I'm disappointed this song doesn't get as much recognition it deserves. It's got a brilliant build up. Brilliant song. Definitely deserves to be in the at least top 5.
This is one of Muse's darker songs, but from starting out with a heavy intro to Matt hitting a G Sharp in conclusion, hands down the most inspiring and beautiful pieces ever performed.
Come on guys... how could this one sunk like this? I mean,47th? Seriously? The lyric were as epic as it sounds...
[Newest]Most underrated Muse song ever.

Awesome Piano and Bass Riffs
altogether the best Muse song in existence


Love this one, the piano is just amazing, gives me chills
She burns like the sun I can't look away
She'll burn our horizons, make no mistake

This is the best song ever of Muse, why does it have only 1 per cent vote


[Newest]One of the best songs on showbiz

Damn this song is great! And the ending is just beautiful!
I don't care what they say, the new album is going to be fantastic.
Muse┬'s ability create great songs in many different styles is just awesome. Matt is one of the greatest song writers ever in my opinion.
Vote up people..
Don't you think its an amazing song?
I'm addicted..
I'm addicted also haha this has to being of their greatest songs
[Newest]Love it."i don't know is this real love or is it just madness "

19Feeling Good
this song always gives me chills, such a good remake on an amazing song. they truly out did themselves with this song<3 I could listen to it all day
Feeling good isn't just a cover, it's a BRILLIANT cover, the best cover done for this legendary song. The intro is soft and slow, typical Muse and then it gets proper rock-and-roll-y, and the first song I heard by Muse and ever since then I've been hooked... ! It's amazing go listen to it now! Don't keep reading this go on YouTube NOW!
AmaZing song should be number one! They remade this classic perfectly and enhanced it to a new level. If you've never heard it go listen now it'll be worth your time.
[Newest]The best cover of all time

20Micro Cuts
This list is so messed. OOS was best album (along with The Resistance), and this is the best song off it. Such a unique song.
I don't usually like songs which are sung on though high an octave, but this song is unbelievable. The chorus sends gives me goosebumps as Matt Bellamy reveals His true potential. For me it should at least be in the top 10
i first heard this when they played it at wembley. I didn't think much of it until I downloaded it on itunes. And now its one of my favorite songs!


[Newest]Matt's vocal range makes me cry

such a great romantic acoustic song... wt a diffrent guitar chords.. like you are in the heaven... loved it alot. like your pain has been sucked from you.
I love all Muse stuff so, I'm not into picking favourites, hell, I can be critical in a way only a Muse fan can, really nit picking at unimportant bits which totally don't matter but... anyway, 'Unintended' is one of the most under rated of all their songs. It's a little like Queen's 'Love of my Life'. Fans know it and generally love it but that is it. 'Unintended' has great everything but it is what it is, unassuming, not in your face and not a song to hold up as what pop fans know of Muse. Each fan, unless they are as gifted as Matt, will eventually find their own way to sing this in an acceptable way, it's amazingly difficult to sing!
This song here deserves a real high position in the list... It's the first song I ever heard from them and I was just like - WOW! How can someone have such a great voice? Top class song!
[Newest]Lyrics and song. Both are too deep :')

Absolutely fantastic. The music really gets into your head, something that you can come back to over and over again. The Grand Bosses Edit takes the already amazing song and turns it into something approaching musical perfection.
This song is really powerful and unique in a way. Much better than the likes of Starlight!
Absolutly great song, the guitaring is awesome. If it wasn't for guitar hero I would never have heard this song or appreciated muse in the way I do!
[Newest]Cool song... and best drums ever!

23Panic Station
Great bass, great drums, great guitar, great brass, great lyrics, great vocals, great production, great solo, great song.
The best song from the 2nd law. Period. This song deserves a place in the top five.
This song along with Stockholm Syndrome is my favorite muse song. Panic Station has sort of a different sound than most muse songs, but it still rocks! I can't get tired listening to it.
The bass is awesome, the drums, the guitar, the voice as well. You can really see how the band has evolved musically when you listen to this song and compare it to some of their older pieces. You can hear the old muse as well as the newer sound that I still like.
[Newest]Their best song so far

This song is the one of muse's best song. It's very distinctive to any other song by them or anyone else for that matter. The bass intro to this song is the most badass intro! The bass will shake you and when he first open his mouth, it's the most godly thing you will ever hear!
What a start to the song, just awesome, their songs makes them so gigantic!
Just heard this song and is easily one of their best up there with Citizen Erased. Incredible song.
[Newest]Number 1 for me

25Take a Bow
First muse song I ever heard simply the best buildup of any muse song, to start with a keyboard and to slowly build it up to what sounds like dozens all running riffs over each other in Orgasmic perfection while many beautiful vocals overlap creating a hugely full sound... Then the guitar comes in and you realise at this point that you have been listening to a true masterpiece
This songs speaks the truth. The atmosphere is amazing. The way the music builds up and brings in a dynamic flood of different emotions. As a writer this music helps me to write anything I want. I'm simply lost for words for this song. It's truly, truly amazing.
How is this not in the top 10? It's the most epic piece of music I've ever heard. It's like James Bond is spitting Charizards at a giant nuclear bomb while aliens crash land into a load of ninjas.
[Newest]This is essentially a 4-minute constant build up. Amazing way to start the album. Truly epic!
Just when you think it ant get any bigger it does.

26MK Ultra
How can this song NOT in the top 10?!? It's the song that really got me into Muse and started to explore the band. I had this song playing in my brain for days! How Matt sings it, low and high tones, so diverse! Not to mention the guitar playing, awesomeness! Vote vote!
Go research Mk ultra for a little bit, then watch the Mk ultra MTV video. Then come back and vote Mk ultra up.


Love the guitar riff to this so much I just had to learn it so many muse songs should be film sound tracks
[Newest]I think this is the song that best defines Muse and their music. It's haunting...

27Unnatural Selection
This song deserves a higher rating. Maybe people will start listening to it and rate it higher in the coming days.

Great Great song like many of Muse hits.
Can't believe that this song is not here - the fast and the slow, the pounding bass and its general awesomeness.
Please Guys listen to this song. It is top 5 deserving song. LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN!
[Newest]Really... This is the best song

I enjoy so many songs from Muse... I've been following them since 2003... Went to many concerts, even moved to Wembley (I'm from Switzerland)! Impossible for me to choose just one song. I chose Invincible because I love it and it has a very special meaning for me. Can't wait for SECOND LAW
I Think this song is the best I have ever heard! When I watch a video live I found on Youtube of this one... I have no words.. really
Obviously the guitar solo is amazing!
this song is so emotive and powerful
and it has their best guitar solo EVER!

[Newest]This song just has so many different elements to it- for some reason, makes me feel more emotion than any other Muse song. Not sappy emotion though- real emotion.

29Muscle Museum
Amazing song, so well crafted, what is is doing all the way down here?
The song about how INVISIBLE they were. Singing in crowds but no one would look. In the dictionary, Muscle comes before Muse and Museum comes after. Muse was literally ignored even in the title. This song is their most underrated masterpiece and truly shows their origins and humble nature. Listen to the acoustic version, it truly gives chills. It will always hold a dear place for Muse fans since it's so inspiring!
'I don't want you to adore me, don't want you to ignore me, when it pleases you. And i, I'll do it on my own. 'this song is awesome. Even though its the second song they ever wrote under the title muse, its still the best. I love muse

30Sing for Absolution
Perfectly written. I understand and agree that all muse songs are amazing, but this is even one of Matt bellamy's favorites! Come on!
One of the most moving... Showing that Muse doesn't need a heavy riff to convey energy and emotion. Maybe it is easier to love that song when one is not already a Muse fan. Definitely a good entrance into their universe.
Love the piano and his soft voice in the beginning. Very calming.
[Newest]Fantastic song. The intensity of the vocals make this my favorite Muse song

31City of Delusion
Hands down their best song. Spanish influenced guitar and a bass line with an awesome groove. Not to mention the simply amazing trumpet solo at the end... City of Delusion deserves to be number 1!
Top ten definitely! With its use of Spanish motifs and breakdowns, this song will definitely make your top 20 on your iPod.
Why is it not in the top ten? It has Spanish guitar mixed with matt's amazing and emotional voice, what MORE could you ask? This is a TRUE muse song, and for true muse fans.
[Newest]Wow 37 come on this might not be a single but that doesn't mean it's not good. Listen and vote!

32Apocalypse Please
great piano and keyboard.
this is one special and unique song.
One of the best rock piano intros ever.
There is not a bad song on Absolution, but Apocalypse Please is definitely one of the best.
Muse's piano based songs are awesome!
Definitely one of their best. Piano, bass, and that weird noise at 1:45. Crazy good!

This is epic song!
Nice composition!
Olympic official song 2012!
31? You got to be kidding me! This song deserves to be in top 10. The guitar solos are plain awesome. One of the best of their new album.
Awesome composition! The lead melody has a great balance with the orchestra.
[Newest]The song got me into Muse! AMAZING!

34Hyper Music
In terms of song writing, it's not too fantastic, it's two random parts strung together, but it's incredibly powerful, and the bass line is probably the most uplifting energetic piece of art I've ever come across. It's a fantastic example of influences too, Hendrix Chord and Drumming, Ratm riff, primus falsetto (Wynona's Beaver) and the guitar dropping out in the second verse is so incredibly tasteful.
Loaded with dozens of feelings this song kills all of the other songs. Although all of the other muse-songs is awesome to!
Are you guys even listening to the songs, this song has layers and depth. It starts off with that RATM style mess funk, and then move smoothly into that one of a kinda Bass beat that gets you movin while Matt picks it up with some sweet funk style guitar. The song swings in with huge rock chords to follow a solid rock chorus. Truely underrated. This list is like this because emo people tend to browse the net more and rock people are out being rockstars.
[Newest]The bass line is up there with songs like Hysteria and New Born. it's amazing. The singing is great too, this should be higher!

Why is this so low? An awesome song with strong, powerful lyrics. A great guitar riff, with nice vocals from Matt once again, and just all in all a really catchy song.
Yea cool riff and a meaning here about the PBB Project Blue Beam Google It Dudes
This song should definitely be in the top ten! Awesome lyrics and vocals as well as a great riff!
[Newest]Cool song for the first time listening
Really should be the best..
Time Is Running out is good, and Starlight..
But This should really be higher

36Space Dementia
Come on people! Space Dementia is easily in the top ten Muse list! It has so much feeling, a great rhythm and the piano backing is to die for! If you have not heard it, I guarantee you will LOVE it and listen to it on repeat like I do!
The piano parts on this song are nothing short of flawless. Very well constructed song in general, great lyrics and vocal melody. Top it off with an insane breakdown for the song's outro, and you have one of the most fantastic Muse songs in history.
This is one of my favourites for the rolling rock piano riff. Bellamy's voice gets continually more manic until that fabulous drum roll. The bizarre chorus is a magnificent counterpoint to the first section. I saw this live years back and it was the one we all went mad to. Brilliant!
[Newest]Space dementia must be in top 15 at least! This is a very low rank for this amazing and beautiful song.

37Thoughts of a Dying Atheist
I love this song. Pure and simple. It's amazing, and it relates to death and such. This is the most played song on my iTunes. If you haven't listened to this song, I would certainly suggest it.
Why it doesn't deserve in the top tens?
One of the better Muse songs of Absolution, much better than Map of the Problematique or Supermassive Black Hole!
It must be at least 10┬░!
Simply amazing lyrics.
"Look through a faithless eye, are you afraid to die? "
[Newest]This song definitely should be higher. The lyrics are brilliant as well the guitar solo

38Follow Me
This song is so cool, why is it this far down? Muse have tried using dubstep in their new album, and to me it has worked, I love this song and I love loads of muse songs too, I just voted for this one cause its a great song and it's this low down on the list! I LOVE MUSE!
Such a brilliant song with dubstep... Modern and melodic
Such a great song with what I feel are thoughtful lyrics and amazing dub-step integration, this song should effeminately be up there. This was the first muse song I ever heard and it still sends shivers done my spine every time I hear it
[Newest]Wow this song should definitely be in the top 10. Muse really showed people with this song that they can make amazing electronic/dubstep music! This song cannot be beat easily

39Save Me
Simple but Cool.. I love this song

40Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 1 (Overture)
If Heaven ever fought Hell in an epic battle which decides the fate of the Universe, this song would accompany it. Excellent orchestration and earthshaking arpeggios make this Muse's best song in my opinion.
Amazing buildup, Thom Yorke like vocals, a great guitar solo, and orchestral perfection
Why only 46th? The best of the best!

41I Belong to You / Mon coeur s'ouvre A ta voix
Amazing track with a very unusual and mesmerizing tune!
love it.. So vote it..
This song is completely unique. Should be number 1 though I love all Muse songs. But you people need to recognise that this song has got a heart on its own!
This song surely concludes that there is nothing this band cannot help but do amazing the piano is to die for

42United States of Eurasia
This song has Queen written all over it, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. This is the best song from the Resistance, and one of their best songs of all time!
This song is so amazing!
How is it not in the top 10!
The lyrics are great and it's so powerful when it's performed live
And it reminds me of queen
Wow. Why is this song all the way down here. Should be at least in the top twenty. So well written, watch the extras video as well.
[Newest]I love Queen and I know Muse do too so, it stands to reason they'd manage to so expertly copy the style and, in my opinion, improve on it and that takes a lot

Uno in my opinion should be way higher in the list. The message in the lyrics is so powerful and it's such a strong beat, plus I really like the music video...
I don't know why this song is rated so low and is unpopular with the fans. It just grabs you and doesn't let you go till the last chord.
I don't see why this one is so low on the list...

This song is amazing! It's 4 minutes of pure muse! Easily the one of the best songs in showbiz.
77 position?
Are you kidding me? This is an awesome song, it describes what Showbiz is about, its lyrics, its rythmn and melody


45Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)
This song is amazing! It's what got me into Muse in the first place! It's got beautiful lyrics and is really catchy!
Breathtaking song. Like the "our song" of Sid and Nancy.
I can't stop listening to this son
This song should be in top 5. I'm amazed that this song is so down in the list.

[Newest]Great song, horrible movie.

46Falling Away With You
Like all songs by Muse, this song is unique and will give you goose bumps (except for United States of Eurasia which sucked). But I like it the most because It is extremely powerful and I also love how it starts out with an acoustic guitar... then BAM! It becomes a total rock song like most of Muse's songs!


This song is beautiful, the best song from Absolution in my opinion. I think Muse are just as good at the slow songs like Shine as Matts voice suits it perfectly. The lyrics are just perfect.
Falling Away With You ranks high in my all-time favourite songs. The lyrics and the melody are simply breath-taking.
[Newest]You WON'T find anything more beautiful than this. It's a song they respect the most that they don't want to play it live

47The Small Print
Awesome song. I can't get tired of it


Cool song, I hope more people check this one out it definitely is underrated its got a great feel throughout.


Why does no one like this song?!? The words are so emotional, you can feel what Matthew is writing about, it's such a show stopper, with the explosive piano, and Chris playing guitar live!


Just simply put, an over looked song with very powerful lyrics
A British Space-Rock band pulling off an acoustic cowboy riff? Definitely one of their most unique and awesome songs. I would put it in their top 10.

49Guiding Light
This song is at least top 20 if not top 15. Such a great sound, its awesome

My fave song of all time! The power, the passion and the AWESOME fact that it hasn't hit the mainstream. So in a way I'm pleased it's not at the top. It never will be!
My favorite Muse song EVER. Highest note Matt Bellamy's ever hit is in the background.
This song truly amazing. You can feel pain listenting to it. Best Muse song in my opinion.

51Dark Shines
I agree theat everyone has got a different opinion, but why is this so poorly rated? I mean, has anyone ever heard a song where matt conveys emotions better than in this half-screamed, half-sung chorus?

52Map of Your Head
Great song! It has a nice relaxing vibe about it, I smile every time I listen to it If you haven't heard this song go listen to it now! It should be much higher on the list so give it some votes!

53Falling Down
Underrated so it hurts! It shuld be nr 1, liste to it! It's the song with the greatest sound on all instruments. The slow touching drums, the wiping guitar that sings along with Matts vocals, and the unoticable piano that plays it owns melody far far back in the background! And Matts vocals... There isn't a single song that MUSE made in wich Matt sings like he does in Falling down! First of all the amaxing deep lyrics, but mostly how he breaks he's own voice, even if he has a very strong voice, he still sings with a weak voice, and it's his way of singin it that makes this song the best.
This song is underrated, matt vocal is very emotional, heart touching. every time I hear this song I just feel like there is some pain matt feels when he sing it.
Sorry for bad English, I'm Indonesian

It's so beautiful! The slowness makes it sound peaceful and somewhat dreamlike
Harmonic Sound and Beautiful lyrics... I'd like it to last longer
Great mix of classic and guitar! Why is this so low when it's so powerful?
[Newest]I ADORE it and listen to it whenever I'm sad

55Dead Star
I tink this is muse's heaviest song.


Best song in my opinion. He has the right voice to do this style, and the way he sings it is absolutely incredible. The drums are solid, and the song seems to be well thought out.
defo a powerful song the fills ya with anger


[Newest]Brilliant guitar from Matt and breathtaking background-singing of chris

My favourite song by Muse and my favourite song ever. Matt himself said it was one of the best songs he ever wrote.
Lyrics, mood and attitude are what makes this song hang on your mind for days... The distorted guitar, floating chorus and overall eerieness makes this song amazing.
Overlooked for sure. Deep lyrics with an excellent guitar riff.
[Newest]55? , it must be a glitch

57The 2nd Law: Isolated System
How is this not in the top 10? It should be much higher. It's so hard to find this kind of music these days. It has a very profound meaning.
Amazing song! Very futuristic... Should be higher!
This is amazing! Go Muse!

This song is overlooked by so many fans. It's an extra song to the greatest album Muse created - Origins of Symmetry. The falsetto Matt uses in this song is incredible, especially at the end. I think the lyrics are really powerful too.
It shouldn't have been a bonus track because it is overlooked for that

This song is very well written, especially since its in 5/4 time. Just love the harmonies at the end : DO US ALL A FAVOR! Fantastic song.
This should be way higher up! I love this song and I would consider it the best song off of The 2nd Law. It is musical genius!
Animals must be way much higher. I consider it as one of the best songs of Muse so far!
[Newest]How can it be only 102th?!

60In Your World
This and deadstar should defiantly make the top 10. Are you people even listening to these songs? Replace starlight and uprising with deadstar and in your world!
I don't quite know why, but I absolutely love this song. It has to be one of the most underrated Muse songs there are!
THIS SONG JUST ROCK! Come on; it intergrates Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" as a piano piece and the main riff in the beggining. Why isn't this number 1, or at least in the top 10?

61Yes Please
By far, the best Muse song of all time, an AWESOME riff, the voice is perfectly manipulated and that hard rock style is great. Please listen it and you will be agree =)


How could this be the last on the list people? This is such a masterpiece
How is this so low?! It should be top 50 at LEAST! It's fantastic! :D
Few ones know Showbiz today, that┬'s the only reason why this song is not in top 10.

Psycho sounds different then the other muse songs, but I like it. Should be in top 50
Just a great song of Muse
They are back to their roots.

64Exogenisis: Symphony, Part 2 (Cross-pollination)
Its the best exogenesis! Listen listen listen!
A masterpiece! One of my favourites from the album and Believe me It's the best exogenesis! While I'm listening to this song It's like I'm running around my self slowly and I'm sinking, sinking in my own soul...
It's just a masterpiece, don't hear it! Listen to it

65Exogenesis Symphony Part 3 (Redemption)
It's an extremely sad song and has a powerful meaning. The simple lyrics, the passionate melody and Matthew's vocals make this one of their most beautiful compelling songs. A perfect closure for the Exogenesis symphony and a song that made me burst into tears like I never did before. Muse did a fantastic job with their three part symphony and Redemption is as sad and honest as it can be, because it reflects everybody's wishes: to start over again! Beautiful.
Being the best song ever to exist, this has to be at the top of the list.
Fantastic masterpiece... Underrated, like glorious of falling away with you, 3 songs that transport you in another dimension, in another world...
[Newest]When you watch also the video you can only cry... Fantastic song!

One of the most wonderful songs by MUSE. It is very powerful and it makes you feel so intense emotions. I will always love this song. Simply phantastic.
Unique song in every way... In my opinion... This is better than knights of cydonia
The riff in this song is glorious

67Liquid State
This song was written by chris, he sings about his addiction to alcohol. I like it

68The Groove
A B-side on the "Time is running out" single, this song is extremely underrated and is definitely in my top 5! Give it a listen if you haven't; you'll love it!
I see this is the most underrated song on the list. Just listen to this once, and you'll agree with me.
Ridiculously underrated song, could not keep the memorable riff out of my head. Should satisfy any hard rocker.

69Pink Ego Box
An underrated b-side song.

70Hate This And I'll Love You

71Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Perfect song, just surprised that has been over looked. My favorite from MUSE.

72Ruled by Secrecy
One of their deeper, more emotional songs. This is surely to make any listener freeze in place and get goosebumps during the chorus. This song is, in my opinion, a "happy" song (No more being ruled by secrecy from government and all that) however even though the government is "gone", no one rules and everyone is confused not knowing "who is in control". This is most definitely one of Muse's songs that you have to listen to while thinking at least a bit negatively.
Easily overlooked at the end of absolution but If you ever have the pleasure of seeing this live you will get it. Quiet and beautiful then hits you in the face with as powerful a piano riff as you have ever heard
Had to Ctrl-F just to find you, Ruled by Secrecy. Only Muse could write a song about a guy that has just come home to his wife after killing everyone at work. Brilliant piano work from Matt Bellamy and the explosion in the middle of the piece is just amazing. Easily one of their best songs.

Awesome! Every thing is just perfect! The guitar is so good, and Matt's voice... There is no word to describe it. He is one of the bests singers in the human history. It's development is perfect, starts simple but beautiful and then MUSE comes, all of them. As I said before PERFECT!
the only song i praise from hullabaloo

74House of the Rising Sun
One of the heaviest muse songs


His high belted notes are just beautiful.
Guys I'm 100% serios it is the best song of muse

75Eternally Missed
Great B-side track. Infact, probably their best. Fantastic Bass riff and simple awesome guitar solo towards the end. Worth a listen to and worth higher on this list.
How is it so low?! This would have to be Muse's best b-side, it deserves more!
Great song, deserves to be in the top 20

76Shrinking Universe
One of Muse's darkest songs I believe, but it is so unbelievably beautiful and heart wrenching! The falsetto gives me shivers every time I listen to it!
Has earned more attention, especially the second half is pure goosebumps (the scream along)

Somehow, this song is always overlooked. It is one of the less well known songs, and it is possibly only one for hardcore MUSE fans, but it has about the best chorus of any song ever. It does what only MUSE can pull off so well - to give you goosebumps, and absorb you completely.
Awesome song - top 3, for sure!


THIS SONG IS MAKING MUSE UNIOQUE. It's not just some random rock band. It's an atmosphere. An experience. Uprising? Just nope. Muse could be resume by Twin, Citizen Erased, Futurism and Yes Please. It's something new! Muse are by far the best of the 21st century, but are sadly known for the wrong songs...

78Soldier's Poem
A rare example of a Muse lullaby. Matt's haunting voice is accompanied by fantastic choral backing by Chris and Dom. Lyrically on top form too! Criminally not in the top ten.
Guys, please listen to this beautiful composition.
Makes you freeze every single second of the song.

79Spiral Static
This song display great vocal range, with three ocatves ranging from A2 up to G5.

80Shine (Acoustic)

How the? What the? 78th? Listen it entirely once guys please
Such a simple structure, yet such a haunting bassline.

Oh come on people, this is definitely at least at the top 20

83Crying Shame

84Hyper Chondriac Music
This song is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SONG I HAVE EVER HEARD. While the top 5 are not bad in ANY way, I just thought they won beause they are overrated.
This song is one of the best of muse certainly but unfortunately so underrated. this song is easily at first 30 for me.

85Hidden Track
Best song ever 8/8 no b8 m8


One of the better hullabo soundtrack songs

88Piano Thing

89Bedroom Acoustics

90Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want


92Do We Need This?


94Jimmy Kane


96Forced In
This song is awesome! Matt belamy's vocals are so haunting, the acoustic guitar sound pretty sweat. This song in my opinion focuses on dark themes such as addiction to greed. This song sould at least be in the top tens! Great song from the best band ever!

97The Gallery


99Nature 1

100Execution Commentary
Still better than the crap music I hear today.
Still meaningful than some of the meaningless crap I hear these days.

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