Best Music Videos of All Time

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The Top Ten

Michael Jackson - Thriller
It shouldn't take a second for a sane being to tell 'whats the best album/song/music video in history' is MICHAEL JACKSON'S THRILLER babe...
A true master piece... The best of all time... and Mj was only a young guy when he did this... just shows the genius he was...


Absolutely the best and a trail-blazer. Michael can compete with himself only. His other videos should be on the list as No. 2, No. 3, etc. There are throngs of performers still copying "Bad", "Black or White", etc.


[Newest]Hey, Where is Take Me Out?

2Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit
The best song, from the best band, sung by the best singer, in the best video. Truly the best


is and will be awesome


This is the best song I have ever heard and seen
Linkin Park RULES!
[Newest]Best Of The Best Music & Music Video...


3Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
My favorite Michael Jackson song and a amazing music video to go with it. Nice work MJ! R.I.P
Check out the Radio Edit version and the 2008 version on youtube, BETTER than the oringinal version


The scene where the guy sneaks up behind him with a knife and then gets blown away through the wall was really a funny scene
[Newest]Thriller is great. But this is Michael's Masterpiece!

4Aha - Take On Me
This song is amazing, and it will never be forgotten because of its melody, its wonderful video and the great job that Morten, Mags and Paul have made in it. A-HA forever!
Magnificent idea and excellent execution! I can't listen to the song without thinking of the video! best music video ever!
One of the best songs of 80s and 2nd best music video right behind thriller
[Newest]They wasted a lot of paper

5Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
Any human being with a brain knows that Bad Romance was not only one of the best music videos of 2009, it was one of the best music videos of the decade. I mean the choreography, the set, the costumes, and even the song. Come on, the song was one of the best song I've heard in my life. If you're a Little Monster, you know Bad Romance was the best thing you've layed your eyes on. It was nominated so many times at the 2010 VMA's and win a lot of those nominations. Vote this up people, Gaga killed with this video.
This is probably Lady Gaga's best work. She was able to make a clean eye catching simple video with all her crazy corky ideas. It's pure genius, everybody who worked with her must have had the best chemistry ever because the result is astonishing. All of her videos always have a good idea behind it, but sometimes it doesn't take the best direction & either looks like too much at once, sort of like a mess. But Bad Romance is just perfect, I wouldn't change anything about it & could watch it all day long. Also, it's her most iconic, it really defines her as an artist & includes most of what people recognize in her.
Very good idea to video, such as video simply extraordinary and unique. With this video and no one ever beats for this high-quality video anywhere else. Poor Roman - the best thing that could ever make Lady Gaga! Lady Gaga worthy 2nd place (after Michael Jackson)..
[Newest]I watched this video over and over and over and over when it came out. Everything about this video is perfection. You don't even need to be a GaGa fan to appreciate the brilliance of this immaculate piece of visual art.

6Michael Jackson - Beat It
Michael was great in this music video. He was the pioneer for the short film music videos. This was an amazing video and the dancing was the best... It was an early video ; but one of the best... xo MJ love xo


Oh ya this was a great video... for sure of all time... beside Thriller... love it...


Michael Jackson's music videos were and still are the best to watch because their like mini movies. Rest In Paradise MJ The King of Pop

7Evanescence - Bring Me to Life
Amy lee is enough for being best...


In one word, a master piece.
This is a very good video, when I first saw the video I downloaded it. laugh out loud..
[Newest]Laugh out loud, best music video ever. Very action and ultimate EPIC

8Guns N Roses - November Rain
The storyline is great, full of emotion, the video is one of the most expensive music video of all time. You watch it and I'm sure that you will not regret it.


Perfect blended emotions and music together... Everything is so great in GN'R... Slash and axl are the best... come on people... Find a way for it... It must be in the top ten..
Okay, one question... why is lady Gaga above guns n roses?! Axl is 10 times the musician she is, without a doubt in my mind. November rain is a beautiful song, and the video may be the only thing that even comes close to it! I love the part where slash leaves the church to play his solo.

9Michael Jackson - Earth Song
Strong song and message

10My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade
It's an amazing video that expresses the true meaning of the song. The song is about a guy who died in the hospital, and death came to him in the form of his fondest memory, which was a parade. His best memory was watching a parade with his dad when he was a kid, so dead approached him in the form of a parade. The message is that death should be happy, and it should come in the form of your favorite memory, not sad and depressing as it usually seems to be. The video and song have a very deep meaning in the form of a beautiful little story. It's inspiring and great!
everybody c'mon this music video is just so powerful and epic and the story is superb! if you have never seen it you gotta cause you're gonna lose your breath watching it!
Best video with great lyrics! Your memory will carry on My Chemical Romance!
[Newest]A masterpiece. Simple as.

The Contenders

1130 Seconds to Mars - A Beautiful Lie
They travelled to The Artic Circle and risked their lives trying to deliver the message that we are slowly killing the earth. Kudos to the boys for this AMAZING video!


C'Mon, people! This music video is both great and has a message that EVERYONE needs to know!

If you don't know the message, it's to know what Global Warming has done, and what you can do to stop it.


My friend knows this video by heart. She can tell when Jared making circles and when the wolf appears. And I'm really thankful to her that she had opened this video for me. They are really awesome! Not everyone are that great!


[Newest]This music video must be on 3 top

12Linkin Park - Crawling
Chester had some sweet hair back in the day..


Super cool song.. classic

13Waiting for the End - Linkin Park
The best song of off Linkin Parks worst album but its not anywhere near the best song to me but this one of the all time greatest music videos to me
Such An Epic Video
Best music video, thriller is overrated in my opinion.
[Newest]Best song. best video


14Michael Jackson - Remember the Time
Now I don't mean to say that this should be at 1st position but this should surely be under top 10 because its really very good. Please watch it if you haven't and I'm sure that you'll love it

15Madonna - Express Yourself
Express yourself to get what you want.. To be who you want to be.. And to have that motivation, this song can be a tool to do that... The power of positivity is what the song preaches... So go ahead express it..
Young Madonna in bed wearing an iron slave collar... What more can you want?
This music video was years ahead of its time; it spoke of women rights and standing up for what you believe in. It made a difference.
[Newest]A truly iconic video for so many reasons.

16Linkin Park - Castle of Glass
This should totaly be #1 because this song is too awesome.
But I'm only a crack,... in this castle of Glass!

17Green Day - Jesus Of Suburbia
such a good music video the best they have ever done plus JOS is my all time fave song


Jesus of Suburbia is the only music video up here that has meaning. Thriller and Smooth Criminal are okay, but its just some silly senario.
Amazing, it's not on the top for one reason, the rest of the voters haven't seen this...
[Newest]When life turns it's back on you, you kick life's ass

18Lady Gaga Ft. Beyoncé - Telephone
Yep, this should be way higher than JLo, Shakira, Selena Gomez, and all those other wannabes. Telephone was not just a music video, but a short film. She really outdid herself, and she was a genius for making this part 2 of Paparazzi. Which also should have been up higher on this list.
Two pop legends. Slaying the world. Crazy, creative, and highly influential.
This video is iconic

19Metallica - One
For those who just think of One as an awesome metal track, watching the video alongside it shows the true meaning of this very moving song.
HA, It's funny how Thriller actually can be on the same list as One, One rules the most supreme, and the video scared me, so suspense
How the hell is thriller above this? Thriller is the most overrated piece of junk on this whole list. Metallica is a real band, real music.

20Korn - Freak On a Leash
Legendary video by a legendary band. This band helps people deal with the dark side of life.
This music video is cool
Like this video if you're watching it in 2015!

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