Top 10 New Wave of American Heavy Metal Bands


This is a list of the best New wave of american heavy metal bands. And please only use bands that are on Wikipedia's list located here. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Avenged Sevenfold
They're the best because they have great lyrics, excellent musicianship, a good image too, and amazing live shows. Plus they're from Orange County like me, which automatically makes them awesome.
Isten to all these bands, but Slipknot's the best. I have all of their albums (bought them at the store, except for Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. , which is actually just a demo album) and all of their songs. I have listened to them since I was thirteen and wont stop any time soon.
I listen to all slipknot and others songs.. But avenged sevenfold is the best
[Newest]It is the best heavy metal band in the world

2Lamb of God
I actually can not describe this band as well as they really deserve and are. As every metal fans know this band could revive the roughly forgotten groove metal sub-genre that the legendary pantera introduced it in early 90 to metalheads and shortly after they got popular they call this genre to be pure American metal. Sometimes I get annoyed when you compare different bands with different styles and different origins0i don't want to subvert the popularity of avenged sevenfold but as a metal fan that seriously follow all the sub-genre of heavy metal can not consider this band to be the one that could innovate sth extraordinary. They just could improve hard rock style and make it more attractive than before. So I propose to put lamb of god as number one of the list
For those who disagree or don't know Lamb Of God, listen to them, they are the kings, boasting with songs such as Blacken The Cursed Sun, Laid To Rest, Vigil. This band is ultimately the best New Wave Of American Heavy Metal (and heavy metal) band... Can't argue with that... And if you disagree, we Lamb Of God fans wouldn't bother because we're doing fine without ya.
kick-a** drums, kick-a** vocals, kick-a** guitar riffs; Lamb of God is the new Metallica
[Newest]Should be first, and you know it

Pantera is the big grandfather of all these metal bands on this list, respect your elders, especially Dimebag Darrel, the coolest guitarist in the world.
Pantera should be #1 no question about it. This list is pathetic most of these bands have no business being on this list! And having avenged at #1 is ridiculous I don't even consider them as a metal band anymore. They are hard rock and their music gets less heavy with every album they release!
Pantera is the definition of a REAL Heavy metal band. Just listen to their heavy riffs and solos, not to mention Phil's amazing vocals and Dimebag's unparalled distorted riffs. Just listen to songs like cowboys from hell, Walk,5 minutes alone, Mouth for war, Domination, I'm broken, and so on. Avenged sevenfold is number 1 due to some lame voters. One who truly knows what heavy metal is all about will vote for PANTERA!
[Newest]Did you know that pantera was once a hair metal band in the 80s?

I listen to all these bands, but Slipknot's the best. I have all of their albums (bought them at the store, except for Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. , which is actually just a demo album)and all of their songs. I have listened to them since I was thirteen and wont stop any time soon.
Slipknot's style has evolved over the years, showing that they are very talented musicians. Pantera saved heavy metal in the 90's but no one does raw aggression like slipknot!
Slipknot forever. I don't know what you guys think but if you seek my advice, They are the real deal. I am not promoting them, I just love them
[Newest]This is bull! How could they be at number 4. They were the start of the new wave of heavy metal! And there hasn't been any other band as insane as them live, even though the self-titled and Iowa era was way better than the new era (vol3 and all hope is gone). But they are back alright! The Gray Chapter is their best album yet... In my opinion

By far the most original and creative of all metal bands mentioned in this list. They continue to develop their progressive/sludge inspired sound and push their music into new territory whereas most metals bands have failed to evolve since the last decade. Mastodon continue to experiment and expanded the metal genre and refuse to conform to the homogeneity of the current scenes. They are a force to be reckoned with and have yet to displease critics and fans alike.
These guys bring something totally new to the New American metal stage. They stand high above the rest on this list.
As the guy below me has stated, they are the most original metal band of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal movement. Excellent musicans, with incredibly consistent albums. They are by far the best metal band post-2000.
[Newest]Greatest metal band of the last 15 years

6Five Finger Death Punch
This guys totally need to be closer to 1. Spot. At least 5. Place, if not more.
These guys kick ass. One of the best metal bands to date
I love almost all of their songs. the singer has a bad ass metal voice and the guitars sound heavy and fast! I love it!
[Newest]Take it from an A7X fan, They, re not bad

7Machine Head
This band absolutely slays. They have one of metal's most thriving vocalists and they have an awesome take no s*** attitude


This is what true American metal should sound like... Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast!
Avenged sevenfold is so overrated.

Disturbed is the best of these metal bands, one of the top 3 metal bands ever and one of the top 5 bands ever.
I just can't decide between Disturbed and KoRn I love both bands!
Disturbed is its own thing and sounds like nothing else and is amazing
[Newest]Listen to Ten Thousand Fists and Asylum all the way through and your mind will be blown.

9System of a Down
Really? No System of a Down on here yet? They have a completely unique sound and influenced some of the bands on this list. They rank among Slipknot and Disturbed as pioneers of a new wave on insane metal.
Got to be one of the best bands ever. Completely original music with a style that ranges from the softer vocals and instrumentation of Roulette to the really harsh vocals and unpredictable format of Suite-pee.
Loved Serj Tankian in System of a down.
[Newest]They are the best

If it wasn't for korn, none of these bands would exist. Deal with it! Korn is the band who started the new wave of American heavy metal. The vocalist from korn (jonathan Davis) is the first person who started singing about emotions and such, before it was just lame lyrics, and they were also the first really heavy band with 7 stringed guitars and 5 stringed basses. What I love with them is that they don't use ugly ass solos and they don't scream their guts out.
Undebiably, KoRn was the driving force behind nu metal's rise in the late 90s. On the scene since the start of that decade, they were a startingly unique underground phenomena whose grassroot beginnings gave the genre a fresh, DIY edge that had been lost since the rise of mainstream radio rock of the post-grunge era.
I'm sorry but since when was Korn heavy metal? I'll give them metal, but not heavy metal. This whole list is of mostly metal bands, not heavy metal. I do believe it is an inaccurate list. When you talk about new age heavy metal you think of Born of Osiris, Parkway Drive, Reflections, etc. Like even having Djent bands here would be better then the bands you are calling heavy metal in this list.
"heavy metal" is an umbrella term. It covers everyone from Korn, A7X, and Lamb of God to Sabbath, Maiden, and Metallica. Everyone on this list is a heavy metal band.
[Newest]Korn > everyone on this list

The Contenders

11Killswitch Engage
Very original band, AND PHENOMENAL VOCALS, Great GUITAR, AWESOME Bass, KICK Ass Drums?
Need I say more?
There's a very special and unique sound and presence in every music, and it's awesome
Easily the best American metal of the 21st century

Beast band that totally deserves to be in the top 10. It's a pity that it is totally underrated. This band makes divine music and are by far the most consistent band from the top 10 list along with disturbed, slipknot and a7x
Americas Bullet for my Valentine


13As I Lay Dying

The NWofAHM is slim pickings, and we're all dying for one of these bands to break down the walls of pop music today.

Listen to I Stand Alone, Awake, Keep Away, Voodoo, Enemy, Saints and Sinners. Then listen to more of their songs after you've heard those and totally got in to them.
Should be top 10 on this list
This belongs in the top ten for sure


17Bullet For My Valentine
Bullet my valentine have to be fourth because most of his song kick ass
Although Bullet For My Valentine are not American.. They still need to be ranked top 3 the least.. (if not number one). They are talented musicians with a bright future..
Bullet is the best of this bands, the music is amazing

18All That Remains
All that remains and Godsmack should be in the top ten 2 of the best right now

Muvayne bad ass band one of my favorites
They say that bands lose the hard core stuff every album but I think they get better cause without good lyrics its just the same old heavy metal soun so mudvayne should be num 1

20Shadows Fall
Some faith in humanity is restored when I see bands like this. They aren't generic, they don't overuse the same ideas, and they have pretty good musicianship.
The Modern Age Metallica. They are the closest to thrash metal in a modern sense. I don't see them as pure metalcore nor thrash. If you need riffs that you can bang your head to then this the band. They also have great solos.
Best heavy speed out there

21Black Label Society
Zakk Wylde has to be one of the greatest guitarists in the world.

22Breaking Benjamin


24Lazarus A.D.
Great group of dudes. Amazing music!


Duh, they're better than most of the top ten
Chimaira are the pure embodiment of American heavy metal. At least most of their early stuff.

27Fear Factory




31Protest the Hero
these guys kick total ass. no question about it


32Norma Jean





37Municipal Waste

38The Black Dahlia Murder
Why these guys aren't in the top 10 is beyond me


40Absolution Project
I don't know y no one knows this band, but this band should be in the top ten!

41All Shall Perish
A great Deathcore band which is underrated.
Good great not bad for an american metal band
One of the best bands ever! Need to listen!

42Motley Crue
This is the real heavy metal...face it!


While the dominant styles in the movement are, unfortunately, metalcore and nu metal, Nevermore go out of their way to craft a unique blend of traditional metal, thrash and power metal that stands out from the same old sounds that this movement has spawned. No disrespect to bands like Pantera, but this band got it better than the rest.


46Becoming the Archetype
the best Christian death metal band!


47Straight Line Stitch
Female screamer is amazing! Love it

Best the is right her!

49The Devil Wears Prada
It said post your opinion and it's my opinion, no need for explanation.

50Miss May I

51Gemini Syndrome
Lux album kicks so much ass

52Falling In Reverse
These guys should be in the top ten! Ronnie is amazing at writing lyrics, Jacky can shred on a guitar like no other in this music era! Ryan seamen can play some pretty good drums. They are not the best in America, but they deserve to be in the top five!

53Toxic Holocaust

54Suicide Silence
I was looking through the list of bands you guys have listed here, and I didn't see Suicide Silence. Mitch Lucker was an amazing vocalist, his vocals went great with the music. May he stomp on! M/

55Drowning Pool
Their music is so close to perfection...
But still not on this list?

These guys are a little newer to the scene, but they have brought their own brand and kick some serious ass.

57Times of Grace


59Blood Tsunami

60Texas in July

61Stone Sour
We have to get Cory in there!

Badass thrash band from the bay area

This band has a killer sound


This band defines Heavy Metal!


67Escape the Fate
This war is ours!

68Sanctioned to Life
Is the best new metal band

69Asking Alexandria

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