Greatest Progressive Metal Bands


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Dream Theater
DT is unmatched in musicianship. Not only are they extremely technical in the way they approach their instruments, but they also know how to inspire the listener. Notice I said "listener. " People who are brainwashed by the music industry just merely hear DT and don't understand the whole scope of the band. DT presents the classic struggle of swimming against mainstream pop culture. Of course they should have beat Foo Fighters for the Grammy, but at least they got a well deserved nomination. I have been listening to Dream Theater for just over 20 years. I have made the conclusion that there is no one else out there with enough guts to defy the odds like these guys have. Sure there are/were bands like Led Zeppelin, Rush, Van Halen, Metallica, Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, and the like. However, for all the reasons as previously posted DT stands in a class/category all their own. If you have never listened to them before don't look for a 3 minute fast food, quick fix. Their music is heavily layered and takes several listenings to really appreciate and digest what they have to offer. If you don't like the singer, try Googling the lyrics and you will see why he takes more of a melodic approach. Yes they do have slow songs which are amazing in themselves, but if you don't like slow songs then jump to their high energy songs and you will truly be blown away. If you think that's insane just wait till you hear them live. Sure you can Youtube them, but look for concert tour dates and you will be blown clear across the universe by their live performance. Enough said.
There are plenty of quality prog metal bands out there but Dream Theater take it that step further, putting them in a class of their own. They are a testament to the genre. Fates Warning, Symphony X and LTE are also brilliant in quality and should be higher!
Too good, possibly my favorite band.. Metropolis Pt2 was simply a masterpiece along with Images and Words. Amazing metal band and one of the greatest of all times. They aren't doing TOO bad nowadays either.
[Newest]The best prog ever
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I think Opeth is the one of the few metal bands that mixes beauty and brutality--all in one song. The moods that they incorporate in their music proves that they are top-notch and should be number 1. "The Night and The Silent Water" and "Ghost of Perdition" = mm/ EPIC
Probably the best prog/death metal band all times, their music is full of emotions and true beauty... I think no band can capture so deep feelings as they do
[Newest]It deserves to be at number 1...
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Tool... Completely changed my music taste, I used to hear crap dupstep and other electronic, but then I stumbled on tool. I heard it the first time on gth, but for some reason I didn't like it, not until for years later, and I heard them again, still it wasn't great, but there was something, and I just keeps listening, and just got better each time. Tool got me into, Metallica, dream theater, black sabbath, pain of salvation, porcupine tree, iron maiden, circus maximus, or anything with prog and metal.

Something I find interesting, not just tool, but most prog metal band, the first time you hear a song, you don't love it, but slowly liking it more and more, the more you hear it.
One of the most interesting bands in human history I think.
1993 was the year my music taste changed. Well layered intelligent music. No one is declaring love. No one is backing up there ass. Just music. Long songs with a buildup of sound until the explosive climax when the drumming is at It's best. You can appreciate every sound since it was introduced indivivdually. You can feel the tension as every plAyer is holding back like the superego. Inner conflict that finds resolve. Helps me deal with the same conflicts that I face. The philosophies that we all have but don't realize it. Positive messages in songs like parabola, personal stuff like 46&2. Crazy rage we all feel when we endure daily living like in the song ticks and leaches. And the drums. Tribal. Wild.
[Newest]Riveting song ideas. Gripping band. Lateralus is arguably one of the most complex compositions of all time.

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4Symphony X
Fourth? Dont joke! Their guitarist is probably the most talented and skilled of the world. But I prefer Versailles xD
Insane guitar riffs and amazing vocals, may be my all time favorite band.
This should be first. They are so original and have the best vocals that fit in with every song. Their music creates the best mood and anyone who listens to their songs wouldn't stop without listening to more.
[Newest]These are the best songwriters in the genre and they put on an INCREDIBLE live show.

One of the greatest bands in the reign of metal, that's all what I can simply say. I suggest this band to every metal lover, and I m sure they gonna be amazed
Artcell is undoubtedly a great band, and they got total talents. One thing I feel important to mention that-whatever they make, they never compromise with quality. I guess that should be the motto of each and every band.
Simply awesome these guys are. Just listen to the track ONIKET PRANTOR and your mind will get blown off, trust me.
[Newest]A few bands are like Bangladeshi band Artcell!
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Queensryche ws dream theater before dream theater even existed! This is the first real progressive metal band and thanks to them we now have awesome bands like tool and dream theater. Operation mindcrime is an essential album to any prog or metal fan
For me Queensryche is the best progressive metal and of all time, they were the beginers of this kind of music, the combination of the lyrics and music make them the best band! Operation Mindcrime, Promised land, Empire are the best albums of this band and G. Tate is one of the greatest singers in metal history
They are the best, followed closely by Dream Theater. Geoff Tate is also easily one of the best metal vocalists of all time. brilliant!
[Newest]Oh, come on! Queensryche practically invented the genre of Prog Metal, and Operation: Mindcrime is inarguably one of the best concept albums in all of Metal, let alone in prog. They deserve to be Number 1.

7Porcupine Tree
PT are a really underrated band I found about recently, their music is not only original and unique, but also really emotional - the lyrics match the instrumentations and atmosphere of the songs perfectly.


Steven wilson and the crew are underdogs and underrated of course.. Steven wilson is one of the gods of prog/psych rock, gavin harrison is a technical drumming god, richard needs no appreciation and colin carries of a toughest of a bass line with just a simple smile :D and pt is at no. 13? Seriously? ? And from when did gojira and tool become progressive?
Absolutely amazing amounts of talent from every member of the band. These guys should easily be in the top 5 just because of Gavin Harrison!
[Newest]I love this band... lyrics awesome

Mastodon has progressive in their music and there sound has changed many of but remained the same as it is amazing. This band will be a favorite for years to come to all prog lovers.
Mastodon is better than meshuggah and it should be in the top 5s. They don't sound like prog-metal but they are and they are amazing.


They are awesome. They have very brutal chanting heavy metal along with beautiful progressive melodies!

9Between the Buried and Me
Fantastic musicians that incorporate many musical influences like blue grass, or even circus music into metal. They have long epic songs which will have you head banging, or just sitting in awe. The album "Colors" is a one hour long song broken into smaller songs. It is truly a master piece of complex musical theory, and emotions the whole way through. if you like metal at all you have to give it a listen. My two favorite songs on colors are the epic finale "White Walls", and my favorite son of all time, "Ants of the Sky".
This band is awesome! Such powerful guitar riffs and tripping instrumental! I recommend their albums Colors and The Great misdirect to any fan of good metal!
These guys deserve high than 10. the way they incorporate intricate metal riffs, and then go to almost what sounds like classic rock. they truly are a revolutionary progressive metal band. and all of them are flawless at what they do, and no matter how many bands I listen too, I can't find one that comes even close to how good these guys are at their instruments. absolutely amazing.
[Newest]They can do it live and make it look like they're having fun

These guys can't be compared on any other band. Its tantamount to putting a man up against a boy. NO band can compare to these guys. Every single band you Bozos so proudly defend were influenced by RUSH. You spout off about technical playing and musicianship, Rush is the epitome of technical and still able to make music people want to listen to. Anyone can get a bunch of Berkley educated musicians or back woods hillbillies to put together the hardest notes to play and call it a song. But if nobody wants to hear it, well except for the basement dwellers who also enjoy marching around nude tweaking their nipples.


At 44? Whoever put them down this low should be ashamed Rush is one of the best bands ever to grace the planet they were innovators, they are legends and will forever be amazing and timeless they proved that intellectual music can connect and resonate with people plus even Kirk Hammett calls them the high priests of conceptual metal
Rush is obviously #1. All these other bands on this list would agree that Rush, in some way, is responsible for their prog rock aspirations. Each band on this list will proudly admit they are a fan of Rush.
Rush is easily the best progressive band of all time I just don't see them really fitting into a list that's for progressive METAL bands
[Newest]This is a prog metal list Rush is spectacular but they're rock not metal

The Contenders

People often view this band as more extreme metal, which is understandable, but they do everything that makes Progressive Metal Progressive, just in their own way. Their compositions will never be as long as maybe Dream Theater or Opeth (Except for I and Catch 33), but each individual riff progresses, as the polymetric guitar floats over the drums, before snapping back into 4/4 for a single bar before blasting off into another bout of syncopated madness. Very underrated among mainstream metal listeners
Progressive Metal and Messuggah not even in top ten! This is joke or what? Sorry but you all are crazy!
There guys are Gods! If you haven't heard of them, I suggest you youtube there stuff. They should easily be in the top 10.
[Newest]Meshuggah must be No. 1

Nevermore is fronted by Warrel Dane--one of the most amazing singers in the progressive metal genre with plenty of formal training. Jeff Loomis, the bands lead guitar player can barely be matched by many. They mix elements of complex time signatures, classical arrangements, and execute such synthesis with amazing precision.

While quite a bit harder than some other progressive metal bands, Nevermore also has a brilliant clarity both live and in studio.

13Fates Warning
While I agree with Fates Warning I don't agree with your selection of "Awaken the Guardian" selection. Their first two albums with original singer John Arch were more "heavy metal" than progressive. "No Exit" is definitely their best work followed by "Parallels" you can't go wrong with either of these. My top 3 progressive bands in order..1. Rush,2. Queensryche; 3. Fates Warning.
This band should be higher on this list, that's why I voted for this, but my real favorite band is dream theater
18? What? This band practically invented Progressive Metal as we know it! Mike Portnoy from DT even gives them props for inventing it! Fates Warning is possibly one of the most underrated metal bands of all time. Check out "Awaken the Guardian" and you'll see what I mean.
[Newest]The most underrated band of all time and 1 of the 3 BEST Progressive!

14Liquid Tension Experiment
A side project by the members of Dream Theater except the bassist and the vocalist. Check out "Acid Rain", "Universal Mind", "Paradigm Shift" from the Liquid Tension Experiment albums among the prominent ones and say "I hate Dream Theater".
A great side project from Dream Theater altough is not as good as the band its self, it give us an inside look of the heavy tecnical side of Dream Theater.

15Anubis Gate
First time I heard Anubis Gate I was sold. The way they play metal and still have those great melodies and the way they build up the emotions and feelings in a song as it rises or falls in dynamic and the pieces in the songs is just fantastic.
I simply love Anubis Gate.
Very few bands are as consistently great through their discography as Anubis Gate are. Progressive metal perfection.
These guys gradually climbed up into my top 5 favorite bands and are highly contagious! Cheers!
[Newest]These guys just plainly owns the genre.

Why don't I find gojira, meshuggah in top 10? They are a very innovative step in this genre
Go listen to all of "From Sirius to Mars" especially flying whales
I don't see how these guys are in the top ten, but oh well they are amazing
[Newest]They move metal music forward in a good way...

17Circus Maximus
One of the greatest Prog Metal band out there along with Dream Theater and Opeth. Their last album "Nine" is probably the best metal album of 2012.
The 1st Chapter is in my opinion one of the greatest prog albums ever along with Images and Words, The Divine Wings of Tragedy, Mercy Falls, and Moving Pictures
Album NINE is one of the best I ever heared!
Everything included - Power - Melodic -... - Just Fantastic!

Take some of the biggest and best vocalists & musicians to grace the world of prog rock, and many various forms of metal... Put them in a great big melting pot. Stir with care, and you get Ayreon.

Heck, the current top 2 on this list (DT and Opeth) both had their respective vocalists taking huge roles on the SAME Ayreon album.

Ayreon is a concept that has been masterfully carried out by Arjen Lucassen in order to present some of the world's greatest album line-ups presenting some of the world's greatest music.

You have your prog, folk, metal, neo-classical, symphonic, and god knows what else when you listen to Ayreon. Each album is a concept album, some of which have the best stories and characterisation to ever grace the world of music.

As you can tell from my endless raving, there is a lot to be said about why Ayreon is as special as it is. It is an awe-inspiring musical project that deserves every bit of attention it gets.
With the recent release of "The Theory of Everything", Ayreon is quickly solidifying Its' identity amongst the top bands and musicians. The project is simply outstanding in every conceivable way.

It's not only the musicianship and vocals that will blow you away; It is the entire way the arrangements fit their titles.

Ayreon will make you believe the unfathomable!
It is impossible to be more progressive than Ayreon. Arjen Lucassen is simply one of the best musicians around these days. There is simply no other band to compare Ayreon with.

19Seventh Wonder
Best progressive metal. All five members are talented. All albums are beautiful art. The great escape is one of the best metal album. Hope they will release more masterpiece albums. Kamelot deserve the second place.
The best progressive metal band in my opinion. The vocals are impressive, as well as the rest of the group. They got beautiful touching songs, as well as energetic songs. Their last albums are two masterpieces.
Amazing band I only found them out a few days ago but now they are one of my favorite prog metal bands

Periphery and opeth are the best prog bands ever but the guitarist of dream theatre is one of my favourites, I chose to vote this band because it deserves to be higher on this list
Periphery is actually quite important to the Modern Progressive Metal Scene. Maybe people choose to classify them as Djent more, but they do deserve to be higher in this list.
Check out clear and be amazed

21Pain of Salvation
One of the most creative prog bands out there. Daniel Gildenlöw is a genius and a hell of a singer. Just listen to the albums "The Perfect Element" and "BE" and you'll understand...
Absolutely brilliant, seriously - and these guys are awesome live too!
The most creative Band.

What Threshold should be the NUMBER 1! They are the BEST!
They are the best...

Just recently discovered these guys from Poland, they have their own awesome progressive sound, check out their album "Second Life Syndrome".


One of the most underrated bands.

People who love Opeth & PT and looking forward to more music of that kind then this is a perfect choice.
Great, but underrated band. Riverside sounds like an awesome misture of Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree and Opeth leaded by a very nice vocal, but mantaining their very own and introspective identity. Maybe the best way of describing their genre would be, simply, introspective prog/metal.
[Newest]Absolute amazing band. Well worth to check out for every progressive rock metal lover...

24Distorted Harmony
A great band is not only a band that plays good music, because they can really play because of their chops and skills, but especially because they know how to write great songs that you don't forget in a sec.
Their songs are unique, different from other bands. They have a good vocalist and an amazing drummer. Their lyrics are just mindblowingly awesome, its impossible to stop listening to them after discovering them.
Amazing band, fresh and huge sound, cannot stop listening.

25System of a Down
System of a Down is NOT progressive metal. Please remove it from here. I love them but they are NU. NU METAL. NU!
Pretty good band but it's nu-metal and not progressive metal so it shouldn't be on this list
Amazing band! Should be in the top ten...

26Shadow Gallery
They are my favourite band! Greatest prog band ever!
They made a clichéd story about the New World Order cool - and somehow stretched it into two great albums, without having a single moment that felt overlong until the very end.

Stumbling across Haken via randomly pouring through a list of new progressive bands, I thought, "They've got an interesting name, let's hear one of their songs." First one that came up, "Celestial Elixir." I thought, "My god, this is by far one of the greatest current bands ever." And I hadn't even listened to their newer albums yet.
Visions sucked me in immediately, prompting me to begin composing again.I awaited the release of "The Mountain" with a hunger unparalleled by any other anticipation I've felt before. To think I believed "Visions" couldn't be topped -- "The Mountain" has become my #1 favorite album ever.
Haken consistently puts out greatness after greatness, album in album out. It's no stretch of the imagination to see them climb into the Top 10 in time.
For every prog philosopher out there, Haken fits the bill on every aspect of musical brilliance. They will be, with out a doubt, the next king in the prog universe. Take a moment and embark on the epic journeys Haken has brought to the ear, it is a moment of breathtaking excellence.

Recommendations for heavier posed listeners: Darkest Light, Insomnia

Recommendations for melodically posed listeners: Crystallized, Visions, Celestial Elixir
Why nobody votes haken? Dream Theater is the best, all of we know, but haken should be in the top five! They are very new but is one of the best groups I have heard! Seriously you all should hear it
[Newest]Haken are one of my favourite bands ever, and have one of my favourite albums ever, containing one of my favourite songs ever.

28Ne Obliviscaris
Ne Obliviscaris just blew my mind from the very first time I heard about them. Mesmerizing Prog Metal with amazing violin... And they only have one album out. These guys deserve a top ten spot on the list, and I'm sure they'll get there within the next few years. Definitely the best Metal band to come out in the last few years.
Excellent extreme progressive metal band.

29Planet X
This should be number one - but the music is perhaps too complex?

This is perhaps one of the most refreshing, original, amazing bands, I have heard for a very long time, and the fact, that they've only gotten 0,8% of the votes, is just wrong...
These guys have that special scheme in their music. It really puts you in a dark forest or rainy Oslo. Heavy stuff mixed with some classical, clean crazy psychadelic vocals and 8 string Ibanezes.
Very rare and genius band. Sadly unkown, even in the prog metal scene

31Vanden Plas
Vanden plas is number one listen to their last album chronicles of the immortals à master peas

32Redemption X
If you listen "Snowfall on Judgement Day" and "Redemption - The Origins Of Ruin 2007 Progressive" albums, you will place they top 10...

Not: vocal is fates warnings' vocal
Redemption deserves much more
Monsters of timbre e technic, they have a vocal 0 to 10 I give 8

Can't believe Myrath aren't in the top 10. This band takes progressive metal to a new level with its middle-eastern influenced sound! If you haven't listened to Myrath, you haven't listened to progressive metal!
They are the best with zaher's great voice anis jouini their bass player they're simply the best
I don't think Myrath deserve the top spot, but certainly the top 15/20. These guys are monsters on their instruments.

Interesting and unique blend of prog and jazz, with amazing female jazz-style vocals, "Inside the Hourglass" really got me into them!



36Animals as Leaders
Tosin Abasi is pretty much the only guitarist I know who has a band focused around him, who doesn't drift into the endless number of egotistical shredders these days. One of the things that struck me about Animals As Leaders on first listen was that it not only featured the incredible guitar skills of arguably the most unique and technical shredder of this age, but also created absolutely brilliant compositions, which is often overlooked in prog in favour of all out technicality.

This band still have plenty of technical ability, but it is showcased in a much more controlled manner than most. Also, John Petrucci of progressive gods Dream Theater, who happen to be one of my favourite bands, stated that some of the riffs on the self titled DT release were inspired by the likes of Animals As Leaders, and Periphery (another good progressive band).
Tosin Abasi is definitely one of the most skilled guitarists alive. He plays incredibly complex guitar techniques and he can do it all live exactly how it sounds on the albums. Incredibly accurate and he showcases this in all of the band's work thus far. Javier Reyes is also a great guitarist as well. Give this band a listen, you won't be disappointed


Best Extreme Prog-Metal Band Ever

This band is amazing. Not the most well-known band out there, nor the oldest, but I must say every single song they've released is a masterpiece. Some of them may require a few listens but I'm sure you won't regret it. Their first two albums are among my top ten prog albums, and their sound is progressive, complex and genuine. Yes, this is some prog metal with soul.


39Scar Symmetry
Scar Symmetry does not get nearly enough attention. Holographic Universe is in my opinion one of the best progressive metal albums to date.
Wish I would have seen scar symmetry before I voted they are very underrated they are a wonderful band who deserve more attention

Not so much in their earlier offerings but everything from viva emptiness on makes these guys one of the top contenders for the prog metal hall of fame. I'm always anxiously awaiting their next release
Katatonia expresses and defines what it means to be progressive metal while sharing some great lyrics in DOOM!
One of the best post-metal bands of all times!

41Protest the Hero
Why has nobody heard of these guys? They're so damn good, and yet nobody listens to them?! They have some of the most talented metal guitarists around, and all of their stuff is mental. The vocals are just incredible, and wow, the bassist is so cool. And to lock all that in, the drummer has some serious skill.
Deserves a higher spot, a highly underrated and looked over band. Really great stuff and amazing musicianship. Should be up there with Tool, Dillinger Escape Plan, Dream Theater, Etc..
My favorite band. These guys are great. Their live performance is lacking but they are really funny and chill in person so it's a great time regardless.


43Section A
The Best Progressive Band in the world

The self-produced first album, "Trance-Like State" (97), showed great promise although the vocalist was a bit of a disappointment. The subsequent "Very" (99) and the following "End of Silence" (04) feature two entirely different yet excellent vocalists as well as a phenomenal drummer, guitarist and keyboard player. The longer tracks on "End of Silence" provide ample space for instrumental stretch-outs yet never sound over-indulgent or contrived. The most impressive thing about this band is their ability to be SO powerful, raise your blood pressure, and then suddenly break out the acoustic guitars and bring you way down to some beautiful, majestic power ballads. These guys are in complete control of their art. Their catchy melodies will no doubt attract the AOR crowd; the restraint they show despite their technical abilities will also be noted by symphonic prog fans; and their crunchiness won't fail to grab the attention of the most demanding metal crowd. A classy metal band indeed.

Actually, Anathema have a close feeling to the listener.


47The Dillinger Escape Plan
Brilliant. Extremely prolific, Greg is actually extremely versatile and has allowed the band to continue to stand out and create fresh music. This band deserves much more attention and credit than they get, but that holds true for any real music these days.
One of us is the Killer
See: Calculating Infinity, Irony is a Dead Scene, Option Paralysis.

48Pagan's Mind
These guys are right near the top of the list for me. They're like a heavier version of Queensryche with better songs. Nils is hands down my favorite vocalist in this genre.
"Enigmatic Call and Celestial Entrance are two of the best most impressive prig-metal albums ever recorded.
Absolutely a great prog-metal band top fifteen in my opinion

49Born of Osiris
The discovery is an incredible album

THEY HAVE A 45 MINUTE SONG! 'enough Said!


Karnivool should be in the top three, on the basis of two albums alone (Sound Awake, and Asymmetry)
See them live, change your life. Alternate the three: Tool - Karnivool - Porcupine Tree.
If DREAM THEATER is the Zeus of Prog, then KARNIVOOL is Poseidon!

53King's X
Probably one of the most unique and cohesive sounding rock bands of the past 30 years. These guys are so tight, heavy, but melodic at the same time.


A very technical power metal band with progressive
... They has one of the best dual guitarists in metal, their skills and technique are just the same level as Dream Theater, Symphony x etc... Maybe better

56Devin Townsend Project
Devin Townsend is the prodigy of metal! Listen to him, thank me later!
DTP make epic nerd metal. Fantastic live!

Not popular, but definitely worth a try!


58Mekong Delta

Wow. Not even in the top 10? Disgrace. Any fan of Progressive Metal that has never heard Voivod needs to rethink Progressive Metal entirely. Porcupine Tree is number 8 and they're NOT EVEN METAL.
Voivod is Yes meets Exodus meets Pink Floyd meets Rush meets Motorhead meets Genesis meets Kreator on bath salts; and I'm not talking about the kind your Mom uses.
Voivod has more balls than any of these guys, with the exception of Rush. Too many lame-ass boo bands being labeled as progressive.
[Newest]Voivod is simply the best prog metal band ever. No contest.

60Crimson Glory
Crimson Glory's first two albums are the two albums ALL Progressive Metal bands claim to have been inspired by. Period.
Midnight is The greatest vocalist period.
The first progressive metal band ever


[Newest]Great 80s era band.

Ballerina really kicks ass! My favorite new band. Up there with the greats, like Dream Theater, Fairyland, Spiral Architect and Spastic Ink. This level of musicality is rare and hard to come by. Down with commercial marketing and let the true artists shine. Here's to the New Age.
How were they able to cram so much musical know-how at such a young age. Couldn't praise them enough! The best indonesian metal progressive!
Ballerina you guys are just excellent..technically knotty but you did it..saludo! Greates music keep on prog m/
[Newest]The greates band from indonesia



64Dir en Grey
The album Uroboros is phenomenal
and don't listen to the old ones... They're not prog metal


66The Afterimage

67Bad Salad
A fantastic band that deserves more attention than they get
Another band that I came across today on YouTube... Spot on DT cover of Mpt1... And their original music is very good also... They get top marks from me...


69Third Eye
If you are into prog metalwith a dark twist, try listen to the danish band Third eye with Per Johansson on vocals and with guest keyboard player Finn Zierler. Check it out


Tight, Heavy, Progressive, and Metal. Any fan of Dream Theater should try listening to Dominici's O3 A Trilogy Part 3. Can you say EPIC?


73Aeon Zen

These guys rule! I know everyone says that about their favorite, but for their musicianship, understanding of polyrhythms, and just the overall way they carry themselves in their interviews, they deserve to be listened to.
-Rock Long and prosper-
-A. Ulm

If Tool and Opeth would be entities capable of reproducing, this band is probably what their offspring would sound like.
Can't believe this band is so under rated! This band mixes their music with so much emotions. Such a beauty and style.
One of my favourite progressive metal bands ever. Savia's drum solo will blow out your ears.

Just listen to VAHLE... Or EDGE OF THE EARTH... They just kill it to saturation...
Their songs are very addictive, especially Vahle.


Theocracy should be in the top ten, even though they are Christian.
This amazing band is relatively obscure, but they are definjtaly one of the best progressive-power metal bands out there today.

78Blotted Science
This list is stupid. These guys should be at the top.

Future Best Band in Bangladesh
One of my favourite Bands
ShommohoN is New Generation Proggressive Metal from Bangladesh. The Word ShommohoN means "HYPNOTISM"

80Forest Stream
Not really Progressive Metal, but this band is great. They combine gothic, doom and black metal.

Ps: where the hell is leprous? Leprous is the best progressive Metal band ever (after Dream Theater and Opeth)

81The Empire Shall Fall


83Control Denied


Are you kidding me? These should be top 20 at least, every song on every album is of the highest quality in musicianship, originality and production value.
Pyramaze is an amazing group. Each album they release shows off a different facet of their talents.




89Glass Cloud


91After The Burial

92I, the Breather

93An Obscure Signal



96In Fantis



99The Human Abstract

100Exotic Animal Petting Zoo

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