Top Ten Reasons Why Consoles Are Better Than PCs

There's already a list on why PC gaming is superior, but let's look at the other end of the spectrum on why some people still prefer to play games on consoles.

Note, I am not a console fanboy, I was actually a PC gamer before I saw what advantages consoles could offer gamers. If you prefer PC gaming more power to you. But it's not for everyone, as these reasons will show why.

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1 Conclusion: PC is better.

The services on the PC are better because there are multiple companies competing with each other. This means that they are constantly trying to make their service the best, which is good for the consumer. You also get FREE MULTIPLAYER. If you have one service monopolizing your system, they have no competition to make their service better. Once you buy their console, they don't care what you do.

Everything that consoles can do, the PC can do better. Exclusives? Well, that's a whole 'nother story.

PC is heaps better than the lag on console

There is no console exclusive when emulation exists.

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2 Reliability

Have fun with red-light-of-dead peasant

Consoles are usually more fragile than a PC. Neither should be willingly damaged though. However you can also buy pre-build PCs which do not require you to have any knowledge about building it yourself or looking for parts. You can also have a professional advise you an the parts and PCs if you don't know about them yourself. Furthermore when a console breaks it usually requires you to send it back to get it fixed or replaced, on PCs you usually can fix the problem yourself, or use the warranty as well.

Really, if one *tiny* thing is wrong on the PC (which it usually is, for people who don't care enough to dedicate an entire day to research), it's useless. With consoles, they are made by professionals, who lose EVERYTHING if they don't do it right. Even if they do, you can still have it fixed or replaced with only a few hours maximum wait.

Consoles also don't require memorizing the entire specs of it just to play Morrowind, for example. To play Morrowind on a PC nowadays, you have to physically alter the computer and game. With consoles, it works fine the second you pop it into the tray.

PCs just aren't reliable enough to be worth the extra time and money.

I have bought too many triple A games on pc that a weaker console playes and looks fine for me and on the pc I had to spend hours a lot of times trying to get it at least somewhat working..Fallout 4 comes to mind..

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3 Cheaper

For around the same price you can have something that perform similarly to a console and can do a lot more, plus it is easier to upgrade and you can choose your parts, and buying games on Steam during sales is insanely cheaper than Game Stop and you have it as long as you have your login you'll always have your games

Terribly false, a $600 PC can run max settings 1080p, 60 FPS. If I have an Xbox One and want to play The Order 1886, I would then have to go buy a PlayStation 4. Ther you have spent an excess of $700 minimum.

But why would you WANT to play the Order 1886?

No matter what kind of math PC fans want to do, you're just not going to find a PC with PS4-level specs for $400 - marmalade_skies

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4 30fps is more cinematic than those PC elitists 60fps

I think the only people that prefer 30 fps are people that haven't ever seen true 60 fps. If you think a game should be "cinematic" instead of smooth and responsive, then that's just your opinion and there's nothing anyone can do to change that.

Go to settings, change limit to 30fps. :-P - JuniorBlitz99

Change your monitor refresh rate to 30Hz if that's what your into. - Democedes

I honestly haven't noticed a significant difference. - marmalade_skies

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5 Controllers are more comfortable then keyboards

You can plug Xbox and PlayStation controllers into your PC. So, whether you prefer keyboard or controllers, you always have the option.

This depends, the keyboard and mouse are the superior input devices, but PC can use those and any controller of your choosing.

Depends on the game. And yeah, PC's can run any controller - not just 1. - marmalade_skies

They might me but first of all I don't use controllers but I use keyboard and mouse cause its more accurate and I can actually shoot people in call of duty and csgo - Wikd

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6 You just put the game in and play

False, you had to run to Gamestop that probably robbed you a few dollars. Meanwhile I just clicked a couple times and my game downloads in a matter on 5 minutes and I am playing.

Except the day long game updates when you put the disk in.

Good for those who don't have the time for be PC hobbyists and micromanage. - marmalade_skies

It can also be downloaded and I still have had more console games at least work after buying it instead of hours trying to solve stuttering or crashing issues on PC

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7 Consoles lag far less than PC'S

This claim is completely unfounded. Gaming PCs are not only lag-free but play games on higher settings than consoles with twice the framerate.

Internet lag is exclusively due to your network and your internet service provider not your gaming device. Input lag can be corrected on a PC by not buying crap components, and configuring your games for performance over visual quality. T.V.'s generally have a much higher response time than gaming monitors. - Democedes

Depends on the specs and settings. - marmalade_skies

Console games lag often at 1080p, that's why the resolution dropped to 720p on some games. With PC, you can play 4K without any lag. - JuniorBlitz99

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8 Playing on a big TV is more fun than playing on a small computer screen

PCs can be connected to any T.V. this side of 2007, and support a wide variety of wireless keyboards, mice, and gaming controllers.

Lol what? Are you stuck in 1990? Your list is already full of nonsense but this is definitely the cherry on the cake.

PCs can play on a big T.V. as well. As a matter of fact, I could buy six huge 4k monitors, stack them 2x3 and play on a huge cinema screen-like display if I wanted to, which is something consoles could never hope to achieve.

You know that hdmi port on the back of my gpu? Yeah, it's the same one as your Xbox or PS4.

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9 Consoles are better for multi-player games

Umm, Pc games have support for local network games too. PC's can connect to ANY display with a video input slot, AND can use controllers. Not everyone sits at a desk to play PC games

If you have a PC, you can only play online with other people. On the other hand, you can play with a friend that is right next to you which is also called playing locally.

Lol @the console peasant telling about local mp when since the ps3 there is almost not a single game playable on the same screen.

What's better is far less cheating...

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10 Console gamers aren't as big elitists

False, look on a Grand Theft Auto V post from IGN and tell me different.

Most of those people are trolls, nobody I've ever played with on PC is actually like that.

The PC gamers who claim themselves the "PC Master Race" are the textbook definition of elitists who won't listen to reason whenever someone says an advantage to consoles.
They talk a load of crap.

Everywhere I go, I see PC gamers putting people down just because they don't give two cents about slightly better framerates, and/or can't afford to buy a pre-built one.

I mean, when's the last time you've seen a console player do that?

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11 Microsoft stopped giving a crap after Windows XP

You do know that it's not just Microsoft that makes PCs, right?

Vista, 7...
Are you still in 2009 dude? Today with DirectX 12, Mantle, Vulkan and friends a good gaming experience can be reached even more easily than before, and I don't understand why some games aren't running onto your PC. It may be the classic old 300$ PC bought in discount with Vista Home edition preinstalled, that doesn't even have a GPU.

Please, don't blame others if you have a crappy PC with crappy OS.

You do know that your Xbox One runs a version of windows NT right?
Stop messing with us glorious PC Gamers and at least try to make a good point. Your lack of intelligence should humiliate all console gaming pesants.

For Windows Vista and Windows 7 I could barely get any of my games to install correctly without additional charges. I couldn't even play any of my old games that worked perfectly well on Windows XP. At that point I just found cheaper console alternatives.

Microsoft, please go back to a time when you actually cared about your computers and don't dish out this crap like Windows Vista and expect us to like it.

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12 Console exclusive games

Most of my favorite games of all time are PC exclusives. There has only been two console exclusives that I felt I was missing something. - Democedes

The fact of the matter is we all like what genre of games we like. So if there are certain console games you enjoy that you can't get on the PC then game on.

I can't list every game for pc but g-mod, I am bread, age of empire(1 2 and 3) hundreds of indi games, and every moba

I'm a avid "PC > Console" person, but this right here is a valid reason to like consoles more, I myself usually have a Nintendo console (Since a lot of PS and Xbox games get PC releases).

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13 PCs online gaming is more expensive

False, I have played numerous games online and not paid a penny past ISP and initial game purchase. Xbox live and PSN have a annual subscription that is mandatory for online play.

How is $0 a year more expensive than $50/$60 a year?

Are you retarded? PC gaming online is 100% FREE. On console, you have to pay for membership in order to play online.

I hope your joking because if you are then that is legitimately funny.

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14 PCs are really slow

Maybe if you stop surfing the wrong porn sites and downloading bluntware by skipping through install window of certain software you wouldn't have a lag issue.

Sorry but most people who work can afford something that doesn't resemble and function like a potato.

Speed is literally the fundamental thing PCs do WAYY better than consoles.

Maybe it is time to upgrade your computer from 1980 with 1MO of RAM. Also stop dling shaddy porn.

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15 PC has tons of shovelware games

True, but you don't have to install it.

Shovelware is fine! It's just like playing a console disc!

Not a strong argument. Nobody's forcing you to play them., - marmalade_skies

"You've never been to the xbox live indie store before, it seams."

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16 Sitting down

I sit on a leather couch all the time and play my PC. This is about the most retarded and desperate reason for console advantage.

Can always hook up PC to living room T.V. - marmalade_skies

You sit down to play games, right? Well, how would you rather sit? Sitting up in a chair with your hands on a table and your head normally uncomfortably close to the screen; or on a couch or gaming chair with your hands gripping a controller while in front, yet at a distance, of the T.V. screen? Want a hint? What's the name of this list? - PeterG99

Pc gamers are saying they can plug into living room tvs, but they can't, the response time is simply too slow to game on them, maybe if they're using pcs no better than consoles but that's about it

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17 Less freezing

False, my PC hasn't frozen once since I built it. However, my roommate plays on a Potato 1 and his console freezes every now and then.

I bought a pc because my console would freeze all the time...

As a pc gamer, this is actually true

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18 Consoles are better at more gaming genres

False, PC is better at most games genres than console. Watch the Unreal Tournament players and tell me consoles are better for shooters. Consoles are better for sports games and fighting, but that is why you can plug a controller into a PC. In the end the console has no advantage here.

Wel to you console peasants you have only shooters and platformers that's all

Sure PC's are better for shooters and sim games, but platformers, racing games, music games, beat-em ups amongst others are done better on consoles.

Yes, PC gamers will obviousley say otherwise but the only games that pc gamers will play are horror and mmos

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19 Popular games neglect PC

This depends on the developer. Developers such as Valve and CD Projekt work to optimise their games for the PC, so that PC gamers can see the potential and vision of the game, and then release a downgraded version suited for console. Other developers such as Rocksteady optimise their games for console. If they do release on PC, it will only be a slight upgrade. This is a developer problem, not a PC problem. Mods will come to fix or upgrade the PC experience.

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20 Console charges royalty for Online Multiplayer/Co-op

You can't work with a friend even if just two houses away, they have to come over and take half your screen.

Every console charages extra for online, the pc does not, the only console now days that does not charge for online is the Wii U. - 170253

Every console charages extra for online, the pc does not, the only console now days that does not charge for online is the Wii U and ps3

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