Top Ten Reasons Why PCs are Better Than Consoles

PC is superior to consoles for many reasons. Here's the top ten reasons why PCs are superior to consoles. If you prefer consoles, no worry. There's also a list for you. (Top Ten Reasons Why Consoles Are Better Than PCs) I didn't make that list but you can look at it.
I was wanting to do this list for a while but only wanted to make it when I could make it well.

Note: I'm not a PC elitist, I just prefer PC over consoles.
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1 The modding community

It's extremely rare to see mods get released for consoles but then look at the PC... There's probably like a thousand Minecraft mods out there for PC. Skyrim also has a shedload of mods out there. It's the fact that some of the PC community are about improving the games that already exist releasing free mods that the developers of the original game make easy to install.

So many mods to download and expierence for each game. I was so excited when I got my pc because of mods. So many more things to do in a game when you add mods and makes a game last longer and more playable.

2 PC is a less expensive experience

This is one fact you can't deny console fanboys, PC has Steam where you can get the games that would normally cost a console user £80 / $110 for the full game (including DLC), on Steam the same game may go to PC users for even less than half of that with DLC included in the actual game. There is also quite a few free games out there for PC. Many of these are actually good.

Not only can a PC perform MILES better than a PS4, but you can also surf the internet how it's supposed to be surfed, create videos, record gameplay footage, everything.

3 Consoles are essentially PCs without the freedom

The PS4 and Xbox One both use x86 architecture. The same can be found in many PC's as the x86 is PC architecture.
You can have your console banned if you modify it. If you modify your PC, you're fine and good to go. No worries because your PC is indeed a Personal Computer.

Both the PS4 and Xbox One use x86 architecture. The same x86 architecture that is found in present day PC's. The difference is that you can't customise your console or you may risk having it banned by the company if they find out.

Not only do pc's have more freedom but they also have better performance and graphics.

4 Indie games

I love independently developed games because they're not likely to be a shameless cash grab for a company like Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile was, by the way, that is the worst game of 2014, I hate it and will stab at it any chance I get. Indie Games tend to have lots of effort put into them. Want to know a well known indie game? Oh I don't know... Minecraft? Yes! That was an indie game. Many indie games are growing up and show a lot of promise, Best example I can think of is Next Car game and BeamNG Drive.

People who play on console love to bring up the exclusives argument, but in reality PC has a lot more worth while exclusives in the form of indie games. If indie games aren't your thing pc also has other exclusives

5 PCs do more than gaming

COnsoles are starting to get this way now but for what? PC's have always been used for other than gaming. Record the game footage on a pc, edit the video on a PC to remove all of the rubbish footage where nothing happens etc. PC's can do much more than consoles.

6 Say goodbye to having to buy a new console every 5 years

You will only have to upgrade your computer once in a while in between 10 - 20 years. That's a long time!

- 13 Year old computer expert.

...And say hello to having to manually perform an expensive upgrade every five years!

Same with PC. Unless you're using your 2002 PC still.

7 Your PC is all yours

What I mean about this is that you own all the parts in your PC. Consoles, not so much the case. If your console breaks down you have to send it back to the company for repair to Sony or Microsoft and companies like that will charge you a lot because they can. If your PC breaks down, you can replace the part that is broken for the minimal cost of buying the new part and you're good to go. There is also PC repair businesses that are rather small and these won't charge you an arm and a leg to get the part fixed.

8 There are many more PC exclusive games

Most of these being indie games as these are rare to see on consoles, only the most popular ones end up on consoles where they turn out inferior. Just look at Minecraft for a good example.

Actually no. It does have way more exclusives than ALL Xboxes, ALL PlayStations and ALL Nintendo Consoles Combined. PLUS! After 4-5 years after a the company stops making games for that console, we have them and they are OUR exclusives.

True. But nobody's heard of them. I can';t have a conversation with my friends about Europa Universalis like I can with Uncharted or Zelda

9 Better graphics

So you got your new PC for 500 bucks which is the price of the Xbox One, crank it up to high settings with 1080p with ease and still run at 60 frames per second. Consoles don't have these options, you're stuck playing with inferior graphics. It's not only graphics that make a game so this isn't any higher.

If you have a good PC then it will handle the game crash. what if you build a setup in a closet? you don't have to build it on a desk then you don't need to hang clothes.

Computers have much better graphics than the crap consoles that are coming out.

10 PCs tend to have a more mature audience

This is because rather than building Little Billy a brand new PC, it's easier to go out and by a console for him. The more mature gamers tend to own PC's and this explains why the PC community isn't crammed full of ignorant 12 year olds shouting expletives in your headset after you killed them in Call of Duty

More mature audience? You wouldn't believe that from any of the so called "PC Master Race". If they're what you call mature then I'd hate to see your definition of immature.

Not really. I mean, attacking non pc gamers and calling "peasants," and saying "PC MASTER RACE! " Every five seconds. Yeah, that's really mature.

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11 Steam sales
12 PCs are constantly evolving

When consoles get to the end of their lifespan a new one comes out to take it's place, but for PCs they evolve, update their hardware and still remain.
PCs have been around for years and aren't going away any time soon.

13 Free online gaming

Nintendo is about to add an online paywall to their consoles, so what better time than now to switch to PC?

14 You can game with 4k
15 Unofficial fixes for older games
16 PCs offer a more personal experience

Yesterday I was playing Grand Theft Auto V and my dad caught me blowing a person's head. I am banned playing it now. Consoles with their big T.V. screens take away privacy.
While I feel safe while playing mature games on PC with my headphones on

17 Steam
18 Upgradability

Seriously? Not on this list? This is one of the major factors of why PCs are superior compared to consoles.

19 PCs have a much higher performance ceiling than consoles
20 Cheaper games

Grand Theft Auto for 60$. 75% off steam sale. 15$! Praise lord Gaben!

Steam Sale. Humble Bundle. Shall I give more reasons?

21 Custom Call of Duty Zombies
22 Steam allows games to be sold while Sony and Microsoft have to approve a game on the console
23 Not tied to one online service
24 More games

Idiotic console peasants who say "PC has no games" make me laugh.

25 Mouse & keyboard support

Just like with game controllers this is a subjective preference, however one thing that anyone with eyes should note is that keyboards have a lot more options for keys than game controllers, and the mouse has much bigger range of motion than any analogue stick ever has.

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