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1 VanossGaming Evan Fong, is a Canadian internet personality and video game commentator with 24 million subscribers. He is best known under his online pseudonym VanossGaming, where he posts montage-style videos on YouTube.

I absolutely love Vanoss. When he plays, you can tell he's genuinely having fun, unlike PewDiePie, who just screams whenever he has the chance. I also love that he plays with this huge circle of friends who are ALL hilarious. He clearly puts time and effort into his videos, and he seems like a nice guy. And oddly, I don't think I've ever seen an argument break out in the comments in a single one of his videos.

Vanoss is amazing and hilarious! His cheerful, outgoing demeanour is sure to make you laugh out loud, and his skilful yet casual gameplay style, as well as the usual skit with his equally funny crew is simply superb. Vanoss is no doubt the best Grand Theft Auto V player on YouTube! One more great quality of his channel, he isn't so overrated, but still great, unlike some YouTubers who get all their credit and popularity from fans' recommendations.

I would have chose lemon but these guys play so much more.

Your really good

2 HikePlays
3 typicalgamer

I love his channel I've been watching since his first GTA 5 videos I've liked and subscribed and he deserved more love than he already has.

I would vote for Typical Gamer because he really has a love for gaming and appreciates all his viewers.

He is currently the best with 5.1 Million subscribers and he posts regularly and deserves No. 1.

4 speedyw03

Ok to start its not one dude, I see this as kind of their crew channel. The videos have great editing and are just plain funny.

5 H2ODelirious

He is hilarious. His laugh makes the videos ten times funnier. He also has fairly unique skits that he does during his videos.

I love his videos

6 MinnesotaBurns

I have Minnesotaburns on Xbox has a friend but I have 100max on Xbox he's really good thumbs up

7 TheGamingLemon

His editing is just amazing and makes everything so fun and interesting and new to watch.

He makes some amazing content and he is so funny and his editing is amazing

8 YourHeroes

Your heroes also known as LUI CALIBRE is really good. He takes time in every video to talk to his fans. Even with trolling. I say best triller out there. He shows us stuff about the game and comedy in general

9 XpertThief

He's such an awesome Grand Theft Auto YouTuber. He's really funny and always makes you laugh even if you're going through a hard time. At the end of his videos, he always says some inspirational words.

He really is quite unique in what he does, XpertThief makes really funny GTA videos but also adds some positive quotes at the end of the video. His videos always make you laugh, and not only does he make really funny videos, but he also makes really awesome music and vlogs on his second channel KevinLaSean. Love you Xpert :)

His series were very good until he discontinued them. Then brought one back. He makes the game feel fresh and good.

One of the best I've known... I'm a big fan of him. He's different from other guys... You should see him because you'll be entertained for your life

10 Jelly

He's really funny when he plays with his friends and his girlfriend

He is super col

He is the best

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11 W1LDC4T43

He doesn't upload as often as Vanoss, and doesn't have the most subscribers, but he is very quotable. My friends and I are always singing "Banana Bus" together. He has moments of pure comedic genius, and has helped vanoss's rise to fame. One day Wildcat will be as famous as Vanoss.

He's hilarious my favorite out of the vannos gaming crew! No matter what wildcat can make me laugh.

12 MrBossFTW

Clickbait, tons of sponsorship, re uploading videos, fake rumors, and asking for donations even though he's already make tons of money off of his other methods. Horrible YouTuber.

He's the most factual news channel for Grand Theft Auto 5 ever. Next to that Saintsfan (Austin)

13 iCrazyTeddy
14 Broughy1322
15 Lui Calibre

Lui Calibre is by far the best Grand Theft Auto 5 YouTuber there is because he has talks with his fans every video. He takes time off his video to talk to us. I also think he is the best trolled out there #squeakersquad. He shows us how to play the game and comedy in general

Funny and extremely skilled. This guy is a legend!

He can nearly perfectly mimmick the sound of a kid's voice, leading to some awesome laughs.

16 Kwebbelkop

I like his challenges

He is really funny

17 LetsPlay

They are cool

18 NoughtPointFourLIVE
19 Vikkstar123

Yeah boy! I knew he would be here!

20 DashieGames Charlie Guzman (born June 11,1985), better known online as DashieGames, DashieXP, or simply Dashie, is a Dominican-American Let's Player who is known for being excessively loud and excessively swearing.

DashieGames's Grand Theft Auto videos get have so many views. Which makes sense because he is so funny!

21 Bay Area Buggs

Pretty good youtuber aside from his sudden stopping of Grand Theft Auto 5 video uploads.


A very underrated channel.

23 Daithi de Nogla
24 Dat Saintsfan

Really connected with his viewers, all his info is correct, and he's a funny guy.

Are you good player man

25 Polecat324

I would guess 95% of his channel revolves around Grand Theft Auto 5. He is my favorite youtuber and he uploads on a regular, daily basis. If you like police related things, he is the kind of channel you should check out.

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