Top Ten Saddest Deaths In Video Games


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Lee Everett - The Walking Dead Video Game
I know this game is fairly recent, and it's incredibly underrated, but after developing as a character, you know Lee was amazing, who'd do anything to protect the 8 year old Clementine. So, when he was bitten, I thought that you cut of the arm, then he wouldn't die (just like Rick Grimes in the comic series). Unfortunately, it didn't work out like that. So, with just you and Clementine, and Lee's half zombified, you have the decision of whether letting Clemmy shoot you or leave you. Either way, it's a deeply saddening scene, and in which many Youtubers that played the game cried at this scene, like myself. Not bad for game of the year.
There are few video games that have left me helpless in the real world. Games that have left not wanting to touch another game for weeks. This was one of them, I had become so attached to all the people in this game and so intent on protecting Clementine and I was left with the most heart wrenching decision at the end. Wonderful game. But so emotionally scaring.
You are so emotionally attached to him! You spend five episodes doing nothing but protecting Clem and he gets bit? LEE? No, not Lee, Lee is invincible! And the when you saw Clem's tears as she lifted the gun... I bawled my eyes out. How can you not?
[Newest]I have played about every other game on this list, but Lee Everett's death is the only one that actually made me cry.
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2John Marston - Red Dead Redemption
You know no other game affected me for months since John Marston's death I cryed for months all he did just to see his family his wife, son, and surprisingly he missed Uncle. Here's something to think about in the I know you stranger task the third time you encounter him he's in Beecher's Hope he said " you know John this is a nice spot" that spot is where John Marston is buried later in the game then John Marston replies to him " tell me your damn name or I want be responsible for my actions" then The strange man said "oh you will you will be responsible" him saying that means he knows John will die and he knows where he would be baried. John should be number 1!
It was a fitting and worthy death, and it was so appropriate, but nevertheless, it made me tear up. I wanted John Marston's happy ending so bad.
This game has probably the best story of any video game and the best voice acted game ever with the best dialogue. The story in this game is way better than Grand Theft Auto 5. Due to Red Dead's great characterization it was devastating when John Marston died after he went from "bad guy" to "good guy" and also to good father. This was also exemplified by all the previous experiences and all John went through. And after he's dead your left with his son and wife but soon after his wife dies too. And after that you kind of feel really lonely. Awesome game; it by far has my favorite story.
[Newest]It was so unexpected, and the cut scene after John dies is what gets me. The sad Johnny Cash song and the funeral. The only time in any video game or movie where I actually cried
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3Dominic Santiago - Gears of War 3
It wasn't that I had grown particularly close to Dom, or even thought this game was anything fantastic, but the way that Dom's death was presented, the situation, and his attitude, not to mention something he had found earlier in the game (won't spoil) as well as... Well, pretty much everything about this scene... Just so sad. So... Down to earth and touching. I don't cry during games, they just don't get me emotional... But this one made me the closest I have ever been.


Sadly we all knew it was coming just wasn't exactly sure how it would come about, and when it did finally happen it was an emotion felt world wide. He did get what he wanted he is with maria again in a better place. Rest in peace Dom you did delta squad proud.
Fact: Gears of War 3 was the final entry. Fact: People Die. Fact: I never felt bad about people in video games dying. However, I liked Dom Santiago. The fact his family was destroyed by The infestation of Locust on Sera felt personal and relatable. He was a beautiful example on the toll war takes on a family man. Broken and descending in losing his mind, Dom sacrificed himself, not only for The Team, but so he could be with his family.


[Newest]Dom has the saddest life story in any game series ever made in my opinion. And how he sacrificed himself to save his best friend and 4 other allies was very touching... I honestly did cry
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4Ghost - Modern Warfare 2
I wish I would have been there in real life. I would have wasted m last bit of energy just to pull the gun from Shepherd, kill him, me and Ghost could jack the helicopter, we would kill the pilots, and me and Ghost could ride of to kill Makarov.
It's so weird, everyone just develops this feeling that ghost is so awesomely awesome... Ghost, you will be missed and that knife in Shepard's eye was dedicated to you
saddest death in modern warfare 2. R.i.P Ghost
[Newest]First time I played it I guessed shepherd is a traitor! Good thing about me is I can recognize traitors in video games from their faces and characters! Ghost death wasn't so sad for me because I knew but every time that music starts I want to broke my computer! I'll never do it!

5Soap MacTavish - Modern Warfare 3
I was in shock when he died. Price's reaction just pushed it over the top for me. We got to see this awesome character from the time when he started off as a little nobody Sgt all the way to the badass Cpt MacTavish we love and mourn.
One of the saddest deaths in Call of Duty history. Soap was a complete badass. Shooting Zakhaev at the last moment, throwing that knife in Shepherds eye.R.I. P to one of the best FPS characters ever.
The saddest death I've ever seen. I was in tares when I saw him die. Price's scream's just made it sadder. But, the one thing that really made it: Price placing the Colt 1911 that Soap used to kill Zakheav on his chest.R.I. P the best Call of Duty character ever.
[Newest]These people know how to make users cry!
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6Sarah - The Last of Us
This really shouldn't have much going for it. The second we know Sarah is Joel's daughter we all know that she's practically already dead. It's just the way the apocalypse tropes work. I could almost count the number of lines she has before she dies in my head. You've literally known this character for less than 20 minutes by the time she dies... So why is it so effective.
Naughty Dog executes this scene and the buildup so well. You hear the chemistry she has with her father. By playing as her, you as a player experience the shock and disbelief she holds. Hearing Joel talking from the backseat further cements the drive to get her to safety.
Then there's the death itself. As she bleeds out, she's gasping, crying in agony. This performance alone would be enough to drive some to tears at the tragic sight. It goes further with Joel's reaction. The clenched fists, every little detail in his expression... Even now thinking of the line "Don't do this to me baby" makes me shiver.
This death isn't the most action packed. It isn't the most glorious, nor is the character lost one of the most beloved. It's pure undiluted human emotion. Something realistic enough to make us feel the impact of hope dying in a world that is already falling apart.
Definitely should be higher on the list. Even though it's at the beginning of the game and you haven't really connected with the characters yet, you still see the connection Sarah had with her dad and you feel Joel's mourning over losing his daughter as he holds her in his arms. Made me tear up, and that's pretty difficult.
I can't believe this isn't number one honestly. I have never felt more responsible for the safekeeping of a video character in my life. I truly felt like it was my fault that Sarah died, and that she truly was my daughter, and that we truly did have memories together. Weird to think, but true.
Also, that look she gave you when she was dying beneath your eyes. It's like she was shocked that you could have let something so terrible happen to her. Having three sisters and all of them being "Daddy's little girl", I knew how heart-wrenching the whole thing was.
[Newest]I literally cried during this and I never cry during games or movies. I didn't even cry during Up!

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7Aerith - Final Fantasy VII
The thing about Aerith's death in Final Fantasy VII is that you know it's coming, so you make sure to use Aerith and interact with her as much as you can before she dies. Then when the time comes, despite you knowing it's coming, it's absolutely heartbreaking because you spent so much time with her. Complete with a gut-wrenching stab right through her torso and the emotional "Aerith's Theme" playing in the background, and you have the saddest video game death ever.
Aerith holds a special place in my heart. I was eight and had to watch one of my favorite characters die, my parents had me pause the game. I was already crying when they told me that my grandmother had died of her Lou Gehrig disease. Aerith and her death are entwined with my grandmother and will always be the saddest death in video game history to me.
During y first play through I was shocked that Aerith was suddenly killed by Sephiroth. It was very emotional for me as a kid. Combined with the music mad it even sadder. Finally When I beat Crisis Core, I replayed FF7 and Aerith's death was not only sad, but it was... Happy. Aerith would finally be reunited with her hero Zack. Long live the last ancient, Aerith.
[Newest]Aerith's death was the one of the main reasons why Final Fantasy VII became so popular. It was completely unexpected and nobody saw it coming and to this very day people are still sad.
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8Joker - Batman: Arkham City
When I saw joker die I wasnt in tears exactly. I was in more than tears. I was in pain at the sight of seeing one of the best villains of history dying and in that night I couldn't sleep at all seeing my favorite villain die. I wanted to cry that night but I guess it was just the shock
Just the shock! I bawled my head out
I have known joker when the first time he was publicly show as the "crown prince of crime" and I never really expected him to die. But still, him of all (bad) people are gonna be the one I'll remember to lookout for when you're gonna laugh
[Newest]How does Lee Everett deserve number one? I never expected Joker to die, I wasn't exactly in tears, I was just in so much shock my favorite childhood villain died

9Zack Fair - Crisis Core
In the end he has to kill his close friend Sephiroth, gets made an experiment for four years, has to kill Genesis after trying his hardest to save him, watches the Director as well as the Angeal clone both die right in front of him, finds a letter saying Aerith has sent him 89 letters and waited for his return for four year then just as he is close to reaching Midgar to see her again gets ambushed by the Shinra army just to die in the end protecting his best friends life. He becomes a hero just as he dies and still manages to die with a smile on his face. I always found Cloud's scream during that scene to be just so heartbreaking as well considering he watched his friend and mentor die protecting him when he probably could have easily lived had he left cloud behind and made a run for it.
The thing about Crisis Core is that you never feel like you've beaten this game. You know his death is coming, but yet you play and you fight anyway; part of you not accepting that it ends with his death. In the end, no matter what, the game FORCES you to loose. I couldn't function as a human for days after I finished the game. All I did was writhe around on the floor for a few days, unable to even form a coherent thought. To this day I can't hear the name without getting a lump in my throat. Zack died a hero, and to this day he's my favorite character of all time. He should be #1
For several years I refused to look at the game because I already knew what was going to happen since I already played the original since I was a kid... I eventually gave in and took a look at the walkthroughs on YouTube. Seeing how great his personality was made me feel sad just looking at him, and dread the ending more than I had earlier. And then the ending came. I cried, and still cry just thinking about it. First saw it about five years ago and I finally was able to get the game earlier this year, but stopped once I got to Aerith's church because I felt like I was going through everything too fast... the ending is drawing near once again, and the further I go, the heavier the weight in my chest becomes...
[Newest]Zack Fair deserves to be number 1 or at least above above 5. He was and continues to be my favorite final fantasy character. Throughout the story he never betrays his morals no matter how much it hurts him psychologically and physically. After years of experimentation on him does he care about revenge, no he just wants to get to Aerith. He dies smiling knowing he protected his friend, which he could have left and lived. When you finish the game you feel as if you've lost a friend, especially if you're 9 (I cried). And no Zack you didn't become a hero, you've been a hero...
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10Noble 6 - Halo Reach
After seeing the rest of your squad go down, you're left all alone on the desolate surface of Reach as the Covenant burn all around you. What makes this death particularly sad is the fact that the game lets you customize Noble 6, to really let you become the character. In the end, you're left to die all alone. There's no escape, no cavalry, no happy ending, just a silver lining that you're too dead to enjoy.
The ending cut scene is the most powerful part. after seeing every other team member die, and then going into a fight the is a one way road knowing there's no hope left for each but still fighting. the connection from the beginning and the end is so cleverly done I think, "none of that lone wolf stuff" and the last mission being "lone wolf" lone wolf indeed, stayed behind to save them. the helmet left in the dirt, the helmet of the last one wolf. a fighter.
It was sad, kinda makes me hesitate when I replay the game.
Also I would just like to state for the record. I think the death or foe-hammer in the first Halo was the saddest in game death in the halo series.
[Newest]Not sad at all

The Contenders

11Ethan Mars - Heavy Rain
He went through all that trouble and fought depression, only to lose everything. He lost all hope and I was heartbroken watching him throughout the game and especially at the bad endings.
"Tears in the rain" Holy. After all that he went through, it had to end that way. That left me depressed for the next few days.
I cried for about an hour, its so sad

12Mordin Solus - Mass Effect 3
Mordin - I would have liked to run tests on those sea shells.
Shepard - I'm sorry Mordin.
Mordin - It had to be me... Someone else might have gotten it wrong.
"It had to be me... Someone else might have gotten it wrong. "

An amazingly powerful line. Bioware is known for amazing dialog, but this was a truly heart wrenching goodbye.
You got so attached to Mordin by playing ME2, and he gave his life as an act of heroism to make amends to his mistake, as he finally realizes the Genophage was wrong. He was one of the best characters of Mass Effect, and I think it's safe to say that whoever played this at heart shed a couple tears when this guy died.
[Newest]I missed Mordin after he died I mean I wished he could have found a way out of there

13Tidus - Final Fantasy X
After going through the game you really get used to the characters especially Tidus and when disappears at the end leaving yuna all alone and possibly never to see her love again is really depressing and even more depressing when the music is playing and the fact he knew he was going to die makes it even worse as he had already accepted his fate

14The Boss - Metal Gear Solid 3
I admit, Big Boss's death is sad, but he died normally. Well, almost normally, because of that virus. But I think in the original MGS3, you were forced to shoot The Boss. At the end of MGS3 HD, it was kinda like Fox's death, couldn't shoot her. In fact, her death is one of the few that made me tear up. She was a true patriot, even though she is considered a traitor and a monster.
The boss gave up everything for her country only to go down as a traitor and nobody was to know what she actually did for her country not to mention that big boss her own pupil had to be the one to kill her.
By the time you finally understand her, you have to kill her. When you literally have to pull the trigger after the battle, it is just devastating!
[Newest]I'm glad she's not to far down on the list because her death was truly sad because everyone sees her as a horrible traitor and the fact that Big Boss has to kill because he was her favorite

15Claus - Mother 3
Man, if more people knew about this game, this would definitely be higher on the list. So, this kid is the twin brother of the protagonist. So no doubt they shared a strong bond. When their mother dies, he risks his life and apparently dies trying. HE'S ALREADY DEAD AT THIS EARLY POINT IN THE GAME. But wait! It turns out the bad guys found him and BASICALLY TURNED HIM INTO A CYBORG. He had no recollection of his former life, it seems, and he was nothing but a servant to the tyrant. Can you imagine dying, then getting reconstructed into nothing but a cyborg, completely controlled with absolutely no idea you had a life before? Imagine taking it all in when you realize you're trying to kill your twin brother in the final battle, suddenly waking up. And who snaps you out of it? You're dead mother's spirit, who's beggin you not to kill your only brother. The suicide thing was shocking (no pun intended), but looking at it this way, it really puts evything together. Claus's death was so depressing, as his father's searches were in vain, and his reunion with his brother was cut short. How is this not higher on the list?
People really really need to play this game. Claus's death should be number one just by how sad this story is seeing as he starts the game being killed than he is brought back to life to do terrible things and while he is doing this is brother is trying to stop him. Than when his brother finally catches up to him Claus almost kills his brother before finally coming to his senses and realizes all the things he has done due to the monster who brought him back and as if to atone for it he than kills himself RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS BROTHER Lucas had to endure so much through his journey and then had to watch his brother die good god!
Mother 3 has a lesson to tell and does so in the most sorrowful way possible. Not so much the deaths themselves, but the meaning surrounding it. Flint's reaction to Hinawa's death is sure to wrench at your gut, and if you battle your way to the very end, your greeted with an incredibly climactic and emotional battle with your own brother. The developer was clearly relentless, because even after the longest battle in the game, your brother still ends up dead, and your faced with a decision to either give the world fresh life or simply end it. Then the world ends. Do you really want to know why Mother 3 isn't available in English? The translators couldn't see the text through their own tears.
[Newest](Earthbound/Mother2) - Giygas gets Porky - - Brainwash Porky - - Porky traps Giygas in Devil's Machine - - Porky is 10,000 - 1,000 year old - - Porky finds Claus - - Brainwashed Claus - - Turns Claus into cyborg/servant - -Claus dies - (Mostly because Giygas but also Porky) Doesn't anyone see it was Giygas who made this happen?!? Giygas brainwashed Porky! Don't blame Porky, blame Giygas! Also Porky, a little...
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16Commander Shepard - Mass Effect 3
It brought me to a bond with him he was the great person and I think he shall come again out of the fire of this destruction as the savior again and defend this galaxy with peace and leave harmony in his death he is a real life saver ill miss him I still can't replay the game after 8 months you think it's just a video game character at first but then it becomes real and shakes you all the adventures all the friends and everyone dies in some cases he died a noble death and has now gone to videogame heaven with other ones like the Krogers and other countless species and others will die in the under realm where they should be he is the best friend ever.
He/she has the saddest death ever. Not just because Shepard was dead but because I would never find out if they ever got to have little blue children with liara. Putting in well over 100 hours with all these characters made the story seem real and with shepards death it was over. Watching shepard sacrifice himself while in his last moments thought of all the people near to him just gave me so many feels.
After playing through countless hours across three games you become commander Shepard. When he dies a part of you dies with him (or her). This is the only time I have ever came close to crying at the end of a game. This is way too low on the charts, #1 in my mind.
[Newest]Despite the bad A, B, C endings it is still sad to see shepard die.

17Agro - Shadow of the Colossus
The death here in this list are so sad.. Because at the end you really begin to love the characters. But I had to choose Agro who made me cry. Because you go for 10 minutes in the calm, a huge gate opens with Your sword, and then you can't do anything and you really did not Expect what happens. When you realize, a beautiful sad music arrives, and for this horse who always wanted to help, you have to continue, not anymore for your girl, but know for your horse, and you feel there is nothing left of the soul of your hero after this. he was your only companion and friend, like the one who was there for you not to loose your mind. And he is gone... Now you look above at the last colossus and... He will pay for this..
Whilst you were all caught up in your senseless (even though for the right reasons) killing of these 16 ancient creatures who never wronged you in any way whatsoever, it was apparent from the very beginning that Agro wanted no part of it but only aided you out of love to you. When Agro (SPOILER ALERT) sacrificed herself to save you, that brought me to tears. Agro didn't deserve any of this. And it was your fault, MY fault, that she died.

18Henry Tomasino - Mafia II
In the same way that Rue's death sparked District 11's uprising and Katniss Everdeen's sadness, Henry Tomasino's death sparked an outraged Joe Barbaro and a saddened Vito Scaletta into slaughtering millions at the Red Dragon restaurant.
Very very depressing. Informer or not, getting hacked to death is a terrible way to die... even if he was a rat, Henry was a very nice guy, and I believe he really did like Vito and Joe.
The way he died was pretty harsh I mean he was screaming and I'm guessing he saw Vito and Joe coming to save him got his hopes up and then he died
[Newest]That guy was mysterious but I'm still thinking why did they killed him?!

19Xion - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days
I cried HARD not only for the death, but the fact that Roxas had to kill one of his only best friends. His sadness is one of the huge things that really struck me. With the "fact" that Nobodies have no emotion, I cried more when Roxas started to cry. But I can admit... Xion's death was a beautiful death because she died in the arms of her best friend and she faded into light.
Roxas forced to kill his best friend to ave his other half. He held her as she died in his arms. I legitimately cried though the whole scene.


She not only sacrificed herself to save those she cared about along with someone she didn't even know, but did so knowing that it would mean giving up her existence and everyone would forget her.
[Newest]I hope she returns along with roxas and namine so they can hang out with axel again like the old days

20Jack - BioShock
But he didn't die... Except the ending where all the little sisters you bring to the surface are all at your death bed.

21Kenny - The Walking Dead
Kenny lets Shawn die at the beginning when he panics, when Ben does the same it causes Kenny's wife and son to die and Kenny hates Ben for it yet at the very end Kenny dies fighting to save Ben and dies in the process, a fitting end for a brilliant character
Duck was kinda annoying, but he was way too young, and he died in a lot of pain from the walker bite.
This is sad because you become attached to these characters and in the end you decide who lives or dies

22Your Character - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2
This, should be number 1.

This game is an underrated masterpiece, and it has one of the best story telling in video game history.

The music, the dialogue, your partner is crying, and you left him, dying slowly, while saying your last words.

This scene is incredible, it's incredibly sad because the immersion in this game is excellent.

This game is the only game that made me cry, I assure you.

Best scene in video game history, and the most saddest of all time.
This was personally the first video game death that made me cry. Such an amazing game to follow it perfectly with an amazing scene as it was the protagonist's fate to leave the world to protect it.
I've seen it ten times and I still cry. The heart-wrenching dialogue and the now famous music, I Don't Want to Say Goodbye, make this death a really special one. Definitely should be higher than 30.
[Newest]Oh my god I've never played this game but I watched this because it was here and I teared in like half a minute

23Big Boss - Metal Gear Solid 4
The saddest ending to a game right after the best boss battle in history. How is this not number one? I totally agree with the guy below me, I actually cried!
Really guys? 19, I mean REALLY, come on, if this wasn't
The saddest moment in video game history, then Hitler
Is god
Get this Modern Warfare crap off here. There's nothing sad about someone dying in a first person shooter
[Newest]I agree with all these guys because modern warfare wasn't sad at all because it's first person

24Zeke Dunbar - inFAMOUS
I think that Zeke, being Cole's best friend in the game, was the saddest I have seen yet (but I did not cry). What makes his death a bit more tragic is the fact that there was so much previous buildup, as to Cole going to save Zeke, and the fact that Zeke was such a great character. Zeke died for nothing, as the manslaughter continues, and Cole comments that he forgets about Zeke. It was pretty sad, and made me regret the evil side. To this day, I have not tried to go the evil path a second time in regards to this moment (and the fact that the good side gets you better powers, and I like the look of the Hero outfit).
Friend against friend... Brother against brother, even. Seemed to me they've been through so much, only for corrupted Cole to kill him. It isn't right, really. He stood against his friend, knowing full well of his power, if only to beat him for the greater good. How sad for it to end the way it had.
The part when he shot cole (which didn't have any effect on him since he has superpowers) then after that I was forced to kill him. That left me in tears I watched slowly as he sank to the ground with each shot and I couldn't take it anymore
[Newest]Half as long twice as bright

25Lisa - Silent Hill
she was SO innocent and did not deserve to die! I was so extremly sad when she died and she was bleeding. Also the music. And the picture I seen of what she looked like in that japan book of silent hill on the aftermath of her transformation. It was super sad to me.

26Hinawa - Mother 3
How could so few people vote for Hinawa's death scene.
I mean, if you have a different opinion cool but...
FLINT starts to attack the other villagers because he's so upset and gets sent to prison IN FRONT OF HIS SONS EYES!
And every now again the game will give you a painful reminder of this through flash backs and vision of a ghost Hinawa!
And that ending, oh god that ending...
You have not seen a sad game until you have played mother 3. Hinawa's death is of massive emphasis to that fact. The incredible deppression following her death makes it even sadder, and if that isn't enough you are given countless scenes where lucas reunites with Hinawa's spirit, and then loses her all over again. Than your brother dies... By suicide, and than the world ends. Mother 3 is a see how long you can last before crying.
I cried so hard when this happened. Poor little Lucas and Claus...
[Newest]So sad, Lucas and Claus' mother DIED!

27Roxas - Kingdom Hearts 2
Imagine your living your life trying to find your place in the world and doing so many things to accomplish that and than your told that you shouldn't even exist. That's what happened to roxas he wanted to be alive and have a life of his own but he wasn't supposed to exist that's just wow
I seriously hope he returns as his own person in the later games because his continuous 'death' scenes are killing me here :( just allow him to exist already!
Roxas is a person in between the very thin line between happiness and sadness. He is used, and keeps telling everyone "I am me! Nobody else! ". He finally excepts his fate and reunites with Sora. Plus why the heck did he have to go. He is a badass when it comes to duel wielding Keyblades.

28Cole Phelps - L.A. Noire
This was the first time I had cried in a video game, next being Lee from the walking dead
I agree the only death in a game (along with Lee) that made me tear up
God. I couldn't believe it when Cole died :'(
[Newest]This was very sad

29Piers Nivans - Resident Evil 6
Piers Nivans was suppose to take over for Chris as the leader unfortunately fate had other plans, out of the the selflessness of his heart he allows Chris to escape choosing to remain behind R.I. P Piers.


Piers is about to kill himself for Chris's life and all Chris wants to do is scream at Piers.


Saddest scene in the whole RE series.. I cried a lot.. Piers sacrifice for Chris..
[Newest]I literally cried for half an hour!


30Nicole Brennan - Dead Space
What makes it all the sadder is the whole game you were fighting of the Necromorphs the you were hoping she was still alive eventually you finally see her half way and your convince that she's going to make it until your betrayed at the end by Kendra who forces you to watch the entire video from early revealing that Nicole has been dead since the beginning not only that but she took her own life while she tearly says she's sorry it had to be this way, Issac's guilt over Nicole's death ultimately becomes the main backbone in Dead Space 2.


It must really suck to be Issac Clark survive being torn to pieces by Necromorphs only to learn your girlfriend has been dead the whole time.


I loved Nicole because A: Brennan is actually my name and B: She just one brave bada$$ girl who just was awesome

31Luna - Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward
This is easily the saddest death on a handheld console in my opinion. While the other deaths were either suicide (Alice), killed by Dio (Tenmyouji, Clover, and K) or killed due to the other one finding out (Dio), Luna's was more different. At the end, only four people live (Sigma, Phi, Quark, and Luna). Sigma decides to stay behind to find Luna. When he finds her at the garden, he believes that it wasn't Luna who killed the other five. After explaining everything, she ends up going offline due to her being a GAULEM. Her ending had the saddest death and to this point, it's actually made tear up more than Sarah's death from The Last Of Us and Lee's death from The Walking Dead. Her death wasn't part of the main storyline, but still I teared up.


Oh heck, luna's death transformed my bedroom into a pool of tears. The feels, the feels!
Easily one of the saddest video game deaths ever

32E-102 Gamma - Sonic Adventure DX
So sad when Gamma realized who he is. When he set off to free his family it ends with the confrontation between him and his brother, and They both end up shooting each other. The music at the end is sad as well.


The developers originally were going to have gamma shoot himself in the head but Sega said that would be too graphic. I cried too. I loved gamma and his quest for freedom and to save the animals
Its really sad and you see it coming after an epic battle against his brother he comes up to look at his dead body, at that moment I was shouting don't do it and you know beta will shoot him but you can't do anything about and to top it of the music it made tear up.
[Newest]I watched a video of that scene again today, and now... 10 years after I first played the game? It still hurts.

No one even found out.

33Sergeant Johnson - Halo 3
It's very sad when you play guilty spark cause Johnson dies. He was such a badass character in halo 2 and 3 and when he died it was really sad. Even if he didn't die he still would have never been seen again, what are the odd they would just bring him back in halo 4, they didn't bring back anyone else besides chief and cortana who also had a sad death. Anyways it was really sad when Johnson died cause he was so important. Halo reach also had the death of all the major characters.
Sergeant Johnson was one of the only people Chief has known for a long time and when he died I cried. Sgt. Johnson was one of Master Chief's only friends and he died a hero.
He was like an uncle to John, a crazy uncle that was so badass he could never die. But he did go out with a bang just as he wanted...
[Newest]He was all the games in the first game he was just a soldier then in halo two he was a new main character. When he died I cried for 3 days

34Yusuf Tazim - Assassin's Creed Revelations
The speech was what made it real... And the follow-up mission. The saddest part is just to imagine what was happening in the hideout during the hours before Ezio found his body.
Yusuf's death should be #1. Soap's and Ghost's death didn't show any emotion.
This is the 2nd saddest death in any video game after Desmond Miles's death

35Johnny - To the Moon
"Because one day, I'm going to befriend one of them". When or if you already played this you will/would know the true sadness of that quote. To The Moon in my opinion is the saddest game, well the I have played and highly-highly recommend it for those who have not played it yet. Made by Free Bird Gaming and sold very cheaply not buying it would be a moral insult. So leaving on that, it is a very good, emotional, well thought out game unchallenged by what others see them selves to be considered challengers of this game, but its all up to YOU.
Damnit why isn't this with the top 10? I guess fancy graphics is what attracts people to playing video games now. The story of To The Moon is funny, sad, happy... I can't describe it in words. One of the best games I've ever played. You get really attached to Johnny since you see him grow up and you really feel for the the guy. By the end your heart is already torn to pieces and then the game just puts those pieces on fire. Highly recommended to anyone.
This, is literally the saddest game I have ever played... It kicked my heart in the ass, nothing is sadder than this game.
[Newest]Okay, so I watched PewDiePie play this and I never usually from video games, but I watched that and I couldn't help but just break down and ball my eyes out. I went to bed in tears. And ever since then I have turned into the person that crys at the little things... But I'm fine with it... I'm tearing now :'c

36Isara - Valkyria Chronicles
Definitely one of the saddest scene. Isara is quite a likeable character since she managed to accomplish so much at such a young age. More so, when she accomplish them with so much adversities in her life.

She is also likeable in that the discrimination she has faced in her life did not make her bitter. Instead, she had dreams such as of having her kind be accepted and invent an aircraft to fly with her brother.

What made her death so sad is that Isara had so much going for her. Isara had many talents and quite skill at her trade. Now she will never reach her dreams.
I will always cry when I see this scene because Isara is one of my favorite characters and a lot of stuff has happened to her during her short life time. She is my favorite underrated video game character and her death makes me cry every time just like Noble 6's death in Halo: Reach. RIP Isara (1919-1935).


The games characters are all so endearing they all make an emotional connection with the gamer. Isara's death is so sudden and unexpected of such an innocent and likable character it is incredibly sad. It serves as a good example of the deaths and sacrifices that occur in any conflict.
[Newest]Why Isara. Just as everything started to turn for the better... The ending scene where she basically saves Welkin and Alicia was even worse for the feel.

37Kratos - God of War
This should be in the top ten. Kratos did everything to get his memories of him killin his own family out of his head and he didn't get what he wanted and later discovers it to be his fault that Pandora dies and believes she died in vein after he kills Zeus so he stabbs himself in the chest with his sword and bleeds out. It doesn't grt much more sad than that.
Where is God of War 4? Kratos just disappeared after the credits. Is he alive? Or what?


The death scene may be sad but the ending sucks

38Mikau - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Link plays the Song of Healing, a sad song already, while Mikau is given flashbacks to his long history and fades away out of his memories to his death as the song comes to a close. He was assaulted by Gerudo pirates and left to die on the shore at Great Bay, and nobody realizes that he has died
All of the listings in the top ten were good, but when this game came out I was like 11 so it hit a little harder for me not being able to separate video game from reality.
Needs to be in top tens, seriously.
[Newest]It was sad, a bit too sad for little kids, I'd say.

39Lena - Everlasting Summer

40Martin Septim - The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion
I remember when I first beat the main quest. I was just left with this bittersweet feeling. The Empire was safe but the Septim bloodline had ended and there was no heir to the Dragon Throne. You feel that the Empire you fought so hard for is going to crumble in a matter of years
He sacrificed himself for the kingdom he only ruled for a few days after the death of his father Uriel Septim, what do you expect from your king more than that?
May Akatosh mercy upon his vigilant soul. Hail Martin Septim. Death to Dagon and his cult!


41Sandman - Modern Warfare 3
It was terrible! The whole time I was playing that part, I was yelling, "Get on the ' chopper, dude! " Then when he said to just go, I was screaming in my head, "NO! I STARTED TO LOVE YOU! WHY YOU MAKE SUCH SACRIFICE FOR ME AND RUSSIAN PRESIDENT?! " D':
Sandman's death was my second favorite death in the Call of Duty series. He, Truck, and Grinch fought to the very end to do what was right. Side by side kicking ass saving Price. Ghost and Roach was my favorite death. I felt so emotional about all these deaths. They were all my favorite characters. Don't forget about Roach either. He survived death multiple times.
From the very beginning when he threw you that first clip you got emotionally attached to sandman. And then after all of the mission time played with him I found myself wishing over and over again after he died that you would hear his voice on the radio only to be let down.
[Newest]They all could shoot the enemies from the helicopter and escape but it was another reason for the directors to destroy another good guy!

42Axel - Kingdom Hearts 2
This death was one of the saddest deaths I have ever seen! Axel has had both his best friends taken away from him and now he sacrifices himself to save Sora because of the resemblance to his best friend Roxas. Poor Axel...
He was the one of the coolest characters in kingdom hearts
Best KH character and he did not deserve to die he was just trying to get his best friend back

43Henry - The Last of Us
This scene was epic, you could see it coming but if you have a younger bro it just gets you even more. All the deaths in the game were pretty sad.
This should at least be in the 20's The death of Henry made me cry so much to see him crying over his brother's death it's so heartwarming and gentle I wish Henry and Sam were still alive and could of worked with Joel and Ellie
When he pulled that trigger it felt like a sucker punch to the gut. I really loved Sam and Henry, and that scene was brilliantly tragic.

44Luis Sera - Resident Evil 4
This is the saddest death not just in videogames, but it is sadder than any death in a movie
I posted this when it was below 106. Now I found it on 37 when I came back to this site thank you fans of re 4 and welcome.


Even though he didn't appear that much, he was still an important character and his sudden death was so unexpected that it brought tears to my eyes.
[Newest]Death was sad, but not as sad as people describe it to be. RE4 was a good game.

45Marty - Mafia II
Young kid getting all excited about being out helping with a job, soon falls victim to the reality of being in the mafia. Probably made 10 times sadder by Joe's reaction. "I'm sorry kid, I am so sorry"
Joe told him to stay in the car and don't come out! Of course he was stupid and wanted to be a hero!

46Reggie - Infamous Second Son
I thought this moment was very sad because it seemed like Reggie was a very cool character. He was a great big brother and seeing someone kill your brother before your eyes seems pretty sad to me
Although this was a sad moment, the battle after it was pretty awesome. Reggie dies, and Delsin screams in horror and sadness. Believable, and well done, with Reggie having a clear reason to sacrifice himself.
If I saw my brother die like that, I would've killed Augustine even if I was the hero

47Maria - Gears of War 2
I was all like "Yay Dom found her! " and then I was like, " wait, what's happening? " and then I was all like, "That's so weird! " and then I was all like, "No, that can't happen! " *sob*


I think that what makes so sad is that, from a dynamic gruff type of shooter like gears, Marias death and the emotional way it happened was at least unespected, the fact that the scene was incredibly well played helps a lot too.

48Booker Dewitt - BioShock Infinite
Booker DeWitt might have been a bad guy who frequently gambled and sold his daughter in order to clear his debt, but still watching him drown had me in tears.
How was he not even on here until I added him. I was shaking by the time the ordeal was over, so sad.
Oh my word
You spend the whole game getting to know him then "BAM"
Right there, dead

49Jorge - Halo: Reach
Someone give this guy a fifty-gun salute! But really, This broke my heart more than noble 6's death.
Died in vain thinking he saved Reach. That makes it all the more tragic.

50Alex Weiss - Tomb Raider

51Richard Aiken - Resident Evil

52Deckard Cain - Diablo 3
I will always love that old man


53Yuri - Modern Warfare 3
Yuri dedicated his life to avenge his own self (in a way). Captain Price Doubted him and that was so sad how he was left dead. =(
He did shoot his friend!
Yuri wasn't in the series for long except he was a great character

54Roach - Modern Warfare 2
They burned him with Ghost, so sad =(
IF only ghost reacted faster

55Carley - The Walking Dead
If you choose to save her in episode one you can clearly see their is a realationship building with carley and lee. And lily just murders carley for no reason
Carley was a badass, likeable and she was fun to talk to.
Why did she have to die

56Thane Krios - Mass Effect 3

57The Dog - The Walking Dead Season 2
I can't stand animal deaths because they seem so helpless
I thought he wold have been a cool companion for clem but no...

58Leah - Diablo 3

59Shadow - Sonic Adventure 2
After his death in SA2, I thought my life was over.
Luckily, some genius brought him back in Sonic Heroes!
His death was still sad.
I think Shadow would have rated higher if he stayed dead. Still, I was extremely saddened when he died. I care a lot about the Sonic characters and to see one die after he turned good made me cry over a video game for the first and only time.

60Omid - The Walking Dead Season 2
Por guy was shot by a stranger

61Mike Harper - Black Ops 2
His death made me cry it was so sad, I had no choice but to do that just to get the best ending D;
I didn't shoot him, he survived.


Option whether to die but on the game I shot him by mistake I wish I hadnt R.I. P Harper

62Carter-A259 - Halo Reach
I love this guy only he dies because he help his team and he is an a**
It is sad to that he dies he is a dumd ass too

63Steve Burnside - Resident Evil: Code Veronica
He's still alive, as Wesker's "son", Jake Muller. In the RE6 Jake/Sherry campaign, the main theme is about promises, as is the theme in CV. In addition, he has a patch on his sleeve that reads "La Nuevo Vita", which translates to "The New Life". This is only a theory as of now, and has yet to be proven.
Are you serious? He had to die in order for Code Veronica to continue. Why? What? Why? Just Beating Metal Gear Solid 4, this is easily the saddest moment in not only Resident Evil Games, but in video games as well.


Even though I'm more into Claire & Leon, I still think he was so sweet & interesting character. I loved him. And I'm sure, Claire Redfield loved him too


64Johnny Gat - Saint's Row: The Third
Even after Gat out of hell I still feel sad when I think of his death. You really bond with him over the other saints row games so when he dies. It was just so insane I never assumed he could die. He was like just too dang powerful...
Johnny Gat has been my favourite character since the start of Saints Row and he died by helping his friends. Always miss him
Johnny Gat was/is awesome and no one could ever take that away form him. He will forever be a crazy guy that everyone loves.

65Roland - Borderlands 2
, you play as him in the first game, and he come back and you're like "cool, roland back" I screamed "NOOO! " When he died. It wasn't a game anymore. It was a quest to kill jack.
A very sad death
I loved the first borderlands and actully played as roland so this death bull

66Liu Kang - Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance
Wow some champion the villians said

67Squall Leonhart - Final Fantasy VIII
I know it's just a complot theory but it's really sad to see how almost the whole game his dead shows (if the complot theory is true)

68King Leoric - Diablo I
First he lost both of his sons then he wents insane kill his wife and then he got killed by lachdanan

69Annette Birkin - Resident Evil 2

70Ben - The Walking Dead
I was so devastated when I saw Kenny go for Ben in the alley. My favorite character AND Lee's best friend both die. Unless season's 2 Kenny comeback counts which it does.
Poor ben even he made amistake he died horribly


71James - Fallout 3
After going through everything in this game... Spending many an hour in front of my T.V. looking for him... He just dies... I cried for days and it was the most emotional game I've ever played...
He sacrifices himself for you even though you killed hundreds of people
He sacrificed his own life while you stood there and watched.

72Ezio Auditore da Firenze - Assassin's Creed Revelations
He was seeking for truth. But at some point he had to die. "Requiescat In Pace" Ezio
It is extremely sad! I might be someone who cries easily, but it is extremely sad.


After 3 games that Ezio was included in, Ezio had to die sometime. Requiscat in pace, Ezio. We will miss you.

73Legion - Mass Effect 3
Legions death was so sad he had to sacrifice himself so the rest of the geth could be more independent

74Damas - Jak 3
Jak finding out that Damas is father after he died
I did not cry I got mad. He did not deserve to die.

75Emma Emmerich - Metal Gear Solid 2
Man I Cried So Much
It was the saddest one that I see

76Ghost Rider - Battlefield: Bad Company 2
I almost cried when ghost rider died, he was a loveable and kindhearted hippie who just wanted to save his friends. It is also sad because the bad company give him a pack of cigarettes and he shouts 'thanks for the smokes, brother! ' just before his helicopter is blown up.


Poor Flynn... I hold out hope he somehow lived and will be back in bad company 3
Agree.. I never raged so much.

77The Companion Cube - Portal
The Companion Cube would rather die in a fire than become a burden to you.

Euthanize your Companion Cube or the testing will not continue.

Euthanize your faithful Companion Cube.

78Lirum - Lost Odyssey

79Harry - Silent Hill 3

80Sev - Star Wars: Republic Commando
Poor sev. So sad when you hear his struggles on your visor. The whole game seemed almost ruined when this bad-ass of a character, with a touch of compassion for his brothers is taken away from your squad.
Highly under appreciated game, favourite of all Star Wars games. You've bonded with your three 'brothers' over the course of the entire game and then boom.

From the beginning to the end, Sev

81Subject Delta - Bioshock 2
When whats her name smothered elanor I freaked out
After all they went through Delta isn't able to be with his daughter
Elanor, his daughter, was the one who killed him, it happened in all 4 endings

82Tali'zorah Vas Normandy - Mass Effect 3

83Ashley Williams - Mass Effect

84Roth - Tomb Raider
This should be number 1 :( man really annoying

85Luma - Super Mario Galaxy
I never completed the last level of this game, so when I started watching the video walk through, I thought the ending was awesome. That is, until this death happened.
The music made Luma's death sadder. He was with Mario the whole time, and everyone took him for granted. Plus, he little cry as he flies into the black hole was-heart wrenching.

Kick Bowser's ass in SSB4 Luma.
So sad but he is back in super Mario galaxy 2
[Newest]He dies, then the cycle ends and resets.

86Emmeryn - Fire Emblem Awakening
Oh my god that cutscene... When emmeryn jumps, the music is heart wrenching. And chrom and Lissa's face :'(. So sad.. Also the following chapter is horrible.. None of the enemy soldiers want to fight, due to emmeryn's speech. She almost single-handedly ended the war.. So sad. :(

87Minato Arisato - Persona 3
His real name is makoto yuki by the way. This far by the most sad game endings, you know. He has to leave all his friends behind after creating such a strong bonds with them so that they can live. It's just so sad and depressing
You spend all this time working on your character, making your persona compendium larger, and creating bonds with all the people you can find, only to die in the end.

88William "Bill" Overbeck - Left 4 Dead
This death was truly sad! After all that he did he is a great character. His bravery, Exprience, Fighting Skills, Speeches, Quotes, and everything he deserves to be here at this list. (I know the quality might not be good but whatever)
My favorite character from Left 4 Dead. Influenced my decision to stay with Coach in the second game due to leadership abilities, just like Bill.
When I found his body I cried

89Mary Read - Assassin's Creed: Black Flag
You come to feel a really strong bond with James because he's the only one who believes in you. And when he reveals himself as Mary, you're a little taken back, but respect her even more. I panicked a bit when she was to be hung, and grew hopeful when she was spared for her unborn baby. Having her die in her arms after Kenway rescues her was heart-wrenching. Then the dream/hallucination sequence Roberts puts Kenway through shows her dying/dead numerous times before she appears screaming at Kenway to actually accomplish something with his life.
When you talk to her friends and fellow assassins, you come to realize she was the only true friend Kenway had. She believed in him. I only wish she had appeared in the game even more.
It was so sad and so sudden, we just found out everything about who she really was.
Assasains creed always has a way of getting you emotionally attached to the characters.

90Jason - Heavy Rain
This one has to be first! This is a truly sad death from a game "Heavy Rain" which I find extremely intense and emotional. There's just one click away from voting! →→→→→→→→
I hate to see a ten year old kid get hit by a car in this game.

91Sam - The Last of Us
I couldn't speak for an hour after
And his brother shot himself that was horrible too

92Lavitz - The Legend of Dragoon
Oh man, I literally cried. My favorite character in a video game ever, and they killed him like that. No ceremony, just stab and done.

93Victor Sullivan - Uncharted 3
I think what made this so horrible is that drake didn't even have time to think of his death.
After playing the series and the seeing this, it really does upset you


Sully didn't die. In the end it shows that it was just Drake hallucinating. Although when I thought he died. I was very upset.
This sene made me cry and I dident even cry for heavy rain or red dead if you haven't played this game it is awesome

94Bloodwing - Borderlands 2
Sweet Jesus! I cried so much! Mordecai screaming out that they can still save him, then Jack detonates the explosive collar, OH GOD! :'c :'c R.I. P Bloodwing

95Carlos - Saints Row 2
Carlos' death was such a tragic moment in a usually lighthearted series. I was crying when the Boss had to mercy kill him and then when the scene was over, I swore vengeance on the Brotherhood.

96Mona Sax - Max Payne 2
I know if you complete in the hadest.. she lives... but mona sax! It was so shocking.. n then viktor says.. it's good that the women are gone.. they complicate matters.. I was so mad then.. wanted to chop him to pieces... !

97Bowman - Call of Duty: Black Ops
He just didn't deserve his death at all, so unjust for a great character like him. Even when he was being forced to play Russian roulette he didn't play by the rules
Of all the ways to die, he dies like that! True Hero

98Mary - Silent Hill 2
It wasn't so much her death, as her pleas not to die. Also being forced to leave in agony until her dying days.

99Sniper Wolf - Metal Gear Solid
I cried the same way I did when I had to kil The Boss. I mean, the way she died, in front of the man who loved her makes it more sad

100Trevor Phillips - Grand Theft Auto V
It wasn't really that sad but the way he died was just so shocking and violent.
Please choose C, no one wants to see Michael or Trevor die because of Devin


Please do us a favor and choose ending C if you choose ending A you will see one of the best Rockstar games Character die :(

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