Best Songs From Michael Jackson's History Album


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1 They Don't Care About Us They Don't Care About Us

it is very brave lyrics. Michael always tries to tell us sth important.
Everybody allegation
In the suite, on the news
Everybody dog food
Kick me, strike me
Don't you wrong or right me

I really like it but really, number 1? - iamzyrie

Mine is this
1: Man in the mirror
2: Thriller
3: They don't care about us
4: Bad
5: Smooth Criminal
6: Rock with you
7: Scream
8: Stranger in Moscow
9: Heal the World
10: Remember the Time - lizard302

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2 History

Its an awesome song

3 Earth Song Earth Song

right! we all should take care of our earth it's too important for us. let's love and save it.

This song with this beautiful message! Probably the most beautiful song of all time!

Our earth is aching. Start to care for nature.

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4 Come Together Come Together

This song is one of MJ's best hits. I bought the DVD Moonwalker for £3.99 and it had this song on it. - lizard302

5 Man in the Mirror Man in the Mirror

This song is my favourite song on History. - lizard302

6 Scream Scream

They lyrics are really strong!
"With such confusions don't it make you wanna scream?... You find your passion scandalizing every lie, oh brother please have mercy, 'cause I just can't take this! "
Awesome! I love it!

7 Money Money
8 Childhood Childhood
9 Stranger in Moscow Stranger in Moscow

Possibly his most underrated song, even if he pronounces Moscow wrong - ninapalmer


10 Bad Bad

The Newcomers

? 2 Bad 2 Bad
? Tabloid Junkie Tabloid Junkie

Even if Michael was saying that he tried to don't pay attention to what medias said about him, this song shows that it hurted him and he was angry against all lf those stupid people that never even met him! It's sad... I love this song

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The Contenders

11 Remember the Time Remember the Time
12 You are Not Alone You are Not Alone

No. 9, nothin's better than You Are Not Alone. Come On. :(

13 D.S. D.S.
14 Black or White Black or White
15 Smile Smile
16 Little Susie Little Susie
17 The Way You Make Me Feel The Way You Make Me Feel
18 This Time Around This Time Around

Love all the songs; but, I really love this one more... if that makes sence... I just love the way he sings it so much... it cool.. - love4mjj

19 Ghost

This song is like the 90s version of thriller

20 Billie Jean Billie Jean
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