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1Bad Girlfriend

This songs NEEDS to be number one! It's by far their most recognizable song. How it isn't at least in the top 5, is beyond me. Vote it up! - joebuck

I don't know if this is my favourite one, guess it depends on the day but it's just really really good and had to vote it

Whenever I feel insecure,I listen to this song. I then realize how amazing I am lol.

This is by far a great song to rock to!

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2All or Nothing

It's got all what anyone needs from a song. The drive, the motivation and all that comes with it. Take a chance and you'll never be the same since then.

All or Nothing is my top favorite song ever, I listen to it all the time and have never gotten sick of it. This song is how I found my love for Theory of a Deadman! Definitely deserves #1 spot!

My all time favorite! I've always liked it but once I met my husband he said it described our relationship which made me love it more!

My all time favorite!

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3Not Meant to Be

Probably my Favorite breakup Song of all time, mostly because the words "Maybe we're not meant to be" sums so much up in so little words. Other then that, no downsides as far as I'm concerned

I was stuck between this and all of nothing, but I think this song has gotta be more depressing. Just the lyrics make me sad! Should really be number one, right?

My absolute fave is Make up your mind but it wasn't an option so this song places a high second! But in my opinion every song they do is their best song ever!

I love this song..My all time favorite.

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4Hate My Life

This is the song I introduce everyone to Theory of a deadman with as everyone can relate to it and it is done in such a cool funny way. I love it should be number 1

First song that turned me on to "the theory". In turn, I used it to turn my brother on to them.

This song is so darn cool.. It's one of those songs that come together from an awesome jam session..

Awesome song it gives me goose bumps

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Remember hearing you ply this in London this year... Love the song, the words... Perfect song track...

Absolutely love this song and love theory of a deadman they are by far my FAVORITE band ever!

Every time I hear this song, I think of my beautiful girlfriend, cause I fell in love with an angel

Love, love, love!

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6Santa Monica

I'm a huge Theory of a Deadman fan! Love all their albums and songs but nothing compares to one of their very first hits and songs.

One of the best! Clearly it must be at top ten!

This song should be higher just because I feel this is where theory foundation started to build. No Santa Monica no bad girlfriend

Best song from Theory of a Dead Man. Very smooth but deep

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7By the Way

This is my favorite by far! I have to listen to it any time it comes up on my iPod shuffle!

Very Great Song & Chris Daughtry's Vocal are good too - Curti2594

My favorite song by them! One of their best!

Fantastic song love all of them but this one just stays in my head

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This is an awesome song it totally fits all the people in the county I am from its like it's the theme song here I love it!

This is an awesome song and reminds me of the people I travel to work with... They clearly re the reason why you wrote the song

Fantastic start to a fantastic album! Every song in this album is great but this one starts it all off in the best way

Blow is a great song also, every time I watch the news I think of this song

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9Make Up Your Mind

When I first heard this Cool song I'm not kidding I thought this was Nickelback back but after a while I figured out it wasn't but I Love this song a lot & Theory Of A Deadman is Kick Ass - Curti2594

FAVOURITE song I'm not quite sure how it isn't #1! It's one of heir old ones but it's amAZING

This song is amazing it's so good I just love it 110% would recommend!

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10Head Above Water

This is a Beautiful song actually! I'd sing this to my Girl! - Curti2594

Very good song, hits home!

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?Hating Hollywood

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11Bitch Came Back

The truth is... This album rocks, it's by far there best, scars and souvenirs has some great songs my favourite being hate my life, but I can't say it's flawless and I like every song but each song in the truth is flows with the one before and remains unique, what more can you really want

This song is the first song I heard by them and it should be in the top 10!

My absolute favorite. Vote it number one!

How can this awesome song be on this position!? This should be in the top 5.

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12Since You've Been Gone

This song was the second Theory Of a Deadman song ever heard! - Curti2594

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13Wait For Me

I love this song. It has that amazing feeling that the singer actually feels what he's singing about.
"you wait for me,
Ever so patiently"

All these are great songs. Tough to pick a favorite. What about, Country Song?

This song is almost perfect. For anyone that is away from their family..


It Features the legendary Alice Cooper! - Curti2594

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15Nothing Could Come Between Us

This is my favorite. I know its old but old is gold

This was the song that got me to dig deeper into Theory of A Deadman.

Nothing should come between this and the number one spot!

The song that started it all... Should be top 3

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16Say Goodbye

Say Goodbye is in my top 3 of Theory Of A Deadman songs. I don't go one day without listening to this song or Santa Monica

This song, Santa Monica, make up your mind, better off and Hate My Life. Top 5. That might change tomorrow.

This and Santa Monica must be on the top.

Amazing.. The guitar... The vocals..very underrated song

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Love this song. Dark and moody. Touchy subject, but they did it well. I think more mothers than fathers kill their babies; especially if you look at the abortion numbers. It's staggering high. Good job guys. Hope it goes higher. (The song)

Their newest single in which they return to their older grungier style that has an alice and chains vibe to it. it's their best song yet!

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I just love Hurricane it's on my list of favorites and accurately describes relationships with the perfection of TOAD's musical talent.

The lyrics really resonate to a lot of people. This song should be way up the list.

What HOW IS THIS NUMBER NINE!? This is my third favorite song in the whole world

I can hear this song my whole life

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19Out of My Head

This song is great because it shows the variety of songs that Theory of a Dead man has. This song is very soft and gentle, which is the exact opposite of most of their music, proving that they are very diverse in their capabilities.

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20World War Me

Bro how is this not at least in the top ten its amazing

Just sums up life really

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