Top 10 Female Screensaver Models

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The Top Ten

Carmen Electra
HOT! in meet the spartans


So hot and beautiful
So hot and bright actress all the time.


2Jessica Alba
Jessica alba, alyssa milano, kate beckinsale are on every guys top 10 list. Carmen electra is ugly she just has big boobs.
between her and megan fox but shes hotter


3Alysia Milano
There is nothing wrong with the rest of these total foxes, it's just Alysia is THE ONE!
She is the one that I keep on my screen all the time.


4Palmela Anderson
she has the most beautiful body i have ever seen


5Megan Fox
Foxy Megan should be first place as the sexiest hottie ever. Jessica Alba goes second and Carmen Electra goes third place! As for Pamela Anderson, no! You rock, Megan Fox!
Megan Fox is gorgeous! Carmen Electra is attractive but not as much as Megan. She radiates sexiness.
She will be º1 soon. You�'ll see. She is the new sensation Dudes! Jessica Alba is hot, I gotta admit it. But Megan is even more hot! Carmen Electra is way below these 2 ga�'ls.
[Newest]She is wonderful talented model and most beautiful model of the world

6Angelina Jolie
She is really freakin hot.


She's so beautiful n sexy...

7Monica Bellucci
I kind a like pass out instantly, if I'd saw her

8Kendall Jenner

9Tyra Banks
she know she is so pretty and has a nice body but most of all she believe in herself and others
wish i can meet her one day it will be a blessing
I would love to be like her maybe someday


Hips don't Lie, Shakira would be on my screen saver anyday with her latin spicy culture and belly dancing dance moves and her beautiful curvacious body and blonde hair I think she would be on a lot of men and women screen savers computers and cell phones.

The Contenders

11Lindsay Lohan

12Miley Cyrus

13Claudia Schiffer
One of the most beautiful women in the whole world


She is so beautiful and one of the best sceensavers. She should be first, not Carmen Elekra. Even though she's still...


14Catherine Zeta Jones

15Drew Barrymore
really underated. amazing in charles angels not for the acting but for the looks

16Brigtie Bardot

17Christina Aguilera

18Amy Weber

19Selena Gomez

20Laetitia Casta
she is really wonderful. she play in movies and she is famous top model of victoria secret.

she is most beautiful of victoria's angel

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