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1. Very accommodating people
2. Wonderful Beaches (Boracay, Amanpulo, El Nido to name a few)
3. Hard Working people.
4. Manny Pacquiao
5. Best Mango, Pineapples, Bananas
6. Talented People (Monique Lhuiller, Manny Pacquio, Charice, Arnel Pineda of JOURNEY, Lea Salonga, Cheryl Burke (half Filipino), Vanessa Hudgens (half Filipino) BATISTA (wrestler) Bruno Mars (half Fil) Enrique Iglesias (half Fil. )Rob Schnider Half Fil. ) to name a few

Philippines is the best country in the world -
Best people,
Best food,
Best islands and best beaches,
Has very inspiring history
With very brave people who fought against invaders since the 1500's until 1946... Has very educated people... One of the best English- speaking countries in Asia and in the whole world... - no doubt.. Philippines is the best country!

Philippines all the way!

They have Manny Pacquiao, Azkals soccer team and best singers! They also have best foods!

The Kingdom of God, Inc.

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Philippines and japan are great, beautiful woman, technology, lifestyles, peace and other (better than America), history (that America lacks). Japan is the best in the world in terms of technology - ronluna

Japan is obviously one of the coolest countries in the world
- Greetings from Norway, by a young Norwegian girl

Heck, Japan has the best fresh air with no gas smell with delicious healthy food. The life styles there are so great, the Japanese have the longest life spans. There are also very low crime rate too.

The Philippines is the wonderful,

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Definitely India is the best country in the world because of its diversity and fraternity.

Indian tradition is world famous.

India is also called as the land of Hindus (Hindustan).

Indian women are so responsible towards their family.

Indians respect their family.

Indians still love to stay in joint family system.

Indians believe in one marriage.

Indian married women looks lovely with a vermilion on their forehead.

Indian foods are world famous in the whole world.

Indian grains are world famous.

Indian spices are again famous in the world.

According to World Bank, the Indian economy is the world's tenth-largest by nominal GDP

India has the world's largest Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Zoroastrian, and Bahá'í populations, and has the third-largest Muslim population and the largest Muslim population for a non-Muslim majority country.

India is the origin for yoga.

Majority of the Indians have their marriages arranged by their parents or other family members.

Marriage is thought to be for life in India.

In India divorce rate is extremely low.

Popular styles of dress include draped garments such as the sari for women and the dhoti or lungi for men. Salwar kameez and kurta pyjama's r also famous.

Use of delicate jewellery, modeled on real flowers worn in ancient India, is part of a tradition dating back some 5,000 years.

Ayurveda, a system of traditional medicine is originated from India.

martial arts, such as kalarippayattu, musti yuddha, silambam, and marma adi, originated in India.

chess commonly held to have originated in India as chaturaṅga.

so, at last but not least "EAST OR WEST, INDIA IS THE BEST"...

East or West-India is the Best! Full of traditions, history and technology, it can be the best place to live in peace and harmony. - mohit100

I truly agree there is nothing that can beat our country. I live in England and I've never enjoyed it here. India is my life! I hate the English because of what they did to us all these years. Especially in 1947. Jai hind!

India is developing with an intense speed and that shows in the outcome we're getting - it's becoming rich and developed day by day!

India is best country in every thing

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4South Korea

Even though I am from an Asian country, Philippines which is currently at number 1 right now, I am not going to try to be biased. I personally like South Korea because it seems like an interesting country. Seoul is a really beautiful city. Also, one of the best things I like about this country is their music. I am very obsessed with K-POP and I really think the groups are very talented. The trainees works really hard. The people in this country are very hardworking. Seoul is one of my dream cities. They have many, many foods to eat and their culture is very interesting to learn about. The language is very easy to learn, although it might be pretty hard for some people. The Koreans are also very athletic. This country is one of the best countries of baseball and soccer. Also, wherever you wanna go it's really close but most Asian countries are all like this. The people there are very nice. I also like the school girl uniforms they wear in school. I think it's very stylish and I wish they have something like those here in the United States. The weather is great in South Korea. They also have some really great actors and actresses. Boys Over Flowers is a drama that got very international especially in Asia. This country is also known for car companies such as Kia and Hyundai. I think this country is the best because it has millions and millions of different things and if you ever come to South Korea, you won't get bored at all. There's too many things to keep you busy. There's also too many places to go to that you can't even pick which one you're going first. PSY's Gangnam Style has gotten this country much more well known internationally but I think it's just part of it. Yes, Gangnam Style is very popular and some of you probably like it but South Korea is not only known for that, there's more good things in it that can make it a very popular country. In addition, this country makes lots of electronics and that's another thing that got them very well-known. I know people who are reading this might be thinking, "What is wrong with her? Is she crazy? She's from the Philippines and she's saying that South Korea is the best country in Asia?! " or people from the Philippines must be thinking, "What?! Is that even possible?! She hates her own country?! Ugh, I hate her! " Nope, I do not hate Philippines. It's just that I think South Korea is a little bit better and they both have many different appearance. Philippines has many economies and famous people. While, South Korea has great music and creative people. Well, in other words they are BOTH amazing countries and all the other countries in Asia are all the best! I don't care what everyone thinks but I think all the countries should deserve the same amount of popularity. & Thank you so much.

Love South korea, because of dramas and music...
healthy food, fashion...

I'm South Korean, and I totally agree. I've been to Korea only two times, but I loved ~ it there. My family and I watched amazing Korean dramas, and thy're awesome! I watched Secret Garden, and I enjoyed watching it. I also watched My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed fox, I laughed really hard in some parts! (This is a must watch! )
South Korea's history is really cool, because there were many different dynasties and kings. Did you know that Korea was first called Gojoseon? Anyway, North Korea was once actually richer than South Korea. But after the Korean War, North Korea started to become a country with communism. But South Korea stayed democratic, so they became way richer than North Korea.
Plus, Gangnam Style became world famous. So South Korea is definitely the best country in Asia!

I love Korea however, the eating dog things got to stop

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Don't know why this isn't first. Fastest growing economy in the world and an absolutely amazing natural showcase! Have any of you seen its national parks? There are ancient ocean basins and streets FULL of weeping willows. China definitely deserves to be first.

The Great Wall of China is just absolutely amazing. The Terracotta Warriors are also amazing. The Terracotta Warriors are made in such an unusual way. The clay is carved so perfectly and it is still so well preserved!

No one can deny that China is now the strongest country in Asia

The only thing I hate in China is they are stealing lands in the southeast Asia region duh

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The best beaches and holiday destination, friendly and hospitality people, great food as well as amazing culture and wonderful tourist attraction!

Around January and April would be the best part of the year to travel to Thailand! Why not come to Thailand? You will experiences many great things about Thailand! Thanks!

You should come to Thailand in your holidays you can relax whole day with the beautiful beaches and Thai dance is also nice to see.

Thailand has some of the hottest food in the world

The best of the best country.

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Singapore is a must go country that is summer all year round :D
Are you interested in other races and religion?

Well, that's great seeing that Singapore is full of culture of many different races and religion.

If you are a major Lover of good food, Singapore has plenty of different delicious and unique food from countries all over the world. Just to name a few: Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, etc. Delicious cuisines from places mentioned above could be found there.

Places of entertainment like Sentosa which has many clean and safe beaches, the recently opened Universal Studios Singapore, the also recently opened casino are all good places to spend time having fun.

At the downtown east there is also the wild wild wet:a water theme park, very suitable for families to go.

In case of children companions, there is also the Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird park, Night Safari, Science Centre, etc.

Nature lovers will also like the Sungei Buloh Wetland reserve, and/or, the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

A walk or a tiny hike up the Bukit Timah hill at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve would be just fine for small hike lovers.

For Shopaholics, Orchard Road, Bugis Street, Chinatown, Vivo City, Clarke Quay, and many more are hot shopping spots that you will love.

If you like extreme sports, there is one Reverese G-Max Bungee Jumping Facility at Clarke Quay that you can try. There is also the skydiving facility in Sentosa that many enjoy.

If you want to know more of the cultures in Singapore, The perenakan Museum, The National Museum of Singapore, Asian Civilisation Museum, etc. are places you should go.
If you think that museums are boring places, think again, there are also the Singapore Art Museum and the Mint Museum of Toys that you can visit instead.

Try considering going to Singapore for your next holiday, who knows? You may get a wonderful experience you'll never forget.

I'm so proud being part Singaporean! Even if I don't live there me and my family get to visit every 2 years and stay with are relatives. It has great culture, food, lots of activities, it is so clean and safe there, and its so beautiful.
There is lots of impressive buildings like the Marina bay Sky park, the Singapore flyer, or the gorgeous skyline
Also there is lots of activities like Universal Studios, Sentosa Island, China Town, the Jurong bird park and even one of the best zoo in the world... The list just keeps going... And going
One of my favorite countries in the world

Beutiful with nice people and so clean! - doodie-dude25

The best country with the best government and everything else

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Russia is good history state, chess, hockey, football and tennis.

Very Powerful and beautiful Country, The Cold War was so cool but as for me I like both America And russia, these two powers should absolutely put their hands in each other's for ever-lasting peace! - darknessmaster909

The best country is long history and love USSR russia is rich 1in10 in the world

I was covered by snow ###never go there for vacation

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Malaysia is the best country in asia in terms of food (very nice), the people are friendly, the weather is fine and sunny, the cost of living is low. Malaysia also has a multi races that lives in harmony, great culture from all races and religion. Great place to live, peaceful and developing! Intense interest in art and music!

Malaysia is the best country in asia, heck in the whole world in fact!

I live in Malaysia! Peaceful country! Good food, no disasters! Friendly people. Multi-racial, I can speak 3 main languages, Chinese, English, Malay! I can learn Malay people and Indian People culture. A peaceful religious country. Malaysia all the way.

I've been living in Malaysia and Malaysia is the most peaceful country in the world with the lead of wise leaders. It is a developing multiracial country with people from different race and culture living harmoniously with various interesting kinds of cultures, languages and food~

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10Hong Kong

Unlimited hill walking and some decent beaches too! So much more than just another big city!

Hong Kong is the best

Another great place to visit - modern country, English speaking people, modern technology, clean and vibrant city.

Hong Kong is just a dream land everywhere is shopping or partying. People are very materialistic and selfish.

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Taiwan is a nice country, one of the Four Asian Tigers with an extremely powerful economy and a stronger dedication to human rights than most of its fellow Asian states.

Friendliest people in the world, amazing food, beaches with almost no one on them, forests, cities, and country, its a little bit of everything in a small area.

Taiwan has good variety shows, good singers, good drama, good actors, good food, good sceneries. I think Taiwan is PERFECT. I hope I can go there anytime soon, as long as I save enough money to buy the plane tickets. - CrazeBoutMayday

It is the heart of Asia, If you've never been there, go there its fun.

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Everything are there in indonesia, really complex, you can enjoy in indonesia, you are really want visit in indonesia again.. Trust me

what will you want to see... in Indonesia.. you can see that... what do you want to eat... in Indonesia... you can find it... t

the coolest Asia-Pacific country ever. you can find the best and the worst here, anything you want to see

Indonesia is the best!

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A well deserved Nation, who has gone through so many difficulties and still facing it. Apart from that One of the most beautiful country in south Asia. K2 ranges are the most beautiful part of Pakistan.
I am Pakistani and I'm not a terrorist!


Lived all there my life. I know its a poor country but it has sacrificed a lot for the world. It lost 40,000 civilians for world peace. And it is a beautiful country. The media always gives a negative picture of the country. I know its not a developed country and has a lot of problems but people are beautiful and so is the country by nature! It has huge potential to develop it self!

Pakistani people are fighting against terrorism

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Vietnam is a small countries that is next to the ocean and their beach is been in the "top ten beautiful beach in the world" and less people in United State know about that countries and when you visit that countries it have you can go play poker, go to the beach to relax, go to Happy Land and Happy Land is the new place in Vietnam it look like Disney Land or Disney World it it not very small or it not very big and it not cost a lot of money to visit because if you trade a U.S. dollar in Vietnam ad will have about $20 dollar over there! It have a lot of new place in Vietnam to visit, the women in Vietnam is always listen to their husband, and they very the people very nice they always helping people and the people in Vietnam the love to cooked and share culture and tell sad and funny stories every time a people visit their land you can searched online how beautiful the place is and you will see how fertile and beautiful the land and when you go their it not cost a lot money to go I been their every Summer to see how it been change I always wish it Summer fast to go see the countries it very cheap over there I know some of you do not want to go there because you scared to get lost do not worry the street have nice to help you and they mostly talk English and I always ask to help when I need help like to go somewhere they will tell me direction to go or go somewhere to eat and I love they cooking noodle I think I go to bring all my family to Vietnam this years people sometime I only go by my self and this time I bring all my family to go see how beautiful Vietnam look like! I very excited right now and in Vietnam they have a lot of cute girl

Reason to visit there:

-Beaches are great (calm, sky blue)
-Scenery is great
-A lot of visitor sites (underwater cave, hiking in the green mountains )
-Hot or mild warm mostly in the spring and summer
-In the city:you can go out into the streets, instead of waiting at a stop light
-Cool Aquariums
-Get your nails done for a cheap price (it's really cute! )
-A getaway to Relaxation is going out into the country, and enjoy the crisp of the air, and how peaceful it is.
-You get to ride a motorcycle!
-Cut fabric design.

Vietnam is a perfect getaway from stress.

Vietnam is simply the country in all of Asia. Tradition and honor and just good people overall! Hard working class of people who know the true value of hard work. The land itself is beautiful and full of life. The cuisine is unmatched and unique. They eat everything, which is another testament to their appreciation to their food and land. Vietnam should be #1 on this list without a doubt!

I just know about Vietnam in war.Seriously?

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Awesome City where tradition and modernity coexist. It's well known with its tall skyscrapers including the tallest building in the world "Burj Khalifa"

Abudhabi is the capital and there are many islands and one of the famous island is yas island there is even an yas water world it is one of the largest water park in the world and when I come talk about Dubai the city of future or city of life Dubai shows us a new miracle every year example Dubai have the longest burj/ tower in the world ( burj khalifa ) when I come to talk about Sharjah the city which is full of knowledge where you find the best studies and the best universities and when I want to talk about Ajman or um al quain here you can find many of UAE history information not just visiting museum you can also see how people were living tasting the traditional foods and many other staffs where ras al khaima has also an a water park where you can vist and see the ( Ice land water park ) where woman can freedom in woman's day which is every Thursday night at last fujirah is an amazing Place to visit especially in winters on the beach with your caravans or on top of the mountains or even in the desert and ya an special note if you want to spend your holidays in December or winter in desert don't ever worry because all the emirate people will be there : UAE is an a safe country I have given just an small example about each city in UAE but Believe me If I write everything I see and I know about UAE It will take me years to be done because in each couple of months UAE will make up with a new thing at last I didn't revised what I wrote so I'm sorry for any mistakes ~ Instagram fatmahhn ~ or my email

Dubai is city of the future.

I love Dubai but I didn't know U.A.E was is Asia

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World most beautiful country with top 9 mountains, best hospitality many variety of species an unique place in the world to explore

Nice Country with great people and specially if you want to see the natural beauty, its just in Nepal.

It's the most beautiful country in the world with the best people it has 8 of the 14 highest mountains in the world ALSo the red panda tiger on horned rhino ( only found in Nepal). Nepal is the birth place of Buddha, The Hindu goddess Sita and has tue most important Hindu temple in the world.
Naturally Nepal!

Beautiful country on the earth

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You can spend a lifetime here discovering and still never see it all or travel to all corners. Such a diverse country!

Love Turkish culture, food, istanbul, and my handsome husband is Turkish! I'm filipino by the way and I'm proud Philippines is number 1 on this list but I can't believe polluted China is better than Turkey when it is the other way around. This list is wrong, Turkey should #4 or #5 respectively.

Best country in the world, come and see for your self! :) you will never want to return home ever again! :) come to turkey the only heaven on earth, don't believe me then come and see for yourself!

I wanna travel in Turkey

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18Sri Lanka

Sri lanka is the best country it rich with natural beauty.. Even though is is small in size it is big in beauty.. And Sri lanka holds a a beautiful history too
The pearl on Indian ocean! What is more beautiful than this?

Every country is beautiful from electronic substances but sri lanka is beautiful by naturally sri lanka is example for peace and calm

Nice people and good culture... Sandy beaches and beautiful green mountains. A good retirement destination

Yah Sri Lanka is the best country

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The only country in the world that ranks high in "Gross National Happiness".

Bhutan is such a beautiful country that exist in Asian region, it eco-friendly and very clean and green country. Peaceful country under the guidance of king.

Its a beautiful place and peaceful country to live in. Totally blessed, the land as well the people living there.

Just great and peace loving country

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20North Korea

Actually, more like the worst country in the world, It has the worst things a country could have, it has wars, greed and lack of trust and peace, People there are very evil and suffering, it needs to be taken off the list.

Lovely country do come visit please.

Problem is their leader. Love Kimchi, rice, pork soup.

Laughing stock of the world - UglyBull

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