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HIM is the best band of all time, they should be the all time number one band! The rasnus aren't that great honestly and the guys from HIM especially Ville Hermanni Valo! They rock and should be on top.
HIM are just amazing, The lyrics are like poetry and could stand on their own without the music. The songs are well composed and a lot of love has clearly been put into every song by every member. They are way better then the Rasmus! Simply because they have ville Valo as their singer. They're one of the few bands these days who just create honest music, they play the music they want when they want to and the new album is going to be incredible!
The full package when it comes to music, regardless of where they are from. Their musicality is so precise and tight, they beat any band I have ever seen live. The lyrics are pure poetry, and you can tell these guys LOVE music, which is rare in today's music business. Such a wonderfully talented group of musicians, and so glad to have found their incredible music!


[Newest]HIM are just the best
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2The Rasmus
I'm Julia from Ukraine, and I think that The Rasmus is melodic, not too funny, but vital music, reflecting the depth of feelings which indescribable in words and awakens the senses. This music can make my mood. Thanks guys for the fact that their selves and their music are in my life!
My name is Marina and I am from Greece. I love The Rasmus. They are so much better than HIM. They are the best! When I saw Lauri I fell in love and I listen their songs every time. I love them and I think that I am the most fanatic fan!
Hei. I have been a The Rasmus fan since 2004 and have graduated to helping run a couple of their fan sites in the UK.
Here, the band really need your votes. Since their Black Roses tour in 2009, we have had to import their music from Finland. Expensive! We can't live without it! These guys really deserve better. Come on guys, get voting please!

Time to Burn street team, from Yorkshire and Cornwall UK
(yes we are 2 Rasmus fans running our site from opposite ends of the country! )
[Newest]The best rock band in Finland and also in the world is the rasmus. Lauri has a fantastic voice.
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Nightwish is a really good Finish band I like there music a lot and them a lot they are awesome one of my favorite bands of all time I like Anette Olzon great vocalist and Marco Hietala great bassist. (vote here) for a cool Finnish band. Called Nightwish
One of my favorites period. Nightwish has a unique style that does compare to other bands in its genre like Epica or Within Temptation. No matter what vocalist is at the helm, the still have that classic Nightwish feel. If you like classic Beethoven or are trying to get into heavy metal, then I recommend this band. New album will be released on March of 2015
Nightwish was my gateway to the wondrous world of metal. I came across Dark Passion Play at the library after a teacher had recommended them to me. I immediately was hooked, and continued to love every bit of their music I listened to. There will always be a place in my heart for all the band members past and present.

4Poets of the Fall
Poets of the fall is Awesome. Such a talented band I have never seen in my life. They really create Amazing Songs, Amazing Lyrics. Meaningful and passionate. & Marko's voice can never be challenged.
No other band can achieve this no matter how popular they are.
Most of the bands make music with lyrics, which is what defines their songs. Poets of the Fall on the other hand, are musical in a true sense. According to me, they are the most underrated band in the present time.
Superb band with an amazing array of diverse songs. This is one band which never resorts to stupid lyrics and maintains a musical quality that is simply unparalleled. They never indulge in controversy and maintain a simple look to them. Their latest song Cradled in Love shows their ability to experiment in different genres.
[Newest]One of the best modern rock bands to exist, they are extremely underrated. The song lyrics have sheer depth and make us imagine and think about the meaning of life. Listen to Late Goodbye, Given and denied, Change or maybe any of their songs. They are consistent and I have never heard a bad song from them and I never will!
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5Children Of Bodom
Both Alexi Laiho and Roope Latvala or two of the most talented guitarists I've ever seen. Best solos I've heard, and I really liked their version of Vivaldi's four seasons (not featured on any of their albums) Follow the Reaper 1st, Hatecrew Deathroll 2nd, Hatebreeder 3rd, and Something Wild 4th are my favorite albums, although their newer stuff isn't bad either. I like the blend of melodeath and blackmetal lyrics.
Children of Bodom is the best band of the world. No band could beat this magnificent Melodic Death Metal band. C.O.B. definitely deserves the number one spot. It is a lot better and much more famous than Nightwish, HIM or The Rasmus. Now who the hell heard about that band? It definitely does not deserve to be trough the top 10. But there are a lot of people in this world who are some fake metal heads.
I am From Nepal and I am a great fan of melodic metal. COB is the best melodic metal band in the world. How come it not be on the top of the list of FINNISH BANDS? I totally disagree with the list. Now who the hell is HIM and The Rasmus. I have heard about Nightwish but it is no even comparable to COB. How on EARTH can this happen? Come on guys lets make cob the number 1.
[Newest]Alexi Laiho is the most skilled guitarist I've ever seen. ALL HAIL BODOM

6Sonata Arctica
They should easily be in first place; They tell about life and how it is, and don't sing about love and love lost (like HIM does - ALL of their songs are about love, or a woman. Not good. ). They write stories into their songs, and Tony uses his voice to sing/tell them in such a way, that you just can't help but to listen to more and more of their songs.
This is the greatest band ever. They made me a fan after hearing just one song, and I've ben hooked since. I have never heard a song by them that I haven't loved. Sonata Arctica is a truly awesome band that deserves to be known world-wide, and not just by a select few people.
Personally, I find their music to have a lot of emotions and heart to it. If you're new to Sonata Arctica, I can tell you that their music is varied and unique and very poetic, that being said. The voice of the vocalist is amazing, specially when he sings in chorus like "Queen"(band). Just amazing.
[Newest]Good lyrics, good music. There's nothing can beat this band off top places.

I love HIM and the Rasmus and Children of Bodom, but Apocalyptica is just the best. I usually have to have something to sing along to, but I just love listening to their instrumental tracks. I've heard they're beyond amazing live, too.
The very first Finnish band I ever fell in love with. Now I have expanded my horizons to seek out more talent from Finland. I confess, I prefer their songs with lyrics and vocalizations, as opposed to simply instrumental. I like several other bands on this list, but Apocalyptica takes #1. Those guys can rock cellos.
Awesome band... These guys are different.. They brought the beauty of classical music into metal world I can't understand why some people don't know them... May B because they are all instrumental no vocal but they are hell of a band
[Newest]They are Bad Ass! The best!

Hell, yeah, the costumes remind me of GWAR though
Lordi in my opinion is the best band in Europe. Their songs, their performances, their costumes... LORDI RULES GO LORDI. How can a band be that great by playing in costumes, only lordi can be that gr
This band is amazing because the have imagination the don't just make one band the have one character and one new stage name in this band and they won eurovision because vote for them all he aggrieved of hard rock and heavy metal music no only pop
Lordi=best band in Finland and the wold

In terms of overall quality of musicianship, and classic rock in the pure class category, this band are one of the greatest, and deserve to be much bigger than they are. Quality in abundance.
they're the best power metal band ever


Stratovarius should be ranked higher than now, because the music is awesome.

10The 69 Eyes
Awesome band that definitely doesn't get nearly enough credit. They started off as a glam rock band but eventually turned into a gothic rock band. All of their albums are amazing. Check them out.
I love the 69 eyes they are the best and even there style of clothes. I just love there songs too it makes my day perfect and it makes sense to me. Have all there albums and they do rock and put as my best ever
You Cant Beat The 69 Eyes! "Dead And Gone"
[Newest]Best voice! Much more people should hear them

The Contenders

Ensiferum forever! They're the best viking metal band in the whole world, TWILIGHT TAVERN!
Why is this not in top10 they are so melodic yet so heavy and their music is just beautiful. I never listened extreme metal before but Ensiferum brought me to it the best way it could
Melodic tunes that are really engaging and addicting. Ensiferum rules!

12Eternal Tears Of Sorrow
wtf! that should be no.3. who the hell put this ten? man just listen the last one for life then vote. and bodom should be first. then nytwish then eternel tears of sorrow
Just listen to the seventh eclipse. It will blow you away and you will vote this band up to 3 behind COB and nightwish
EToS is underrated here.

Korpiklaani is definitely. One of the greatest folk metal bands ever. Also, their lyrics are often in finnish so if you like bands who don't use just english, it's a great choice.
I'm from the uk and I love Korpiklaani. Even though I don't understand most of the lyrics, they are seriously fun to listen to!

My favourite two are CoB and Kalmah. Kalmah plays awesome music, they are just great, I hope more people will hear they magnificient solos, and fantastic tracks. It should be definitely in the first three.
How can kalmah be at 15th? They are the best band ever... India loves you kalmah. You just rock m/

Why is nobody voting for Sentenced?! Just because they are no mainstream but true metal? I listen to them every day, they make me stand up every single morning! They are simply mindblowing, unique, special, great, fantastic... So sad that they stopped playing, but they're still in my heart. Start votingx666
Its a shame that no one knows about sentenced :/
Legendary band that was never truly appreciated.

They deserve to be the best, indeed. Latest albums have this epic progness along with the "br00tal"ness.

17Sunrise Avenue
Why are they not in the Top10?

18Satellite Stories

19Hanoi Rocks
It's sad that they never got really big! I myself am 17 years old from Finland and I just learned about them. Their songs are masterpieces. I especially like "don't you ever leave me" and "tragedy"... They would have deserved the success they never got.
Someone else has previously said it, the best kept secret in rock n roll. Quite simply they are legends and so influential but not many people know about them. One of my all time favourite bands and I beg for anyone who reads this to start listening to them! Such a great band that never got the recognition they deserved.
Love them or loathe them, I find it difficult to imagine that there's been a more influential band ever came out of Finland.

They should be at least in the top ten. they have awesome riffs and incredible lyrics!
How low sky can be? Music is so sad but beutiful.

Should be much higher than 20.

Best folk metal band ever!

I can't believe Turisas isn't in the top 10. Incredible. Please, check

Amazing band! Amazing lyrics. My favourite songs are: Bleeding for the cure, someone to blame, chameleon halo, break me, out of you and bitter sweet. You should check them out!
Love the depth of their songs, the elements they use to create a certain atmosphere that I really can't explain, they range of songs they create, and Mika's voice!

So underrated... Very sad for such a amazing band. They play melodic death metal. Not brutal metal, but something that is actually beautiful and not just random screaming.
Though this is not a very famous band and there's only one album... It's a shame it's not well known.
The debut album is just the best in extreme folk metal ever.

26Leningrad Cowboys

27Leevi and the Leavings
Best Finnish band in my opinion. If their lyrics were in English the world would discover a hidden gem.
If they would have singed in English, they would be #1 in this list.

All songs are amazing. In English and also in Finnish. Really deserves way higher place than 20th place, in my opinion.
This band deserves to be in the top 15 at least
These Finnish princesses, do the real thing! Get to know their music better!

This band is so underrated and people should be listening to this band instead of Lordi
Great band. Wish they would play vancouver canada

One of Finland best death metal band!




At first I was like opeth is swedish not finnish but then I realised that opeth is so amazing they rank in categories they don't even fit into.
No idea what they are doing on this list, but that just shows how good they are!
Progressive Thrash but much much more. Difficult to believe they aren't on here yet.


36Amberian Dawn



#33 Are you kidding me. This band is awesome hands down my favorite of all time period. Yes I do like Him the 69 eyes and many others but Poisonblack is magic. I hope you all listen to all of there albums. I was so happy I found out about this band a few years ago. I live in California trying to find Poisonblack merchandise shirts etc is not easy any help with that. This band rocks...
With JP they were great, with ville laihiala they are equal wonderful! Vote for them or for Sentenced but for true gothic metal, not for mainstream! Listen to their melodies, singing along with their beautiful lyrics- They are always there for me (Invisible, With her I die, Mercury Falling... )
Has a great beat all their songs. Deserves to be voted number 1


41Von Hertzen Brothers
Anyone interested in melodic prog-rock, good vocals and amazing control of instruments, this should rock your world.

42Swallow the Sun

43Rain Diary
Awesome, even though their new album seems pretty much perfect their live performances are even better!
I love the combine of electronic sounds and rock/pop. New fresh breath in the great finnish music scene.
By far one of the most interesting upcoming bands from Finland!

I'm Leo from the Philippines. This blessed band is great because Lovex combines the arrogant vibes of 80's rock'n'roll music and today's high technology. These six band members have a sound and power of sixty men that wipes dust from those keyboard buttons no one has dared to touch for years. They sing with emotional and meaningful lyrics and they sing it straight from the heart. It bows to nobody but itself and the friends of it's music. With it's six loud heads and manly bodies who just wants to be a rock star, LOVEX doesn't walk the earth with humbleness, because any self-respecting rock band knows it's the best rock band in the world.


46Sturm und Drang

What the hell is Moonsorrow doing all the way down here in the 52nd position in the list? It deserves to be in the top five at least!

48Kingston Wall
Are you kidding? Kingston Wall is the Best band ever was, not just only finnish bands.


Hey! Start voting for JP's unique voice, their meaningful lyrics and melodies that leave you speechless! They were and still are simply perfect!


52Turmion Katilot
Finnish Industrial music at its finest. Check them out if you can stand Finnish lyrics that is.




Get Stoned! Stay Stoned! And get back to STONE age!

I'm surprised this band is not on this list yet.

Originally named "Cloaca Maxima" after the grand sewer of Rome, this band was formed in 1985 in Tornio, but since then the band has "migrated" to Southern Finland. During their long career they've experimented with various types of music from punk to progressive rock, so regardless of what type of music you like, this is definitely a band worth checking out.

Lyrics are mostly in Finnish, but the music is generally so good that the vocals of A.W. yrjänä can be considered just another instrument.


59Before the Dawn



62For My Pain

63End of You

64Private Line

65Raaka Aine

66Battle Beast

67Ghost Brigade




How can this not be on here already? Demilich are an essential for any fan of death metal or even metal in general.

There is a strange and very unique quality to this band. They have an ability to create a very grey and void atmosphere, unlike any band I've experienced so far. This band is easily in my personal top 3, and certainly no list of either doom metal or Finnish bands could be complete without them.

Melodic dark metal from Finland. Not very well known, but easily one of the most enjoyable melodic metal bands I've found. Beautiful atmosphere and great vocals.

74Spiritus Mortis

75Sound Explosion Band



78Satin Circus

Brilliant Finnish speed metal band. Good humour and great musicians.

80Barren Earth

81Snow White's Poison Bite


83De Lirium's Order

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