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1 Anarchy in the U.K.

35 years later and this song will always beat the new crap such as Justin Bieber and One Direction any day. Steve Jones has to be one of the most underrated guitarists of all time. Johnny Rotten also has great vocals in this, which adds power to this song.

Best punk song ever! The Motley Crue version kicks ass, as does the sex pistols

A fantastic punk song!

2 God Save the Queen

Raw, in your face, and HUGELY revolutionary! These powerful, intelligent, politicaly astute lyrics still apply to modern day England. Rotten's vocals are so raw and aggresive, yet punk perfection in this track, (like all Pistols songs actually) and Steve's exhilarating guitar intro has dynamics, almost like Smells Like Teen Spirit before Smells Like Teen Spirit. (Also a great song)

The first punk song I heard and it made an enormous impression on me. God save the queen reached number 2 on the swedish single top list on the summer of 1977.

Amazing song of the Sex Pistols! So disrespectful, a political and social bomb! The introduction is amazing! Clearly their best!

So much raw power in this song. By far their best track.

3 Bodies

Best song of their, and the only record on NMTB to feature Sid. Epic!

Based on a sad, but true story.

4 Holidays in the Sun

Yay, energetic and fantastic songs... Sex pistol is the best.

Not sure if is the best but I had to vote it. Awesome song!

Brilliant opening line: " A cheap holiday in other's people misery."

5 Pretty Vacant

A cynical take on the hubris of youth. Powerful, driven, fast. Great punk song!

That opening guitar riff just draws you in!


It's just an awesome song. The guitar at the start of the song... One of the best intros I've heard

EMI is the best composition of Pistols. It has all elements of the best Punk song

This one's definitely the best off of the "Bollocks" album.

7 Problems

Super-charged from the start, the full-throttle 'Problems' never lets up. Johnny Rotten lays out his mission statement: "Eat your heart out on a plastic tray / You don't do what you want, then you'll fade away / You won't find me working nine to five / It's too much fun a being alive." Ultimately, it comes down to the chorus refrain of "the problem is you," which gains greater resonance at the end of the song, as the word is repeated in an increasingly bored tone that drives home the point.

8 Seventeen

This is obviously one of the best Sex Pistols songs. It is the most melodic of "Nevermind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols" but it is also fuoll of rage!

9 No Feelings

I've got no feelings, for anybody else, except myself, my beautiful self!

Watch footage of this track at the Dallas gig 78... Powerhouse!

A nice little middle finger to... well, everyone

This song rocks!
It's pretty underrated

10 Submission

Epic song! Almost better than Anarchy in the Uk

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11 New York
12 Silly Thing
13 Liar
14 I Wanna Be Me

Excellent recording of them in their prime, also Matlocks bass line is a killer on this track.

15 My Way
16 Did You No Wrong

I listened to lots of Sex Pistols songs, and I really mean lots... And I still haven't found 1 other song that surpasses this one man

Their best song, hands down. Love the guitar on this song.

17 Einmal War Belsen Bortrefflish
18 Lonely Boy
19 Friggin' in the Riggin'

This is very funny and full of rage violence and swearing. The perfect drinking song and it is much better than god save the queen

20 No One is Innocent
21 Road Runner
22 I Wanna Be Your Dog
23 No Fun
24 (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone
25 Something Else

Juz like oldies but punk element still in this song.. What.. I love it

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