Top 10 Best Soundgarden Songs

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1 Black Hole Sun

Soundgarden's masterpiece, of a trippy adventure that is out of this world. The melody takes you to a place of never ending beauty.
Unreal vocals, lyrics, & rhythm guitar by Chris Cornell. Kim Thayil is so good on this that it's scary. Ben Sheppard is at his best with the killer bass.

A song that will live forever for mankind to immerse their brain in a soup of unearthly rhythm. The video is perfect to go along with this psychedelic classic

Black Hole Sun has got to be one of the greatest songs of all time! It has everything, amazing vocals, guitar, rhythm, beat, and it also has that feeling that you get when everything in your life is going perfectly. This song rocks perfectly and it deserves to be first!

One of the rare cases where the band's most popular is actually my favorite. The closest they got to achieving the atmosphere in this track was their lesser known 4th of July, both tracks relatively are my two favorites from this band.

This is a song that defines Soundgarden. The lyrics, the guitar riffs, everything. Everything is exactly how it should be. This is grunge at its finest. They couldn't have done a better job. Masterpiece.

2 Fell on Black Days

Fell On Black Days is realizing you're unhappy in the extreme. If you have depression like me then this song will never get old. This song is my favorite and represents my life.

First song I heard by them and as soon as it started I knew it was AWESOME! Love Soundgarden now! And that was all because of this deadly song!

I absolutely love this song. It is my favorite song by Soundgarden. The perfect timing these musicians display is astounding!

Better than Black Hole Sun... BHS is too overplayed, but not just that. Fell On Black Days is the perfect kind of moody grunge rock you need on a bad day...

3 Outshined

Chris put everything in a nutshell in this track.

"I'm feelin that I'm sober, even though I'm drinking. I can't get any lower, still I feel I'm sinking."

"I'm lookin' California, and feelin' Minnesota."

Personally I prefer this song over Black Hole Sun, Spoonman, and Fell On Black Days because overall it is heavier and all the instruments alongside Chris Cornell's vocals and it just kicks ass!

One of my all time favorite songs. This song and Alice in chains man in the box symbolize everything grunge.

Great lyrics...great song. Awesome rhythm and should've ranked higher than Jesus Christ Pose. That song shouldn't even be in top 15

4 Jesus Christ Pose

How could this be ranked so low? I vote for it on account of the low ranking... I still think Spoonman, Pretty Noose, Outshined, Fell On Black Days, Blow Up the Outside World, Burden in My Hand, Black Hole Sun, and The Day I Tried to Live are the best, but come on! Jesus Christ Pose, guys, this song should be higher. Those should be top 10 along with Rusty Cage and Jesus Christ Pose, followed thereafter by My Wave.

I get chills whenever I hear this song. From the feedback laden, fast paced drumming, bass solo style intro to the downright jaw dropping vocal performance from Chris, every aspect of this song is utterly perfect. This song... This song is just amazing. It deserves to be #1 on everything it can possibly apply for. Black Hole Sun doesn't even compare. 11/10.

Wow! I was surely expecting this song on the top ten. How can you say your're a fan of Soundgaden and not like this song. One of their heaviest Song from their best album.. Just love it. Giv it a try first then vote!

I love Soundgarden one of my favorites, blow up the outside world needs to be in this list!

5 Spoonman

Awesome the vocals by Chris Cornell and Ben Shepard are awesome. This is my favorite soundgarden song and 6th of al time ( about a girl, smells like teen spirit, lithium, heart shaped box, and in bloom. This should be number one

Most definitely the best song by Soundgarden and chris cornell on the vocals is just terrific! This song beats black hole sun any day hands down!

Lots of Soundgarden Fans Fail to Realize that Matt Cammeron is a good drummer and great for Soundgarden!
Plus, the Riffs and Vocals are just brilliant

Spoonman has a real story behing it and the amazing beat and rhythm behind it really puts the whole thing in perspective.

6 Rusty Cage

Listen, this was the first ever song I ever heard by Soundgarden. My old man let me play gta san andreas and he turned up the TV when he heard this. How is this not higher? The vocals are so clean and the guitar just hits. How is this #5?

I'm very surprised Rusty Cage isn't up there in the ten. It's so angst-y and angry, but it has deep undertones. Plus it just sounds great and the vocals! So great.

What's wrong with the voters? This one is an obvious top 5 song for any band for that purpose. Superb intro followed by solid vocals.

Seriously? This song is a song that everyone likes, even the people that don't even know that Soundgarden is a bamd. This song stands alone in m mind.

7 The Day I Tried to Live

Black hole sun is solid, however if you look deeper and are a bigger Soundgarden fan, you'll see that they have better songs on that very same album, nevermind their entire library. That being said, I love this song as it all just clashes together perfectly.

Soundgarden has never failed to amaze me with so many songs that it's hard for me to choose. Best grunge rock band ever!

Definitely Soundgarden's best song. With Cornell's screaming chorus, the opening riff, and the whole theme of the song

Easily my favorite. The beautiful intro, and then Chris's explosive voice, in my opinion this song IS soundgarden

8 4th of July

This song is killer. You won't find a darker, more ominous riff than this. Just an incredible piece of music and storytelling. "Jesus tries to crack a smile beneath another shovel load." So, so good.

This song is subtlety at it's finest, the heavy dark guitars build up to a beautiful peak and the chorus, the solo is one of Thayil's best and the lyrics and incredibly detailed and complex.

Best Soundgarden song! Great combination of awesome music, vocals and songwriting. Also shows why Cornell and Thayil are just musical geniuses.

Melvins influenced every grunge band... this song is so heavy, so slow. One of my favs grunge songs of all time!

9 Blow Up the Outside World

The lyrics are so on point it just might even make me want to cry. I think it's a total masterpiece and deserve to be placed way higher.

This song deserves more credit. Maybe not as decent as Black hole sun, fell on black days, or the day I tried to live, still a great song though.

The first song I listened to after hearing of Chris Cornell's passing. His lyrical work was haunting and wonderful at the same time.

In my humble opinion this song is by far Soundgarden's best one. This is pretty clear if you come from other kind of listenings and you are not a SG fan.

10 Pretty Noose

It's not just a song, but a story with much rhythm and meaning to it. The metaphors in this masterpiece suggest a fair amount of depression that the writer, Chris Cornell went through at the time. Simply one of the deepest, most inspirational songs ever written and I was beyond surprised when I didn't see it at the top. Best line ever written:
"Fall out and take the bait
Eat the fruit
And kiss the snake goodnight. "

Pretty Noose is not up there at the top? I have listened to each and every song of Soundgarden.
While all of them are great in their own way, no song gives you the rush and evil motivation like this song does.
I may be wrong but this song is very much Underrated.

Such, a powerful and emotional song, sends chills down my spine every time I listen to the amazing, masterpiece of a song. In my mind one of Soundgardens finest and best songs.

And I don't like what you got me hanging from

This is the first soundgarden song I heard when I was 3 or something. That's one of the songs that got me into music ( rock/metal anything) of course its one of my favorite

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11 Burden in My Hand

I love soundgarden and this somg is by far my favorite, it's clever and flawless in everyway. I absolutley can't grt enough of the lyrics as every time I listen to them it opens up new meaning. The first time I heard this song I felt as if I had a revalation into a different kind of reality where I had all of this philisophical knowledge. This song has made me look at the world andlife in a different way so I thank you Chris Cornell so much for this amazing masterpiece.

Soundgarden has always been about musicianship. That's what separated them from the rest of the grunge pack. And this song is just it - pure ultimate musicianship. Everything in it's place, lyrics metaphoric and clever, and drumfills that rock your world every time.

Best song by Soundgarden in my opinion, and one of the few music videos that haven't made me laugh.

Great song and great guitar rift!

12 Like Suicide

This is the proof that the mass is guided by T.V. and newspaper. One of the most beautiful and incredible rock song ever, an incredible arrangement, amazing lyrics, so epic in its development, and still I have to see Black Hole Sun on top of the list?!

Incredibly underrated Soundgarden song and grunge song in general - everything is phenomenal, from the epic build-up to the epic guitar solo! Also one of Chris and Matt's best performances on vocals and drums respectively.

Not my favorite song anymore after Chris' death it hurts just a little too much. An absolute masterpiece of an album.

How was this not on the list? It's the epitome of Superunknown and the raw power behind it is just phenomenal.

13 Slaves and Bulldozers

Rick Rubin played this song for the three remaining members of RATM after they broke up to show them Chris Cornell's range. enough said. Amazing song from the best Soundgarden album.

This song along with New Damage got me into Soundgarden and are still my favourites. Badmotorfinger to me will always be their best album.

Amazing bass. Reminds me of Tom Sawyer. Don't know why.

An absolute beast of a song.

14 Live to Rise

Live to Rise is a good Soundgarden song. Not their best, but is still fantastic. The song works very well with the first Avengers movie (it should since it was made for the movie). Did I mention it was the first song Soundgarden fully recorded since the 90's.

Its only this low because it was released not to long ago but if this was released around the same time as black hole sun it would be much higher. Guaranteed!

I can't believe this songs is not even in top 10
For me this is their best song... In fact this is the only song I like of Soundgarden
This may be new but still their best

This song may be catchy but it's nothing compared to all of Soundgarden's last three albums, how are people voting for this track?

15 Beyond the Wheel

The first song...well it was actually Chris Cornell "Reach Down" when he was in Temple Of The Dog. This was the second song I'd heard from Chris Cornell as a vocalist. His vocals are superb, I've never heard anyone like it, and I'm a big Axl Rose fan so you know what I'm talking about. Get this checked, and also make it your first choice if your just getting into the band!

You've got to hear this live in person.. Stunning!

Beyond the Wheel is so underrated in Soundgardens catolog. Chris screams his head off and thayils solo is amazing!

Best voice ever!

16 Room a Thousand Years Wide

Incredible song. A riveting riff accompanied by cutting vocals which are supported by characteristically cryptic yet mesmerizing lyrics. Embodies why I like the band and is half the reason that Badmotorfinger is so high up on my most played albums list!

18? Seriously? How is this ranked so low? Easily one of my top 3 favorite Soundgarden Songs if not number 1.

17 Black Rain

This song is just amazing. The guitar riffs are magnificent and Cornell's voice is always wonderful to hear. It's so good it gives me chills. I really don't understand why it is not in the top five, at least...

Boo! Definitely. Should be in the top 10 one of my favorites for sure! Love Soundgarden been listening for like dang 15 or 16 years!

I really feel it should be at least in the top 10. It has such a great riff and vocals. It's one of their best songs up until now.

Should be in the top ten. Better than some of the ones up there.
It's an awesome riff while the time signature's weird.

18 Hands All Over

This is not my favourite from soundgarden but its deserves to be much higher in the ranking, at least in top 15
Terrific vocals and Guitars

It must be in the top ten! Great song!

Got to be higher than 29. Surely!

Should be in top 15 at least way better than Live To Rise in my opinion

19 Zero Chance

The best ballad of 90's.

20 Superunknown

YES! This song is so awesome! It's guitar lick is awesome and it has extroardinary vocals from Chris. Their best song by far.

An amazing yet underrated Soundgarden song.

Great bass line.

21 Head Down

How was this not even on the list... It's my favorite song of all time.

Why the hell is not in the top 10?

Too good for the masses

22 My Wave

My Favorite Soundgarden song. The drums, guitars, and the vocals are amazing.

Honestly one of my favorite songs ever, let alone by this band.

It's amazing! It should have a higher rang!

The absolute most underrated song by Soundgarden, it makes me cry to see it at 60, should be in the top 10

23 Holy Water

Crazy riff, singing and tone!

24 Loud Love

The riff is so cool in this song. Its unbelievably good. Cornell and Thayil are Gods

25 Limo Wreck

One of the best songs. There's only one song I hate by soundgarden which is half. I can't stand that song after five seconds I turn it and like suicide was very cool. Limo wreck is my 3rd best song on superunknown. Best songs on badmotorfinger
1rusty cage
2 outshined
3 slaves and bulldozers
4 searchin with my good eye close
5 mind riot
Best on superunknown
1 black hole sun
2 4th of july
3 limo wreck★
4 like suicide
5 superunknown

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