Top 10 Songs from the Scorpions


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The Top Ten

Still Loving You
Beautiful one of the best love and romantic songs I've heard gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it
This song is awesome. The best love song I ever heard. Everyone should must listen this song...
The song demos that Hard Rock can fall in love an emotion mostly associated with pop
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2Wind of Change
simply the best rock ballad ever made. the lyrics have an actual meaning.
Up there! At the top with the legendary ones fr sure! A true classic! And will remain forever
Best marmoreal steel in mans lief to remember where you go unsaid sprite soul
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3Rock You Like a Hurricane
#1 all the way bros and chicks!
Still loving you is beast to... Its BIBLICAL
guitar work is just so amazing. once you hear your day is made.


Just listen to the music man! What can be more awesome than that?
The guitar... Oh so orgasmic!
Just makes your day

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4No One Like You
Most rocking' song from The Scorpions! I can't believe it's not higher on the list than 4th! Don't get me wrong though, Rock you like a Hurricane gives this one a run for it's money.
Epic song, Great Lyrics, Great Guitar riff and AMAZING solo! I can't believe this is only number 4! I mean Rock you like a hurricane is a great one too, but this is deserving of at least 2nd place! Ether way great song and fun to play on real guitar too!
The bestest of the best *missing someone song* Klaus Meine makes you feel so important...
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5Send Me an Angel
The song wont get out of my head and I so love it scorpions rocks and lyrics are very heavy thank you scorpions for in such a time when music became nothing we can still listen to such songs thank you
best song and music... its truly great song. enters in your heart.
The music espicially guitar and the vocal... Its just cracking
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6When the Smoke Is Going Down
Very great song and system of a down played it.


Awesome song just can't stop listening to it... Really beautiful music. The song that puts me to sleep everyday
It's my favourite song... one of the greatest rock ballads ever!
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One of the most meaningful song and lyrics I've ever heard! Sang by one of most beautiful voice of Klaus Meine
Love this song should be number 7 not 9 please vote this one up great guitar bass drums and singing
Awesome and meaningful song
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8Always Somewhere
Brings me back the childhood days with my uncle, he loves the Scorpions and he always listened to this song when we'd hang out
How can this be at so low
There's so much soul and love in this song
Are you guys really listening 2 scorpions
My list would be
Winds of change
Always somewhere
Still loving you
Send me an angel
Rock you like a hurricane
This Song is really great!
I love this song so much and I usually sing this song in my teenage time
I love this slow rock! ahahah
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9You and I
Amazing lyrics... Touching words... All in all AWESOME SONG... Scorpions one of the best power ballad bands of all time...
Just listen him sing 'there's something in your eyes' and you'll agree this song deserves the top spot!
There are many beautiful words in this song


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10Rhythm Of Love
This song has that sad, but hard core rock feeling, that literally MAKES you listen to it. You can't just listen to it once!
This song should be number 1... Loved this song I've ever heard... My vote goes for this song... Scorpions=legend...
The best.. Long live scorpions...
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The Contenders

11The Zoo
I saw this live in summer 2010 and it had been my favorite tune before then-- but now, wow... So amazing live, so amazing in general. Matthias Jabs on the talk-box and his guitar work in general... 100% amazing!
So many awesome songs from a great rock band that went chick band. The Zoo is the best. Where's Dynamite?
Dirty and grungy guitar, this song rocks!
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12Big City Nights
One of the most underrated songs of all time!
Great Text every man should once in his life get to this point and very good Guitarwork
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Wonderful, Brilliant, Superb, Soft, Beautiful... Well what can I say more than this :-). Must Listen... This song must be in top-10 at least.
I love it too much, thank you!
This song is truly awesome
by this song only I became a biggest fan of scorpions...
Karizma attached to this song is sublime...
so subtle so soft so touching...
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Last great ballad by Scorpions.

One of their bests and should be on top 10 rather than Believe, When The smoke Is Gone and Humanity.


Just better then several others in the top 10, what can I say, in my humble opinion
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This song is crazy.
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16Lonely Nights
Should be the no. 1 song... By far, this is the scorpions best song... Rock you like a hurricane is real good, but I guess, this one takes the cake! Totally underrated...
I love it its one of the best
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17Raised On Rock
What an amazing new song love it now its not their best song because rock you like a hurricane is there best song but this song should be number 8, 9 or 10 its that good of a song. Great guitar and drums just hope they come to ireland for there final sting tour because it will be my first time to sewe them live and maybe it might be my only time and last because they said that they will end in 2013


WHAT! I can't believe nobody bothered to add this song it's just pure awesomeness! Shud be top10.


Love this song, best riff, gets me singing whenever its on


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18The Sails of Charon
Everyone should here this one if you think scorpions is a pop band (nowdays) they should here their first 70's albums and see what you say about them after you here this song
Wicked riffing by Uli Jon Roth
My Favorit and the best Song from Uli Jon Roth. And really dark, I love this one.
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19Believe in Love
Makes me belive in love... I love the part where he sings"If you don't catch me now Icant's stop falling down"


This song is really good I love the guitar in it specially in the part where he sings "if you don't catch me now, I can't stop falling down" it's great
rock you like a hurricane isn't the best it's just very popular cause it's in guitar hero
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20In Trance
This one should be nowhere else than in first place


How can't it be in top 10? Such a catchy song I can't stop listening.
In Trance and We'll Burn The Sky should be top 5.
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21We'll Burn the Sky
Surely the best song ever recorded by Scorpions!
The lyrics are exceptional!
And the guitar is awesome! One of the best performances of Uli Jon Roth! You can listen to this song a thousand times a day, at least!
There's everything in this song:sadness, despair, anger... Everything!
It must be in the top ten at least!
I don't understand how this isn't higher on the list. This song is really something special. I think this is one of the best scorpions songs of the 70's. Uli Jon Roth delivers something in this song that I don't think Matthias could pull off. Definitely should be in top 10.
She maybe forgotten in today's cult but she has the greatest most powerful voice ever, man or woman. I am not even a fan of her music but nobody can sing like her.


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22Love of My Life
Great love song, beautiful lyrics, perfect melody, truly! One of the best romentic song... I think Klaus did a great job in this case, as usually - a piece of art
Have you ever loved some one? I did, and now I dedicate this song to the love of my life - who hate me...
This song shows special meanings... One of the best romantic song.. I've ever heard
I lived threw a relationship like this. I don't think I will ever be with her again. Sounds like a new song don't it jim

23China White Listen to sample

24Love Will Keep Us Alive
The lyrics is so great! You'll just have to listen to it for the second time. Right away!
Love will keep us alive for ever
Guys! This is the best! Really!
Please turn the volume and listen carefully!
It's amaazing!
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25Lady Starlight
I was about to vote between holiday and sails of the charon, but when it comes to tears, this song is definitely the winner, started with nice acoustic melody, and ended with slow yet mind blowing solo guitar, you can't get any better, dude!
This is my favourise song ever... Can't believe it is on number 25
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26Animal Magnetism

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27Coast to Coast
Great song, best lyrics!
Best Metal instrumental EVER
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28Under the Same Sun
Surely deserves to be in the top ten!
This is so a meaningful song with a great message.
I always get the vision of the battle of Britain when I hear this song... It is so melancholic and beautiful!
The meaning of this song is really deep! The music, especially the guitar interlude is really great. And for the song the chorus is really good
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29You Give Me All I Need Listen to sample

30Sting In the Tail
Love This Song This One Should Be Number 10, 11 Or 12 So Good Amazing Guitar Solo


Vote This Song Up Please Love This One So Much
This song reminded me of why I loved the Scorpions in the first place... Even 40+ years later this song is incredible, especially Rudolf Schenker's rythym playing!

Looking below I can't believe "Can't Live Without You", "Bad Boys Running Wild", and "Tease Me, Please Me" are so far down the list!


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31The Good Die Young
A really great song by the Scorpions! In my opinion, it should be in the top ten songs list :). It's true, the good die young. Love the singing, the melody and also the rhythm. A really really great song! One of my favourites of the Scorpions.
Prove that scorpions still rock! Perfect melody, great lyrics, just amazing, its 100% Scorpions + something more that makes the song for me personally number one!
Love! Love! Love this song! The Best! I simply can't stop earing this masterpiece!
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32Robot Man Listen to sample

33Top of the Bill

Excellence just pours out of the song. With Klaus singing some of his best work, and just extreme power radiating from Rudolf and Uli.

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34The Best Is Yet to Come
I don't listen to a lot of the Scorpions but this song is hands down my fave Song!


Come on! This really should be #1! My favorite
Not the best, but it deserves better place.
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35Bad Boys Running Wild Listen to sample

36Can't Live Without You Listen to sample

37When You Came Into My Life
This song makes me feel like I'm in love with someone every time I hear this beautiful song. Not as good as You And I or Wild Child.
This song is amazing. If you are truly in love and you listen to it you'll cry.
This song is so beautiful it's hard to even describe it with words.

38Dark Lady Listen to sample

39No Pain, No Gain Listen to sample

40Passion Rules the Game
If there were more REAL SCORPIONS FANS voting here this song would surely achieved top ten. From my opinion this song is the reflection of the SCORPIONS itself. Though Still Loving You, Send Me An Angel, Wind of Change are awesome, the mainstream scorpions songs are Rock you Like A Hurricane, Now One Like You, Rhythm Of Love and this one is among them. From my opinion Savage Amusement is the best Scorpions album.
Unfortunately, Passion Rules the Game is very underrated song now...


How can't this one be on this list? Listen to this wonderful song, and try to tell me its not good!
A very nice song, the drum beat makes it cool!
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41A Moment In a Million Years Listen to sample

42Dust In the Wind
Do you never listen this song of scorpions aw aw aw. Its song...? You'll never stop to listen this song haha

43Alien Nation

Other songs are good
But this song is one of the best hard rock from this band...
So vote this song after listening it at least

Listen to sample

44Living for Tomorow Listen to sample

45The Future Never Dies Listen to sample

46Hey You
Long time heard no Scorpions. Now with this song all that's gonna change.
My No. 1 Scorpions song.
Hey you I m in love with your smile... Really rocky!
Super Track, listening it over and over again...
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47Tease Me Please Me

48Don't Stop at the Top Listen to sample

49White Dove Listen to sample

50Moment of Glory
Why this is not even in top 5? It's epic and lyrics are awesome! Wish I had heard this when I was much younger.

51Make It Real Listen to sample

52Now! Listen to sample

53The Game of Life Listen to sample

54Deep and Dark

I can't believe this is not on the list.

55Maybe I Maybe You
One of the best romantic song ever. Best best best
I think its's the best song of Scorpions!
This should be from the top 10

56Life's Like a River Listen to sample

57Born to Touch Your Feelings

Beautiful song from the early time of Scorpions, with Uli Jon Roth playing the lead guitar.
As usual, the melody is exceptional!
The emotion in Klaus' voice is awesome!
Furthermore, the song is about what you feel while listening to music!

Listen to sample

58Are You the One
55? This is one of the best..

59Loving You Sunday Morning Listen to sample

60He's a Woman, She's a Man
Must listen to the Tokyo Tapes version. It blows you away.
Listen to sample

61When Love Kills Love
An often overlooked gem. Be sure to listen to the live version.

62We Will Rise Again Listen to sample

63Catch Your Train Listen to sample

64Coming Home
There is something seriously wrong with this list this should be in top 5
How the bloody hell is this so low?! This is a great song! The riff is so HAM!
Listen to sample

65I Can't Explain Listen to sample

66321 Listen to sample

67Don't Believe Her
Heard this on shuffle, and was instantly in love, such a powerful chorus, cleaver lyrics and very fitting music
Listen to sample

Kinda surprised this isn't in a list of 60+ songs. Maybe I'm just on an island, but I would have it close to top 10.
Listen to sample

69I'm Leaving You Listen to sample

Scorpions' most beautifull song ever. My favorite one with Still Loving You.
One of the best song ever
Listen to sample

71The Cross Listen to sample

72Falling In Love Listen to sample

73To Be With You In Heaven Listen to sample

74Night Lights Listen to sample

75Love Is War Listen to sample

76Pictured Life Listen to sample

77As Soon As the Good Times Roll Listen to sample

78Fly to the Rainbow Listen to sample

79Kiss of Borrowed Time

80Another Piece of Meat Listen to sample

81Does Anyone Know

82Tainted Love Listen to sample

83Ruby Tuesday Listen to sample

84Is There Anybody There?
Great Reggae beat and catchy melody
Listen to sample

85You're Lovin' Me to Death
This was my first song that I listen to scorpions...,
And I become a huge fan of scorpions...
Check this out
Listen to sample

86We Were Born to Fly Listen to sample

87Fly People Fly Listen to sample

88Only a Man Listen to sample

89Edge of Time Listen to sample

90Lust or Love Listen to sample

91New Generation

92Arizona Listen to sample

93In Search of the Peace of Mind
I can't believe how people don't see the beauty of this song, probably because they never heard of it, but it's worth listening
Listen to sample

The Greatest Scorpions Ballad!
Listen to sample

95Dynamite Listen to sample

96In Your Park
This song of pop genre
Listen to sample

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