Top Ten All Time Divas


Originally used to describe a female opera singer, the term "diva" was redefined to refer to any female singer of superior talent.

Today, the diva moniker has evolved even further and made a partial return to its original latin roots when divus was the word for "divine one". The modern musical diva can be arrogant, difficult to work with, high-maintenance, or demanding. In essence, the modern diva sometimes acts like she believes herself to be almost divine and above it all.

This list is for female artists who have ascended to diva status, at least in their own minds.
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The Top Ten

Sarah Brightman
I always vote for Maria Callas and Sarah, becouse they are THE BEST OPERA SINGERS, but Sarah beside that has the most unique performances which gives even higher level of quality to the opera. By the way, I am singing proffesor, and I have to point out how shocked I am when I see people voting for somebody who don't have a bit of operatic techics (like vibrato and basic differences between piano and forte) but call themselfs "opera singers" all the time (tarja turunen)! She really sound like a donkey comparing to Sarah!
Considering the headline -Top ten DIVAS, just gonna point out that beside the obvious voice supremacy she has among other musicians, she also has something that you are born with and you can't learn. Those are the manners of a lady. Thats what makes her a thrue DIVA, not just money or a talent. Thats something you can find only in Sarah behaviour. Others are like a savages and monkeys on the stage; kicking, screaming and acting like a mad people without medicines! She is perfect example how one music show should look alike.
[Newest]I hope people realise that divas aren't a good thing. It's women who are bratty.
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2Whitney Houston
The best singer on the planet! She sings a song with strong vocal ability better than Mariah. Mariah tries too hard to reach that strong vocal ability that Whitney Houston has mastered. Every time I hear Whitney's voice I get goose bumps all over my body like God was coming down on earth. In My book Whitney is and only the best singer on the planet! God given gift just Whitney!
Now that's what you call a diva!


I believe Whitney has the most amazing female vocals of all time. She is timeless.


[Newest]Miss Whitney should be topping this list. She was the ultimate diva. Beautiful, talented, sophisticated and intelligent. She was hilariously funny with and that voice! Her voice was monstrous! She was every woman and inspired every woman. There will never be another like her.
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3Mariah Carey
Know what? For me Mariah is the most powerful singer... And the greatest voice a singer can ever possess... And please don't criticize her because I know nobody can't surpass her... And please... Just vote her... She is also gorgeous and she is so kind and thoughtful.. I love her voice because it's so high and she is "THE VOICE" isn't that enough?!


I'm voting for her because to me a diva is a spoiled superglam brat/bitch who can belt out a tune like nobody's business. Mariah carey is definitely all of that.


Mariah is the queen of all DIVA and no one can net that!
She deserve to be the 2nd place here not that Charice..
Eat more RICE Charice...
Charice respects all the divas so much including mariah... Stop being childish...
[Newest]Mariah is "The Diva Definition". Her 25 year career has forever changed music. She experiments with the various colors and textures of her voice in a way that no other artist in music has done to date. With her incredible sense of pitch, she draws of the precision timing of Ella Fitzgerald, the styling of Sarah Vaughan, range of Minnie Riperton and the grit of Aretha Franklin...
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4Charice Pempengco
She is the the upcoming best some singers stay in there comfort zone not to crack or break there voice even back than I thought whitney was the best listen to her live performances there's always a crack somewhere or she doesn't go all out singing... Charice is the only girl I saw go all out with her voice and maintain flawlessness.. I've seen the best of all times mariah whitney and celine perform songs they sometimes didn't wow me in live performances but every time I hear this short phillpino girl she just sends goosebumps threw out my body no questions ask I know CHARICE is the best of all time
In my opinion, Charice is the best singer in the world. She can sing every notes, the most powerful voice in the world. We can see when she was younger, she sang Listen and she did it better than Beyonce, her voice was more powerful than Beyoncé. When she sang I will always love you for Whitney Houston's tribute, it was awesome, the power of her voice was better than Whitney, and the last note wasn't the same, it was different and it was more beautiful. Then, when she sang All by myself, the harder note that everyone knows, was higher than Celine Dion. Next, the song I have Nothing by Whitney, her voice was amazing. The song and I am telling you, she destroyed everthing, the power of her voice was fantasatic. Divas like Bianca Ryan, Jessica Sanchez, Leona Lewis, Melanie Amaro, Alexandra Burke, Amber Riley (etc) are not better than Charice.
She has a great voice that gives goosebumps to a lot of people. You never get tired listening to her music. When she is on the stage, she gives it all for her audience and fans no matter how tired she is, dynamic performer and fun to listen and watch. A very good dancer, and a good actress not to mention can do a lot of impersonation of famous people or animal sounds. Has excellent sense of humor.
[Newest]She can sing, play musical instrument, dance, impersonate other singers' voices, she can be a voice actress too (she was one of the dubbers of alvin and the chipmunks as one of the chipmunks' voice), very powerful big voice... She didn't do autotune, best live performer...
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5Celine Dion
I believe Celine is a very good singer. I have all her songs. I don't think she whines or screeches while she sings. Her songs are beautifully penned and sung. But it always disheartens me to see her being heavily ignored and panned by critics. Even the critics of meta critic have given brighter scores to that Bieber's album than Celine's. But I believe is a true diva and will be whatever the world might say. We will always suppor you Celine.
Top ten all-time divas. Celine Dion should be top 1. She's humble, caring and loving. She's still doing well with her singing career. And when she finally release her upcoming english album, everybody watch out how many albums will she sold again. I'm positive. Celine Dion's upcoming album which will be released late this year will sold more than 20 million copies.


Celine Dion is the precise definition of a diva. She has proved herself as the world biggest selling than any female artist in the history of music. I like her because she is so humble and with a big heart. Her voice is just like an angel coming from above and her song really wrench your heart and will fed your soul with so much emotion. When she is on stage she has so much power and confidence than any other singer don't have. I loved watching her concert because you will feel that you are with her and she is with you. I totally love Celine Dion.
[Newest]Celine dion is the best singer, she have a powerful voice..

6Beyoncé Knowles
Beyonce Knowles is a diva because she was awesome in the 90's and the 00's she can sing and dance and if you have both singing and dancing talents you are considered a artiste and a Diva, and Beyonce vocal range is a high register and spans three octaves, and Beyonce Dance abilities are so confident and sexy she is the only great Dancer that can hit a really big high note every time she sing, there aren't too many Dancers that can not sing, Beyonce is the only great Dancer that can sing and hit high notes. Love Beyonce Knowles.
She does not have the best of anything, she doesn't have the best vocals, or moves, stage presence, or chart performance, but she still excels in each category. The epitome of diva. And she is obviously just getting started. She will be number one. Believe that.
She is more of a diva than any of these. And on top of that she is a sweet and humble person. Go Bey!


[Newest]Queen Bey enough said! Beyonce has the most people (artist) wanting to be like her perform like her dress like her but THEY LOOK DUMB

7Christina Aguilera
Such a beautiful girl, great performer with the most powerful and captivating voice! She deserves to be in this list. I love her
she is beautiful and so hot she is defenetly the no. 1all time diva in the universe I adore her she is totaly the best and my favourite
She's great singer and can sing any type of music with the most powerful voice and she's very talented
[Newest]No way I love Christina

8Sarah Geronimo
Because as regine said that since before in the 1st major concert of sarah that she is the one and only popstar queen and the who will follow her step when ogie asked about it nothing compares to sarah because she is like ms. Judy ann, ms. Maricel, ms. Regine, ms. Sharon, ms. Vilma and ms. Nora and this coming year she will be the ultimate popsuperstar queen!
She is the perfect singer for all occasions. An undefeated, certified total performer of all time. Talented, humble, pretty, etc. God showered her with all the blessings this world could ever offer.
[Newest]Watch her videos in YouTube then you'll find how great is she

You People Should Get Arrested Cause Madonna Is The Ultimate Diva.
Madonna is the Queen of Pop! She's a true living legend of all time!
Guys, Madonna is definitely the diva out of all these people. A's you can see, her songs, acting and everything shows that she is diva here!
[Newest]There is only ONE diva - The Queen of Pop - Madonna PEOPLE!

10Barbra Streisand
Seriously, are we joking here? She's BARBRA JOAN STREISAND which simply states it ALL. No One is in her league. She was an original from the word "Go" and remains relevant to this day. Some of these other singers will be regarded as a historical footnote but Streisand - Barbra Streisand and her incomparable career will be studied by scholars and historians for decades, possibly over the next century. She's #1 and everyone knows this or is in complete denial.
Barbra doesn't need to sing super high like Maria Carry or blow speakers like other singers to prove she is the best. Can she make you cry? Can she make you laugh, sigh, relax, provoke inspiration? Yes she can and she does. That is what makes her a singer. That is what makes her a Diva.
Her voice is killer, she charges like 12,00 dollars a show, is one of the most inspirational artists ever, and would make you sort her eminems. She is the very definition of diva!
Barbra Streisand doesn't only have an amazing and strong voice, she can acutally make you connect with her and what she's singing about, get the storyline of the song. Only a few artists can do that and I love her so much for that. She's the ultimate diva!

The Contenders

11Lady Gaga
I just love her! She has made a difference in my life I mean gosh I love her! She is like a queen to me. I look up to her she is one of my idols and I love her! Whenever I here her I just have to listen or watch. Her clothes are like a gods clothes. I love her. Paws Up Mother Monster!
LADY GAGA is the BEST and I love her so much... And when I hear her songs I just enter into another world especially "BORN THIS WAY"... She is the only singer who have got this much fans all over the world... ROCK ON
I remember when I didn't like Lady Gaga but as I began to listen more and more to her music and to her interviews, I grew a new level of respect for her. She isn't the best singer but she is a great singer, one of the best of this time. There are so many things she can do with her voice!

12Agnes Monica
She is absolutly Georgous

she is a multitalented musician. she sing, she dance, and she made her own song.
Agnes monica is a girl who is smart, trendy, and she has a good voice and has big motivations and spirit
[Newest]She have amazing voice
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13Agnetha Faltskog
She would be at the first place. She's the best. She has been singing since she was 5 years. She is a very beautiful woman. She's perfect, she's the best, she's THE DIVA!
Agnetha has the most beautiful, sensitive voice imaginable. So glad she has made a comeback - May 2013 Buy her latest album 'A' out now!
How can she NOT be the Top All Time Diva: her face is absolutely angelic, and her butt is LEGENDARY, she's known as The Queen Of Hearts. One look from her will make a man melt.
[Newest]She has an angelic voice!

14Katy Perry
Great artist, who can belt a C6 as a contralto
Katy Perry is a sellout. She soldout for the money and the fame. She could have held on to her talent without doing all that she's done and she could have still made money. But she chose to sell out. So I'm done with her. She doesn't deserve to be on this list at all.
She is a great singer! My favorite female music artist! She's a diva!


15Regine Velasquez
Well, not everyone may know Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, but everyone who knows her will surely agree that she is one real talented person. She may not have the kind of fame that Hollywood stars enjoy, but her singing is sure to give many more popular international stars a run for their money.

Having experienced international stardom herself (but has chosen to remain in the Philippines for personal and patriotic reasons), Regine Velasquez-Alcasid is a respected - almost legendary - name in Asia. Proof of this her multi-platinum albums, sold-out shows, and the fact that of all Asian music stars, it is to her singing that the singing of both established and new singers are most often measured against. You wouldn't bother comparing your singing with someone who is not worth comparing with (in short, has little talent), would you?
She's simply the best. The one and only Asia's SONGBIRD. She conquers not only Philippines but the entire Asia in terms of vocal expertise and popularity. She's well respected in the music industry and her longevity is too rare a feat for any Filipino singer to achieve. 25 years of continuous success and super stardom yet her voice is never deteriorated
"yes,!!!!!!...the 'ASIA'S SONGBIRD..', is really 'THE BEST!!!',,, she definitely has the 'HIGHEST VOICE!!!!',.naturally
. It really makes me proud, as a 'FILIPINO!!!...', no one can ever beat her!!!!!,,, no doubt...she's the 'VOICE TO BEAT!!!',,,,,, 'GO REGINE!!!!,,,YOU REALLY RULE!!!,,' YOU'RE REALLY THE BEST,, THANK YOU FOR HAVING AND SHARING THAT VOICE TO US,,,,'...

[Newest]She got the highest note

16Ann Wilson
Go to a Heart Concert. Log onto youtube, type in Ann and Nancy Wilson, check out the song "Crazy"
This DIVA gets better every day! Just go to one of Heart's concerts or listen to any of their CDs! You can feel the DIVA gene in every song! Oh Yeah! She is #1!
I have been in love with these ladies since Dreamboat Annie.

17Tina Turner
She must be the first because she is know all around the world in ASIA, AFRICA, EUROPE, NORTH AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA and in OCEANIA and Sarah brightman is don't know all around the world like barbra Streisand
Excellent voice, boddy, and character. Just the Best
River deep - mountain high is one of the greatest songs of all time. Period. She needs to be at the top of this list for sure
[Newest]I definitely love Tina. I remember seeing her in concert years back and she was FABULOUS! That body, that skin, those legs and that VOICE! This woman is timeless!

18Mylene Farmer
Mylene is the most incredible performer of all time not because she has the most incredible voice, but because she does all the little things the best. She puts on the best show. She is a combination of Madonna and Pink Floyd, but better than both. She is an incredible actress. She is smart. Her Stade de France concert is by far the most incredible concert ever conceived. The fact that people will travel from all over the world just to see her concerts is testimony to her ability to captivate audiences.
Mylene is a multi-talented singer and entertainer that captivates wide and diverse audience around the world. Mylene, like Shania Twain and Celine Dion have all left their own innovative marks and list of accomplishments on music world that will be a hard to meet or surpass. However, Mylene is unique in all aspects of the word as are her concerts. It is also apparent that she is loved and adored by her fans and she returns it as evidenced by her interactions with her fans during her concerts.

19Sheryn Regis
this woman is the best even though she can't often sustain those high notes,,,! every belt she always did in the song it always leaves a very big huge marrk to the heart and mind of the people who listen to her singing.. this woman is the best! A LEGEND AND A TRUE




I think among the champions..
she's the best!
very versatile..
and most of all... HUMBLE


I'm always saying this,, for me when sheryn sings she's always giving her best and her voice is very powerful she is making the song so meaningfull. ,. , I love her,. ,


[Newest]One of the best

20Aretha Franklin
Should definitely be in the top of the top 10. DIVA is still her persona. Best in R&B, Gospel, Opera, anything you name she can
S A N G (better than sing)it.
there is no question who is the best this woman is the god gift sent from heaven. there is no singer on this earth that can walk in her shoe.
The first name that comes to mind when I think "diva." Astonished to see that she's not in the Top 10.
[Newest]How can Aretha be number 20? I get goose bumps just thinking of her.

21Dame Shirley Bassey
this is the reaL diva! with her exeptionaL voice! wit her exeptionaL gestures not to mention her exeptional gowns! watch her on utube, and uLL see..
by the way she is aLready 71 yet stiLL powerfuL!
no body does it Like her..
get weLL soon DSB!


Dame Shirley Bassey is considered a DIVA, not because of her behind the scene antics that so many others, but because she has one of the most powerful voices to ever record!


This woman is the absolute GREATEST in the history of recorded pop for her range, depth and diversity far surpassing any one in the last 60 years. Just about anything anyone eles can do, she can either do better or leave an impression on you so profound that you can never hear the original and not think of Shirley Bassey's new deminsion she puts on the song or new material.
[Newest]Dame Shirley is a true diva. Love her.

22Maria Callas
Maria Callas lived and died for her art to the others it was just a job. What are people thinking.
Of course Callas should be the nr 1! The voice of all times. It is really funny to see some of the names here - they definitely don't qualify for this list
She is the Queen, She is the Diva

23Patti LaBelle
patti labelle is one of the best singer of all times... first of all I must say that she has one of the rarest voice.. she can belt C6.. she has clean whistle.. its amazing her strong, highest and deepest voice... patti I love you very much.. I am not english and I understand english a beat and I can't say this words which I want to tell for you.. I am from georgia.. I love you patti.. she is singer who has one of the best voice in the world...
Patti should be number one no one can match her incredible range nor the raw power and emotion she has in her voice with her 4 octave range and who can top her as she walks away from the mike and sings and still be heard to the back rows
Patti is a true diva, why isn't she higher? I think some of you all need to look up the word diva again, and then re-evaluate the list.


[Newest]Hands down number ONE

Rihanna should be the number 1. She sang perfectly and better than Sarah Brightman!
Because she is HOT!

25Diana Ross
Diva has nothing to do with being a nice person (Beyonce) as someone mentioned. Very often DIVAS are those who have fought to do it their way-Bette Davis, Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross... Not always viewed as "nice" but as paving the way to do it their way... And after 50 years, I think Ross and Streisand have proved the word is theirs.
Diana Ross is the greatest diva of our time. She is a perfectionist who can sing anything, and looks great at all time doing it. She has been doing this for more than fifty years and we still can't get enough of her.
DIANA is the Supreme Diva! Miss Ross has been doing it for 5 plus decades and still going strong. She's paved the way for all the so called divas of today. A true Goddess.
[Newest]Keep it real. No female has ever personified the word DIVA like Diana Ross.

She is the only one diva and superstar...
Shaki is 1 of the most amazing singer n as an unique voice... You just can't keep her here down please she deserves to be at least in top 20 ain't you really think that!
I love herr so much
[Newest]Shakira rocks! She should be #1

She has the ultimate diva appearance, her shows are gorgeous and so entertaining, even as her costumes. She has been famous since 1965 and not only 'The Goddess of Pop' but also a oscar winner! How amazing, and she still looks so good. In a few months a new album, can't wait! I 'believe' in it.
CHER is the GODDESS OF POP and nobody can steal this title from her... She is the biggest legend of pop music... Unbelievable voice, body, character and of course, the BEST female entertainer... X
she has been popular since 1965 and is definitely one of the top 5 best selling female singers in history. she is just brilliant


[Newest]Cher is the best! And still HOT :D

28Amy Winehouse
She had many troubles? Yes, because of her vulnerable and defenseless soul. Everything she used to do was imprudent? It's true, because she really was able to love. ( Real love is always blind ). People made fun of her? Only because they didn't want to help her. Now it doesn't matter(( All I can say : Great voice, great heart, great Amy!
Amy Winehouse, she is the best diva in her own way! she can not be replaced by anyone. I really love her soul!
Music oozing out from every pore. What an incredible force of nature!

I can tell you she's the most underrated of all time also, but why not see for yourself, Listen to just one or two of her LIVE performances of the ones off the top of my head and you will change your mind forever. "I Don't believe you", "The one that got away", "Crystal ball", "Dear Mr. President", and "Sober". Even check out her cover of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". Enjoy


Pink rocks! She understands the feelings of today's woman and she isn't scared of sharing.
Love you pink. Your voice is amazing and you aren't afraid to do your own thing. GO PINK DIVA!

30Alicia Keys
Shez d best n d coolest n most beautiful of them all

31Lindsay Lohan

32Anastacia Newkirk
her voice is just...i can't describe her.she's just unique and incomparable!

baby you're the voice thet everyone feel into hid heart!!!I love yo so much!!! an italian fans!!
The most wonderfull and amazing woman on the world! A true Freak of Nature!!!!!!!
She has such a powerful and unique and wonderful voice. She is amazing!

33Jessie J
Amazing vocal range, amazing stage presence, amazing soul, she is the epitome of perfection.
Jessie J is so humble and down to earth! She carries herself with grace in everything she does
Why is she back here? And a bunch of people that I have NEVER seen on a music channel at the top geez come on vote

34Avril Lavigne
She's better than many of the stupid girls up there. Why is she in this level?
Why is she below Miley Cyrus she should be way higher than that silly girl!


She's the best pop-rock singer ever lived.


[Newest]Has one of the best vocals in the pop punk genre

35Amy Lee
Amy is beyond all others! Her music is not only great to listen to but
it has affected people so deeply. Just ask any of her fans. No hype, no words can
describe what she means to them. Period... For many of them it was the first time
they heard her music that sealed the deal. Let alone seeing her... their hearts were
lost at first sight. No lie..


Amy Lee is a unique, genuine artist with an incredible voice. She crosses Rock with beautiful melodies, and sings each note to perfection. Her voice, words, music and look are peices of perfect beauty in an I'm-perfect world.
She is my idol and only Diva singer all the time plus she looks good. But I really don't know who is No.4-6. Are they that great?
[Newest]Amy is amazing
Love her.. She the great singer..
She deserve to get the number one.. She is the real musician I this world.. I love her so much...

36Shania Twain
She should be on the top ten list surely.

37Rachelle Ann Go
She's but a powerful singer! Unique voice quality! She always amazes audience with her performance. Indeed, She's the Ultimate Champion!


her voice is more powerful and more beautiful than MC, christina, and regine velasquez.
she have a powerful voice and shes the only singer here in the phils. who can whistle.
[Newest]I haven't seen any young diva as sexy as talented as Rachelle

38Leona Lewis
Leona Lewis is a true DIVA! She encompasses all the characteristics of a musical artist in regards to her vocal ability, onstage presence, and world class personality. Leona is able to hold her ground with some of pop music's greatest female artists such as Whitney Houston, Céline Dion, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé Knowles, etc. Apart from her life as an artist, Leona is the greatest example of a woman who has stayed grounded in her true self and has not conformed to the explicit ideals of modern pop music that many females in the music industry have fallen into. She is such a humble, unique, beautiful, and down-to-earth woman who has proven herself as a person unparalleled in numerous aspects. Regardless of her popularity or appeal to the masses, a simple recognition of herself as an artist and a woman is enough to acknowledge her as one of the greatest women in music. Leona Lewis is a true DIVAAA!
From low notes to high belting and falsetto notes is the perfect characteristics of Leona Lewis's voice... It really create the such a wow factor every time I hear her singing live or studio... And she had this really rich tone and very soft and powerful falsetto than any artist around the globe!
Oh please, I can understand why leona will jave lesser vote than mariah, celine or whitney but miley cyrus, katy perry, rihanna...? Diva is about superior talented SINGER not performer or dancer. Leona is just the greatest female singer on earth! From low to high flying note she can just nail it easily! Really don't understand why leona was like the most underrated singer ever... She's just amazing!
[Newest]She's one of the best in this universe...

39Nicki Minaj
Bish please Nicki Minaj is the ultimate diva Mariah Carey and all these other people have NOTHING on her so...


I think as a United Nations Ambassador, Anggun is the real divas in the word now, because she is not only a singer but also a composer, writer, entrepreneur and brilliant
AMAZING! Just amazing. Love her. She's an amazing women. She's a great mother, a great singer. Also she has an awesome personality! Go Indonesian women! I'm proud!
Anggun is really a Good Diva, the most popular pop singer in france and europe, also in ASIA
[Newest]Asian beauty with world class quality! Perfect...

41Jonalyn Viray
she's got the voice and the talent of a true diva

! Kesha is like so totally awesome. Her voice is like so amazing and she doesn't need auto tune. She is so beautiful. I aspire to be just like her! '

Are you kidding me? You just know sia probably from that tinanium thing. but she is actually beyond of that. her previous songs, just BREATHLESS..
How is she a DIVA?!? This list isn't about best singers, it's about DIVAS.


44Jennifer Lopez
Awesome dancer, amazing actress, stunning singer, flawless human being! LOVE HER
She is a tremendous human being
Best singer and dancer

45Jackie Evancho
Just sneaking-up on 14 years old, and so ver far past just being good. Her interpretive skills are beyond that of anyone I've ever heard. And her voice is pure, and without affect. There are no rough edges. My ears never grow tired of hearing her.
Once you hear a song delivered by Jackie, you'll not want to hear any other version of it.
If you remember with yearning the magic voices of Judy Garland, Julie Andrews and Karen Carpenter, you will want to listen to Jackie Evancho!
[Newest]In her own mind, she rejects the title of diva. But she is a "divine one", in the purity of her voice, her heart and her soul.


46K.S. Chithra
there is no question who is the best. Chithra is the answer.. this woman is the god gift sent from heaven. there is no singer on this earth that can walk in her shoe


47Ayumi Hamasaki
Hello people, this is the Empress Of J-Pop we are talking about!

Her style determines fashion and music trends in Japan, plus she has sold more records than any other Japanese female on the planet (According to Oricon Charts that is)


No doubt she is the real diva! She can do anything which other female singers can't do. She has a power of productivity and creativity.
PERFECT! This is the best singer was in the world! LOVE AYU FOREVER! I meet her in 1999.

48Siti Nurhaliza
Unbelievable singer! She has won more than 200 local and international awards over the past 14 years of her career. An amazing singer with a powerful and mesmerizing voice. She is Asia's best kept secret and songbird. Her 3 hours nonstop performance at the Royal Albert Hall London was unbelievable!




She's no doubt Asia's best singer! Impressed the world with her versatile vocal and beauty! She's the legend! No one can be compared with her! She's at the same time beautiful, talented, impressive, powerful and popular!
[Newest]Siti is the best

49Floor Jansen

50Britney Spears
For 10 years, only Britney is able to survive and continue a career with many trials, so he deserves,
My Love to her is unlimited.. She is gorgeous.. She is a legend! She is everything.. A good mom to be.. A good singer with good dancing.. She is trying to be a great dive for all of us.. Their fans
[Newest]She is the best teen selling artist of all time

51Giada Valenti
Giada Valenti is a great singer and songwriter, with a beautiful voice who lives her songs with so much emotion and intensity and touches the heart of her audience.
I'll travel to New York (from Europe) to see her perform. To make me travel the world means that you're good!
Giada has a beautiful voice and sings with great emotion. She also has a wonderful personality... She has such a good heart and feels compassion for others.

She is my best singet all time.
I love very much

53Pat Benatar

Diva of Japanese Rock! Also in the world! I'm so love his voice!
Love him full!
The evil princess or jrock! XD
Diva of Jrock! Who can resist the princess? ~ xx x

55Tarja Turunen
Best Singer by a mile high vocal range can do great mid rolls to lyrics most need to roll the end word ie adelle
Best female singer of all time
Tarja -Only 40 place?.. Turja has amazing voice.. Rare vocal type contralto.. She is a force of nature.. Excallent voice..

56Tina Arena
She a real artist. Singer, songwriter, performer, entertainer. Beautiful voice and warm personality. What more could diva be?
Her spell-binding stage presence speaks for itself. She sings so well LIVE! enough said.

57Kelly Clarkson
She IS the best singer in the world. Check a video with her singing live and one with Avril Lavigne singing live. Avril has no voice, she is just A... Why is Avril above Kelly? Don't know, she doesn't deserve that. Kelly can sing EVERYTHING. Avril can sing just those punk shs of hers.
She sings better than Avril, but Avril has a voice, too.
Kelly clarkson has a great voice. My favorite song from her is my live would without you.


[Newest]Best american idol ever, best singer

58Taylor Swift
One of the best voices of all time.. Can't get enough of her tunes.. A real stunner by all means..
Cool beyond! What a girl! With what a voice! My absoloute fave!

She is the best singer 4 ever

The Philippines' and Asia's RnB Princess! She has the greatest vocals among any singer I've ever known and She's been favorited by many local and international artists such as Brian McKnight. When you hear her voice, you'll be enchanted and swept away like an angel singing in the heavens!


60Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton is beyond diva status, she's an icon and a legend and has sustained her creativity for the most of six decades. She pioneered the way for women in country and for country across the world, and she's still doing it. She fills out concert halls at the age of 65 right down to Australia. Who can gather together in one hall, old, middle aged, young, hetro, homo, drag queens, people across all classes and creeds? Adele loves her, so does Norah Jones, Keith Urban, and those are just to mention a few. She has published at least 4000 songs, over 80 albums, her songs have been covered by everyone from Johnny Cash to Emmy Lou Harris, to Marianne Faithfull, White Stripes, Urban, Sinead O Connor, N Jones to mention but a few. She started from dirt poor, to create musical history, a multi-million theme park and bring employment to her place of birth. She has given time and money endlessly to charity, not least her Imagination library which helps literacy and has spread to every state in the US, is in the Uk, and going further. She has built her image and stage persona which whether one likes it or not, means she's never ignored, is always the subject of speculation, gossip, and yet she's managed to protect the privacy of her family and friends, and her real inner person. Everyone thinks they know her, but they really no nothing at all about her. All of that as well as the contradiction between her look and true self, her intelligence, musical and business talent, make her the genius she is. I guess that makes her the queen of all DIVAS, and she's a living and working Diva. Who of the other names on the list will be remembered at her age if they live that old? And for those older, how many have the daring, courage, energy to still stand up and face a concert hall filled with thousands as she's just done on her Better Day tour and repeat it for 49 nights over this late summer and autumn? Remember, every time you step out on stage, there's always a critic ready to take you to pieces, it takes real courage to keep challenging herself and make everybody wonder what she'll do next.
Um, She made Whitney Houston famous with her song and who the heck is this Sarah girl? Somebody must have several accounts voting for her, because there is no way such an unknown is #1...


Come on! She's the real Queen of Country music. Just look at her! Diva Mania!
No words can describe her positive appeal to all audiances. Bubbly, loving and funny too.

61Chaka Khan
She comes from a long line of incredible session musicians, most notable she's worked with RUFUS during the 70ies and 80ies. She's worked with Price, Arif Mardin, Reggie Lucas, Nile Rodgers, Ashford & Simpson, Quincy Jones, and many more incredible songwriters.
Her virtuosity as an artist makes her a very versatile and respected artist, be it funk, RnB, Rock, Soul, Hip Hop, Pop. She can do ANYTHING!

She is not only sing, but also compose the music.
She is not only recording one time for a song, but she recording almost hundred time in a song, and it produced 'heaven-like' sound
She is not only sing but also compose the music.
She is not only record one time for a song but record almost hundred time in a song, and it produced 'heaven-like sound'

A very good person!! She's amazing!!
How quickly people forget.

64Bette Midler
She is a massive diva with massive hair! Should be at the top! Anyone who does cabaret and is also known by a stage name of 'Divine Miss M' is undeniably diva. Do people on here understand the true meaning of diva? It's not just a pop star...

65Jennifer Hudson
"she has powerful, fabulous voice, she's amazing..after whitney,mariah,christina,celine.
I think she should be like in the top ten

66Annie Lennox
Her passion alone should guarantee her a spot in the top 10! She's had a phenomenal career and is still going strong and she's an AIDS activist to boot.
Voice like butter, eyes like a goddess.

67Edith Piaf
She is the original diva best in the world
You've got to be kidding me. edith piaf should number one. for the love of god.

68Valary DiBendetto

69Gwen Stefani
"She is the queen"

70Emma Watson
Natural beauty... beautiful legs... pretty face... sexy body

71Kim Kibum
Key is our Diva~ He is a Diva for all of K-pop's fans! If you are a Shawol, you will understand why Key is a Diva. She sings very well and dance like a pro! Do you see him when she dance on girlbands songs?


I can't believe the biggest Diva of all time is so underestimated in that list! Way to go, Kibummie, we Shawols will always support your awesomeness
Key deserves to be number one, he's the best diva ever
How s he AL the way to 80? The fact that Keybum is the only kpop diva on this list makes me happy and he definitely deserves number 1

72Barbara Mandrell
Entertainer of the Year? Entertainer of a Lifetime! This woman is an amazing performer that supersedes all performers in the showmanship category, quality category and fans category. I miss seeing her on stage and on T.V.. It has been good to see her so much in the last couple of years as country music has recognized her with the Triple Crown inducting her into the Country Music Hall of Fame! - John Fister
what a show this lady could do...


73Linda Ronstadt
I think I'm gonna love you for a LONG, LONG TIME!
Best voice and style ever.

74Asha Bhonsle
She is queen for songs she sing more song then any body elseany languages god given

75Donna Fargo
One of the most dynamic performers in country music, Donna Fargo had a sweep of #1 songs and eventually hosted her own TV series. Fargo became the 5th most popular female country singer of the 70's.

76Bülent Ersoy
She is a true diva with the bet voice of the world, she loves her audiance like her family and do music for the las 30 years. She got 30 albums and her concerts are abut 3-4 hours long. She sings like no one else. Her outifts and make-up looks are so dramatic^^ in my opinion she is the real diva
She has a wonderful voice which is as powerful as a man. She is a real "diva".
she has a good voice and good looking..

77Katherine Jenkins
Beautiful voice, deserves to be on this list.

Rekha is not a singer but one of the most biggest divas of bollywood

79Laura Branigan
One of the great voices of the '80's
One of the first true dance Divas.
The 2008 re-mix of "Self Control", "Gloria", and "Hom Am I Supposed To Live Without You" are outstanding. She charted at #10 (US Dance) with the Self Control Re-mix last year four years after her death. How can we forget her?
Missing Laura.
Rest In Peace.
She was an amazing singer. Not only because of her vocal range, which was awesome, but she would sing with so much emotion that you would get goosebumps. She is surely missed.
The "power of love" of laura is amazing

80Ziana Zain

81Cyndi Lauper
What's wrong with you idiots - Cyndi started it all - Number One Diva! This gal has a voice and personality that stands tall when it comes to Real Divas - and who is this Sarah Brightman? Never heard of her!
How has no one added her. A true diva, changed music in the 80s (Madonna admitted to copying her). And who is this Sarah Brightman that keeps being number one?
Boy Blue is one of the best vocal performances of all time. Cyndi is THE diva of our time. I've seen her perform many times and her voice is just downright stellar every single time.

82Veronique Sanson


84Linda Eder

85Bernadette Peters

86Lani Misalucha

87Brenda Song
Brenda song and Miley Cyrus queens of disney Brenda song got more views Miley Cyrus sold more albums than everyone on Disney
she is such a diva and is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

88Delta Goodrem
She's definitely a favourite. Her voice needs a lot more credit, it has grown so much over the years. Plus she's such an accomplished musician, and she's a fantastic performer. Definitely needs to be higher up on the list!

89Joss Stone
WAAY too low on the list. Top ten is right.

Can we get an honorable mention for Alice Fredenham? Based on just one song on BGT?
77? for god sake! she should be AT THE VERY LEAST on top 10!
She has a powerful voice!!

90Dolores O'Riordan
Unique voice, real talent, just listen to Cranberries songs before she joined them, and you'll understand what she brought to the band
I like the cranberries' song "ode to my family" and "zombie"

Amazing singer, talent and recording artist.

92Nana Moskouri

93Lily Allen

94Mika Nakashima

95Emma Shapplin


97Anna Vissi

She deserves to be at least top 20
Ferg is so the number 1 diva

What a a great singer! One of the best in Asia and in the world as well
I love kd because her song is beautyful divas in the world an power... After whitney...
Krisdayanti is the best Asian diva.
Her voice is so beautiful.
Her style is the real diva
If she lives in hollywood, she can be world's best diva
#2 after Queen of the legendary Diva Mariah Carey

Her voice make us live in peace...
Love you krisdayanti...

100Janis Joplin

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