Worst Celebrities of All Time

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1Justin Bieber

I don't even know why his a singer. Sometimes I think he release some kind of mind controling thing through his song otherwise nobody will listen to his crab. Grow up man. First time I listen to his song it remind me the end of the world. The worst singer, dancer... In the world

You know, it's funny. Here you are, complaining about this dude, when in the past, there was Hitler (killed 6 million Jews), Stalin (killed 60 million people), and yet, this dude (that simply makes music) is number one for worst well-known person... wow. - Loopnines

worst singer i cant believe thay nominated as grammy awards

Justink Blubber or whatever his awfully given name is an ungrateful, uncivil, disrespectful twat. I mean, really? Is this what people, or his "so-called Beliebers" aspire to become? A bucket-pissing, fan-spitting, music-reeking weed eater? This generation for music has deteriorated ever since he in such disgraceful recognition, including his counterpart, Miley poo-Cyrus. Mainstream music is at it's worst thanks to Bieber Weiner.

He is a Great Singer and I glad he broke up with hairy Selena also the only reason hi Acts out is because his growing up in the world's eye he just wants to be himself but he can't just like of the other celebs so would you like to be critics by the whole world

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2Miley Cyrus

Sorry Miley, but you know... You used to be somebody. Little girls loved to watch your "Hannah Montana" show. Now look what happened, things have seriously gone downhill in the last few years. Miley, please, reconsider your ways. Do it for the youngsters

This chick is beyond ratchet! She's fake and is totally trying to be something she CLEARLY is not! It's one thing to admire a culture and actually try to learn about it...but she's just portraying the african american culture as hood boogah!

Miley Cyrus used to be a good person (Minus the fact I never liked her anyways). But it all broke into shards after the music video "Wrecking Ball" where she was fully naked on the swaying wreaking ball I mean, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT! She always sticks her ' tongue out and that is HIDEOUS! Past=I don't like her music Now= I HATE HER! She should go back to being not a bear humper and to someone that doesn't catch the attention of "Perverts World-Wide"

Everyone says that she's completely rude and ungrateful for her fans/success.. I swear people need to get a grip and stop regarding celebs so highly. WAKE UP people these celebs are just entertainers.. Modern day jesters, stop acting like they are gods and then society will be a much better place for it

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3Kim Kardashian

Only reason shes famous is cause of a sex tape. If that sentence doesn't prove why shes worst that I don't know will. Maybe this? Shes an attention seeking adult. What the frick is with all her million dollar over the top weddings? She wastes so much money on weddings, then gets divorced 3 days later. Attention seeking to the max. She acts like shes all that and goes over the top. Ugh I can't even go on, she makes me sick. Only reason shes here is because some sick men like seeing her half naked - dragonfly99

Sick of seeing her on magazines and hearing about her on T.V.. She ain't God, she's just a selfish, ignorant low-life hag that she's the next Bill Gates!

She is a narcissist. There are many classy people out there who are in the spotlight but Kim is anything but classy. And as for people thinking she is beautiful. First thing is beauty comes from within, those recent pics of her are nothing but trash. And her ass is as big as a Kenworth truck. I am sick of seeing her everywhere. She must be lacking something in her life to feel the need to be always in the spotlight.

In my opinion, she's not even that pretty. And like, a SEX TAPE? That's the biggest reason whys she famous. She's always so snobby and snooty, like she'll do ANYTHING for fame. She makes me sick.

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4One Direction

I personally don't like them, but other people have all the right in the world

By attitude they aren't the worst, By music, yes, they're music sucks balls

I hate them SO much I broke one of their CDs if I see them I would go the other direction

I don't agree with this at all😑😑😑😑😑

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5Nicki Minaj

What an awful singer, her lyrics don't make sense, and I mean what kind of family name in Minaj, does it mean:

Everything about her is negative. And for good reason. - PositronWildhawk

Nicki Minaj is a hoe. A cheap prostitute plastic face surgery, fake breasts and fake lips, fake buttocks. Her songs is literally not suitable for children and youngsters!

Was her song "Stupid Hoe" about herself? - AnonymousChick

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6Lindsay Lohan

Please deport this crack head to another planet.

Her face is so messed up... I can't believe she was actually pretty at a time in her life

She threw her life away

She used to be so sweet

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Trashy, untalented and brain-dead


Most overrated. She didn't deserve her Grammy's. - IsaiahWill22

How is she above Nikki Minaj? She sucks, but not THAT bad. - AnonymousChick

WHAT THE HECK SHE SHOULD BE LIKE NUMBER 2! (The Beibs deserve that) She is SUCH A HATER! DISSER U, you I do not know what to call her... noob? And how is she famous. People have no tastes!

Disses too many people

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9Barack Obama

I have nothing against him. He is a hard working president, a role modern to all men in United state of America. Question for you, what is the unemployment rate now?

Anyone who trades 5 blood thirsty terrorists for a known deserter (while 4 innocents are left behind to suffer in Iran), refuses to lower the flag to half mast in honor of 4 marines and a midshipman killed in cold blood on American soil and can't even bring himself to pick up the phone and offer his condolences to Kate Steinle's family (even though he did call the family of drug dealer Freddy Gray) is pathetic in my view.

Wow, he didn't do NEARLY enough as president

Not even a celeb and he's the worst president ever

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10Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler he killed six... six million people and Justin Bieber just makes mistakes but Adolf Hitler no he should be the worst he KILLED SIX MILLION PEOPLE Justin Bieber just makes music and he donates to a lot of charity did Adolf Hitler give to charity no he just KILLED SIX MILLION PEOPLE wow just because you dislike Justin Bieber music ah worst person kill him just wow Adolf Hitler is number six how stupid are kids today I am 13 and don't care that there is no periods or all that other stuff but I hope you guys understand this

I truly hate this ass but to be honest, I don't think he should be in this list. He was a bad person, but is by no means a celebrity. He may be well known but that's not the only think required to be a celebrity. - SelfDestruct

I don't think Aldolf Hitler can be listed as a celebrity. He is a HUGE SUPERSTAR of history. He is someone who changed the course of history and effected the course of humanity. How can you possibly put him on the same list a total drop kicks like Kim Kardashian, Lil Wayne or Nick Manaj?

How is he a celebrity anyway?

Are you kidding me? Adolf Hitler is below Obama...?

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?David Cameron

He makes the rich pay less tax than the poor.

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11Sarah Palin

So stupid never going to be elected however is the woman every man fancies but doesn't say please sarah can you give me a private dance

12Amanda Bynes

Amanda bynes is a bully who hides behind a screen posting hate to everyone on twitter She has no life.

Calls people ugly when she's ugly her own self

13Jeremy Clarkson

Goes too controversial a lot of times. There were probably at least 100 Top Gear controversies associated with him, captain slow, and hammondus the moron. - SelfDestruct

Sorry I love the man... Just sys what most are thinking

14James May

Being on Top Gear doesn't make you a celebrity. What worse could it get if he talks crap about the best cars and praises the worst cars. We all know about how awful the Bugatti Veyron is.

Why is he down to 46? He is the worst celebrity ever, along with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond! They are all way worse than Justin Bieber. - SelfDestruct

15Lady Gaga


She not right she dress like a doll

I agree some of her dresses aren't aproppiate for kids, also her music is bad

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16Kanye West

He thinks he's the best rapper ever. Wow. Also, his wife is Kim Kardashian, which is even worse, and guess what? He named his kid "North".

North. The joke is that the baby is called "North West", so it sounds like Northwest.

Who the hell names their baby that?!

Is a racist idiot.

Can't even rap or sing. Have you seen bound 2? Out of pitch oh my god

Can we just put him on an island?

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17Richard Hammond

An utter fail in Top Gear. Even Justin Bieber would do much better in Top Gear than him. - SelfDestruct

18Tiger Woods

Tiger is an amazing player, he should have never been on this list

19Ariana Grande

She's one of the biggest divas ever. Yes, she has talent. But she's throwing it all away with the way she's acting. She goes licking donuts while saying "I hate Americans. I hate America." If you're going to look up to someone who does that then uses her fans to make her look good... I pity you. I really do.

Her voice is so damn annoying in that song the way.

She has about as much talent as my left ass cheek

Here's a reason why I hate her, She did something stupid. Everybody was shock by it, she said, "I hate all Americans and I hate america". That's why I hate her.

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20Jackie Evancho

Its amazing that such a sweet, talented, non-controversial young girl can somehow provoke sickos like SelfDestruct, Comparisans, and his many other screen names into being Stalker Trolls who search out every single mention of her to make rude comments, and every hate list to nominate her. Any puppies, kittens, or other small animals who may live near him are in extreme danger.

Its simple; if you don't like her, or just don't like any kind of classical music, don't listen.

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