Worst Celebrities of All Time

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The Top Ten

Justin Bieber
I don't even know why his a singer. Sometimes I think he release some kind of mind controling thing through his song otherwise nobody will listen to his crab. Grow up man. First time I listen to his song it remind me the end of the world. The worst singer, dancer... In the world
worst singer i cant believe thay nominated as grammy awards
He isn't the best singer but he isn't the worst I just don't like his personality he isn't being a good role model for his kid fans if he changed his personality he would be a whole lot better
[Newest]If you think Miley Cyrus is bad enough, Justin Bieber is even worse! He sings like a girl, and got arrested for drunk driving, and when wee wee on an animal or person. Kill him now!

2Miley Cyrus
Sorry Miley, but you know... You used to be somebody. Little girls loved to watch your "Hannah Montana" show. Now look what happened, things have seriously gone downhill in the last few years. Miley, please, reconsider your ways. Do it for the youngsters
This chick is beyond ratchet! She's fake and is totally trying to be something she CLEARLY is not! It's one thing to admire a culture and actually try to learn about it...but she's just portraying the african american culture as hood boogah!
Miley Cyrus used to be a good person (Minus the fact I never liked her anyways). But it all broke into shards after the music video "Wrecking Ball" where she was fully naked on the swaying wreaking ball I mean, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT! She always sticks her ' tongue out and that is HIDEOUS! Past=I don't like her music Now= I HATE HER! She should go back to being not a bear humper and to someone that doesn't catch the attention of "Perverts World-Wide"
[Newest]She only did that song cause her fiance broke the engagement and she got hurt but she's a little crazy but I like her

3Kim Kardashian
Only reason shes famous is cause of a sex tape. If that sentence doesn't prove why shes worst that I don't know will. Maybe this? Shes an attention seeking adult. What the frick is with all her million dollar over the top weddings? She wastes so much money on weddings, then gets divorced 3 days later. Attention seeking to the max. She acts like shes all that and goes over the top. Ugh I can't even go on, she makes me sick. Only reason shes here is because some sick men like seeing her half naked


Sick of seeing her on magazines and hearing about her on T.V.. She ain't God, she's just a selfish, ignorant low-life hag that she's the next Bill Gates!
[Newest]She doesn't do anything. ANYTHING. Everyone on this list does something. She doesn't do anything.

Trashy, untalented and brain-dead

Most overrated. She didn't deserve her Grammy's.


She disses every celeb you know. When I first saw her, I thought she was a witch
WHAT THE HECK SHE SHOULD BE LIKE NUMBER 2! (The Beibs deserve that) She is SUCH A HATER! DISSER U, you I do not know what to call her... noob? And how is she famous. People have no tastes!

6Adolf Hitler
I don't think Aldolf Hitler can be listed as a celebrity. He is a HUGE SUPERSTAR of history. He is someone who changed the course of history and effected the course of humanity. How can you possibly put him on the same list a total drop kicks like Kim Kardashian, Lil Wayne or Nick Manaj?
How is he a celebrity anyway?
My religon is Jewish so you are an ass in my mind. I hope you went to hell!

7Jeremy Clarkson

8James May
Being on Top Gear doesn't make you a celebrity. What worse could it get if he talks crap about the best cars and praises the worst cars. We all know about how awful the Bugatti Veyron is.
Why is he down to 46? He is the worst celebrity ever, along with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond! They are all way worse than Justin Bieber.


9Mel Gibson

10Lil Wayne
Horrible, no talent. He sounds like he got hit in the throat by a bulldozer. He thinks he's the next biggie smalls. Let me tell you this Wayne. "Nobody is as good as the biggie.
No talent, just a little weedy man.
Stay talking about weed sex and money

The Contenders

11Nicki Minaj
What an awful singer, her lyrics don't make sense, and I mean what kind of family name in Minaj, does it mean:
Everything about her is negative. And for good reason.


Worst singer ever... Her lyrics make my ears bleed...


12Robin Thicke
Is a sexist hoe
Robin thicke sucks ass
His song blured lines is from the perspective if that creepy guy trying to hit on you at a party or clud

13Richard Hammond

14Jackie Evancho

I think Eminem is amazing, his last songs looked weren't as good as before (still awesome) I don't think he should be in this list
Eminem is great and should not be on this list

16Chris Brown
What is there to like about this guy? His music is generic at best, unlistenable at worst. He beat up Rihanna and possibly Frank Ocean and Drake (not quite sure about those two, but Rihanna for sure). He constantly acts like a douche both online and offline. And he has the worst fanbase I've ever seen. Say what you want about Beliebers, at least they don't ask to be beaten up on Twitter. And worst of all, people still buy his music. Why?

17Kristen Stewart
She made twilight bad because of her acting why is she a celebrity my family name is ruined thanks to her
Your just mad because she dumped Edward in real life. He's fine with it, so move on

18Marian Rivera
My gosh, you said it. Complete bitch who steals boyfriends.

19George W. Bush
I honestly don't like him either.
He's a stinkin' terrorist!

20One Direction
Every one only likes them for there looks and look at big time rush they went to there normall lifes and so will one direction same story every time oh were British so like us I have a friend that loves jb but now she hates him because of fame!

21Lupe Fiasco

22Lindsay Lohan
Please deport this crack head to another planet.
I guess but she is pretty cool

23Paris Hilton
She didn't do anything to get fame it's just because of her dad. She can't sing and she's not even hot she deserves to be number 1 on this list


24Ice Cube
What kind of name is that
Bad influence for children

25Oksana Grigorieva
Extorting Mel Gibson, setting the poor guy up, leaking tapes. Worst person ever is Grigoreiva

26Rebecca Black
She can't sing, she's got a horrible voice

27Amanda Bynes
Amanda bynes is a bully who hides behind a screen posting hate to everyone on twitter She has no life.

28Zendaya Coleman
I wonder what you look like then...
She is so ugly, I mean the first time I saw her I wanted to ask her to keep a bag over her face
Shes very pritty but her songs I don't like

29Jennifer Lawrence
She is an amazing actress either your jealous or a hater whoever put her on 39. Hunger Games people.

30Lady Gaga
I agree or you belong in a looney bin. You must of comming down from good drug. Also peta hates you.

31Katy Perry
Don't hate the talent.
She sounds like a drunk monkey when she sings

32Lil Kim
Nothing but a Nicki Minaj wanna bee and a porn star.

33Shailene Woodley

34Jessie J

35Charlie Sheen
Don't BAG OUT CHARLE. Remember Platoon
He did great in Platoon I only voted him for all his other dumb movies, after platoon he should have soon movie movies like that even though Wall Street and red dawn were very good!

36Sophia Grace & Rosie
Gross kids spoilt by loser parents
My god, I pretty much have to overdose on aspirin every day since my sister is obsessed.


Sophia has no talent but go rosie

37Kanye West
Is a racist idiot.
Can't even rap or sing. Have you seen bound 2? Out of pitch oh my god
Just a slight ego.

38Sarah Palin
So stupid never going to be elected however is the woman every man fancies but doesn't say please sarah can you give me a private dance

39Selena Gomez
Her lyrics don't make sense
Selena Gomez's music is garbadge.

40Rob Dyrdek
Whenever Rob Dyrdek talks I just want to slap him across the face


She's disgusting and has no voice.
Never deserved to be famous in the first place.

43Will Smith
His kids are better musicians than he is.

44Russell Brand
"I don't get what women see in this man, he looks like the lovechild of Beetlejuice and Rob Zombie and probably has more body hair than Robin Williams, lives to cause controversy and can only play one role - hardcore rocker."


46Harry Styles

47Laura Marano
She sucks, she should be in the top tens

He is just had so much angry inside
Usher is kind and nice and was on the voice witch I love the the voice

49Heath Slater

50Taylor Swift
Her songs are all about breakups now
Breaks up with someone then writes about how he's an a$$hole. It's the behaviour of a five year old and certainly not a good role model. Also she's dated 13 guys in 3 years. Listen, honey, I have the perfect song title for you: "Maybe I'm The Problem."
For god's sake, Swift, GROW UP
She has the behaviour of a five year old. Not a good role model.

For god's sake, Swift, GROW UP

51Alec Baldwin

52Mitt Romney
Before reading this, I forgot mitt romney was the guy who was campaigning against president obama
Shouldn't be on this list

53Cymphonique Miller

54Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian, funny. Well, at least she's than her money grubber bitch ass sister Kim Kardashian. When you think about, it out of the kardashians, Kim is the one people should be talking about.

55Janelle Monae

56Adam Sandler
Back in the 90's, I didn't find any of his films that great. And even today, his modern films are HORRIBLE! So he wasn't that good at all when he first started acting in movies.


58Ariana Grande
Her voice is so damn annoying in that song the way.
She has about as much talent as my left ass cheek
A spoilt brat who refuses to have photos taken that isn't from her left side. Also cheating is never cool.

59Kendall Jenner
Stealing thousands of girls boyfriend? Poor harry!

60Austin Mahone
Just another Justin Bieber, men, please quit trying to become Justin Bieber, the first ones all ready bad enough.

61Cameron Boyce
Another Justin Bieber. Cameron thinks he's hot stuff. He's so ulgy with all of those freckles, when I first saw him I went blind and so did god, and when I heard his voice, my ears started to bleed. He needs plastic surgery.
You are such a hater.

62Yoko Ono
Thanks for breaking up the Beatles you basTURD

6350 Cent
Just another trashy cult puppet with an ego problem.
He'd be begging for 50 cents on the sidewalk everyday
If he wasn't rich.
He can't rap
You can't
Even hear what he say in song

64Fidel Castro

65Khloe Kardashian
There is nothing wrong with Khloe Kardashian. You guys should feel sorry that she's related to Kim Kardashian.

66Marc Gill

67Johnny Depp

68Halle Berry


70Josh Duhamel

71Lance Armstrong

72Joe Paterno

73Jerry Sandusky

74Lucas Cruikshank

75Demi Lovato
She had a horrible T. V show and she can't sing for crap.

76Steve Martin
For a funny guy, sure seems like one hell of a pill.

77Nicolas Cage
She is a great singer. You're being so unfair

78Katie Price
One word to describe her: FAKE!

79Gwen Stefani

80Victoria Justice

81Maia Mitchell
UGLY. STUPID. UNTALENTED> what's not to hate?

82Debby Ryan
She is a horrible actor she has a crap voice she's ugly and fat and she is so annoying

83Jai Waetford

84Zoey Deutch

85Jessica Alba
She is so annoying. In fantastic four she did a terrible job. Her career is nothing. She should have noticed that.

86Lil Mama
Has like the worst songs ever. When I first heard lip gloss, I thought it was a 5 year old crying. And who the fu#% raps about a tour bus. She obvousley does not know what real music is.

87Scott Disick
A horrible father. Poor kourtney Kardashian.

88Gwyneth Paltrow
She said that her job is harder than regular working moms. She makes millions, has a mansion, and other expensive items. Yet she says her job is harder. Most moms nowadays don't own any of that and usually return home having to cook, clean, etc. and she has maids to do that for her. She has no right to say that she has a more difficult job then working moms.
Pretentious and full of herself. she hasn' t had a hit in years. no drawing power. who would go see a movie because she's in it? Her equally pretentious mother, blythe danner! But it must be in French!

89Daniella Monet

90Albert Einstein

91Lil Jon

92Tiger Woods

93Delano Edwards

94Cameron Ocasio

95Mila Kunis

96Miranda Cosgrove

97Michael Murphy

98Ainsley Bailey

99Paulina Rubio

100Barack Obama
I have nothing against him. He is a hard working president, a role modern to all men in United state of America. Question for you, what is the unemployment rate now?
He is a terrible president! Go Republicans

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