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GMA Network has been embroiled in many controversies! It's being sued for colluding with AGB Nielsen Media Research Phils. In manipulating T.V. ratings that slant to its favor, being also involved in funding bribing operations. It has removed itself from the foremost broadcast media organization KBP for the apparent reason of pre-empting the impending suspension and avoiding charges by KBP against GMA on the grounds of "obscenity, " "vehemently lambasting the rival network ABS-CBN on air" and "commercial overloading." It has aired a news clip owned by ABS-CBN illegally. GMA producers copy so many programs/shows of the leading network ABS-CBN. It's consistently been playing second fiddle to ABS-CBN in the ratings and commercial loads, but its notoriety for "self-proclaiming" deceptive achievements contrary to facts is most obnoxious!
GMA is bias company LOSER at Ads and LOSER at T.V. rating. GMA is loser Their artist don't know how to act well they don't use HD camera like ABS-CBN. Also, All their movies are flop. I'll suggest watch ABS-CBN than GMA because ABS-CBN shows are HQ and interesting most of the T.V. shows in ABS-CBN are viewed all over the world and they make lots of good movies and high grossing. ABS-CBN lots of good artist, singers, dancers and actors and actresses. Don't watch GMA T.V. shows they just copy ABS-CBN T.V. shows. ABS is the best than GMA
They always brag that they are Number 1 even though they're not! How would they become number 1 if that is not reflecting on the entire network? Most of the product endorsers came from their number 1 rival network which is ABS-CBN. Top Grossing films came also from ABS-CBN. How about them? All they do is to produce flop, crappy film and low-quality programs! SHAME ON YOU GMA!
[Newest]When GMA wins on ratings, they usually boast their ratings to other Philippine T.V. networks through commercials and in-show pop-ups. They show and compare the results of ratings especially to ABS-CBN.

This is the reason why I'd stop watching GMA shows.
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Oh gosh... I had to choose between this, Bravo, or Nickelodeon... Now THAT'S a challenge. Well here is what I thought: Nick has TERRIBLE shows these days, and have awful jokes and online references that are irrelevant. BUT they have still something amazing which is nicktoons. This channel has all the old classics and reruns such as Avatar, Danny Phantom, Invader Zim, The actual good seasons of The Fairy Odd Parents and even some originals like marvel Super hero shows and the re-dubbed Dragon Ball z Kai. So that's off the hook.

Bravo? : While annoying with terrible reality shows is the at least interesting to see the terribleness and sometimes educational on how horrible humans are

Disney?... Oh Disney... oh how awful are the... Anyways the thing about Disney Channel (not to be confused Disney himself one of the greatest artist of all time) was it was actually not that good in the past as Nickelodeon which is bad now was back then. Nick had great shows while Disney Channel had nothing to be proud of (at least that I remember) just boring old sitcoms with a few decent cartoons like Kim Possible. Skip to 2010 and the REALLY bad sitcoms come in. These included bad acting and over repeated jokes and now 2014 and what does it have? Well AW CRAP STEP IT UP BEST SHOW EVAH YEA GOOD LUCK CHARLIE AND FISH HOOKS OH YEAH! AUSTIN AND ALLY SO FUNNY LOLOLOLOOLOLOOLOOLOLOL. Oh gosh and now were stuck with one decent cartoon and a hilarious masterpiece: Phineas AND Ferb (decent but repeated OH SO MUCH) and gravity falls. Face it Disney is not even that good buts it's better than what Disney Channel has done. At least the parks have nothing to do with the god forsaken channel.

And for those who put Cartoon Network here sure it got different shows but it is still an amazing T.V. channel


Disney only has 3 really good shows. Lab Rats, Liv and Maddie (They're the best! ), and my ALL TIME FAVORITE (Drum roll please! ) GRAVITY FALLS :D! But, besides all of those spectacular shows, there is the bad shows. I'm talking about Shake it Up!, Jessie, ANT Farm, Austin & Ally, you know what I'm talking about. Shake it Up! Has such bad actresses that I can't even begin to explain my hate for them, and Jessie has annoying spoiled kids. ANT Farm and Austin and Ally have both bad actors and REALLY bad characters. Disney used to be so good with Hannah Montana, Kim Possible, and That's So Raven, especially That's So Raven. I was born in 2003, so I luckily got to watch all the good shows. But sadly, I got to watch them fade away and be replaced with bad shows. Bad shows like Wizards of Waverly Place and stuff. I never grew up watching Nick because I was smart enough to know at such a young age, that Nick was a HORRIBLY bad influence. People who watched and still watch Nickelodeon are really big brats and I sadly know a lot of them. Disney, please keep Lab Rats, Gravity Falls, and Liv and Maddie and get rid of all the other junk you have and replace those with new shows that have good writers, directors, and actors, of course. By the way, in the summer there is going to be a sequel to Boy Meets World and it's going to be called Girl Meets World which will probably be horrible and offend a lot of people. Thanks for reading, guys.


Oh, Disney Channel. What used to be a decent kids channel is now an awful one with bad acting and plot, infinite laugh tracks of death, and a lack of many kids shows. They don't even have real advertisements, thanks to them dubbing over it with "Use your imagination" crap. Great! You can't even get commercials right! I remember when Disney Channel had 5 animated shows over 3 good sitcoms. Now, thanks to Hannah Montana, they now have 5 bad sitcoms over 2 good animated shows (because Fish Hooks isn't that good at all). Man, if Disney being frozen was actually true, and he saw this, he WOULD definitely be disappointed!
[Newest]I don't watch this channel anymore. I hate Disney.
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if you watch it, you're having a nightmare
Now this is the worst T.V. network ever created! Who are the brainless people that create those idiot shows?! Gosh, it hurst to watch that channel...
If you watch Geordie shore then you should be sent into Iran with a Shooting target strapped to you head
[Newest]Why does everybody hate Daria? It's the best

This channel is the worst! The Learning Channel... Yeah right All I've learned is that some little girls are big brats with stupid parents and that some people do not know how to dress themselves. The Cake Boss is just a money hungry liar who makes Italians look ridiculous and 19 Kids and Counting is so boring. Why is their family different from every other family in the world. And every place they ever went... TLC payed for, same as Cake Boss. Toddlers and Tiaras is the worst, when I see those little girls dressed like sluts with the flippers and the hair extensions, I think what has the world come to? What people do for ratings and money?
TLC's "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" shows you just how pathetic television has gotten. TLC has absolutely nothing to do with learning. Everything shown on TLC is created, produced and viewed by cretins. Sadly TLC's programs remain successful because there are enough dullards out there who make time to watch this rubbish. If stupid people demand these shows then there's no hope whatsoever.
This is the result of what happened when TLC stepped away from educational stuff. It is a pure freak show. A notorious example is Toddlers and Tiaras. The freaks here are the parents, because it is not the toddlers' faults that they are more bratty because of a pageant. 18 Kids and Counting is a freak show because the women are preggers all the time, and its the men who decided to get the women preggers that are freaks. I can't believe they switched to being a freak show just for profit.
[Newest]Quality, educational, intriguing, are all words removed from this network's original foundation. Now TLC are 3 network letters with no meaning or sense of direction.

5 E! Entertainment
Who would pick this channel as the greatest channel ever? Who would care for the lives of celebrities? If there was a cable that had no E! Entertainment I would pick that!
What is PBS doing on this list? MTV, TLC, and Playboy T.V. deserve to be here though.
Love some of the re-runs on E Entertainment, just don't like the Kardashian's... None of their shows. If they are on, I will not tune in!
The Kardashians. 'enough said.

The reason I didn't vote for disney or cartoon network is because those two channels are slightly improving (CN has Adventure Time, Gumball, and Regular Show while DC has Gravity Falls and Phineas and Ferb). Nick, on the other hand, wasn't able to make a good shows since 2007. I'll admit, T.U.F.F. puppy and TMNT are decent, but they 're not all that great. Spongebob and FOP went from funny and original to repetitive and annoying. And does anyone remember the splat logo? They changed it to whatever you wanna call the new logo. The bumpers went from cartoony and wacky to bland. And the shows are the worst. I may have not been born in the 90's, but I remember watching awesome shows like Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Invader Zim, Danny Phantom, and much mote. Now we got all these surreal and off color shows like Fanboy and Chum Chum, Marvin Marvin, Nick Stuck Ten, Robot and Monster, and so on. Ans the one thing that gets on my nerves: Oh, it'd a new generation; kids won't like the older shows. What a bunch of biased rubbish! I got a ten year old sister, s nine year old cousin, and I know a five year old girl that Perfers the older shows ( it does't help that most kids at my Middle School and little kids I saw on YouTube mentioning that they perfer the older shows). Bottom line: Nickelodeon is a once amazing channel ( before 2007) that can't impress its age demographic (ages 7 to 16) because they are running out of ideas and is dropping ratings as we speak (no joke. I heard that Nick is no longer the number one kids channel and ever since Nick Studio Ten came around, they dropped ratings by thirty percent).
They interrupt shows with Nick Studio 10.It should be number 1.Cartoon Network should not be higher, not that it is doing that good any way.The only thing I watch anymore really is Disney and Cartoon Network.Now they have terrible shows like Sanjay and Craig, which is disgusting, and Spongebob Squarepants, which is been on for 14 years, if Spongebob started with his birth and aged he would be in the 9th Grade! Very stupid and gross. I mean come on their bumpers are really gross now. Really weird idiots opening their mouths and showing their shows! (Some burp and some of the cartoon parts they show are disgusting {in one it has Timmy picking his nose! }) That is not even the worst of it! I mean if they took off the good shows like hey Arnold shouldn't they take off spongebob too? I mean they always are like heey maybe we can poop in squidward's lawn! Also spongebob is not a good influence because once he said "I love you squidward and blinked "his" eyelashes like a girl! Also squidward stinks. I HATE NICK. Even the new cartoon network shows are better than this crap ( well except for flick movies in which it is tied)! Gahh! Disney even has better shows (like Jessie, Gravity falls, etc. By the way I'm a 2000's kid. I am 11. Also I never liked nick. BOOYAHH
Cartoon Network is improving because when I was in California, I saw some old Cartoon Network shows in private. Nick can improve, but Disney Channel will never improve. I am fed up with Nick because in Victorious, Cat acts like Patrick Star overdosed on alcohol and Spongebob on a sugar rush. Trina also acts like an overreactive Squidward. And why did Justin Beiber win at Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards? ICarly is also stupid, as all the kids do is jump around, scream, and do random things that aren't funny. I do hope Robot and Monster doesn't get messed up like other Nick shows.
[Newest]This channel only has two shows for me to watch.

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7Cartoon Network
Steven Universe and Uncle Grandpa were mistakes waiting to happen. They cancelled it and then brought it back saying that it's the second season just to replace Clarence, Adventure Time, and Regular show because their seasons ended. I used to remember watching Foster's home for imaginary friends, Ben Ten, Teen Titans, Code-name kids next door, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and many more. Now they replaced it with Steven Universe which is about the pointless adventures of an obese boy with 3 other dirt bags. Uncle Grandpa which is about an annoying old man on hallucinations with weird friends. (I know all this because my brothers watch it. ) I don't want to explain the Lego shows because they suck so bad. And just when you thought they couldn't ruin Teen Titans, they made you wrong with bad jokes, bad references, and copies of episodes from the original series. Regular show, Adventure Time, Gumball, and Clarence are funny shows but the ones I just Explained all suck. All in All Those shows are as funny as 9/11. (Not funny at all)
I miss the good days of Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes, and any other Hanna Barberra shows at midnight. I didn't mind the Toonami and adding of animated movies to entertain the kids. But when Toonami, Naruto, and like 75% of the kid shows were replaced with retarded and grossed out TV-PG shows that make Ren and Stimpy look clean, that's when this station went down the toilet. Come on, we can get Family Guy reruns on Fox, the CW, or TBS. Show more anime and less pedophile-attracted shows! While on the subject, why air real-life movies? Okay I understand something like the God-awful Inspector Gadget movie (because it was based off a cartoon), but movies like Dumb and Dumber, Lord of the Rings, and The Matrix? Never those were kid-friendly! Especially if you drop the "a-hole" bomb!
Cartoon Network used to be synonymous with GREAT cartoons. Cartoons like The Powerpuff Girls, Ed Edd n' Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, among other gems. Sadly, the quality has been going down the drain for nearly a decade now. The only good show that Cartoon network has aired since 2004 was Ben 10 (which actually had great action sequences coupled with likable characters and a decent sense of humor). Now, Cartoon Network has become synonymous with the worst cartoons of all time. Chowder, Flapjack, the Total Drama Series, Adventure Time, Johnny Test, and the worst of them all: The Regular Show.

There's no doubt about it: Cartoon Network is a textbook example of what is known as Network Decay. After eight years of going downhill, the channel has finally hit rock bottom. Sooner or later, though, they're going to find themselves a shovel and start digging again. It's only a matter of time; there is absolutely no saving this channel.
[Newest]I'm never watching this channel again. This used to be the channel full of the best shows to watch. That was then & this is now. Cartoon Network is dead.
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It's a toss-up between this and MTV (which incidentally shows no M). However, the prize for worst channel ever has to go to Bravo, a channel once devoted to actual arts but is now only a place to find crazy, self aggrandizing, over-privileged, middle aged women screaming at one another over nothing...oh, and competitions for extraordinarily mundane things, like cutting hair.
I can't take this channel anymore! My mom watches it 24/7 for Housewives! I think I remember back when this channel would show cool movies like "Pulp Fiction", but now I see shows about Stupid chicks fighting over personal things that the public shouldn't know about! What about the 4th amendment where you can't go around people's business? I can't believe this world has fighting, drunk people, and so much immaturity as entertainment. I could have said this about E! Entertainment and MTV, but Bravo takes the cake on this one! (also the music is so fake, they took short samples that came with the garageband app)
24 hours of raw bile. The Real Ho Wives. Million Dollar Scripted Listings. I can't believe I have to pay to have this on my T.V.!
[Newest]My god does bravo suck ass their show are full of ridiculous idiots, please take this stupid crap off the air.

9Nick Jr.
This channel will only be fun if your three years old or just want to torture some one to death, now I hope this is enough said.
The dumbest show ever! Dora the explorer, wonder pets and deigo stupid stupid stupid!
Nick Jr was the first thing I hated as I matured if you know what I mean. And discovery channel NEVER shows nature its interesting.

10Playboy TV
It's playboy:Same old dirty crap, enough said
Porn channel. OBVIOUSLY the worst!


Repeats itself more than a mother with a 9 year old that doesn't liste n

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Not to mention they just pick five episodes or less and play them over and over again. They need to play the whole series. And even worse they don't say what episode is playing on the T.V. guide.
It's so stupid I hate it in the future it gonna get worse so bad nobody should watch sprout it for baby's toture
This should be #1 on the list, it has the most annoying shows like Cailou why is sprout #22
[Newest]It's for little kids, give it a break.


Because they don't air japanese animes anymore.
No Japanese anime at all. TV5 pays attention on Cartoon Network and Disney cartoons which shows several replays.
TV5 suck because they're change the demographics

13Playhouse Disney
Why did they replace Toon Disney with Playhouse Disney? The characters act like N00BS, and why do they need the audience to help them out. Since when does Mickey Mouse live in a clubhouse that looks like its been designed by Roly Poly Oly?!?
This and Disney Jr ruined Mickey Mouse. They made him an idiot. They made him clueless and talk to the T.V.. Disney Jr should cancel the show so the old Mickey will be back.


Help me mickey mouse is ugly ahh HELP ME it is a monster wahh

14Teen Nick
More like weenie nick
90's are All That was a dumbass idea, the 90's cartoons could've just stayed on Nicktoons.

I love vh1 it's awesome I love the music stuff they play in the morning and snl and girl codeXD

16Disney XD
Took away Toon Disney and Jetix. Shows are dumb and the name is bad! No wonder this channel is horrible!
Why did Jetix and Toon Disney had to do why? What is so good about this channel? They cancelled Naruto Shippuden and now they have crap like Lab Rats.
The live action sitcoms like Lab Rats and Kickin It are actually really enjoyable shows but what ruins Disney is the new cartoons and especially CRASH AND BERNSTIEN.
Disney sucks the only good shows are marvel, and sart wars.

Why is this on the list?

Using the dirty tactics to destroy the competitors!
No Originality... Copy Cat of GMA NETWORK
All viewers in this station is absolutely uneducated person because majority of them came from remote areas...

19Fox News
Propaganda, I can't believe people actually believe what they say. If only they would look to other sources for news they would know this. Fox knows that when they say it loud enough, long enough, repeating it over and over, and crying about it by everyone on the network, people will begin to believe it. They are nothing but an extension for a political party out to destroy political party at all costs.
Political entertainment, not news. And even the entertainment is poor. It is pretty much just one big loop, and they have puppets to spin it, fast as they can. My dad watches this and it is mind numbing. For god's sake, dad, let me watch the BBC or NPR!
Fox News: "If you aren't getting dumber, we aren't doing our job. "
[Newest]Right wing idiots pushing their agenda. It's not news.

20GMA News TV
Worst news channel ever
Only news T.V. that aired old movies and cooking shows
Bias Reporting, GMA News T.V. of Lies

This is one of the dumbest channels ever. All that's on during the morning is stupid paid programming and all that's on at night are marathons of crime dramas. Seriously, do we really need 10 episodes a night of Flashpoint?

Do you mean pbs kids or pbs? If you mean PBS kids, guess what? They have awesome shows like Arthur. Just because it has Barney, that doesn't mean that IT IS BAD!
What a stupid channel, same thing over and over again! I actually fell asleep watching it I mean there's no good show that is on. If your a grandparent then this channel makes you feel old as crap. 0/10 review.
Oh man! I couldn't really watch Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, or Cartoon Network because my family doesn't have cable. But this channel (just like all the others that I mentioned) is going down hill. It didn't have much in the early days but they did have Sesame Street, Mister Rogers, and Reading Rainbow. So what they did have was good. And then in the 1990's they started creating more big shows. Ex: Bill Nye, Magic School Bus, Zoom, Clifford, Dragon Tales, Arthur, Cyberchase, Fetch (I cried when I found out it was going to get cancelled), and Wordgirl (yes I liked it don't criticize me). The only shows that really sucked were Barney, Cailou, and Teletubbies. But then in 2007, they started making retarded shows like Supper Why, WordWorld, Sid The Science Kid, Peg + Cat, Daniel Tigers Neighborhood, and Signing Time. So yeah they screwed this one up to. BIG TIME!


This stupid dumbass channel does NOTHING but show the worst stereotypes of black people and what makes it even worst is that its owned white (fake Jewish) people.
The worst of everything in Black America. Not all Black people talk in Ebonics and worship slain hip hop artist.
Black Girls Rock? Really, this channel can do better
Than that. Even though I'm black, but this BET crap has dumb stupid hip hop artist like Lil Wayne.


Happy to watch them... so.. extravagant... expertised young childs. ! And so.. interesting in every shows. !

26Sci Fi
Used to be great channel, until they changed their name to Syfy, it was all down hill from there, now it is all cheap reality T.V. , along with game shows, cooking, and the occasional B movie (which I don't mind). They rarely play any actual sci-fi anymore, the just want mainstream popularity now, too bad they are failing much more now, than they were when the actually played sci-fi.
I agree that they show a lot of B movies, but their new show Alphas was actually pretty good. I used to like this channel when it was the home for the Stargate series. I really want to see this channel come back since I know what they are capable of doing if they try. Looking forward to Alphas season 2, I hope that can help pull them out of this mess.
Um its spelled syfy


Enough with first 48 h
Cancelled Longmire and The Glades.
Worst T.V. station ever - Duck Dynasty... enough said

28ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corparation)
Again, why on here.
I can't believe they did it like that the shows on the r :( that's y I never watch it again

29Penthouse TV

Okay, let me get this straight, Cbeebies is by far, THE WORST, MOST ANNOYING, STUPID, EYE-GOUGING WRIST-SLITTING CHANNEL OF ALL TIME! It should be in the top 5 because it has boring and creepy shows, It used to have actually good shows like Teletubbies and Little Robots, but now it has eye-gouging and boring shows like Mike the Knight, Octonauts and other sore loser shows, Mike the Knight is boring as hell and just a hill of elephant excrement, And the worst part is, PEOPLE ACTUALLY WATCH IT! This channel is basically for 2 year olds who want you to have your head explode of all the stupidness and ancientness, The only good shows they have now is Alphablocks and The Lingo Show, the rest all have brighter colours than the Sun, more boring than History class and as creepy as Chocadoobie, For your safety, Stay as far away as possible from this sewage waste, Do not LET anyone watch it as it was diagnosed with evil, evilly stupid of course, I'm out...
Come on guys this channel is for like 2-6 year olds and I doubt anyone who voted for this is 2-6 I don't like the channel either but it wasn't aimed at me


THE WORST SHOW ever! It is for 1 year olds

Too much drama movies and shows to watch! All I see is a bunch of cry babies crying over a beer can or... Nevermind!
Thank you whoever put this on here!
Has the worst channels ever.
This is the absolute worst channel on air. Every show and movie is filled with overdramatic babbling actors that don't even act well


33Treehouse TV
This channel used to be awesome when I was a kid and Big Comfy Couch and Blue's Clues were on. Now it just sucks.

34Club Jenna
I don't know what it is

I don't like nonfiction movies at all


Too much opinionated news and liberal bias of the Democratic Party. Even confirmed by the president of MSNBC Phil Griffin. Also the worst rated of the three main cable news networks.
The liberal equivalent of Fox News, 'enough said.
Worst ever! I call it the Chris and Alex network. Seems like nearly everyone has one of those names. But the obnoxious talking heads like Sharpton, Shultz and the like are so terrible. All they do is yell. They spank the ones that get into trouble for something they say and then bring them back at a different time slot. When will they learn.

37Skin TV

38Oh! Oxygen
It's all stupid. They Play "Snapped", a murder show, all the time.
As dreadful as its owner.

39TV2 Malaysia
TV2 Malaysia is a greedy.

TV2 Malaysia totally after break or before shows ends he will blinking the names of the programs.
Annoying the names of the program and still blinking the names of the programs till now, since the name of the programs was blinking mid-year 2013! Argh!
TV2 Malaysia it still blinking the names of the programs!
TV2 Malaysia was showed the cube ident before the show ends!
In 2013, TV2 Malaysia show the name of the programs to the right edge! TV2 Malaysia is a worst television channels in the world!
[Newest]What happen to TV2 Malaysia? Why? Why you stupid TV2 Malaysia blinking names programs does not fix! Why?

Yes they did create Futurama and Arrested Development but they also canceled them before their prime.
Now Futurama is back on Comedy Central and Arrested Development is coming back on Netflix because they were such good shows. Fox also canceled Firefly, and They canceled Family Guy TWICE!

Honorable Cancel: Married... With Children
Yes it did bring you Family Guy but it also canceled Family Guy... Twice!
Its canceled Firefly, Arrested Development, and Futarama, the last to shows have been revived.
Fox also canceled Married... With Children.

G4 is not about video games any more. We should be seeing a countdown to new game releases, game trailers, and anything video game related. What is with the non-video game stuff?
The only time I liked G4 was when it showes Happy Tree Friends. Now it is crap.
The only shows I enjoy watching is Ninja Warrior and American Ninja Warrior, but what's up with all the Cops rerun? I ain't interested in that crap!


43Golf Channel
Good for sleeping. Nothing else
Disney haters need to step off because Disney is the most classic and definitely the best. Golf channel is kind of weird.
I hate this because it just doesn't make sense why would anybody watch thi. You can't se the ball

44The Hub
The whole reason brownies (male fans of my little pony) exist is because of this. Also airs 3D strawberry shortcakes witch are disappointing.

Don't want my fella watching all those big bottoms bobbling about.

46History Channel
It use to be a great channel to learn real history from. Now they air shows to water down our brains with drama rather than educate us about memorable moments in time.
As a history lover I'm horrified by what they did to this channel. Give us back our history! Don't give us reality!
Simply put, the Weather Channel shows more actual history than the History Channel.
[Newest]Watch Disney Channel and comedy central for history

Now it is here that human stupidity is displayed at its best. Dora the Explorer, Yo Gabba Gabba, and the Backyardigans are a clear explanation for the state of our country today. We have people like the directors for these shows voting!


I Have used my noggin today... What the heck does that actually mean?
Moose and Zee were at least good now it's crap


Thank god this Saturday morning anime trash is gone for good. Good thing is, they replaced it with Vortexx and they got better shows than those stupid shows including Dinosaur King and Kirby.
They ruin anime because what are they doing with anime anyway

Best digital channel of the year? Why? Because of the oh so original idea of a crappy reality show about people from Essex. Some have quit the show because they want to do something productive. I've heard one of them has a hair salon. Anyway why is BBC on here?
A channel made by idiots, for idiots, and anyone who lives in Essex.

51The CW

Independent? More like Imported!

Reruns of imported shows is pretty much all they show.

This channel used to be amazing. But then they axed Bernard's watch, Curious George, TMNT and (I was obsessed with the following show) Uncle Max.

These shows were good - but now we just have a trashy wannabe CN! And also, who wants to watch shows about a farting monkey and a TMNT ripoff with a weird name and crappy protagonists/antagonists?

Curious George and Dog and Duck may seem like "baby shows" but we liked them because they were cute, original and had good morals. Every thing on CITV now is the opposite.

I use to think CITV stood for children's ITV - which nowadays is true because the kids who watch this crap will LOVE TOWIE when they're older!
Rubbish channel, 75% of the shows on this channel are imported. If you want a good channel that shows this kind of stuff, check out CBBC, it's better than this and most of the shows are really good dramas for kids. Anyway back to how this sucks, CITV stands for Children's Independent Television, hmm, independent, I think not. This channel can only import to save it's life with shows that are just god awful. Can't wait for CN, Nick and Disney to sue their arses of the air.


Airs the lame and badly moralled Horrid Henry, the dumb Pocoyo and the plain bad Kung Fu Dinos. The only good show on there is Thomas & Froends which is awesome, has cool characters and is epic... Wait! It's been picked up by Milkshake 5 instead!


It is a great channel because of the show called "Louie"

55TV WorldWide
All those channels around the world are broadcasting only crap! Are they making all of us dumb creatures?

E4 these days is only good for The Big Bang Theory and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The rest of the time spent watching it is wasted. And it comes with the most pointless and often creepy advertising in between two halves of whatever you're watching. In short, E4 stinks.


I'm sorry e4 but When you have an advert of a dog humping the channel's logo they you deserve a płace on tenis list

NBC is the worst T.V. station ever. Some of their shows are boring. Most of the T.V. station I watch are fox, the cw, abc, and CBS.
What is this doing here!?


59Channel 4

60TV One

TruTV used to be okay, using fail videos and making them onto a countdown like world's dumbest and most shocking. Then they got some stupid shows. And when I wanted to watch an episode of world's dumbest, there was this thing with a puppy, with googly eyes on his ass and I'm thinking, "What the hell! "

62Animal Planet
Shows up there now suck... Mud loving rednecks? Tree houses and fish tanks? What happened..
Animal planet has gone from a nice educational channel to a vessel for history channel to show reruns of stupid shows like discovering aliens and the like. Finding bigfoot is so stupid its good though.
Why is this called ANIMAL planet now there is more humans then animals



65Food Network

66DSI by Inverleigh
Tour De Mayhem & 15 Minutes Of Fame insluts countries, peoples and biggest shows! DSI by Inverleigh Tour De Mayhem & 15 Minutes Of Fame is a ridiculous & nonsense shows!
Tour De Mayhem & 15 Minutes Of Fame must "banned" because nonsense and insults people, countries and major events!

67TV9 Malaysia
TV9 Malaysia was killing all idents in TV9 Malaysia with crazy and stupidly greens grasses lazy roads and much more!
TV9 Malaysia is killing all idents! But somethines a annoying rock theme totaly ruin all idents in TV9 Malaysia!

Whaaa... Boomerang is the best channel ever because it shows 90's cartoons (THE GOOD ONES)


69Bananana (Malaysia)
Stupid "Bananana" mascot! How dare you! You kill "TV3 Kids" because "Bananana" is stupid mascot! "Bananana" mascot is a ugliest mascot in the world!

70Logo TV
Are you really pushing political agendas here, of all places? If you're going to be so opinionated, go to a political forum, for God's sake.

CBS is like Disney Channel for adults.

News is boring. I'd rater watch porn.


74People TV

75Hot Choice


77TVP Polonia
This is really nightmare. There are only boring shows and the same movies all over again in the primetime. People also are forced to pay for that, because it's not private television, but still there are a lot of commercials and very biased news.

78ABC Family

I only like law and order


81Fashion TV

82Net 25
A religious channel owned by INC (Iglesia ni cristo ni Manalo). They lied to people about the bible, they talk nonsense.

83Showtime "Family Zone"
"Oh joy! A channel dedicated to dying children and broken women who marry abusive a-holes!


This channel is a disgrace, nothing but informercials 24/7!

86The Word Network
There isn't no more good preaching on there


88Star Vijay
Its because it spoil the Tamil culture, their dressing sense so bad and sometimes they are hurting the people. They are making TRP by the others weakness. etc. , etc. ,


These guys have weird programming.

91TV Land
No Black and White shows

92IBC Channel 13
Still the Worst T.V. Station in Philippines because of lack of Program Strategies because the Government did not privatize because of the damn Economy

93Disney Junior

I hate it because it has the one of the most hated shows ever!




98Jack City

99Discovery Channel
Nature scenes are awesome

100Comedy Central
I hate you Comedy Central! You made Viacom suck! Get taken off the T.V.! You are number 1 to me! Animal Planet should beat the crap out of Comedy Central! Get Cancelled Comedy Central!


No good shows! I only like Futurama! Animal Planet was better than this bag of crap!


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