Worst TV Shows for Preteens

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This show used to be great, but got boring after april's fool episode
The end of that episode was like the end of a Saturday Night Live episode.
I think this is a good show! Honestly I used to watch it a lot!

2Big Brother
I like big brother. I don't think it's bad, sometimes it might have some swearing but I can deal with that
Number 1 here we come


That is for sure

3Austin & Ally
I used to watch it and now I don't really
Hate this show so much

4A.N.T. Farm
I don't think it's that bad

We all hate this show. First, KIRBY is the main character, and the Kirry Show!, that was the best show! Everyone loves that show. Now Fiona and Kirby just ruin it. First of all, they were about to cancel the Kirry Show! When the grandfather cancelled, but then the sho still rocked without him. But now, after third grade, Mrs. Colona is in a different class, a new clique awakes Kirry and new jersey is like... Never seen again. And they only air 2 episodes a year for the Kirry Show!, and 30 for Fiona! Face it, Kirby is dumb now and not a genuis and Ms. Nery makes season 2 not intresting anymore.
I miss the Kirry Show! Serela made the last season so fun! New jersey made it feel like the 80s and I'm glad Nicklas was on that show. Now Fiona, with every character the same except for the classmates, is stuopid. Kirry luikes school, and Fiona also liked Kirry (Kirby). We all love Kirry. She's a genius with one good life, but now 4th grade like messed up her show. They only air 2 episode left. The bahamas movie on Fiona! Should of been Kirry's episode. Fiona is not in it. They never like Kirry anymore. For two years after her show ended it is not the same!

6Teen Mom

7Adventure Time
Never watched this, never will. Don't like it
I don't watch it but people in my class do
What!?!? This show is intelligent and deep.

8Shake It Up

9Big Time Rush

10Hannah Montana

The Contenders

11SpongeBob SquarePants
I herd about two kids who took one test. Then they watched a week of this show. Then they took another test. They scored lower on the second test.

Why is iCarly on here? It's amazing! Not only is it funny, but it teaches life lessons, too! For example, The episode IQ teaches people to not pretend to be something they're not.
It's here because it lets preteens watch sexual innuendo, such as Freddie's apartment & Sam's boobs & last but not least, a bra.

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