Top Ten Best 2015 Korean Dramas

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The Top Ten Best 2015 Korean Dramas

1 Sassy Go Go. (Cheer Up)

This movie is awesome... It is funny and its also about cheerleading... Beak ho and real king come together to form a cheerleading club. Even though the club was originally created for spec taking - molexy35

Favorite Korean drama, cute & sweet

Good movie... I loved it - molexy35

Cute one...I ve loved this thoroughly

2 She Was Pretty

Love this drama! It was my first drama and I was hooked. I had to watch it twice because it was a great movie. My favorite person is "lunatic" as he kept me laughing and I didn't know what to expect next from him. Story line was awesome. I don't know all the characters names however the main male lead was over weight and got picked on at school while the main lead was a pretty girl and she became his best friend. Now in their late 20's they reunite however she is no longer "pretty" and he is very handsome. She hides her identity from him which becomes the story line. Great movie! Researching now to see what I want to watch and I do want to watch this one again. Lol

A girl who was formally pretty and a boy who was ugly gets separated they later reunite but then the girl is ugly and the guy I handsome less... - molexy35

Lots of cute moments

3 I Have a Lover

This drama revolves around the relationship of a married couple who recently lost their child as a result of a vengeful attack that was aimed at the child's lawyer mother. As a result, their relationship deteriorates, the husband starts an affair with a much younger girl and the couple get divorced. The ex-husband and his new lover go abroad for a period of 4 years. Several years later their lives are intertwined again when he returns from abroad only to discover his ex-wife had lost her memory and has no recollection of the hurt he had caused her. A new romance is born between them but they have to face many challenges, ups and downs and atone for their wrongdoings.
Plot keywords - Intense emotions, romance, revenge, atonement, law, marriage, twins, amnesia, medical

Hae Kang is a successful lawyer but because of her ambitions she and her husband ji Hyun deteriorates at this time her husband meets Su Li an energetic girl just like his wife was and he ends up having an affair. Hae Kang gets into an accident and losses all her memory she later fall I live with ji Hyun all over again less... - molexy35

4 Twenty Again

A 38 year old house wife decides to go back to school and and experience college life for the first rime - molexy35

5 Scholar Who Walks the Night

A vampire in search of a secret plan to get rid of Gwi an evil vampire that lives in the palace. He gets help from a make book finder who ends up actually being a girl less... - molexy35

One of the best of 2015. Both the female and male leads were smart and couragrous. A good team.

A drama set in the Joseon dynasty. Jo Yang-sun (Lee Yu-bi) is a female dressed as a male bookseller. She crosses paths with Kim Sung-yeol (Lee-Joon-gi), a scholar with a traumatic past. Kim Sung-yeol is a vampire, though he has a human heart. His then fiancé, Lee Myung-hee, died because of Gwi (Lee-so-hyuk), and Kim Sung-yeol's mission to get revenge for his plan to kill Gwi.

6 Oh My Ghost

Na bong sun (park bo young) works as a sous chef she has a crush on her boss Kang sun woo (cho Jung seok) but because of her timid personality she has no friends she gets posses by seductive ghost and Kang sung woo starts to notice her less... - molexy35

Best story line. Lovely chemistry between the couple.

7 Orange Marmalade

The treaty between vampire and human has been jeopardize a vampire and a human fall in love will this two be able to reconcile the 2 kinds less... - molexy35

8 The Time We Were Not In Love

Two friends make a pact that they will help each other get married before they are 30 years old. Will this two realize that they are more than just friends or stay friends forever. - molexy35

So cute!

9 Kill Me, Heal Me

This drama should be in the top 3!

Pretty good, but not the best

Best drama ever!

Love everything about this drama... The cast, story, song, etc.
This drama really complete package.
Romance, comedy, medical, mystery.

10 Who Are You: School 2015

Love it. the ost also nice

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11 Hi! School-Love On

It's a good drama.infinite song yeol and woo hyung act in this drama so well

12 High Society

A love story between a man who thinks love it just a tool that the ruling class use to control the people under them and a woman who is looking for a man who can love her if she is not wealthy - molexy35

13 Reply 1988
14 Producers

The extreme life that goes on behind the scenes...stars Kim so Hyun, iu, cha tae Hyun and gong hyo jin - molexy35

15 The Girl Who Sees Smells

Awesome drama...that girl can actually see smells!
thoroughly enjoyed the drama...really funny.I literally laughed out loud

16 Fabulous Boys

Omggee! You'll never regret when you watch it amazing! Hahah it's funny and asdfghj! Your surely feel loved!

17 Hyde, Jekyl, Me

Its the interesting plot...I think it's a must watcher
it should be among the top 5 in this list

Heun Bin's main personality is strict and narrow minded. His alter ego is warm and fun loving. It's fun watching these caracters work. It out.

18 Mask

It's so beautiful


19 Angry Mom
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