Best Songs of 2015

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1 Hello - Adele Hello - Adele Cover Art

I agree with the person that said " Am I the only person who thinks Adele is overrated? " I agree. Listen to the lyrics. When I listen to songs when I was say... 7 I only listened to the tune to see if I loved it or hated it. Now that I'm 10 and I now what Logic is, I listen to the lyrics. IT ISN'T VERY GOOD. It just get's stuck in my head. Now I hate modern songs so you are either going to think " Oh he doesn't like modern songs that's why he doesn't like this" or " Oh he doesn't like modern songs get into the 21st century all ready" Well I don't like modern songs because the old times brought us people like Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. Now we have people like Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj who aren't very good. It's your same break-up song by Adele. It's like how Taylor Swift is the queen of break-up

Am I the only person who thinks Adele is overrated? I mean, this song is kind of regular. I feel like you people are just saying it's meaningful 'cause it's Adele, but if you listen to the lyrics, it's just like any other breakup song. I will admit she has a good voice (which is what makes the song different), but the song itself is not that great.

Adele is the only good singer of today that is actually popular (Kendrick and Cole are rappers). Some singers of this decade talk about meaningful topics, don't have a lack of different lyrics, have soul, and don't use autotune. All the bad singers get all the attention, finally a good modern day singer that is good and popular.

I love how everyone here is complaining that she's overrated. You want to know who's overrated? Chester Baddington, Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osborne, Nickelback, and all of these metal singers that people keep going crazy over. Adele is a fantastic singer, and don't let some dudes bashing their guitars and screaming change your opinion.

2 See You Again - Wiz Khalifa See You Again - Wiz Khalifa Cover Art

This song is the song that holds my best memory in my life so far, I went on a field trip with my teacher and classmates, all grade 7 students were supposed to go on a 3 day overnight trip at the Ganaraska forest centre, the night before I was packing up and went to sleep excited and in the morning my dad's phone rang, my dad's phone was a alarm for us to wake up, surprisingly I didn't know he changed is alarm sound, he changed it to See you again. I wasn't really a fan of the song but I knew it was very popular at my school so when I woke up I could hear that song playing and I was like "what the? " Throughout the field trip I had that song stuck on my mind and on the night hike I was really scared because you had to use your night vision and instincts to guide yourself of follow the guide, I played the song see you again in my mind and it calmed down my fear. The day I had to leave I the song see you again suddenly appeared on my mind and at night I finally slept in my bed again and ...more

This song holds the best memory in my life so far because I went on a overnight field trip with my grade 7 classmates and teacher. even though it was only 3 days it was the best day of my life. My dad woke me up early with his phone alarm but he didn't tell me he changed the sound to see you again and I woke surprised. Throughout the field trip at the Ganaraska Forest Centre I had that song stuck on my mind for three days! It was the best day ever, I went on a night hike, sang campfire songs, played games in the forest, learned how to make a fire and much more. The day I left I finally slept in my bed and suddenly the song see you again played on my mind and flashbacks of the trip appeared on my mind and I started crying. oh my god it's so embarrasing.

Ok, this song was AMAZING! I really like Adele, and I just had to pick this song over Hello! Puth's vocals are fantastic and the song does a great job of highlighting his voice. Now, I'm not a fan of rap, besides Eminem, so I wasn't ready for how amazing the rap to this song is! It sends out a good, loving, caring messages to the people listening and it just isn't the same song without it. Combining simply amazing artists together with some great musical instruments makes a stunningly amazing song.

This song should never be in the first place, It's only a good pop/rap song! I like it but I think this list isn't good... for example where is "Carrie & Lowell" song? (Sufjan Stevens) can u understand lyrics of this song?!, where is "The Shower" song? (IU) really a perfect song!,where is "Pedestrian at Best" song? (Courtney Barnett), where is "Where Are We Going from Here" song? (Blackmore's Night), where is "We Cut The Night" and "02:22" songs? ( AaRON), where is "Elan" song? (Nightwish), where is "Lionsong" song? (Björk), where is "Loser" song (Big Bang), where is "Black Sun" song (Death Cab for Cutie), where is "Why Does It Shake? " song? (Protomartyr) and where is "Heartbeat" song? (Satellite Stories), is this list best American song of 2015 or best song of 2015?!
from top 20 of this list (page 1) "Fight Song" song from Rachel Platten and "The Nights" song from Avicii are better than "See You Again" song, no doubt.

3 Elastic Heart - Sia Elastic Heart - Sia Cover Art

You're walking in the woods
There's no one around and your phone is dead
Out of the corner of your eye, you spot him
Shia LaBeouf

He's following you about thirty feet back
He gets down on all fours and breaks into a sprint
He's gaining on you
Shia LaBeouf

You're looking for your car but you're all turned around
He's almost upon you now, and you can see there's blood on his face
My God, there's blood everywhere!

Running for your life
From Shia Labeouf
He's brandishing a knife
It's Shia Labeouf
Lurking in the shadows
Hollywood superstar Shia Labeouf
Living in the woods
Shia Labeouf
Killing for sport
Shia Labeouf
Eating all the bodies
Actual, cannibal Shia Labeouf

Now it's dark and you seem to have lost him
But you're hopelessly lost yourself
Stranded with a murderer
You creep silently through the underbrush
Aha! In the distance
A small cottage with a light on
You move ...more

Such a powerful performance by Sia about battling self-emotions. What this does so well is to convey this emotion in not only the song, but the video itself. Shia LaBeouf and Maddie Ziegler (both in the video) act as conflicting state of minds, and the cage act as a barrier that they can't get out of (in this instance, it's the human skull).

Sia's strong vocal performance enhances this meaning, and does what other modern pop songs need to do.

8/10 - Great

The music video and the song are strongly emotional. They represent the barrier that one cannot come out of. Shia Labeouf did an amazing job at acting as if his addiction is the barrier (Whatever you thought he was addicted to.) And then Sia tried pulling him out. It touched me so much that I cried for the first time in ten years. Applaud Sia!

I FUDGING LOVE THIS SONG! It is so underrated! I used to cry to this song when I was going through tough times. It healed my soul. It brought out my inner strength. It taught me how music can really touch your soul and play with your emotions. I am so thankful that Sia released this! Also.. Can we talk about how catchy this beat is? 10/10!

4 Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd Cover Art

Yes, because it's about a cocaine addiction, it must be garbage, right? No, this song is fantastic, and it's not talking about the cocaine addiction in just positive wording, oh no. It's talking about it in a negative way as well, after he's deep into the addiction of it. Also, this song has been compared to Michael Jackson's songs, mostly based on the sound. Think about that.

I do not like this song, at all. I do not like how it sounds. What is so good about this song? What is the big deal about this song? It sounds old. The Hills is much better than this. The Hills is a single. I like that song. Earned It is part of a movie soundtrack. I like that song, too. Beauty Behind The Madness is a good album. I like Real Life, Acquainted, Shameless, and As You Are.

This song is crap. A cocaine addiction? I love listening to that. *Notice sarcasm* Although the Weeknd, I must admit, is a good artist, his lyrics need a SERIOUS upgrade. I can't even let my kids listen to this. This is whats wrong with society today, that a song like this can become extremely popular.

Oh so because the lyrics are about cocaine addiction this song is automatically crap? That's a pathetic way to think. Listen closely to the lyrics, he's not talking positively about it. This song has amazing Michael Jackson vibes, I love it.

5 Here - Alessia Cara Here - Alessia Cara Cover Art

I'm voting for this because it deserves to be higher. I don't understand why people like Hello so much, this is way more relatable and beautiful. She has a powerful voice that people apparently only see in Adele. And I finally get a song that's not just about your boyfriend, which I really don't care about. No offense or anything, but I'm not interested in any relationships except for my friends' and the ones in my books.

It definitely reminds me of all the parties I sat out of as a kid. Hanging out by the chip bowl and angling to change the sports to Danny Phantom, while avoiding the crowd. Trying to find a quiet corner to read. At least now I know I wasn't the only person to feel this way.

I think that Alessia Cara deserves to be in the top ten because she works really hard for her music to become what it is, which is outstanding lyrics and very unique choices of words. She is one of the couple of singers that make their words come from within, and not just from words smashed together to be hits. It is very rare to have talent like that. She is one of the best singers of 2015, and forever more.

She is amazing and so relatable! Her voice is really unique and her message is really rare these days, which I love! She is so cool and beautiful! I really think this should be put way higher, and also her other songs are amazing as well, like scars to your beautiful! She is overall just an awesome person with insane talent, she's gonna go so far and I can't wait to watch her shine!

This was the first song by her I have ever heard. The moment I heard it, I was like, "Dude! This song is so damn awesome." I couldn't make myself stop from listening it every other minute. The lyrics whipped me up like a storm. I don't know why but I truly love the lyrics of this song. Seriously this is how you say it. She made it look so ' stylish. And I believe she has got the 'swag'. Love you for this song.

6 Uma Thurman - Fall Out Boy Uma Thurman - Fall Out Boy Cover Art

I'm obviously a bit bias because I've been a long time fan of Fall Out Boy. And I mean a LONG TIME. But of all the songs on this list, Uma Thurman is one of my favourites. I do not know how Hello by Adele is on top. She's really not that great. But it's still a good song. But Uma Thurman had some life. It was upbeat and you could dance to it. You could play it at a party without someone going 'What's this slow crap? ' It's just a great song that is great for dancing and parties and just having fun.

Gotta say I'm more of a classic rock fan. The Eagles Queen Boston Van Halen Aerosmith and I truly think that today's music stinks especially hello by Adele that song seriously stinks but then you find a halfway decent song like this or Coldplay or one republic and I truly don't really like any songs on this list but if I had to chose the best uma Thurman takes the crown

This song is obviously one of the best songs of the year--it should definitely be on this list. The lyrics have a fun vibe to them, and the "Beach Boys"-like guitar solo at the beginning of every chorus makes this song so unbelievably catchy. As far as I'm concerned, Uma Thurman deserves every last shred of good recognition it is receiving. I love this song

You can never get the pre-chorus ('I can move mountains, I can work a miracle...') out of your head, and although I prefer the likes of Queen and David Bowie, I do have a strange liking for Fall Out Boy. Yet Uma Thurman isn't my favorite... Centuries is.

7 U - Kendrick Lamar U - Kendrick Lamar Cover Art

One of the darkest, most haunting, and deepest songs of the genius album that is To Pimp A Butterfly. There is so much interesting uses of instrumentation, such as a woman speaking in Spanish, the sound of beer bottles tapping against each other and one of the weirdest headphone movements I've heard all year.
Damn great song.

Also, 7 U's were used during this review (oh wait, 9)

This is not a fun song or one the is pleasant to listen to but it is one of the most well crafted and terribly sad songs I've heard. The emotion conveyed is incredibly and the extreme self hatered it so well covered. The lyrics, kendricks voice and the production all perfectly realize the emotion of the song. The best song off the best album of the year.

To Pimp A Butterfly doesn't get enough recognition. This song is haunting, chilling and makes you think for a while after. But at the same time, you want to hear more and listen to it again. Instead of listening to the song, listen to the whole album. It is unlike any other rap/hip-hop I have ever heard. Truly genius.

One of the best songs off of the best album in history. This song has REAL emotion, despair, and meaning behind it, unlike the labratory-produced sadness in pop music today. This song should be considered a masterpiece, it gives me goosebumps every time. Listen to this song and try to not feel his pain. Kendrick at his best for sure.

8 Stressed Out - Twenty One Pilots Stressed Out - Twenty One Pilots Cover Art

I already voted for tear in my heart (because I am clique trash as frick). But stressed out is a song that resonates with lots of people today, wanting to remember the days of youth and ease. For a song played on the radio, it has a meaning that speaks to lots. It is not just relationship song. It explores themes that are almost new to the industry. Well, not new but are being brought back. I am happy this was one of their songs to become popular, because it brings an important message and nolstalgic feeling upon the viewer.

Worst song on blurryface but the album was a 9/10 so this song isn't that bad, just bland. It's what most of the album would've been if everyone in the studio was half-asleep. The beat is minimalist almost to the point of being non-existent. The lyrics are...decent enough but still, why was this chosen as a hit instead of Tear In My Heart and Fairly Local, the first 2 singles? Those are much better.

Oh, yes, this song right here speaks to me. I reminisce a lot. And I really miss the nineties. I wish I could go back to the good ole' days. I would have never relaxed my hair. And I would have gotten a degree in creative writing and started my writing career as a teen. Also this song made me go listen to other TOP songs.

Finally a song that actually has a meaning and is not about, well, whatever the hell modern day songs are about. A song that's not just catchy to a childish person, but actually something that you can understand someone giving a damn about. That's what makes twenty-one pilots different from most musicians

9 Downtown - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Downtown - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Cover Art

This song is fun. To people who say acts like future or drake are fun, listen up. Their songs are dull, lifeless, and have horrible lyrics. This on the other hand, is a whole lot of fun. I laugh every time I hear it. I love Macklemore and I always will. This is the 4th best song I've heard by him. (Best being Same Love.) Macklesmore, keep doing what you're doing.

I will admit that the lyrics of this song are really dumb (I mean, it's about mopeds). However, unlike other dumb songs released lately (looking at you Rae Sremmurd), this one actually has great instrumentals and a rapper that has the energy and personality to just sell it.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis didn't even have to drop the whole album to be my favorite rappers of the year. Props go to Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Grandmaster Caz, Kool Moe Dee, and everyone else featured on the song!

Are u kidding me this is a really awesome song. It has the most legendary artists in it. Mackelemore is proving the point that not all rappers are black and I swear on my life I'm actually black

10 Ex's & Oh's - Elle King Ex's & Oh's - Elle King Cover Art

I personally wouldn't like this as much if it were by a man. Not because I don't like men, but her being a woman was more risk taking. We all know the common thing in rap about side-hoes and using women for their bodies, and Elle King completely changed this idea in both the lyrics and the music video. It definitely could've been insulting if it weren't for the fact that women are treated exactly that way by men in many other situations.

This song isn't terrible, but it is a bad song. The bombastic production comes out of nowhere, it's like they wanted to have energy as quick as possible, but were willing to scrap anything else in order to make it happen. Also, Elle King sounds like she has mucus in her throat when she hits the chorus.

When I hear this song, it's kinda hard for me to pick out the words and it's one of those songs where it constantly plays on the radio and nobody knows who it is sung by.

Am I the only person who thinks this song is garbage and kind of annoying. At least her next single, America's Sweetheart, was so much better than this.

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11 Fourth of July - Sufjan Stevens Fourth of July - Sufjan Stevens Cover Art

A truly masterful song, embellished beautifully in a ballad, about family relationships. Its soft tune is clashed by the contrasting minor key played throughout the song, invoking a dark tone. Each stanza alternates as a conversation between Sufjan Stevens and his mother, Carrie, as she was dying in hospital.

Easily one of Stevens' most recognisable songs, and one of Stevens' best songs of the album, "Carrie & Lowell".

10/10 - Masterpiece

Undeniably the best.

Masterpiece. See Sxerks' post

12 The Blacker the Berry - Kendrick Lamar The Blacker the Berry - Kendrick Lamar Cover Art

This song defined 2015. With all the stuff that has been going on, it was about time someone had a song to describe what was going on. This is #1 no doubt. The name is enough to to tell you you are going to be blown away.

Any of the songs from Kendrick's latest album could be on this list, but this one has to be my favorite. Everything from the lyrics to the production has raised the bar when it comes to rap.

Kendrick Lamar truly delivers in this song. It is a serious song, and it is good. The dark element and vocals make this track good. The song title is unique.

Pretty much everyone on this website is a pleb and under 18. This song is better than every song below and maybe above and is a masterpiece

13 Defeated - Breaking Benjamin Defeated - Breaking Benjamin Cover Art

I was extremely surprised when I saw this up here, especially considering how it's beat a ton of competition. This song is extremely meaningful, especially against every other pop song on this list. Lets go Breaking Benjamin

I love this song and the new album Dark Before Dawn this is better than pop rock is awesome this song should be #1. I'm happy that Breaking Benjamin is back with new music. KEEP ON ROCKING GUYS!

Definitely one of the best songs ever with amazing music and meaningful lyrics... Not like the ones where songwriters run out of lyrics and sing oh oh baby baby for chorus

This is definitely number 1. It has great lyrics and composition. I'm glad to Breaking Benjamin is back.

14 Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift Cover Art

It can be really emotional if you sit and listen to the lyrics. Sometimes I do that and people are like "come on! Isn't this your favorite song? " And then I'm like "Yeah, I'm just listening to the lyrics and letting emotions wash over me like an ocean wave." Because sometimes you can sing the song and be like " I love this song! " But sitting and actually appreciating it can really make a song get a vibe in you. It's really touching and can wash over you if you close your eyes and make your own music video in your head. What the lyrics are saying is that, "I know we may not see each other again, but just remember me. I love you too, but this can't happen, as much as I'd like it too as well." It makes you just tear up in your heart and suddenly all weight is dropped off of your shoulders. You go, Taylor.

Taylor is amazing, she has this way of capturing sadness and turning it into a fun good thing, wildest dreams is a magical song that explained her feelings in a way not that many people can do. in her hit single, shake it off, she made us feel joy towards our sadness, she's telling us, "hey, it happens, cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it, so you can get to the better side of things." not many people can express there sad feelings in a happy song. As for wildest dreams, this is a dramatic piece of art and its catchy to, so good job Taylor you've done it again!

Taylor Swift's Wildest Dreams is the perfect blend of her mellifluous voice, melody and tone.Even Jackie Evancho, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and the worst humane character like,ever, Katy Perry can't possibly beat her, and those who say that she's hateful must be either jealous of her hits or are facing ear problems. Oh, and Calvin Harris literally sucks.
This is one of my favorite songs, next to Haunted (by Taylor, of course! ) and I Knew You Were Trouble (also by Taylor). Her songs really relax me and calm down my bad moods.
Everyone out there who like, lost your boyfriend and wants him to crazily remember you forever, use this song for tips...thanks for voting for Taylor's rock-bottom hit.

I didn't love this album as much as everyone else did. It's definitely not my favorite. (My favorites will always be Speak Now and Fearless.) But she had 3 songs on it that I absolutely loved. Style, Out Of The Woods, and Wildest Dreams. While the weakest of the 3, it's still an amazing song. Keep going Taylor Swift. If you can make more songs like this, you'll always have a fan in me.

15 No Way Out - Bullet for My Valentine No Way Out - Bullet for My Valentine Cover Art

This song deserves to be first one! Always better than all pop or rap songs. Better than Adele, Taylor Swift, Rihanna or any pop singers. This is METAL!

This is real, not fake like all the other songs. This is music and not computer sounds and the lyrics, just amazing. Bullet For My Valentine

This should be number 1 as well as Defeated by Breaking Benjamin. This is real music not autotuned like Uptown Funk.

Tears don't fall has to be one of my favorite Bullet For My Valentine songs. This one is awesome too

16 I Really Like You - Carly Rae Jepsen I Really Like You - Carly Rae Jepsen Cover Art

I do love the album this is from, which is strange because I never listen to pop music. But I'd vote Run Away with me as the best song off the album and one of the best of he year. This song is great but run away with me is pop perfection.

I really...really like your song it rocks I have it on my phone but you are so cool my sister was going through a midnight crisice and I played this song and she felt better love ya bye

I like this song because it's cheesy and catchy. Yes, I like Carly Rae Jepsen. Because I like cheesiness.

Good song. Really catch and after a while it gets annoying, stuck in your head and u get a bit sick of it. I'm not really a big fan of Carly

17 Cut the Cord - Shinedown Cut the Cord - Shinedown Cover Art

This song is impeccable, as with any song by Shinedown. To those who are struggling, this is YOUR GET BACK UP song. You are worth it, and amazing, and this song showed it to me.

This song is one of the best should be the first with painkiller and immortalized

This songs is one of the best songs I've ever heard and shinedown is my favorite band

Let's vote for this awesomeness shinedown made it again. A song that rock.HEAR this song because it is not any song it's the song

18 Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding Cover Art

They go a little too overboard with the auto-tune in this one.


I get it that the age of music that I like is over, but there's got to be something more creative than this song. Uptown Funk, Four Five Seconds, for Pete's sake, Sugar has more lyrical and musical creativity than this, and I don't even come close to liking Maroon 5. Now would be a great time for a triple facepalm.

Pop music was slowly dying of a disgustingly common disease called autotune they started to find a cure (royal blood, bring me the horizon etc) and as soon as it was about to be cured this song put a bullet in its brain and killed it

I love this song

19 Cake by the Ocean - Dnce Cake by the Ocean - Dnce Cover Art

I can not stand this song, and here are some reasons why:

1. It's about sex. I see third graders chanting it, like it's the best song ever, when they don't even know what it's actually about. Why is it so popular?

2. It's one of those terrible, summer songs that was most definitely ripped off. I thought for a few seconds this was This Summers gonna hurt, then the melody comes in. I think I died. Again.

3. Overplayed. I actually stopped listening to my local radio station and rely on my phones music for good music, since the radio has nothing to offer these days besides terrible songs.

4. Yes, I know I'm ranting, but I can't help it. It just went on the radio AGAIN! (Even though I just mentioned up above I don't listen to the radio anymore )

5. I-I-I-I-I-I keep on hoping we'll cake by the ocean. (I keep on hoping we'll have sex on the beach)

So many people on this website say this is an awful song because it's about having sex. But that doesn't seem to stop me from liking this song. Good beats, good vocals and good harmonies. This song definitely deserved its Teens Choice Award. 4/5.

Only song to feature crap vocals and crap lyrics that got TOO successful outside the age limit. I've been forced to tell younger audiences its about SEX. Really, the only good usage of this song is in a porno scene by the ocean.

A horrible overplayed pop "dance" song alluding to sex. (Fresh idea, I know). So many indie artists deserve to be in this place, yet songs like these by bands with BIG stars like Joe Jonas are the ones that get recognized

20 Focus - Ariana Grande Focus - Ariana Grande Cover Art

YES it sounds like Problem. YES the chorus wasn't the best choice for this song. YES Ariana has made some mistakes within the past couple years, but this song actually isn't that bad when you come to think about it. I bet half of you guys only hate it because of the whole donut incident. If she never made those few mistakes this year, then I'm pretty sure not as many people would hate this song.

Besides... there are MUCH worse songs out there. I would be appalled if someone said this song is worse than "Dooo It" by Miley Cyrus.

''I hate america'' ''donut licker'' you clearly need to shut the hell up, it was just a silly incident. SHE APOLOGIZED A MILLION TIMES GODDAMNIT. Ugh, haters anyway. Let me get this straight, yeah I know this song is similar to Problem and the chorus is really weird but oddly enough, I got used to it and I feel like I got more addicted to it. I'm not even kidding, the beat is dope and the vocals are still great. I don't give a damn what you think of her or the song but it's still good, she just needs to find the perfect tunes that will perfectly match with her powerful vocals. That's all. As for the haters, well... sit down and SHUT UP

You know what? I'm simply sick and tired over the hate of Ariana Grande. Okay I know she may not be everyone's type but it's no excuse to be ''oh my god she's awful'', ''she needs to stuff a donut in her butthole'', IF YOU DON'T LIKE HER THEN DON'T COMMENT THAT'S ALL YOU CAN DO. To be perfectly honest, it's a good song and yes I know it's similar to Problem but what's so bad about it? I liked Problem as well but I will admit that it isn't as good as One Last Time but it doesn't mean Focus sucks, it's a good song. Stop the hate, gosh

I'm sorry, but everything about this song was TRASH! This sounds EXACTLY like problem, someone screaming words (eg; big sean sang: I got one last problem without you in problem and this dude sang: focus on me, f- f focus on me! ) So annoying and the album cover looks the same, she is just screaming in it basically and being stupid in the music video, I wish she would make better songs and I hope the rest of Moonlight is different.. :(

21 Death or Glory - Iron Maiden Death or Glory - Iron Maiden Cover Art

I am honestly shocked to see this is the highest Iron Maiden song on the list. It is ranked #10 out of #11 on the list of best songs from the album, and wasn't even a single. I also think it is by far the worst song on the album and one of the worst Iron Maiden songs ever.

This is just proof that people vote for the highest song by their favorite artist and not the one they really like best.

Such a talented and legendary band at 36?!?! It's so disappointing that metal is hardly appreciated. Most of the top ten in this list are fake pop songs...

How can anyone dislike metal in favor of these crappy songs in the top 10? World is doomed!

Welcome back to your rightful place, iron maiden. That is the top of the charts.

22 The Hills - The Weeknd The Hills - The Weeknd Cover Art

I’m voting for this due to that fact it was so different there wasn’t a song like this on the charts this is what made me a fan of The Weeknd I didn’t know who he was before I remember the first time listening to it and I couldn’t believe how epic and well produced this was it's not your average pop song it was a breath of fresh air, he stepped outside the box with this one and this is a way to make an entrance to the mainstream audience truly one of the best musicians of today.

This is a great song. It manages to create such a dark atmosphere, but still manages to be so enjoyable. Some people might hate its overuse of AutoTune, but I think this is one of the few times AutoTune has been used correctly to make a song very enjoyable. The lyrics are a bit generic, but still not bad. The beat is amazing. The chorus is probably the best part of the song. Everything about this song is enjoyable.

The story:... A car is upside down, the Weeknd gets out and 2 other girls. 1 of the girls start pushing and is angry at the Weeknd, he keeps walking ignoring them into a mansion with the same girls there like they just teleported.
Song's horrible.

I only listen to this song when its half past five! Well actually I don't, I just love this song so much I want to fit the lyrics into my review. I just love this song, I can't describe it. I was obsessed with it when I was 10, and I had a good taste in music then. 10/10 ♥

23 Lean On - Major Lazer Lean On - Major Lazer Cover Art

I don't consider this a masterpiece. I do not like the way this song sounds --- the instrumental and vocals. I could tell that DJ Snake contributed to this track because the sounds stemmed from Turn Down From What are noticeable. DJ Snake's sounds in Lean On are a sharp form of the sounds in Turn Down For What. Microsoft likes this song. Microsoft used this song in their advertisement.

It should be among the first five. It's a really an awesome song. It's very popular in my school. Popular than many of those listed in top 10.

It's a good song! I mean, it's not as good as hello or something, but it's a fun and popular song, and the dance moves are magic! It should be higher...

I just love the energy to the song. its 2016 but this song is still very popular and still plays everywhere I go! its very catchy and definitely one of my favorite songs

24 Emperor's New Clothes - Panic! at the Disco Emperor's New Clothes - Panic! at the Disco Cover Art

Mediocre song by an overrated band. At least it better than Victorious.

I had to see this band, as they were touring with weezer, one of my all time favorite bands (check out the white album). It was excruciating. The only part I liked was when they played bohemian rhapsody. Just the screaming girls and the annoying emo haircuts drove me up the wall.

Weezer was awesome though.

Panic at the disco is such a disappointment now. 5sos and 1D fans ruined this band for me. Who remembers when Panic! Was one of the emo kid bands. No 5sos or 1D fan would even dare to go into hot topic if it wasn't for their stupid favorite boyband shirts to be in there.

This is the kind of song that gets you ready for some serious kicking butt, whether your headed off to do work or compete. You are prepared and ready. It simply motivates you. LOVE IT!

Can this please be in the top 5? Maybe #2 after Hello. Brendon Urie is so talented and this song kicked ass compared to that manufactured bubblegum pop and 21 Pilots, posing as music.

25 Gold - Imagine Dragons Gold - Imagine Dragons Cover Art

Of what I've seen on this list, this song is definitely the best. It has a lot of power behind everything in it, with the booming effects and strong vocals. The drums and guitar are excellent, too.

That being said, I wish there was more quality music out there. Most pop music is garbage, yet everyone seems perfectly content listening to it. If we could get more bands and artists at the level of Imagine Dragons or better, then the music industry would be in a much better place.

This song speaks truth we don't need a lot of money. This band is amazing they do many good songs, not only the known songs they made like radioactive, demons, its time, etc there other songs are good too some are with emotion like lost cause, bleeding out, battle cry, hear me, etc. People should hear bands like this not pop or rap because pop and rap say nothing but garbage

Gritty, honest and powerful. You feel the beat in your bones, the instrumentals are fantastic and the vocals are sure to stay in your mind for the rest of the day. You'll definitely appreciate this song even more if you're into Greek mythology... A great song by a great band!

Easily one of their best songs, and it's even better live. Dan's put so much energy into singing it, and the instruments especially the guitar is just extraordinary. I am just speechless about the lyrics. Well done, Dragons.

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