Top 10 Best Melanie Martinez Songs

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1 Dollhouse

Dollhouse is the first Melanie Martinez song I heard. My friend was really into Melanie and was playing this song while we were hanging out. I looked Melanie up on YouTube and fell in love with this song and Pity Party. Dollhouse first, then Pity Party, then Cake, then Mad Hatter.

When I showed this to my friend, she thought when it says I see things that nobody else sees, was when Melanie would pull out a knife in the music video.

The first time I ever heard of Melanie was by this song. I don't get how some people think she's weird. Well, the songs are a little creepy, but that's what is cool!

2 Pity Party

In my personal opinion:

1. Pity Party - AMAZING instruments, old, vintage feel, and really good lyrics.
2. Alphabet Boy - Funny, hilarious, relatable. I love the xylophones in it.
3. Milk & Cookies - Maybe the most UNDERRATED Mel song. I love the lyrics, and the video is great!
4. Mrs. Potato Head - Good message, great music & lyrics.
5. Mad Hatter & Cry Baby - Both great "accept yourself" kind-of-message songs.

I like how it builds up and how strange it is in some ways. It's a really nice song and one of my top five favorites from the Crybaby album.

3 Mad Hatter

When I was in 7th grade, I took a choir class. Every Friday was "karaoke day," and students were allowed to pick a song to sing to, as long as it was appropriate. This really edgy chick went with this song, and honestly... I liked it. I immediately looked it up on YouTube and added it to my "favorites" playlist. Melanie Martinez isn't really my style, but I appreciate this song. It's catchy, the lyrics feel like a fever dream, and the instrumental is creative. Win-win.

"You think I'm crazy, you think I'm gone. I know you're crazy too, I know you're gone, it's probably the reason that we get along." This is the verse I always think of when I think of my friend and I. I am really eccentric, and at first, I didn't think she was. We've known each other our whole lives but honestly, this song is about our friendship. Anyway, I LOVE this song, because I AM crazy!

4 Mrs. Potato Head

So catchy, and it has an awesome music video. The song has a great message also. If you watch another pop song music video, they will be trying their best to look cute and picture perfect.

I love all of her songs and it's impossible to pick just one, but it's weird because Melanie Martinez wrote this song as a reminder to herself that you're beautiful the way you naturally are. That's coming from a girl who bleached her hair, got tattoos, and piercings.

I love Mrs. Potato Head because the song is so meaningful, and the lyrics are, too. I think that the lyrics are positively beautiful. While the music video is not my favorite, this song is probably one of my favorites.

5 Cry Baby

The first song in the album and the best. The song is about how a girl (Crybaby) gets bullied but she doesn't let them get the best of her. Also relatable about how sometimes when a little thing goes wrong, you just get very angry and sad and you don't know why.

The song is very well produced, has a nice structure. The verses, bridge, and chorus all have a different vibe and I just love how it sounds together. The beat is also nice. I don't like the music video for Cry Baby that much, though. I was sleeping on this song because of the music video for a long time.

6 Tag, You're It

I love most of Melanie's songs. (I'm a big Crybaby) But I really tend to like this one most, followed by Sippy Cup, Pity Party, Cake, Mad Hatter, and all her other songs... Just appreciate how easily it conveyed the message of "kidnapping" and still became a good, catchy, creepy, and awkward song (Which is what they want it to be like as a Melanie Martinez song).

I find myself singing this song constantly. It's so addicting and honestly a very hard song to listen to without singing! Melanie outdid herself with this part of Cry Baby's story.

7 Carousel

This song is very soothing to listen to. The part where she was trapped on the ride and started blowing chunks had to be my favorite. I loved her voice there. There's just something about it I just loved. This song is my favorite and in my opinion should be up with Dollhouse and Pity Party.

I am in love with this song. There's something about it that makes everything magic. It's also the theme for American Horror Story Season 4 Freakshow, which I adore as well! Without a doubt, my favorite Melanie Martinez song.

8 Soap

I really love this song and am surprised it's not higher on the list. The song has a really relatable meaning. It's about wanting to "wash out your mouth with soap" after confessing your feelings for someone, and taking that risk to reveal your true feelings and opening up to someone.

This is my favorite Melanie Martinez song because it is a metaphor about a greater meaning, about saying and doing things you're not supposed to, trying to erase that 'history.' Its symbolism is so meaningful.

I thought this was supposed to be number 1 because it has a unique sound, and many people can agree that this is a song that can be replayed over and over again.

9 Pacify Her

Oh, I love this song! It's like a ballerina would dance to it. Maybe we should do that. If anyone is a fan of Melanie Martinez, please make fan art about Crybaby dressed as a ballerina while wearing a pacifier...please?

This song helped me understand my feelings about a boy who didn't love me back. I just needed Melanie to vocalize what I was feeling to really see what was going on. Thanks, Mel.

This should have been in the top 10 because it really is a unique song, which outshines most music nowadays.

10 Milk and Cookies

I can't believe this song isn't even on the list when there's just a bunch of songs that were just covers on The Voice. I love how it's sort of like a part 2 of Tag, You're It.

Extremely underrated. I hate the fact it's known for the line, "A little bit of sugar, but lots of poison too." I get it's a catchy line, but the song needs a lot more recognition. It's awesome.

Who wouldn't love the twisted version of "One, two, buckle my shoe"? Or the line "Sing you a lullaby, where we die at the end"?

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11 Alphabet Boy

I actually love all the songs in the Crybaby album, but here is my order:

1. Soap (It has very cool sound effects and is catchy in a good way and easy to remember)
2. Pity Party (Mel relates to me, and the music is fantastic)
3. Milk and Cookies (This one isn't too popular, but for some reason, the music I love the most besides Soap, and it reminds me of Hollyleaf)
4. Dollhouse (This is a very unique song, and that's why I love it. And Mel just spells out dollhouse instead of just saying it)
5. Mad Hatter (It is very catchy, and it reminds me of one of my friends)
6. Training Wheels (I love how it's romantic and instead of talking about just love, Melanie talks about biking as a huge metaphor)
7. Teddy Bear (I would not say this is popular, but it's extremely unique, and the music gets all happy and then changes into sad, and the lyrics are very metaphoric)
8. Sippy Cup (I like that it's a little more simple and it's not too average or anything. And 'syrup is still syrup in a sippy cup' is very catchy in a good way)
9. Cake (Very unique)
10. Crybaby (This should be way higher, but I love way too many of these songs. Anyway, Crybaby also relates to me)
11. Alphabet Boy (I LOVE THIS SONG, even if it's 10th, this could have been my first! It is very easy to get caught in your head and unique)
12. Pacify Her (I like that it's explaining about a boy that doesn't like you back, but it's a little more childish. And this song has the best music in the whole Crybaby album.)
13. Mrs. Potato Head (It's much simpler and lyrical. Plus, it relates to me about confidence)
14. Carousel (The first song I ever found about Mel, and the music is very unique)
15. Tag, You're It (I seriously wish this was higher. But it's very Halloween-like but is also soft and lyrical by Melanie's voice)
16. Gingerbread Man
17. Playdate

12 Play Date

Wow. This song is incredibly underrated. It's catchy and unique, not as creepy as Tag, You're It, and fans of Melanie can relate to the lyrics.

Oh my gosh, this is just like me and my BFF on a sleepover/playdate. She always wants to play games when I want to talk to her.

Why this isn't even in the top 10, I don't know. It should be top 3. It's got a BRILLIANT beat and tune and so relatable.

13 Sippy Cup

I love this song! This is the first song I've ever listened to that Melanie wrote! Not to mention, that this song got me into Melanie's songs! I also find this one unique to Melanie's other songs. Sippy Cup deserves to be higher!

Wattpad @kidges

I love the noise in the background that makes this song sound vintage or something. This song is also very catchy.

I love this song! It's really good with a good meaning, and I just… well, 11/10!

14 Training Wheels

How is this not higher? The tune feels so mesmerizing, you can literally sleep while listening to this. It's so pretty. It's my 2nd favorite, you could say it's my 1st favorite, but moving that aside, this is so underrated. Why? The lyre sounds so nice, and it feels like you would tear up. It's definitely one of the most symbolic and nicely produced songs of Mel. Please be higher.

This is literally describing the relationship between me and my BFF. No, we are not lesbian, but I would do anything for her and would like for us to get closer.

15 Cake

My definite favorite, and that's saying something as a huge Crybaby. For starters, the tune is wonderful and catchy, and I get chills down my spine when I hear the intro every time. Plus, the meaning is beautiful, and cake is such a great way to express it. As her theme is 'toddler' or 'baby' or whatever, it's pretty natural for someone to lick the buttercream off a cake then discard it. I feel bad for Melanie that anyone would want to discard her. Plus, and this is off topic, but #TimothyIsOverParty

I went through a similar experience and this song is actually amazing. The "and respectfully," part gets me every time and everything from the ticking in the background to the vocals to the music of the chorus. I could talk about this song for hours. EXTREMELY underrated, this song definitely deserves to be higher on the list.

16 Bittersweet Tragedy

I adore this song, and I'm sad that not many people seem to talk about it.

This song is just so beautiful. It's sad that it isn't talked about as much.

17 Gingerbread Man

This song may not be THE best, but I love it! I think it deserves to be up there with Dollhouse.

How is this song not in the top ten? It's starred on iTunes. It's a beautiful song.

This song should have been in the top ten. It's just so good! I listen to it 24/7.

18 Teddy Bear

Amazing! Should be higher than 18! I don't even like Dollhouse.

How is this not on the list? What the heck?

This should not be the last one. It's so perfect.

19 Show & Tell

A speech by me:
"Just because something is new doesn't mean it's bad, so help me change the world by selecting a K-12 song as your favorite."

It just has such a deep meaning about how celebrities are humans too, but they aren't treated like humans.

The choreography is incredible, and the message is something that people need to hear!

20 Dead to Me

What? Only 18th? This song is amazing! Seriously!

21 Bombs On Monday

I like it! So tragic… yet so unique! - Firefly

Why are you so grumpy? It's Monday.

22 Toxic

It's not her song, but it was her audition for The Voice.

23 Birthing Addicts

I like this song because it explains the cold hard truth about life. People come from broken homes, reputation is tarnished, and things do not always change for the better. The message may be glum, but it is the truth, and besides, the tune is awesome! I mean, come on! I love these songs from her. I also love Dear Porcupine.

This song came from her soul. It's real, and I have it. It should be higher than 19.

24 Wheels on the Bus
25 Death

This song is about another event that many people can find spiritual. Death is a very spiritual concept for many, including me. So are other concepts talked about in the song, including ghosts and reincarnation.

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