Favorite Albums of All Time (Kind Of)

This list could change all the time
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The Top Ten

1 Led Zeppelin IV

While the rest of my list could basically change all the time I can definitely say that this is my favorite album of all time. Perfect tracklist and some of the best songs that i‘ve ever heard. Stairway to heaven is my second favorite song of all time, when the levee breaks is one of my all time favorites and black dog is one of my favorite rock songs - Okk

2 Songs for the Deaf

Very aggressive and heavy album. Some of my favorite songs are on here like go with the flow, a song for the dead and a song for the deaf. Amazing lyrics and amazing instrumentals. Say what you will about josh homme as a person, but he is a musical genius (at least in my eyes). That‘s not to say that the other band members sren‘t as talented because they are. Also I adore the concept of this album - Okk

A very hard list to vote one but this takes the cake not there best album but still awesome - MaximanDaBeast

3 Abbey Road

Some of the best songs of all time are in here. Like come together and here comes the sun. This is an absolute classic so if you haven‘t heard it yet, go ahead and check it out because it is basically perfect - Okk