Worst Combinations of Music Genres

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1 K-pop and Rap
2 Country and Rap
3 Emo and Rap
4 Jazz and Pop

Although I like jazz, the two together are worse than pop on its own. The rhythm, drumming, and layout mostly come from pop, while some girl meows in a hoarse voice, and a man is playing random notes on a saxophone, and someone is rolling his elbow on a piano. Not to mention that both pop and jazz lyrics are already weak on their own.

5 Reggae and Country

A genre based on American and one based on Jamaican folk music together? You should just add some sitar, bagpipe, pan flute, steel drums, and balalaika to complete the picture.

6 Progressive Rock and Hip Hop

Prog - Musically complex with many themes surrounding its structure.

Hip Hop - Musically repetitive with common themes surrounding its structure.

Yeah, try combining those two. Doesn't work, does it?

7 R&B and Reggaeton
8 Latin and Disco

I agree that disco goes with rock - "I Was Made For Lovin' You" by Kiss is basically a disco song made hard rock style. I would add that surprisingly, disco also goes with metal, judging by some metal covers of disco songs.

Disco goes surprisingly well with some genres: Blue Öyster Cult's self-titled song is a great example of disco and rock together.

9 Jazz and Metal

Jazz has two layers: popular jazz and instrumental (more technical) jazz. Popular jazz doesn't go with metal, but elements from instrumental (technical) jazz are used in metal, mostly in progressive metal (especially technical death metal and progressive death metal). I think it's an interesting experiment, but some results are better than others.

Some metal bands just incorporated jazz better, and I don't mind this combination when it's done well. I made a list about it - Top 10 Metal Songs with Jazz Influences

10 Alternative Rock and Metal

It usually remains alternative rock.

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11 Christian and Pop

By Christian, I mean religious songs sung in the church. Nowadays it is a fashion to sing pop songs about God in the church, but why?

12 Operetta and Pop

Together, I call it "great-grandma music".

13 Disco and Metal

There's a metal cover of "Havana" with disco elements.

14 Country and Pop
15 Rap and Nu-Metal
16 Rap and Rock
17 Grindcore and R&B

That's a good question. It could work if Napalm Death collaborated with Ella Mai on an album.

18 K-Pop and Progressive Rock
19 Metal and Reggaeton

The main example of it is the song "Norwegian Reggaeton" by Nanowar of Steel. I heard this song. Then metal and reggaeton don't mix, just like rap and country.

20 Pop and Rock
21 Post Hardcore and Pop
22 Pop and Depressive Suicidal Black Metal
23 Country and Metal
24 Teen Pop and Grindcore
25 Ragtime and Grunge

I put it in last place because I think it doesn't exist. But imagine if it did...

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