My Top 10 Korean Songs of 2018

This was difficult. I had like 40 songs nominated so first I had to short it to 20 songs to choose from to make it easier. Here are the 10 honorable mentions that didn't make it in the list from the 20 songs (no certain order)

Dreamcatcher - Wonderland
Dreamcatcher - July 7th
Mamamoo - Egotistic
Mamamoo - Wind Flower
Infinite - Why Me
CLC - Like That
Red Velvet - Bad Boy
EXO - Tempo
EXO - Gravity
EXO - Damage
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Dreamcatcher - What Dreamcatcher - What

Dreamcatcher's "What" takes over the number 1 spot. "What" is just straight to your face rock. So many things were done very good but the best thing they did is giving the main vocalist "Siyeon" the whole chorus. I love the whole song but there are certain parts that made me fanboy more:
1. The use of strings in the pre-chorus. It did a really good job on the build up to the chorus
2. Dami's rap part beeing the first part of the bridge and beeing agressive
3. I love the whole choreography but the beginning of the choreography really stood out (Even though it has nothing to do with the song itself)

2 Jung Ilhoon - She's Gone Jung Ilhoon - She's Gone

2nd place is "She's Gone". This song clearly convinced me that Ilhoon is a genius. The song is a rap song but the instrumental has mostly very funky rock elements.
Things I liked:
1. Ilhoon's rap obviously
2. Him actually singing in the chorus and bridge
3. The last chorus


This song made its way into my heart and into 3rd place. This group is actually consisting of 4 league of legends characters (Ahri, Akali, Evelyn and Kai'sa) but (at least in this song because I'm not sure if they change it for a next song) the voices were those of actual artists (Soyeon and Miyeon from (G)I-dle, Madison beer and Jaira Burns)
Things I liked about the song:
1. Soyeon's slaying rap part after the first chorus
2. The pre-chorus done by Miyeon's clear voice
3. The bridge (also done by Miyeon's clear voice)

4 Dreamcatcher - Mayday

On 4th place we have "Mayday". "Mayday is an awesome rock song and just proves to me that Dreamcatcher is strong this year and that I need to be excited for 2019 comebacks

5 Infinite - Tell Me

On 5th place we have "Tell me". Finally after 1 year we got a comeback and Infinite proves even with the loss of a member they are not getting weaker with their music. Very well made song and the album itself is also awesome

6 Pristin V - Get It

"Get it" takes number 6. Pristin was never my kind of music but then they aranged this sub-unit and man the song is awesome. I love the little 90s elements they put in the song and of course I like me some sexy songs

7 Dreamcatcher - You and I

7th place goes to "You And I" a comeback that made me say "DC gets better and better" it instantly beat everything they did 2017 and showed me that they make a really good development

8 EXID - Lady

"Lady" takes over 8th place. This song is just pure fun and nostalgia because it is full 90s. LE really made a song full 90s style (And on top of that the music video is also full 90s: bad transitions, overusing slowmotion, etc. and they did it on purpose) this song just is a fun song

9 Vromance - Star

"Star" takes number 9. First I am happy that Vromance is not history and made a comeback because they are vocally very talented. This song got stuck in my head and made its way to 9th place

10 Monsta X - Shoot Out

"Shoot out" takes number 10. I was afraid first because Monsta X had no song that was nominated for the top ten list and then they came with "Shoot Out" which I love. Very good song, love listening to it and deserves my number 10 spot