Animals That Have Gone Extinct In The Past 50 Years

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1 Baiji River Dolphin (Extinct 2006) Baiji River Dolphin (Extinct 2006)

The Yangtze river dolphin, or baiji, was declared "functionally extinct" in 2006 after scientists failed to locate any remaining animals. - LeahIdea

2 Western Black Rhinoceros (Extinct 2011) Western Black Rhinoceros (Extinct 2011)

The Western Black Rhino that was declared extinct in 2011. - LeahIdea

3 Pyrenean Ibex (Extinct 2000) Pyrenean Ibex (Extinct 2000)

The Pyrenean Ibex was a species of Ibex native to the Iberian Peninsula in Europe that went extinct in 2000. - LeahIdea

4 Golden Toad (Extinct 1989) Golden Toad (Extinct 1989)

Last spotted in the forest in Monteverde, Costa Rica, in 1989, the disappearance of the golden toad has been attributed to global warming. - LeahIdea

5 Javan Tiger (Extinct 1970's) Javan Tiger (Extinct 1970's)

It’s thought to have gone extinct in the middle of the 1979s �" largely as the result of conflict with people. - LeahIdea

6 Eastern Cougar (Extinct 2015)

In 2015, the big cats were officially removed from the list of animals protected by the Endangered Species Act, and declared extinct by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. - LeahIdea

7 Japanese River Otter (Extinct 2012) Japanese River Otter (Extinct 2012)

In 2012, the animal was officially declared extinct following three decades with no sightings. - LeahIdea

8 Alaotra Grebe (Extinct 2010)

It was confirmed extinct in 2010, the first bird extinction in two years. - LeahIdea

9 Caribbean Monk Seal (Extinct 1952)

The Caribbean monk seal was declared extinct in 2008. It has the sad distinction of being the first type of seal to go extinct because of humans. - LeahIdea

10 Pinta Island Tortoise (Extinct 2012)

The causes of their extinction were being hunted by sailors and fishermen, as well as the introduction of goats to the island, which destroyed the vegetation the tortoises ate to survive. - LeahIdea