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141 Parade - Prince
142 Fore! - Huey Lewis and the News
143 Combat Rock - The Clash
144 English Settlement - XTC
145 Moving Pictures - Rush

Common, this is the best Rush's album, and one of the best albums in recent music history

the best one! just listen to 'tom sawyer' or 'limelight' and you'll know what I mean.

They got it all together on this album. Lyrics, synthesizers, guitars and a shorter format that made it easy for FM radio to start playing Rush, finally!

146 Shoot Out the Lights - Richard & Linda Thompson
147 7800 Fahrenheit - Bon Jovi
148 Skylarking - XTC
149 Prisoner - Cher
150 Heart of Stone - Cher
151 Whitney Houston - Whitney Houston

This album marked Whitney as one of the greatest singers/vocalists ever (if not the Greatest). Brilliant ballads "Greatest Love of All", "Saving All My Life for You" and catchy dance-pop track "How Will I Know" can prove it - Irina2932

152 Stay on These Roads - a-ha

Every bit as good as their debut album. This should be in top ten. I bought it again on vinyl recently and its even better sounding than I remembered.

153 Scoundrel Days - A-ha

One of the best albums of the world! - luiseocosta

Every song on this album is brilliantly composed.. a mini album in itself. Never 'felt' an album as much as this one... it's truly in my soul. It's also much better than the first album. Happy to see others appreciate as much as I do.

154 The Miracle - Queen
155 Bad - Michael Jackson

The phenomenon that ruled the 80s had only two releases in this decade. One changed the world forever and the follow-up to that was even better than first! BAD is Michael's most consistent album with every song being an equal winner. Sadly it couldn't out-perform its predecessor "thriller" due to various non-musical factors.

Thriller is overrated. This album set a new standard for Michael. He even wrote a large portion of the songs himself and produced almost all the tracks. This was truly the beginning of the best!

Even though Thriller was his best-selling album, Bad has and always will be my favorite, he definitely grew as an artist.

This should definitely be a least 2nd but all the MJ fans had to group up on Thriller to get MJ to number 1 lol - IIBK

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156 Break Every Rule - Tina Turner
157 Allied Forces - Triumph
158 Permanent Vacation - Aerosmith

My personal favorite album by Aerosmith. I adore the whole track list and 'Angel' is its trophy! - Irina2932

159 Eliminator - ZZ Top
160 High n Dry - Def Leppard
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