Actors that Didn't Win the Oscar But Should Have

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1 Joaquin Phoenix - Walk the Line Joaquin Phoenix - Walk the Line Product Image

I am watching Walk the Line right now and he is just fantastic. He was robbed. Thought so at the time when Reese won and he didn't. I don't understand it. It took the Academy 40 years to figure out Jeff Bridges wasn't just Oscar bridesmaid. Joaquin gets nominated a lot and one day will win.

Joaquin Phoenix's portrayal of johnny cash was haunting and mesmerizing. I have watched this film multiple time simply for your amazing performance! He completely embodied Johnny Cash. A true star. Johnny and June would of been proud.

He was robbed for sure on this one. It would have been classy for Reese to decline her Oscar. She was good but in no way better than he was in this film. I don't see how the academy could award it to her and not him.

I can't believe that he didn't win for his performance of Johnny Cash. He was amazing. Reese should not have accepted her award without his. Without the two of them, this movie would have been nothing.

2 Robert De Niro - Taxi Driver Robert De Niro - Taxi Driver  Product Image

Robert De Niro gives a chilling performance in what is highly regarded as being one of the greatest films ever made. Although Peter Finch's performance in Network was certainly memorable it hasn't aged well in comparison to De Niro's iconic turn as the vigilante Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver.

No Doubt one of the best Pieces of acting ever put on film. At least the Academy righted this wrong with an even better performance in "Raging Bull" the gold standard of modern film acting!.

This guy is the father of the rest of the people in this list. Anyone voting for someone else probably didn't watch Taxi Driver.

I'm glad he didn't. what he was deserve to win as 'Travis Bickle' was way more than what Academy could possibly afford.

3 Russell Crowe - A Beautiful Mind Russell Crowe - A Beautiful Mind Product Image

He had a good performance in Gladiator but this movie Russell Crowe was fantastic in.

A beautiful mind won a lot of awards (Best picture, Best Director, Best Actress...) but the one person that brought the movie to life didn't win...Joke.

Too good not to win

4 Al Pacino - Scarface Al Pacino - Scarface Product Image

It was great acting, yes it was violent but that's how it was! It take a lot for Al Pacino to put in those emotions, great acting Great movie period

Just look at pacino... it's perfectly believable!
I believe pacino lives in the character

Scarface deserves a best actor oscar.

Best movie, best actor

5 Sylvester Stallone - Rocky Sylvester Stallone - Rocky Product Image

Rocky is the most inspirational movie character of all time. It's a crime Stallone did not get the Oscar that is rightfully his!

He didn't get the oscar. The oscar was for best movie but not for best actor. That oscar went to Peter Finch in " Network " that year.

Peter Finch is excellent in Network.

6 Tom Hanks - Saving Private Ryan Tom Hanks - Saving Private Ryan Product Image
7 Johnny Depp - Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Johnny Depp - Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl  Product Image
8 Leonardo DiCaprio - Blood Diamond Leonardo DiCaprio - Blood Diamond  Product Image Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio (born November 11, 1974) is an American actor and film producer. DiCaprio began his career by appearing in television commercials in the late 1980s.

It's the biggest injustice of all time.. For sure he deserves have two oscars by now and a couple of nominations! Actors like jonah hill get nominated without any talent or a very real good performance and its just not fair! He is the number 1 actor of his generation and that have been said by many of professionals of cinema like kate winstlet, martin scorsese! In django all reviwers bet on him to be indicated for an nomination and he was robbed!

I cannot understand the academy people! DiCaprio should have two oscars by now. For shutter island, J.edgar, django unchained... Or for the departed and the blood diamond or revolutionary road or the aviator... That man should have more than two oscars! Keep going leo!

That man should have more than one oscar by now! Just see his filmography... Shutter island, blood diamond, revolutionary road, J.edgar, django unchained, the departed! Just breathtaking perfomances...

Give him his oscar back NOW! What do you want academy people? The wolf of wall street? Ok! Coming soon and I am ready to clap for you Leo!

9 Malcolm McDowell - A Clockwork Orange Malcolm McDowell - A Clockwork Orange Product Image

A stunning preformance. How he made Alex's progress from delinquent to an "honest citizen" is scary. You can see he is enjoying every moment of the role, especially the ones before the transformation.

Wonder to me how he didn't even get nominated. Such a fearless and intense performance, you just could'nt take your eyes away from him.

10 Peter O'Toole - Lawrence of Arabia Peter O'Toole - Lawrence of Arabia Product Image

Okay, really, you could advocate for any number of his performances winning an Oscar. He was nominated eight times in his career, EIGHT TIMES WITHOUT WINNING ONCE! He got an honorary award in 2002, but really, they should have made it official! He was a treasure of the silver screen and will truly be missed… and with any luck, the Academy is trying to reconcil for the sin of not honouring him well enough.

This was a pefromance of lifetime. He was incredible as Lawrence.

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11 Jack Nicholson - The Shining Jack Nicholson - The Shining Product Image

I agree with this one. Jack definitely should have won.

One of the best acting of all time!

12 Leonardo DiCaprio - The Wolf of Wall Street Leonardo DiCaprio - The Wolf of Wall Street Product Image

I cannot believe that he did not win the oscar! His perfomance was the best of the year at least! Matthew was great but Leonardo was just breathtaking! He could play a dramatic and comedic hero at the same time so easily! In one scene was so funny and in the next one was a dramatic and bad criminal! He took a big risk to play in a comedy. Academy people do not give oscars to comedies but he did that! They are so predictable and boring! Also he proved that he can be a perfect comedic hero! The phone/kitchen scene is already a classic! His best perfomance by far... I believe that the academy was impressed more by the lost weight of matthew and less by his acting! Really if you want to improve that you are just a great actor you lose weight and change your appearence? Leonardo not...

He had an astonishing and flawless performance. It is absurd DiCaprio didn't get the oscar.

First the aviator, then blood diamond and now The Wolf! Leo has won 3 oscars for me...

The biggest snub of the decade! Maybe Leo is too good for oscars!

13 Robert Pattinson - Twilight Robert Pattinson - Twilight Product Image

Who ever suggested this must be joking!

Obvious troll is obvious

14 Robert De Niro - The Deer Hunter Robert De Niro - The Deer Hunter Product Image

Creepy, touching, sad, all in one. Along with Streep, they make the film acting superb

15 Christian Bale - American Psycho Christian Bale - American Psycho Product Image

It's a successful role.

16 Tim Robbins - The Shawshank Redemption Tim Robbins - The Shawshank Redemption Product Image

Amazingly subtle, heartfelt and convincing performance!

17 Jack Nicholson - About Schmidt Jack Nicholson - About Schmidt Product Image
18 Liam Neeson - Michael Collins Liam Neeson - Michael Collins Product Image

Liam Neeson did an awesome job of picturing Michael Collins. Plus, he really looks like the real guy! Also should have won an Oscar for Schindler's list, in my opinion.

19 George Clooney - The Descendants George Clooney - The Descendants Product Image

Just to let you know that George Clooney has an Oscar, for best supporting actor though.

20 Edward Norton - American History X Edward Norton - American History X Product Image

The best Edward Norton performance EVER! The look of pride on his face when being arrested after killing 2 people was so believable it was chilling to watch!... who walked off with the oscar that night? Roberto Bennini? What?!... Who remembers that clown?! Should have gone to Norton?... HE WAS ROBBED!

One of the greatest performances of all time, the look of evil on Derek's face after he got arrested = so believable and priceless. That film was snubbed for nominations as well.

21 Denzel Washington - Malcolm X Denzel Washington - Malcolm X Product Image

One of the greatest performances of all time. He got screwed.

22 Nicolas Cage - Adaptation Nicolas Cage - Adaptation Product Image
23 Johnny Depp - Edward Scissorhands Johnny Depp - Edward Scissorhands Product Image
24 Daniel Day-Lewis - Gangs of New York Daniel Day-Lewis - Gangs of New York Product Image
25 Woody Harrelson - The People vs. Larry Flynt Woody Harrelson - The People vs. Larry Flynt  Product Image
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