Top 10 Best Jodie Foster Movies

Jodie Foster, with her decades-long career, has given us a plethora of characters and performances that have not only thrilled and moved audiences, but also redefined cinema itself. Her phenomenal talent and commitment to the craft has seen her play a wide range of roles, each unique and memorable in their own way.

Do you lean towards the suspenseful drama of "The Silence of the Lambs", where her performance as Clarice Starling won her an Academy Award? Or perhaps you're a fan of her work in "The Accused", another Oscar-winning role, where she portrayed a resilient survivor fighting for justice. Maybe it's her gripping performance in "Panic Room" that stands out, or her exploration of outer space in "Contact". And let's not forget her directorial ventures, which add another dimension to her illustrious career.

As you prepare to vote, think about the roles that have stayed with you long after the credits rolled. Consider the depth of her characters, the nuances of her performances, and the way she brought these stories to life on screen. This isn't just about box office hits or award-winning roles; it's also about those underrated gems that showcased her extraordinary range.
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1 Contact

I love the premise behind the story, Jodie acting is as spot on as usual, which I mean as a compliment. So many alien movies have us in fear, but in this story our alien cousins are asisting us humans to visit them; however, we have to build the ship, therefore showing a degree of intelligence. They I presume are keen to keep there distance incase we are hostile; it could be the first of many encounters, but we have to be worthy.

Her sincerity in needing scientific proof for a belief in something she cannot quantify is tangible. Such an amazing performance.

2 Taxi Driver

This should be number 2, and as an overall movie is better than Silence of the Lambs. Her role is pivital of how a young runaway is depicted and how hard they have to survive.

3 The Silence of the Lambs

This intense thriller really shows off Jodie's incredible acting skills.

Voting for this onlu because I have to say that Flightplan was reaally bad. Can't we somehow put it down? Beyond top 10, please?
And, of course, "Silence... " is the best. I actually think she played there better than Hopkins. Sorry, Mr. Anthony

One of my all time favorite movies.

4 Freaky Friday
5 The Accused

This was a simply great film. It was very moving when her hard shell cracked towards the end and she became a much nicer character - although I personally loved her character from the beginning, she had a bit of icewater in her veins!

6 The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

Rynn Jacobs is, in my opinion, the most complex character Jodie ever played. She is a dark soul, mature beyond her years, brilliant, fiercely individualistic, mysterious, tragic, both haunted and haunting, and sexy in a very disturbing way. As a whole, this film is profoundly disturbing on so many levels.

7 Stealing Home
8 The Brave One

Ever since I watched this movie, I was more idolized Jodie Foster. Her acting are incredible touch story. My golden thumbs up for you and for this film..

Great movie! Really touching inspiring acting from Jodie Foster! ^. ^

I just finished writing a novel that inspired a lot from Jodie Foster in this movie, but I'm writing a different story of course.

I love you Erica Bain (Jodie Foster)...!

9 Panic Room

Very good thriller. Inventive, see-saw battle between good and evil right until the end. Bravo.

Intense the whole way though. Great thriller. Can't look away.

Thrilling, Fun, and well acted all around!

10 Nell

Just watched this again; remembering how it affected me the first time... A wonderful movie and so well acted by all involved. Jodie Foster has done some very superb work over the years.. Looking forward to more from her!

One of the finest movies I've ever seen. It lingered in my thoughts for days. The acting and story line were amazing. WOW to movies like this that don't have a scrap of CG just solid REAL talent!

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11 Foxes

My mother and I were both devoted Jody foster fans. Worried that she was slipping down a dangerous path to her career with a movie with Foxes as it's title decided to watch it anyway. Man, were we in shock. Poignant, reveiling and emotional we both agreed this would go down as one of our favoret Jody clasics.
Thank You

J. Keefer

12 Siesta
13 Carny
14 Inside Man
15 Flightplan

I like seeing movies where Jodie comes in! I like every movie with her!

I love this movie... Never hesitate to watch it again and again.
I admire that kind of movies that offer me a special time.

16 Bugsy Malone
17 Mesmerized
18 Anna and the King

Very classy, rich, well performed movie. The scenery is amazing, Jodi is top notch here too!

I enjoyed watching Ana and the King.

19 The Hotel New Hampshire
20 Nim's Island

My kids request it for family movie nite on a regular basis. And some how I find myself watching it too...

21 Five Corners
22 Carnage
23 Sommersby

Besides showing actions and consequences of war MSM and history books never show, it was a great romantic story and the chemistry was perfect.

24 Catchfire
25 Elysium
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