America's Greatest Food Cities

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21 Miami
22 San Antonio

Are you kidding? San Antonio has to be in the top 10 AT LEAST. They don't dink around like the other cities and have everything store bought in their restaurants. OH NO! Almost all the restaurants have HOMEMADE *EVERYTHING! *

dallas best place for mex? give me a brake. san antonio has the best mex. and bar B Q - donavanef1

Best Mexican food, great food in general.

The best homemade anything in the world!

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23 Memphis

The city has the best BBQ and also has alot of great homecooking resturants.

Are you kidding? No possible way Memphis should be out of top 10 if not top 5

24 St. Louis

Obviously the Fritz's chain and the Fandango's chain in St. Louis should bring this to the top of the list! - benhos

25 Pittsburgh

There's actually some nice places to get a bite there.

26 Charleston

Tons of seafood restaurants, chains, 5 star restaurants - mjoon

Charleston has to be top 10 seriously

27 Portland, Maine

Boston, Maryland best seafood? No. Portland is a hidden Jem of restaurants that feature classic & creative new age dishes that compliment the complex flavors of the locally harvested seafood.

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28 Beverly Hills
29 Lafayette, Louisiana

best seafood and cajun food you can get. Crawfish is king down here - haharenee1

30 Evanston, Wyoming
31 Denver, Colorado
32 Phoenix

Phoenix has the likes of the Sanctuary's Executive Chef Beau Macmillan, healthier foods influenced from California (dungeness crab! ), much Mexican, Indian & many ethnic choices. AND Queen Creek Olive Mill (across the street from Schemfs farm with great peach orchard)...

33 Orlando, Florida
34 Savannah, Georgia

Come on wheres atl

35 Providence, Rhode Island

Although great food places aren't plentiful in Providence, the ones that you find in Providence are sure to make you freeze at the first bite and make you think "How does such great food come from such a small place? "

Wikipedia states most restaurants per capita. Federal hill best italian food in the state, located on the west side of providence. One of the countries best culinary schools located right down the road!

Providence has dozens of world class restaurants, and was voted as best in the nation. Fantastic!

36 Charlottesville, VA

SECOND most restruants per person! - Banana

37 Chapel Hill, NC

Great unique restaurants in a small town feel -

38 San Diego San Diego
39 Cleveland

Great diversity. Hidden gem of quality ethnic food.

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40 Bluebird, OH

Best egg salad on the planet. A salad so delisious you could plotz.

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